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Chapter 147: My Mysterious Husband

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 147 If I Die, I Will Take Her with Me (1)
She said that Hao Nangong would take her away tomorrow. And what she said tomorrow was today.

It seemed that she couldn’t remember his phone number, so she sent a text message casually.

Fortunately, he saw this text message.

“You… when you received this message yesterday, why didn’t you come to me?” Kerry Ye’s throat was a little hoarse, not knowing whether it was due to psychological reasons or because he stayed up all night.

Student Li shrugged and said it for granted, “I thought it was a scam text message, so I didn’t care. But I thought about it all night, and it didn’t say anything like letting me transfer money. What if it’s true? Saving one life is better than building a seventh-level Buddha, so I checked your information on the Internet, and your wife is really named Venus, so I came to you early in the morning once I learned all information was correct.”

Kerry looked at the boy’s pure eyes and said sincerely, “Thank you, I am indeed looking for her.”

Student Li pointed to the phone number above and said, “Then you quickly write down the phone number above, I have to go back to class.”

Kerry could quickly remember numbers. He sent the text message to his own number, and returned the phone to student Li, “Thank you very much. Which school are you in? How can I thank you?”

Student Li packed his mobile phone into his bag and grinned, “I said, saving one live is better than building a seventh-level Buddha. I came to you for nothing. But if you really want to thank you, can I go to your company for an internship during the summer vacation?”

Kerry smiled happily, “Of course, I welcome you very much.”

“Then it’s settled. I have your number now and I will call you then. Bye bye–” After speaking, Classmate Li whizzed away on his bicycle.

Kerry strode towards the villa and said to the chamberlain Wang, “Let Henry Zhang come to the study to see me immediately.”

“Yes, Young master.”

A few minutes later, in the study, the mobile phone was on the table.

Kerry paced quickly, “Henry, you should find someone to check this phone number immediately. It is best to find a technical expert to find out where this number is. You must be fast.”

“Yes, I will go now.”

Kevin Ye putted his hands on his chest, frowning tightly together, a villa half a mountainside?

City A was surrounded by mountains. There were at least seventy to eighty of villas halfway up the mountain. It was impossible to check one by one, which is a waste of time.

“What do you think?” Kerry asked him.

“The location given by my sister-in-law is very vague, and there are too many villas in the mountains of City A,” Kevin paused, and looked up at Kerry. “Brother, think about it that had Hao Nangong ever told you about buying a villa? I suspect that this villa was not his.”

Kerry went around the room a few times, but still had no idea, “No, he didn’t mention it.”

The two people were worried, and Henry called.

“How is it?” Kerry asked anxiously, pressing the handsfree button by the way.

“Boss, the owner of the phone is surnamed Tang, his name is Zhengde Tang . He is fifty-six years old this year. His wife has passed away early, and his daughter has settled in Canada. The technicians said it is best to find the address as soon as possible. The way is that this number is in the call state.”

Call status? Tang Zhengde, a daughter…

“I have an idea.” Kevin’s eyes lit up and said to the other end of the phone, “Henry, bring the technicians here immediately.”


After hanging up the phone, Kerry asked in a puzzled manner, “What can you do?”

Kevin smiled confidently, “We can do it in this way…”

After briefly talking about his plan, Kerry looked at him with relief and said with emotion, Kevin, you really have grown up.”

“Brother, make compliments after I rescued sister-in-law.”

For insurance purposes, Kevin borrowed Mrs Qin’s mobile phone.

Ten minutes later, Henry hurried into the study with a computer hacker.

After Xinyou, who was standing on the second floor, saw it, she tiptoed to the third floor, with her ears close to the study door. However, apart from the curious voice, no one was heard.

“Miss Qiao.” Steward Wang’s cold voice sounded behind her.

Xinyou was startled, but quickly hid her expression, turned around and said, “John.”

“Miss Qiao, what are you doing here?” chamberlain Wang’s attitude was very cold, and since he knew Xinyou had done so many bad things, his impression of her had been worse.

