Chapter 148: My Mysterious Husband

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 148 She fell off the cliff, but he couldn’ t save her(1)
Hao Nangong became serious. He looked at Kerry Ye and said seriously, “Kerry, we’ve been friends for many years and I haven’t begged you for anything, so please let me and Venus Mu go today, okay?”

Kerry was very angry and punched the roof of the car.

Venus, Venus, so affectionate. Did he want to be together with her in his presence? Oh, when did he become so generous and so easy to talk to in the eyes of others?

“Hao, do you think I would let my girl go with another man? Don’t regard me as a good man.”

Hao’s face was cold, “Kerry, why can’t you help us since you don’t like her?”

“Hao, I don’t care if you take any woman with you, except for her.”


Kerry looked at him straightly, “Because she’s my bait, how can I catch that big fish named Tianye Mu without her?”

Without thinking, Hao blurted out, “Wasn’t Tianye killed by you in the suburbs of Nanshan City?”

“How do you know that Tianye is dead?” Kerry asked, remembering his previous deduction suddenly. Did he and Xinyou Qiao set this up?

Hao was silent.

“Hao, did you want to kill me in the suburbs of Nanshan City? Did you find that fake man too?” Kerry asked seriously. He could not believe that Hao wanted to kill him because they had been friends for years!

With the matter at hand, Hao didn’t want to hide it and confessed, “Yes, I did it all.”

“You ……”Kerry kicked a pebble under his foot angrily, “You fucking bastard! We have been friends for so many tears, but you want to kill me just for a woman!”

Hao was a little guilt, and said lightly, “Kerry, I have no choice, but I really can’t live without Venus.”

“Don’t say that again, I don’t regard you as my friend. And I’ll let you go but without Venus.” Kerry didn’t want to talk with him anymore.There was any news about Venus and he was afraid that she was in danger.

“No way, I said I won’t give her to you.” Hao said stubbornly.

Kerry felt that he was about to be mad at Hao, and he didn’t want to stay with this guy anymore. So he walked towards him slowly and said, “I don’t agree to the things you said, and you don’t agree to the conditions I said, so we won’t get any results. How about this, I’ll take a step back, and you let Venus out. It’s up to her, and let she decides who to choose.”

Xinyou, who just slipped into the top of the mountain was shocked to hear Kerry’s words.

No, she didn’t agree. If Venus chose Kerry in the end after they planned and waited for so long, was it like drawing water with a seive?

Since Hao couldn’t take her away, she had to act on her own.

Seeing that the two were negotiating, Xinyou lurked to the nearest place to the car quietly.

“Fine, wait a moment, I’ll ask if she wants to see you.” Hao pretended to bow his head to go to the car to ask Venus. Quicker than words can tell, Kerry dashed to Hao when he was at ease, tackling him right to the ground.

“You bastard,” Kerry punched him in the face.

Hao wasn’t a coward, and after easing up, he and Kerry started to fight on the top of the mountain.

Xinyou rushed to opened the car’s door at a proper time. Seeing that Venus was unconscious, she was so happy and she dragged her out of the car, and two meters away was the cliff.

“Stop!” Xinyou shouted loudly at Kerry and Hao.

Hearing this, Kerry was distracted, and just at this second Hao hit him in the heart. Kerry took a few steps backwards and almost fell on the ground.

Both of them looked at Xinyou at the same time. She took Venus by the waist with one hand, and Venus hung on her swayingly. The deep cliff was just behind them.

“Xinyou, don’t be impulsive.”

“Xinyou, let her go!”

Kerry and Hao shouted at the same time, and Kevin also ran over. He was so focused on the previous thing that he forgot Venus.

“Haha, why don’t you fight?” Xinyou laughed madly. The wind from the valley blew her clothes hungrily.

Kerry immediately saw Venus’s clothes, as well as the scars on her neck.

Kerry didn’t answer Xinyou’s words, he picked up Hao’s collar and questioned angrily , “What did you do to her? Why did she hurt her neck?”

Hao smiled wickedly, “I’ve spent so much time with her, what do you think I’ve done to her?”

