Chapter 147 – 148: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 147: Please help me…


Buddhist Zhen Yuan smiled: “I am the Buddhist Zhen Yuan of the Holy Dragon Cult now, instead of Monk Zhen Yuan in Shaolin School. For years, I have been devoted to Shaolin School but was only given the title of presbyter. For all the efforts I made, I could have been the Chief of Dharma Hall or even abbot, it’s not fair!”

His voice was toneless, but the old man has read some grievance from his words.

“Two years ago, I have joined the Holy Dragon Cult. But you have been in seclusion, so I didn’t have the chance to tell you.”

The old man was upset, the master Zhen Yuan once was introduced to Wudang Mountain, has now become the Buddhist Zhen Yuan of the Holy Dragon Cult, it’s really a twist of fate.

Zhen Yuan has seen through what the old man was thinking, he didn’t urge and took a sip of the tea. Then he slowly stood up and said: “Well, I’ve had my say. You should think it over and give me your answer later. I’ll stay in Westriver City to address some personal stuff recently.”

When he walked to the door, he stopped there and said, “If Chen Family joins the Holy Dragon Cult, you’ll be welcomed. But if you don’t, we don’t need to talk anymore. From now on, we will be enemies of each other!”

After saying this, he turned around and left.

The old man was startled and angry since Zhen Yuan dare to reveal his identity in front of him, he must have been prepared well.

If he refuses the request, Yuan Zhen will definitely go after Chen Family.

How to make a choice?

At the moment, in front of him were three tough choices, one is the Holy Dragon Cult, one is Wudang school, and another one is Chen Family. A single step on the wrong course might prove the destruction of all. What should he do?

In the Peninsula Cafe, a famous café in Westriver City. Because the good taste of its coffee and elegant environment, the place is popular among youngsters.

It’s a good time for dating in the evening, so the seats in the café were all full.

Fortunately, most of the people who come here are educated. They just speak in whispers not to disturb others.

One hour had passed when Kris Chen went back to find Lan Yu after sending Xiaorou Xu home.

Lan Yu originally thought that Kris wouldn’t come, and she was about to leave when she saw Kris opened the door of the café and came in.

She was delighted. She quickly stood up and waved to Kris.

Today, Lan Yu was wearing a graceful skirt, the upper body was pink while the lower body was jade green, and she’s wearing a pair of high heels in beige. She looked like the lotus floating in the water, indescribably elegant.

As soon as Kris entered, he saw her.

“You… Why are you looking at me like that?” Lan Yu was alarmed by his wild eyes, so she hurriedly put on a look of exasperation.

“Huh, you are so beautiful today, can’t I look at the beauty?”

Kris sat, facing her and stared at her pink lips. “Did you put on makeup today?”


Lan Yu didn’t know why she felt somewhat excited when hearing Kris’s compliment. It’s a surprise that this man cares much about her, for she just put a light makeup today, and he noticed that.

“Come on, what can I do for you…”


He didn’t even finish his words when Lan Yu suddenly stood up and leaned her body, leaving a pink lip print on his cheek.

After kissing him, Lan Yu blushed and said, “Kris, I… I need your help!”

Kris was stunned by her behavior. Why did she kiss him? Does she have feelings for him?

He touched his wet cheek and stared at her lingering: “Wow, you’re really sincere, aren’t you? Ok, just tell me what do you need.”

Looking at the lip print on Kris’s face, she lowered her head in shame and dared not look into Kris’s eyes: “You… Have you ever heard of the Holy Dragon Cult?”

It was a coincidence that Yuan Ding has just told him about the Holy Dragon Cult, which is one of the two evil cults.

“Yes, it’s a cult as famous as the Sun-Moon Holy Cult.” Kris replied and asked her, “Why do you ask? What’s wrong with the Holy Dragon Cult?”

“Right,” Lan Yu nodded. “I need you to investigate the Holy Dragon Cult for me…”

After the Sun-Moon Holy Cult, the Holy Dragon Cult also set up its own hall in Westriver city.

Now that the two evil cults have set up their branches here, this has raised the police’s concern.

During this period, Changkong Yin from the Sun-Moon Holy Cult didn’t make any sound, though. The Holy Dragon Cult did some evil things as soon as they stepped on this place.

What they did was to use the baby and virgin’s body to refine the pills, which split the city and scared people here.

Lan Yu’s superiors gave commands to eradicate the branch of the Holy Dragon Cult in Westriver within half a month. Otherwise, they’ll be punished.

They have been investigating the cult since they received the order, but they failed to find their hall location. As the deadline was drawing near, she had no choice but to ask Kris for help.

