Chapter 146: My Mysterious Husband

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 146 Kevin likes Venus (1)
Kerry Ye ignored her and continued to ask Kevin Ye, “Go on.”

“I don’t think this is right. I had people keep an eye on Hao Nangong the whole time, but I didn’t expect to see Hao carrying my sister-in-law out of the hospital in the early morning. Me man followed him all the way, but my man was then dumped. I couldn’t find Venus Mu, of course I had to ask her. According to my investigation yesterday, this woman does have some connections with Hao.”

“I don’t!” Xinyou Qiao turned denied.

“Really? Then do you want me to show the café’ s surveillance to see how many times you and Hao have met?”

Xinyou instantly grew silent. She actually forgot this.

At this time, John came downstairs and handed a black card to Kerry, “Young master, I’ve found this card and it has the Nangong family’s unique logo printed on it.”

Holding the card, Kerry directly broke the card and then threw it to Xinyou’ s face.

“What else do you have to say?” Kerry leaned over, staring at her with his blue eyes.

Xinyou grabbed Kerry’s hand, “Kerry, you have to believe me. I just want to be with you. And I’ve met with Hao just a few times. It was just about coffee, nothing else…”

“Coffee? Xinyou, do you think I’m a nerd?” Kerry interrupted her, “I was wondering, how did Hao know that Venus was in hospital. It turns out someone keeps reporting to him.”

“No, I didn’t say anything about it. Hao has so many people around, so it’s normal for him to know. Kerry, you can’t wrong me.”

Kerry smiled gloomily and pushed her hand away, “Xinyou, I told you last time to be quiet, but it seems that you didn’t listen to my words at all. Tell me, how much are you hiding from me?”

Seeing that she was about to lose the trust of Kerry and immediately raised her finger and swore, “Kerry, I swear, I’ve only done this one thing. If I lie, I’ll be punished to hell.”

Kerry didn’t care about her vow and mocked, “I never believe in any god or something.”

Xinyou’ s tears suddenly came out, “Kerry, how can I let you believe me?”

Kerry looked at her with cold eyes, with no pity or sympathy in his eyes, “What have you done before I don’t want to pursue for now, but I just want to know where is Hao? Where did Hao take Venus to?”

“I really don’t know about that. He only told me yesterday that he would take Venus away, but he didn’t tell me where to go.” Xinyou looked sincere.

“Why didn’t you…you tell me yesterday?”

Xinyou laughed, whose words were frantic, “Kerry, I love you, I want to be with you, since Hao gave such a good opportunity, I can’t wait for him to take Venus away, why should I tell you?”

“You…” Kerry raised his hand was about to wave down, but when he looked down and saw her desperate eyes, he suddenly recalled that night in the hotel. She was also this desperate and refused to give in, so he began to hesitate.

Xinyou keenly caught his hesitation, “Kerry, you don’t love Venus and she doesn’t love you either. You two being together is a mistake, instead of two people suffering, why not let it go?”

Kerry raised his eyebrows and pinched her jaw, saying viciously, “Love? There is no such word in my dictionary. Besides, even if there is no love, Venus is still Kerry’ s wife. No one can take her away from me.”

Xinyou didn’t want to give up so, “Kerry, what about me? I love you so much, and have given you the most precious thing I have. Don’t have any pity for me at all?”

Kerry let her go and said indifferently, “Xinyou, I’ve been kind enough to you. If someone else have done these things, he would have disappeared. I’m keeping you here because of the little bit of love I had in the beginning, and now, none has left. Now, fuck off. Leave this house.”

“No, Kerry, you can’t do this to me.”

“Brother, wait a minute.” Kevin was watching a big show and felt that it wasn’t enjoyable enough and he should add more to it. Once he thought that Hao had taken Venus away, a surge of anger rose inside.

Kerry frowned, “Kevin, stop speaking for her.”

“Brother, I’m not, but I want to clarify more things.”


Kevin slowly walks up to Xinyou and squatted down to look directly at her, “Xinyou, my sister-in-law’s birthday, who gave her the birthday present? Is it true that you were attacked by Tianye Mu’ s men? Also, my brother was almost killed at Nanshan Mountain, did you and Hao plan this?”