“I…I want to ask Kerry if he want to drink water.” Xinyou made up a lame excuse.

“If the young master wants to drink water, he will call me,” chamberlain Wang made a gesture of leaving, “Besides, the young Master made an order that anyone is forbidden to come to the study without his permission. Miss Qiao, please leave here.”

A trace of hatred crawled through Xinyou’s eyes, and she left with graceful steps. She thought, when I become the hostess here, I must drive this old guy out!

As soon as Xinyou left, the door of the study opened, and Kerry’s face appeared in the door, “What happened?”

Chamberlain Wang said without concealing, “Miss Qiao just stood here and was chased away by me.”

Kerry’s eyes darkened a bit, and gritted his teeth and said, “John, stand here. No one can come near.”

“Understand, Young master.”


After the equipment was debugged, the man pushed the glasses on the bridge of his nose and said coldly, “It’s time to start.”

Kevin took a deep breath and used Mrs Qin’s mobile phone to call Zhengde.

“Beep-beep-beep-” the bell rang four or five times and was finally connected.

Computer positioning systems were changing rapidly.

“Hello?” A slightly older voice came through the microphone.

Kevin squeezed his throat and said, “Is this Mr. Zhengde Tang?”

“Yes, who are you?”

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 147 If I Die, I Will Take Her with Me (2)
“Hello, this is the courier company. You have a courier from aboard, but the address above can’t be seen clearly as it is soaked by rain. Can you tell me your specific address? We will help you deliver it.” In order to buy some time, Kevin Ye’s tone was half a beat slower than usual, but he said smoothly. And others couldn’t tell it was fabricated.

The four people in the study were breathless. The only sound could be heard was the click of the mouse in the hands of the hacker.

The range of the green circle was shrinking little by little.

“Express? Where did it come from?” Mr. Tang’s tone was surprised.

Kevin said solemnly, “It came from Canada.”

“Oh~” Mr. Tang whispered to himself, “My daughter hasn’t sent me anything before… Well, I am far away, and you can’t find it when you come over. I’ll go to your place to get it. Tell me your address.”

“Oh…” Kevin looked at the courier address prepared in advance, and read, “Okay, Mr. Tang, take notes. We are at No. 228, Changqing Road, Weicheng District.”

The location was indeed a courier company.

“Wait a minute, I’ll find a pen,” then there was footsteps over there, a few seconds later, “Can you say it again?”

Kevin’s tone slowed down a little, “Here we are, No. 228, Changqing Road, Weicheng District. Have you written it down?”

“Yes, yes. thank you,”

Kevin glanced at the computer screen, the range of positioning was still a bit large, so he continued, “Mr. Tang, if you can’t find it, you can call me.”

“Oh, okay.” After speaking, Mr. Tang was about to hang up.

“Um, Mr. Tang. When do you plan to pick it up? We have a lot of express to deliver, so we have to separate them into different categories.”

“I don’t have time today. Maybe tomorrow or the day after tomorrow.” Mr. Tang finished speaking, and a male’s voice came from far away on the phone, “Mr. Tang, who called?”

Kevin and Kerry Ye looked at each other in surprise. The voice was Hao Nangong.

“It’s a courier company…” After saying these words, the phone hung up.

The computer positioning was also interrupted, and Kerry asked, “Did you find the address?”

The hacker pointed to the dots on the computer screen and said, “Now I can only see the signal in the west hill of a city a, which is about 500 meters in diameter. If the call lasts for half a minute, I can locate the exact address. “

Kerry stared at the green area on the computer screen and said to Henry, “Send some people to here. The West Hill is sparsely populated and there are not many villas. It is easy to find, and it must be fast.”

It was already ten o’clock in the morning, and Hao Nangong ‘s intuition was very keen. It would be bad for him to notice anything.


Private villa on the mountainside.

Hao Nangong didn’t doubt the phone, and after a few questions, he went to do his own thing.