“You are……”

“Shut up or I’ll throw her off the cliff so neither of you can get this bitch.” Xinyou said, making Venus’s body lean to the cliff.

“Xinyou, calm down.” Kerry let Hao go, and his heart pounded wildly, “Xinyou, I’ll give you everything you want, just let Venus go.”

Xinyou smiled evilly, ” Anything I want?”

“Of course, as long as you let her go, I’ll promise you anything.” Kerry moved towards her with small steps, and he wanted to pull Venus over when she wasn’t paying attention. But after just two steps, Xinyou noticed him.

She shouted harshly, “Stop, if you take one more step forward, I will kill her.”

After saying that, Xinyou walked to the cliff closer taking Venus.

Hao was anxious, “Xinyou, you are crazy! If there is anything goes wrong with Venus, I’ll kill you!”

Xinyou scoffed and crazy without any reason, “Hao, you’re a piece of shit. You promised me that you would take her away, now what?”

Kerry believed that everything Kevin questioned her yesterday morning in the villa’s living room was actually true, and all of this was designed by Hao and Xinyou.

So was there anything true?

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 148 She fell off the cliff, but he couldn’ t save her (2)
“Xinyou Qiao, just tell me what you want.” To her, Kerry Ye suddenly felt distraught.

“It’s easy. Divorce Venus Mu and marry me, or I’ll push her off right now.” Her eyes were filled with insanity, “Kerry, I’m the one who suits you most. Not this bitch.”

Kerry should have thought of this before she made her request. Didn’t she just want to become Ye family’s young lady for doing all the things?

However, he didn’t want to marry her at all. Even when he hated Venus to the extreme, he never thought of divorcing her.

“Kerry, why are you thinking? Promise her.” Hao Nangong was making things get messier. He understood Xinyou and those horrible things she had done.

“No?” Fixed her eyes on Kerry, Xinyou kept saying, “I’m sorry that I have to push her…”

“Alright!” Kerry suddenly interrupted her, “Xinyou, I promise you, OK?”

Xinyou was surprised for a moment to hear the long-awaited words, whose appearance became normal, “Really? Are you really going to divorce her?”

“Yes, I will divorce her. Now, give her to me.” When Kerry said these, whose heart couldn’t help but ache, and even his voice trembled.

Xinyou was about to let Venus go, when she suddenly saw Kerry clenching his fingers together, and was fiercely irritated, shouting at him, “You lied to me, you won’t divorce her.”

“No. You have my words.” Kerry didn’t know why Xinyou knew his real thought, but he did try to trick her into releasing Venus, and as for the divorce or whatever, it’s impossible.

Xinyou was about to lose her mind, standing in the whistling wind, swaying.

“I can see that you’re so nervous about this bitch, you simply don’t want to divorce her.” Xinyou looked down at Venus, a crazy idea popping up in her mind.

Yeah, why would she make a deal with Kerry? As long as Venus was dead, she would have plenty of time to win Kerry’ s heart.

“Xinyou, why don’t you believe me? You should know me.”

Xinyou looked at the three men present with different looks despicably and said with a snort, “You men always go back on your word. I won’t trust any of you and I only believe in myself now. Only when Venus is dead will Kerry completely give her up.”

“Are you insane?” Kerry changed his tone, “If you really pushed her off the cliff, you will be the murderer, won’t you? Do you think I will still marry you?”

“I don’t care. It’s all because of you cheating me over and over again?” Xinyou shouted.

At that moment, Venus, who was held by Xinyou, awoke, and opened her eyes slowly. What she saw at the moment was the unfathomable cliff, and then she immediately woke up, but she didn’t scream, observing the surroundings without being noticed.

She found that she was just one or two steps to the edge of the cliff. Xinyou was focusing on Kerry and Kevin was also there, nervous.

Kevin keenly found her, who was first surprised, then slightly shook his head, indicating that she shouldn’t move.

Venus winked at him, indicating that she got it.

But being strangled by Xinyou really wasn’t good. What if she just wanted to die with her?

No, no. She hadn’t found her brother yet. She couldn’t die now.

So, how could she get away from her?