Xinyou didn’t expect him to suspect these things, but she couldn’t admit it. If she did, Kerry would really kill her.

“What? Nonsense. Kevin, it was a frame-up.”

“Oh, really?”

“Sure!” Xinyou was afraid that Kevin would say more truth and immediately shot back, “Kevin, do you think I don’t know? You actually like Venus, right? That’s why you care so much about her. she disappeared and you ran to me at once. You can’t frame me to clear the obstacles for her.”

No matter how well cultured he was, he couldn’t help but want to slap this woman.

“Xinyou, how vicious you are. Anything that you speak will become ugly.”

Xinyou knew that she was discovering his secret, “Kerry, what I said is true, your brother is…”

“Shut up!” He interrupted her, “Xinyou, you’re still trying to damage the relationship between our brothers?”

It was only when Kerry heard Kevin’s words that he felt that there was something wrong with everything that had happened before, but now, if he connected it all to Hao and Xinyou, it made sense.

“Kerry, believe me.”

“Xinyou, did you do those things that Kevin just said?” Kerry asked in a stern voice.

Xinyou still denied, “No. I didn’t do it.”

Kerry angrily walked a few steps in the living room, and finally said, “Well, I don’t wrong a good person, but will never let go of a person who cheats me. I’ll find out the truth in the end. When I find Venus and Hao, let’s talk about this later.”

After saying that, Kerry turned around and went up to the second floor. Kerry didn’t change his clothes in the morning, or drink any water, but was about to be exploded.

Kevin and Xinyou were then left in the living room.

Xinyou got up from the floor, patting the dust on her nightgown and stared at Kevin, “Kevin, it seems you’re going to support Venus? You wanna fall out with me?”

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 146 Kevin likes Venus (2)
“Why are you confident that I’ll help you?” Kevin laughed scornfully, “When I said I’d think about it before, I just lied to you. If I help you, I’ll be ashamed of myself for doing so.”

“Kevin!”Xinyou was annoyed, but after a few seconds she changed her attitude. “I am right. You like Venus.” she said.

Kevin shrugged, “I do like her. Even if you tell it to my brother, he won’t believe you now.”

Xinyou laughed, “I really don’t understand you. If you like her, why can’t you work with me?”

Kevin looked at her with a pitiful gaze, “Xinyou, you always say you like my brother. Actually, you just like his wealth. If one day my brother loses it all, will you still like him?”

Seeing that she didn’t say anything, Kevin continued, “If you like someone you need make her happy. If you can be with someone you like, of course it’s great, but if I can’t, I’ll just look at her and wish her happy. That’s my understanding of love.”

“Ha …… I’m such an idiot, why am I talking to you about this?” Kevin said to himself.

After saying that, Kevin headed to the second floor.

He seemed calm on the surface, but he was already anxious. “Where can Hao Nangong take Venus?”

After breakfast, Kerry drove out of the villa. He can’t just stay home and wait for news about Venus. When he thought of what Hao Nangong would do to Venus, he just wanted to cut Hao into pieces.

“Hao Nangong, you disappoint me.” Kerry thought. “I’m ashamed to have a friend like you.”

At the hospital, Dr. Yuan placed a syringe and cell phone in front of Kerry and said apologetically, “They were found in Venus’s room. After testing, we found that the liquids of syringe contained a high concentration of anesthetic. A little bit of it can make a person sleep for hours.”

Kerry stared at the tiny syringe, suppressing his anger, and asked, “Didn’t you have anyone on duty last night?”

“Yes, we have, but there’s usually not much going on, so ……”

“So, you leave your post?” Kerry really wanted to put this syringe in the doctor’s arm, “I paid your hospital so much money, but my wife was taken away from here. If you can’t find her, your hospital is waiting to collect my lawyer’s letter.”

Kerry picked up Venus’s cell phone and left the hospital.

The phone was dead, and there was a cute Pooh bear attached to the back of the white case.

“Where can Hao take her?” Kerry sat in his car thinking.