As time passed, Venus became more and more anxious as the sun climbed to the top of her head from the east. She had just heard Hao contact his subordinates again, and the schedule seemed to be settled soon.

Were those two text messages really useless?

No, she couldn’t sit still.

If she wanted to contact Kerry directly, she had to get Hao’s phone number. He must have Kerry’s number in his mobile phone, so she could send Kerry the coordinates directly.

But how could she get Hao’s cell phone?

Venus Mu thought hard. When she heard Hao shouting downstairs, “Venus, it’s time for meal.”

Meal, meal! All he knew was having meal. She was not in the mood to have meal.

Suppressing the anxiety in her heart, Venus slowly came to the restaurant. Mr. Tang’s was an average cooker, but Venus was not fastidious. She would be satisfied as long as she could fill her stomach.

Hao Nangong seemed to be in a good mood, serving Venus with dishes from time to time.

“Hao Nangong, where are you taking me to?” Venus couldn’t help asking.

Hao Nangong smiled, “Why do you want to ask?”

“To be mentally prepared. What if I can’t adapt to the environment?” Venus said angrily.

Hao Nangong put down his chopsticks, squeezed her cheek, and said, “Don’t worry, how bad the place I’m taking you to could be? You’ll know when you get there.”

Venus glared at him, and when she looked away she saw the phone in his pocket.

Mr. Tang walked over with a soup bowl with steam on it. Venus suddenly thought about it. When Mr. Tang had just walked between the two of them, Venus stretched out a foot calmly.

“Oh–” Mr. Tang was tripped, his body moved forward, the soup in the bowl suddenly spilled out, and it fell on Hao Nangong’s leg…

“Ah–” The soup had just came out of the pot, and it was steaming. You could imagine the taste of it splashing on the skin.

Hao jumped out of the chair, grinning with pain and lost his usual demeanour.

“Mr. Tang, what are you doing?”

Mr. Tang was at a loss, putted the soup bowl on the table barely, and quickly bowed to apologize, “I’m sorry boss, I didn’t mean it! I’m sorry.”

Venus pretended to be concerned and said, “Don’t scold Mr. Tang. Go and rinse with cold water, it won’t be good if you get burned.”

Hao Nangong glanced angrily at Mr. Tang and strode up to the second floor stretching his trousers

Mr. Tang turned around and was about to ask Venus what she meant, but only saw her hands clasped together begging for mercy, and then followed Hao Nangong upstairs.

What did this girl want to do? It was clear that she deliberately let him stumbled.

At the villa of the Ye family.

There was finally good news from Henry.

“Boss, I found Hao Nangong’s villa. I will send you the address.”

Kerry got up abruptly from the chair, walked carrying the phone and said, “Okay, block all the ways, we will be there soon.”

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 147 If I Die, I Will Take Her with Me (3)
When Kevin Ye heard him, he immediately followed him up and told John, “John, please prepare the car for me.”

John also got excited and ran downstairs, “Okay.”

When he came to the study, Kerry Ye took out two guns from the cupboard, loading it with bullets and pinned them to his waist.

“Brother, I’ll go with you.” Kevin stood in the doorway, with a calm and resolute expression.

Kerry looked at him, “Kevin, I don’t want you to take any risks.”

“Brother, I’m worrying about you. I have to go.”

Kerry was silent for a moment, and then took out a gun and threw it to him, “Take care of yourself. Remember, you have me. Don’t force yourself.”

“Got it.”

They went downstairs and the black Cayenne was waiting at the door.

Seeing them out from a distance, Xinyou Qiao quickly ran into the room to send a message to Hao Nangong, “Kerry has found your place. Leave.”

Venus Mu was lying in Hao’s doorway to eavesdrop for a while, slowly pushing open the door. Next to the door was the bathroom and she could hear the running water. She went inside and there were piles of clothes on his bed.

Venus flipped out the phone from the clothes. Fuck, password.


Venus thought for a moment and took his ID card out of his wallet and entered his birthday, but it was the wrong password.