Kerry focused on Xinyou and tried to calm her down, “Xinyou, when have I ever lied to you? Have I done anything bad to you? You’ve done so many wrong things, but never have I blamed you. I still let you stay in the house and stay beside me.”

Xinyou felt sad by his words and she wanted to cry, “If you like me, why don’t you marry me? You know what? How much does my heart ache every time I see you with Venus?”

Seeing that she gradually calmed down, Kerry kept persuading her, “I know, I know all of it. I hurt you. But I also told you that marrying Venus I is to find her brother and I don’t have any feelings for her. As soon as I find Tianye Mu, I’ll immediately divorce her.”

Venus rolled her eyes and said in her mind, “It will be the best.”

Xinyou began to believe him, “Can I trust you? Kerry, you don’t lie to me.”

“Xinyou, I won’t lie to you. Trust me.” Kerry was with one-hundred percent sincerity.

Gradually, Venus found that Xinyou began to loosen her hand, then she completely loosened it…

It was at this moment that Venus had a chance to lunge out of her confinement, but because of being inactive for a long time, she couldn’t move swiftly while Xinyou moved forward to grab her arm again.

“Let me go!” Venus tried to shake her off, but she was pulled backwards by Xinyou, whose half of her foot stepped on the edge of the cliff.

“Watch out!” The three men shouted at the same time.

Venus wobbled back and forth and Xinyou went crazy and she gave a shove from behind. Then Venus fell down.

“Venus!” “Venus!”

It was cold, today.

The wind flew past her ears, and she was plummeting.

Was she, really, going to die like this?

Couldn’t she see her brother again?

Suddenly, her waist was held firmly by a pair of hands, and she also stopped falling.

Then, a familiar face appeared. That pair of purple eyes.

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 148 She fell off the cliff, but he couldn’ t save her (3)
“Xiaozi!” Venus was very surprised and hugged his waist with her backhand, “You are coming back? “

A glimpse of smile appeared on Xiaozi’s face, they suspended in mid-air and he said “Yeah, I come back to save you.”

“You …… ” Venus was so excited that she didn’t know what to say, she looked down at the clothes he was wearing which were exactly the same as those worn by Kerry on the cliff.

A pent-up doubt came up again, Venus stared straightly into his purple eyes and asked in a deep voice, “Who are you? What is your relationship with Kerry?”

Xiaozi looked at her, sighed imperceptibly and said, “Let’s go up first and talk about this later, okay? I’m afraid of running out of my superpower if we stay any longer.”

Venus nodded and agreed that mid-air wasn’t really a good place for conversation, “Fine, let’s go up first.”

“Close your eyes.”


The three people on the cliff were all as frozen as stone pillars.

Half a minute ago, Venus had fallen down from the cliff before everybody saw how it happened, and Kerry had actually disappeared without a sound in front of everyone.

After muting for more than ten seconds, Kevin ran to the place where Kerry had just stood, could not believe what he had just seen, how did his brother …… disappear?

Hao Nangong suddenly remembered what his subordinate had told him last time.

When Kerry was about to be killed at the top of Nanshan Mountain, he disappeared and then emerged behind Tianye Mu. Hearing that, he thought they were making up an excuse for the fail of this mission, and such a ridiculous excuse.

Now it seemed that they didn’t fabricate, it was real.

Why did he suddenly disappear? Where did he go?

What the hell was he?

Questions filled his head one after another, Hao was almost about to forget the incident where happened to Venus.

Xinyou Qiao was also confused, Kerry was just right behind her at that time, how could he disappear?

A ghost in daylight?

Just before they had calmed down, an even more terrifying thing happened.

They saw Venus who had just fallen off the cliff together with vanished Kerry appeared, holding tightly with each other.

“Alright, open your eyes.”

Feeling the contact of the ground, Venus opened her eyes. However, at that time, the purple pupils had disappeared and the person holding her was Kerry with blue pupils.

This ……

Venus’s head told her that there was no mistake, Xiaozi was Kerry!

But a huge voice inside her heart was screaming that he wasn’t, how could he be?

“Brother! Venus!” The surprise voice of Kevin had broken the extremely bizarre atmosphere.