He guessed that they wouldn’t be in those properties of the Nangong family. Otherwise Hao’s father would have called him.

By now, Kerry’s man and the people of Nangong family were searching the city for Hao and Venus.


In Hao’s mid-hillside villa, Hao took out money from his wallet and gave it to Tang, “Go to the supermarket and buy some food.”

Venus saw them on the second floor, ran down and said, “Tang, help me buy a few feminine products. It would be better if you could buy some clothes for me.”

Hearing Venus’s words, Tang looked embarrassed. “Feminine products? It’s inappropriate for me to buy them.

“Venus, you’ll be fine in my clothes,”Hao said softly, “We won’t be here for too long.”

Venus got upset and said, “I can wear your clothes. But my period is coming up soon, what should I do?”

“Your period?” Hao was a little awkward, “Why are women so troublesome?”

“Tang, just buy her a few packs of sanitary pads.”Hao said.

Venus saw that he agreed, and then asked Tang to wait for her for a while. She was going to write the shopping list.

“Is that necessary?” Hao frowned.

Venus said as she wrote, “I’ll write a list for him. He’ll show it to the salesman. Then the salesman will just take the stuff to him.”

“That’s a good idea, and it saves a lot of embarrassment.” Tang said.

When Venus handed the list to Tang, Hao grabbed it over. He looked at it carefully, making sure there was no other information on it except for feminine products before giving it to Tang.

Venus scoffed at how cautious he was. “He’s afraid I’ll deliver a message to escape. Even if I want to deliver a message, I won’t give it to Tang.” she thought.

“Tang, pay attention when you come back. Don’t get followed.” Hao instructed.

Tang smiled, “Boss, no one will pay attention to me.”

After watching Tang drive away from the villa, Hao looked at Venus fondly and said, “Now there’s only the two of us left here. Do you think what should we do?”

Venus moved away from him. She said, “I’m going to change those clothes of yours. Please don’t bother me.”

Hao obviously didn’t let go of this opportunity to be alone with her and took a step forward to grab her hand, “Let’s go to the third floor and watch a movie, shall we?”

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 146 Kevin likes Venus (3)
“Watching movies?” Venus was a little nervous. She was worried that if she was alone with him, he would do something bad to her. So she quickly refused. “I don’t have interests in watching movies.”

Venus broke away from his hand and looked at him guardedly, “Hao, if you want me to go with you, you better not force me to do anything I don’t like. Otherwise, I I’ll do something horrible.”

Hao knew her character. He wasn’t in a hurry to have her. As soon as they left here two days later, she wouldn’t have the chance to refuse anything he wanted to do to her.

“Okay, I won’t bother you.” Hao said.

Venus went upstairs quickly.

Hao stood alone in front of the villa, and then he pulled out his phone.

“How is everything going?” He asked.

“Boss, everything is going well. You can leave Sky City safely the day after tomorrow.”

Hao was very dissatisfied. “Can we leave tomorrow?” said he.

“Boss, I’ll try my best to arrange it, but I can’t guarantee it.”

“Good. How is the situation outside now?”

“Your father and the Ye family are now looking for you all over the city.”

Hao smiled indifferently, “Even if they go through the entire city, they can’t find me. Give me a call when you’re done. This time things must be foolproof.” Then he hung up the phone.

“Kerry, since you don’t cherish Venus, then let me take care of her.” Hao thought. “This time, I won’t let you find out her. Now I don’t care if you sign the divorce papers. When we go abroad, your marriage license will be of no use to Venus.”

In the bedroom, Venus paced with the scissors in her hand. She just eavesdropped on Hao’s phone conversation with someone and knew that Hao was going to take her out of Sky city tomorrow.

“How can I get the message out?” Venus thought.

In the evening, when Tang came back, Hao was watching a movie on the third floor.

There was too much stuff, so Venus helped Tang get them down from the car. Then she found the sanitary pads she had asked Tang to buy.

“Tang, thank you,” Venus said.

Tang laughed, and then walked towards the kitchen with two large bags of stuff.

Venus saw his phone that was in his pants pocket. She suddenly thought of a way to get to the phone in his pocket.