What could it be?

As she looked at the bathroom, she thought about it anxiously. Wait, could it be her birthday?

Try it, anyway.


Fuck! That’s it.

Venus was almost screaming out in excitement.

The moment she unlocked his pone, a text message came in, which was sent by Xinyou.

After reading the message, Venus’s hands trembled with excitement.

Kerry was coming to her? So, she didn’t have to call him?

After thinking for three seconds, Venus deleted this message. This must not be known to Hao.

Then, she blacklisted Xinyou’ s phone number.

Xinyou waited anxiously in her room for a while, but Hao still didn’t reply.

Was something wrong happening?

She could wait no more. What if Hao wasn’t that reliable?

With that in mind, Xinyou rushes downstairs with her bag in hand, sneaking into the garage without John noticing, and followed after the black Cayenne.

The sound of the water in the bathroom stopped abruptly, and Venus hurriedly put his phone back to the pocket. She got up and ran towards the door, but Hao stopped her when she reached the door.

Hao was naked, with a towel wrapped his lower body.

Seeing Venus, he was slightly surprised, “Venus, what are you doing here?”

Venus looked at the doorway and wanted to rush out, perfunctorily saying, “I came to see how your leg is doing and it seems fine, I’ll leave first.”

After saying that, she tried to get out, but was caught by Hao.

“Hao, let me go.”

Venus punched his strong shoulder, but the force was like a tickle to him.

“Venus, since you’ve come, why don’t you check my leg?” Hao pressed her into his arms and exhaled in her ear.

“No, there is no need to do that.” Venus turned her head away, trying to avoid his kiss, but the room was so small, where could she hide?

“Venus, you can’t escape today.” Hao hugged her waist, making her leave the floor, and walked towards the bed step by step.

Venus’s feet kicked around, but she didn’t want to kick off the towel he was wearing around his waist, and Hao was now completely naked.

Venus pushed herself near the danger.

“Hey, Venus, I didn’t expect you to be in such a hurry,” Hao then kicked it to the corner of the wall.

Venus panicked, “Hao, you said that you wouldn’t force me, so let me go.”

“That’s what you said, but I didn’t promise that.” Hao said, lowering his head to kiss her neck.

“Hao, don’t make me hate you.” Venus shouted.

Hao threw her on the bed, pressing against her and started to unbutton her, “Hate me, but one day you’ll turn that hate into love.”

Venus kicked at his waist, trying to push him away, but before she could get up, she was pressed down by him again.

His eyes rose with intense lure, like a volcano about to erupt, “You know what? When you first put on my shirt, I wanted to take it off.”

“Hao, you bastard!” Venus broke his fingers with her hand, but soon, Venus’ s shirt was unbuttoned and her snow-white skin fruit was exposed to him…

“Hao, fuck off!” Venus didn’t know what to do, but shout.

“Venus, don’t do this. I’m afraid you won’t have any strength later, then it won’t be fun.” After saying that, Hao buried himself in her chest and nibbled.

“Hao, get the fuck away from me!” Venus felt a nasty touch lingering on her chest. She tried to push him away, but her hands were held by him and her legs were pressed against him, so she couldn’t move at all.

“Venus… I really love you so much…” Hao kissed from her neck, holding her red lips. Venus clenched her teeth to prevent his tongue from coming in.

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 147 If I Die, I Will Take Her with Me (4)
Hao Nangong opened his mouth after sucking on Venus’s lips for a long time, and he sat up, and tried to undo her belt.

Venus was in a state of panic. She saw a wine glass on the table beside her from the corner of her eyes. She grabbed it, broke it and pressed a piece of sharp fragment against her neck.

“Hao Nangong!! Stop it!!” Venus shouted.

Hao checked himself when he heard the glass being smashed. He froze when he saw Venus put a piece of glass to her throat.

“Venus. I can’t believe it. This is how much you hate me?” His eyes widened in disbelief.