“You really think highly of me.”

Kris said with a wry smile: “Even the police couldn’t find them. How can I do that as an ordinary person?”

Seeing Kris’s refusal, Lan Yu became anxious and said: “The day before yesterday we caught a follower of the Holy Dragon Cult, his name is Xiaolong Tan. We interrogated him for two days, but he refused to tell us anything. He is not only strong-willed but also very sly. We only have one more week now, so we thought of another idea. We are going to send a spy to the jail to approach him, and… that brings me to you!”


Is this the plot of “Infernal Affairs”(A Film in China, which tells the story of a police officer who infiltrates a triad and a police officer secretly working for the same gang?)

Going undercover in jail?

Is she joking?

Kris refused without even thinking: “There is nothing I can do for you. I’ve never had professional training, so I could easily be discovered. Don’t you have a lot of undercover agents on your criminal squad? Any one of them would be much better than me. Why pick me?”

In a word: No!

Lan Yu was anxious and hurried sat beside Kris, holding his hand and shaking it: “Kris, please, please help me… What if I give you another kiss…”

“Oh, don’t…”


Kris hasn’t had time to dodge and was kissed by Lan Yu again, peach lips printed on the other side of Kris’s cheek.

This made things even more interesting, one kiss on each side of his face. Kris was freezing, isn’t she forcing him?

Lan Yu didn’t intend to kiss him again, but without knowing why, it just happened. She doesn’t hate kissing him. But every time when she holds hands with Bao Cao, she will feel disgusted.

It reminded her of that time when she was kidnapped by Changkong Yin. It was the first time she kissed Kris, and she felt kind of reluctant back then.

In Xiluo Bay, she kissed Kris for the second time, now in retrospect, she didn’t hate it at all, but this time… She took the initiative to kiss him…

Including this, she had already kissed him four times. Oh, my god… How is that possible…

Lan Yu was frozen. She suddenly realized that she was holding Kris’s hand as if she were teasing him.

Her face blushed again, but she didn’t let go of his hand and continued shaking him: “Please help me… The last time when the gangsters robbed the bank, you took the place of someone to stop the gun, now the Holy Dragon Cult is threatening children’s lives, can you stand to see that and do nothing?”

Hearing this, Kris stopped talking. He didn’t bear to see that, actually.

After thinking for a while, he heaved a sigh and patted her hand: “All right, you can stop shaking my hand, I promise, ok?”

“Kris… How kind of you!” Lan Yu exulted.

“Don’t get excited so early, it’s the last time. Don’t come to me for this after today, I want to live longer,” Kris helplessly said.

“Ok!” Lan Yu, let go of his hand, showing a charming smile.

Looking at the charming woman in front of him, Kris could not help raising his forefinger and saying, “If I can do that… What can I get?”

As he said this, he couldn’t help staring at her seductive lip.

Chapter 148: Going Undercover

Going undercover among the followers of the Holy Dragon Cult was a tough task.

During the auction, Yuan Ding was scared the hell out of him just to see the ring on the girls the hand, which told how formidable the cult was.

If Kris exposed, he would be hunted down by them endlessly.

Lan Yu smiled: “Don’t worry, you’ll find it worth the risk. The bounty for this one is quite high, five million, all yours if you can get the information of where their headquarter is.”

Five million, it outnumbers most people’s income of their whole life.

To Lan Yu, Kris was still just a live-in son-in-law in Su’s family; however capable he was, the five million should ease his way.

But Kris seemed surprised: “Wait, five million? Is that how much my life is worth?”

For someone who could splurge five hundred million like it was penniless, five million did sound hilarious to Kris.

It was not enough for such a task, indeed, but it was as much as she could offer.

She thought back on the day in Xiluo bay where Kris was caught in a fight with sharks and flushed: “Come on, it took me a hard time to get this for you! If…If you agree to do it, you can ask me for anything, anything!”

“Really? Whatever did I ask for? “Kris smiled and replied playfully.

His smile speeds up her heartbeat: “Of…of course! I always act up to my promise!”

But her voice kept getting lower: “But, just don’t make it too much to ask for, otherwise…I won’t do it!”

Kris nodded and smiled again: “You should’ve made this proffer earlier, deal! So, what’s my next step?”


Kris’s consent was such a great relief to Lan Yu. She said to him “I’ve planned it all out for you, no one else knows that you’re going undercover. Let’s make it more convincing: go steal something in that shop, then my colleagues will come.”

Wait, theft?

Kris was astonished, in a bad way. It’s something that he had never done in his life of over twenty years.