“Tang, let me help you carry it.” Venus said as she went up to help Tang.

“No, I can lift it.”

“It’s too heavy. Just let me help you.” Venus took a large plastic bag from his hand. As she was about to go up the steps, she deliberately fell, so a large bag of stuff fell.

Tang even came over to help her, “Are you okay?” he asked with concern.

“I’m fine.” Venus said. “I’m sorry.”

“I’m glad you’re okay, just sit and I’ll pick up them.” He then crouched down to pick up what had fallen out. Venus took the phone out of his pocket nimbly and tucked it up her sleeve.

“Tang, I’m going to go upstairs. I want to see if my knee is broken.” Venus said. She tried to suppress her nervousness.

Tang said, “Okay. If you break your knee, I have a band-aid here.”

Venus nodded and quickly went upstairs into the room and locked the door. Then she quickly pulled out the phone before she could take a breath.

Tang’s phone was an old keypad phone from a few years ago and didn’t have a touch screen combination lock.

“What is Kevin’s cell phone number? Oh, god, I don’t remember it.” Venus thought. “And Kerry’s phone number, even the villa’s landline, I don’t remember.”

“If I’d known that I would be in trouble, I should have imprinted their phone numbers on my brain.” She thought.

After complaining for a moment, she suddenly thought of her own phone. She figured Kerry would go to the hospital and take her phone away.

So she sent an SOS message to her phone. “It’s Venus. I’ve been brought by Hao Nangong to a villa. It’s full of mountains outside. Please come and rescue me. He’s taking me away tomorrow. This is a message I sent from a butler’s phone, please don’t call back.”

She hadn’t typed with a keyboard in a long time and her hands were shaking due to the nervousness, so she took a lot of effort to send this message. Then she was worried that Kerry hadn’t taken her phone, so she tried to recall Kerry’s and Kevin’s phone numbers. In the end she didn’t care if the numbers were right, she just sent that text message again. Only she added another message, “If you know Kerry, please tell him about this message as soon as possible. I’m his wife.

After sending these texts, Venus deleted all the text message history.

As she held the phone, she hesitated to call the police.

“I don’t know the exact location. If the police call back and then Tang receives this call, Hao will definitely take me away immediately, and then all the efforts I made today will be wasted.”

So she finally decided not to call the police yet.

Then Venus slipped back into the kitchen and stood beside him, asking kindly, “What’s for dinner, Tang?”

After a day with Venus, Tang was impressed with the girl. He thought she was pleasant and kind.

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 146 Kevin likes Venus (4)
He smiled as he sliced potatoes. “I’ve got porridge simmering in the rice cooker, and then I’ll cook some dishes.” said he.

“Is your leg okay?” he asked.

Venus quickly put the phone in the pocket of his pants and said with relief, “My leg is fine. Do you need me to help you?”

“No, thanks.” Tang was only halfway through his words when Hao Nangong appeared in the kitchen doorway. Venus was very nervous.

“Did he see that I just put the phone back in Tang’s pocket?” Venus thought.

Venus turned back and clasped her hands behind her back.

Hao came in and put his arm around her shoulders and led her out of the kitchen, “You don’t need to do this. I don’t want you to be so tired, Tang can do it alone.”

“I’m worried he’ll be too busy,” Venus said, “I cooked for Mrs. Qin when I was at Ye family. I’m a good cook.”

Hao touched her hair, smiled, “I’m afraid that you’ll get close to Tang and make him work for you.”

Venus’ heart was beating fast again, but she pretended to be calm, “I help Tang out of good intentions.”

Hao held her in his arms with both hands and pinched her nose, “Venus, I’m really afraid that you’ll run away.”

“Even if I want to run away, I have to have a chance.” Venus said nervously.

“I won’t give you a chance.” After saying that, Hao lowered his head and tried to kiss her, but Venus stopped him with her hand.

“You promise me that you can’t force me to do something I don’t like.” Venus said.

Hao took her fingers between her teeth and bit them hard before letting go.

“Venus, I’m going to ‘eat’ you sooner or later.” said he.