“Yes! I hate you! I hate you for taking me here without asking for my opinion! And I hate you for everything you have done to me.”

“Venus, put it down. We can talk!” Hao moved away from her.

Venus glared at him and shouted: “Stay away!” She was in a blind rage and she cut the glass into her skin, and blood oozed out.

Hao at first thought Venus was only threatening him, but when he saw the blood, he knew she was serious.

“Fine, fine! I’ll stay away! Venus! Calm down! Don’t do anything stupid!”

Venus sat up, grabbed a piece of cloth and covered her chest. She avoided looking at him and said: “Put your clothes on!”

Hao obeyed. His desire was already replaced by fear. He loves her, and he doesn’t want her to be hurt.

He found some clean clothes in the closest, put them on, and went back to the bed.

Blood streamed down her neck, and her bra was stained by blood. She looked terrifying.

“Venus, put the glass down. I swear I won’t touch you.” Hao’s face contorted nervously.

“I don’t believe you.” Venus looked at him coldly.

“What do you want me to do? I will do it as long as you can put……” Before he finished, his phone rang, and he answered.


“Hey boss, everything is arranged well. You can set off now.”

Hao sighed with relief. He said: “Fine. I’ll be there in a minute.”

He hung up the phone, looked at Venus, and said: “Venus. Please stop. Get dressed. We need to go now.”

Then he threw Venus’s clothes to her and walked out of the bedroom.

Venus was not that stupid as to keep hurting herself when it was no longer necessary. She threw that glass on the ground in an instant when Hao walked out.

“Damn! It hurts!”

So much blood was lost. But luckily the cut was not deep and it had already stopped bleeding.

She realized Kerry had really trained her into an extra tough woman. She grabbed a piece of paper and wiped the blood from her neck, and then put her clothes on.

“Where is Kerry now? Will we meet on the road?” Venus wanted to stall longer but Hao was already knocking on the door.

“Venus, are you ready?”

Venus clenched her teeth, opened the door violently and said: “Hao Nangong! Stop asking me to be quick when you are kidnapping me!”

“Stop protesting. I have to take you away whatever you say.” Hao grabbed her wrist and dragged her downstairs.

Mr Tang was at the door. He looked at Hao confusedly and asked: “Boss, are you leaving?”

“Yes. Maybe I won’t come back.” Hao said. “When I left, I want you to go to Nangong Family give the key to my father.”

“No problem.” Mr Tang felt disappointed. He would probably lose his job as the chamberlain.

Hao opened the door to the car and said to Venus: “Let’s go.”

Venus didn’t move.

Hao looked at her and said grimly: “Get in the car!”

Venus glared at him and said: “I won’t! What can you do about it?”

Hao smiled slyly and walked to her. “Why are you so naughty.”

Then, Venus felt he knocked on her neck, and she lost her consciousness. Before she completely blacked out. She thought: Hao Nangong! You freaking jerk!

The chamberlain remained silent wisely when he saw what happened.

Hao put Venus onto the front seat, buckled her up, and drove away.


Kerry drove to Hao’s personal villa after meeting Henry.

“I checked the environment nearby, and there is only one road leading to his villa. So, don’t worry. He won’t escape.” Kevin tried to ease Kerry’ s mind because he felt the speed of the car had been increased to a dangerous level.

Kerry fixed his eyes on the road and didn’t say anything.

Kerry didn’t have many friends and Hao was one of them. He never thought their relationship would break for a woman. What’s so good about Venus? Why is he so crazy about her? Kerry thought.

Xinyou was following them at a good distance. She called Hao many times but he never answered. At first she thought he was busy, but after many tries, she realized Hao blocked her number.

“Is he stupid or something? What is he blocking me for at this time?” She thought.

Kerry had driven the car into the mountain. He stepped harder on the gas, and the speed increased rapidly. Kevin grabbed the armrest nervously.

After a few turns, the car was on a straight road.

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 147 If I Die, I Will Take Her with Me (5)
All of a sudden, a black car appeared in their view.