It was not that he was a chicken because the shop Yu Lan pointed to sells women’s underclothes.

Wasn’t that something only perverts would be interested in?

“Wait, not so hurry, don’t you think that’s…humiliating?”

“Well, how do you want yourself to be put in prison?” Said Lan Yu, disappointed.

“Say, harassing a charming policewoman publicly, then…” Kris said as he looked at Lan Yu flirtatiously.

“You rascal!” Lan Yu turned it down and said to him, “Not this one, next!”

“Let me see…” Said Kris with his hands scratching his chin, “What about pick up a fight on the street? Drunk driving? Robbery?”

“No, no, and no.”

All Kris’ proposals were declined by Lan Yu firmly.

Well, the underclothes shop then.

Who would’ve thought that there is an underclothes shop in this damn street where there are only restaurants and groceries? A man stealing women’s underclothes, it was quite obvious what would happen to his fame.

After all those thoughts, Kris made a call in the restroom to Xue Mi, telling her that he would be away for a few days on which she would run the company.

He also told Xue Mi his account in Squirrel Streaming and asked her to keep an eye on Mary.

Then Kris and Lan Yu left the café.

Lan Yu flushed immediately, seeing the neon light signboard of the underclothes shop, but soon she let out a burst of unstinting laughter as she saw Kris’ look on his face when he walked right in the store.


“Help! There’s a pervert here!”

“Somebody helps! He’s running away!”

There came screams from the shop. Kris ran out pf the shop clumsily with a few latest sexy underwear.

Some staff chased came to the entrance, shouting for help.

It caught many people’s attention; some girls even went hiding in other shops. There was nothing left in Kris but remorse as he thought to himself:” Should’ve just done some robberies, grabbed somebody’s bag and ran away. Now, there goes my reputation.”

He slowed down, knowing that police would come. Minutes later, a few policemen chased him down, detained him, and threw him onto a police car.

The whole thing took no longer than three minutes.

Lan Yu tried to withhold her laughter a few times, but the look on Kris’s face was just way too hilarious. Not even god saw it coming that he would do it. She managed to stop the laughter a few minutes later and thought to herself: Stay safe and finish our task.

Half an hour later, Kris was taken to the First Penitentiary of Westriver City.

The procedure was all the same. Took a few pictures as he held a board on which his information was written, dressed up in prisoner’s uniform, then taken to the ward.

The next morning, in a VIP inpatient ward of the Fifth People’s Hospital of Westriver City.

Tianyao’s wounds from the whipping on his back had all finished scabbing, the laceration on his chest was stitched up again after, and the puncture on his fingers and toes had also healed completely.

As for the bone fracture of Fang’s finger, it would take more time to heal.

Xi Lan stayed there and chatted with this couple after her daily inspection of the wards, and it had left them a good impression, which kept getting better.

As they were talking, two policemen walked into the ward.

“Greetings, are Kris’ parents here?” The leading policeman saluted them all and asked.

What is happening?

Why were there cops in their ward?

It made Mr. and Mrs. Chen uneasy. Xi Lan stood up and asked the policemen: “Greetings, may I ask what your business is here?”

“Yes, we’re here to inform you that ten pm last night, Kris Chen was caught stealing women’s underclothes red-handed in a store on Dongyang street. He’s currently incarcerated in the First Penitentiary of Westriver City.”

What? Kris stealing women’s underclothes? Was this a joke?

“Are…are you sure? Could it be someone that has the same name?” Xi Lan thought it couldn’t be the Kris Chen. She knew, “He wouldn’t do such a thing!”

“Are you his wife?” Said the policeman in the back.

“Ah, no, we…we’re not…” Said Xi Lan, as her pretty face flushed.

“Could it be a mistake? Kris Chen, he…it’s impossible! He would never do such a thing!”

“Neither you nor we would want it to be true. But he did commit theft in a high-class women’s underclothes store on Dongyang street ten pm last night.” The leading policeman said to Kris’ parents, “We have also double-checked the database, it was your son indeed, not some other Kris Chen.”

“Sir, it couldn’t be. My son owns a company that worth at least hundreds of millions, why would he steal anything? It must be a mistake!” Fang asked, smiling constrainedly.

Tianyao, who was on another bed, was no less worried: “Yes, it must be a mistake! Why would he steal when he’s already capable of buying whatever he wants?”

The policemen looked at each other and sighed, then they handed the files to Fang and Tianyao:” Here’s the proof.”

Anxiously, they both started checking the files. Seeing the picture of Kris in prisoner’s uniform, they were left in complete shock.

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