Venus broke away from his embrace, looked at the finger that was bitten. “Hao, why did you bite me?” she was a little angry.

“I just want to know what you taste like.” Hao responded to her in a serious manner.

Venus was speechless and turned to go upstairs, “Call me when dinner is ready.”

Now Hao was dangerous. He could do something terrible to Venus at any moment, and Venus had to stay away from him. Just how was she going to get through the night safely? She prayed in her heart that the text she sent out would be received by someone.

Venus didn’t understand why the men she met were either scum or perverts, and Hao was scarier than Kerry.

However, Kevin was an exception. He was the best to her of any man Venus had ever met. She sometimes wondered why Kerry had such a nice brother, who was completely unlike him.

When she finished eating, Venus locked herself in her room and double-checked that the door was locked. She then moved to a chair and sat behind the door, keeping the scissors she had used to cut clothes during the day at hand.

It had been a long, long night for Venus, just like the night her parents had died in a car accident.

Venus leaned against the wall, thinking back to recent events. She didn’t know how much time had passed when footsteps suddenly sounded at the door. She woke up instantly, eyed on the door, not daring to take a breath.

The footsteps stopped at the door. Through the doorway, she saw the black shadows on the floor.

Suddenly, the door lock moved slightly.

Venus covered her mouth with one hand. She was afraid that she would cry out in fear, and she gripped the scissors unconsciously.

Then the door lock moved again.

At that moment, the visitor seemed to realize that the door was unlocked and stopped opening it.

“Oh…” A soft laugh came from outside the door. Venus was nervous to the extreme. She heard it was Hao’s voice.

Hao stood outside for a while before he left. Venus calmed down as the dark shadow in the door disappeared.

“Fortunately, I locked the door; otherwise I don’t know what would have happened tonight.”

Actually, if Hao wanted to force his way through, this door wouldn’t be able to stop him at all. He still cared about Venus’s wishes. If she didn’t want him to touch her, he could live with the desire for her.

Venus was afraid that he would go and return, so she did not leave the doorway. It wasn’t until the midnight that she leaned back in her chair and slept.


At night, Kerry also had trouble sleeping.

He searched all over the city, but there was no trace of Hao and Venus. There was also no sign of Hao’s car on the Public Security Bureau’s surveillance camera.

As for the phone that Venus had been thinking about, it was lying quietly in her room.

Kerry had taken up residence in Venus’s room since Venus had burned his room.

He was leaning over the bed, a cigarette burning at his fingertips and soon he littered the floor with cigarette butts

Kerry wondered which place he ignored. “There’s no reason Hao just suddenly disappear. The Nangong family can’t even find him. “

“He’s already out of Sky City?” he thought. Then he immediately dismissed the idea.

Airports, trains, highways, all the places out of the city had their people under close scrutiny.

“According to Hao’s idea, the most dangerous places are often the safest, so he must be in Sky City or maybe nearby, but why can’t he just be found?” Kerry said to himself.

Kerry rubbed his face, shook off the soot, and walked into the bathroom to take a shower.

Today, he had to find Hao. He had a hunch that Hao would leave Sky City with Venus today.

After a quick breakfast, Kerry was about to go out when John ran in, “Sir, there’s a young man at the door. He wants to see you.”

“What’s his name?” Kerry looked haggard.

“He said his surname was Li,” John said. Then he paused and tiptoed cautiously to Kerry’s ear, “he said he had news of Venus.”

Kerry was taken aback and said, “Take me to see him.”

The young man stood at the gate of the villa, a bicycle placed beside him. He was wearing shirt and jeans and was carrying a shoulder bag. He also wore a pair of black-framed glasses.

“Hi, I’m Kerry, you’re looking for me?” Kerry politely extended his hand.

“Yes. Do you know Venus?” He asked.

Kerry nodded, “She’s my wife.”

Li then pulled his phone out of his bag and handed it to Kerry and said, “She sent the text to my phone.”

Kerry took the phone and saw the SOS text that Venus had sent yesterday. When he read the last sentence, something bit physically into him.

“She is waiting for me to save her.” Kerry thought.

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