“Big brother, look, is that Hao Nangong’s car?” Kevin said excitedly.

Kerry didn’t slow the car down at all; instead, he put the pedal to the metal. His blue eyes were giving out some mysterious light.

“It is him.” Kerry said certainly.

“How are you so sure?” Kevin was surprised. Because there is still a distance between the two cars.

Kerry smiled slightly and said: “Instinct.”

Both cars were driving at full speed towards each other. Hao’s heart was pounding violently in his chest. He knew it was Kerry driving in that car. But he didn’t know how did Kerry find him.

The road was very narrow, and there wasn’t enough space for two cars to ride alongside. On one side of the road is a vertical cliff, and on the other side is a steep mountain. Hao was not confident enough to drive pass Kerry’ s car safely.

Their cars were about to bump into each other, and Hao slam on the brake at the last moment. He then turned around and drove back.

“It is indeed Hao!” Kevin said excitedly. “Or he wouldn’t turn around.”

“Let’s see where can he go. Kevin, where is the end of the road?” Kerry’ s lips curved in a cold smile.

Kevin took out his laptop and searched. “The end is the top of West Mountain. There is no fork in the road. He won’t escape.”

Kerry’ s car was obviously faster, and he caught up with Hao in ten minutes.

Hao didn’t want Kerry to overtake him. So he was always driving in front of Kerry to block him.

Kerry was so pissed off. He wished to bash into Hao’s car, but he refrained his anger because Venus was in Hao’s car, and he followed closely behind.

The road was getting steeper the nearer they were to the mountain top. But they didn’t slow down at all.

Finally, they reached at the end of the road. Hao slammed on the brake when he arrived at the mountain top, and if he went any farther, he would fall down the cliff.

The silence in the hills was broke by the sound of the brake, and many birds were startled and flew away.

Soon, Kerry also arrived, and he stopped his car a few meters away from Hao’ s steadily.

The top of west mountain was very similar to the top of south mountain. The only difference is that there is no pavilion on this top.

Hao looked at Venus affectionately, who was still in a coma. He reached out and stroked her beautiful face.

“Venus, you are mine. Don’t worry, I won’t let him take you away.” Hao said softly.

Kerry and Kevin didn’t get off the car either. They fixed their eyes on Hao’s car. No one knew what were they thinking.

The atmosphere was oppressive.

Kerry inhaled deeply, and got off the car.

“Hao Nangong! Get off your car!” He shouted.

Hao kissed deeply on Venus’s lips, and got off his car.

Kerry and Hao were old friends. But when they finally met, there were only resentment and hatred between them.

“Where is Venus? Give her to me.”

Hao placed his arms on the door casually. He still looked like a carefree young man. He smiled at Kerry and said: “She doesn’t want to see you. Why should I give her to you?”

Kerry laughed coldly and said: “Then you ask her to tell me this herself.” Kerry couldn’t understand why wouldn’t Venus get off the car, since it was her who sent a message to him, asking for help. The only explanation is that Hao knocked her unconscious again, just like last time.

Hao shrugged his shoulders and said: “Don’t you remember what happened last time at the hospital? She couldn’t bear the sight of you. Why would she talk to you?”

Kerry’ s one hand was in his pocket, and the other hand was placed on the shotgun. He seemed to be at ease. He said: “Hao, why don’t we negotiate?”

“Fine. What’s your condition?” Hao leaned against his car.

Kerry said flatly: “You give Venus to me, and I let you live. And I’ll also forgive you for everything you have done.”

Hao arched his brows as if he was thinking about it seriously. He then nodded and said: “That sounds good. But I only want Venus.”

Kerry’ s anger boiled up. He said coldly: “Hao, how will you get Venus if you die?”

Hao said carelessly: “Then I’ll die together with her. We will make a perfect couple in heaven.”

Kerry flew into a blind rage. “Are you crazy! Who the hell are you? You are willing to die just for a woman?”

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