Hao looked at the two with astonishment and said, “Venus …… aren’t you ……”

Didn’t ’t you falling off the cliff? How could you climb up again?

Hao regarded himself as a fool for asking such question.

It was like watching an mythical play. That really happened?

Seeing the hug between Venus and Kerry, Xinyou completely loses her mind.

“Kerry! You are such a liar, I’ll kill you both!” While shouting, Xinyou ran at the two, Kevin was standing a meter away from Kerry and Venus. Hearing this, he rushed up and crushed the two on the ground thus making Xinyou tripped under the foot, fell directly into the abyss ……

It all happened too fast for Venus to release herself from the thought that Kerry was Xiaozi. She was suddenly struck in Kerry’s chest and then Xinyou’s desperate screams were heard around her ears.

Time froze at this moment.

It wasn’t until Xinyou’s voice drifted away in the wind that the four people on the cliff were aware of that she was dead ……

Venus rose up and stood on the edge. She looked down logily and her mood was extremely complicated.

Xinyou, the woman who set her up countless times and who wanted her life, had died just like that?

The years in school had appeared in her mind. Maybe, she was not that bad, just be blinded by love and lust.

Venus’s tears fell senselessly as if a stone had been pressed down on her heart that she couldn’t breath smoothly.

Even though she hated Xinyou so much, and there were many moments when she wanted to kill xinyou herself. But now when Xinyou was really dead in front of her eyes, she still couldn’t bear that.

What about her elderly parents after her death?

“Xiaozi, can you save her?” Venus’s voice trembled and tears were streaming down her face.

Meanwhile, Kerry also stared blankly at the bottom of the cliff, the soreness in his heart swelled a little bit. Xinyou, the first woman who made him feel pleasure and unforgettable had just fall off the cliff before him?

“Can you save her?”

“No, I …… don’t have any energy ……” said Kerry with a haggard voice.

He had used up all his superpower in order to save Venus. Now, he wanted to save her, but he could do nothing.

Hao was the first one to sober up, he grabbed Venus’s hands and pulled her towards the car while she was still in sorrow.

“Hao, what are you doing?”

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 148 She fell off the cliff, but he couldn’t save her (4)
Kevin rushed over to block his way.

“I’ll take her away, she can’t stay here.” Hao continued walking bypass Kevin and said.

“Hao, put me away, I’m not going with you.” Venus tried to shake off his hand but of no avail.

Kerry pulled out a gun, aimed at Hao’s head, and said in a cold voice, “Hao, let her go!”

Hao continued walking forward as if he didn’t heard the voice.

“Bang-” a gunshot rang out, a bullet was shot beside Hao’s foot and he finally stopped.

“Let her go or I’ll kill you.” Kerry held his gun up and stepped closely.

Hao ignored him and looked down at Venus, and said with fear, “Venus, come with me, Kerry is not a human being, he will hurt you at any time ……”

“Shut up!” Venus was so angry that she struggled to break free from his claws, stepped back and said, “Hao, Kerry is Kerry and Xiaozi is Xiaozi, I won’t let anyone to insult him. Also, I’m not going to go with you.”

“Why? Why would you like to be with him even if you don’t know his identity?”

Everyone harbored a bit of fear of the unknown, Hao was no exception. Even though the one was a friend who he had known for decades.

Hearing this, Venus couldn’t help but laughing and looked at him with mocking eyes, “Monster? Hao, have you watched too many movies or are you just too imaginative?” While saying that, Venus walked toward Kerry, “Xiaozi just possesses some abilities that we ordinary people don’t have, he’s not a monster.”

The one standing next to her was slightly moved in the hand holding the gun.

“Fine, but Kerry doesn’t love you at all, he never treat you nice since you are married. Why would you like to seeking for trouble?”

Venus spread her hands indifferently, “It just so happens that I don’t love him at all either, even if I divorce, I’ll leave him decently, I will not do things as eloping with another man. Besides, Hao, I don’t like you at all and I won’t go with you, so stop thinking about that.”

Hao wanted to say more but was directly interrupted by Kerry, “Hao, get away! Or I don’t know if I’ll shoot you in the head the next second.”

Hao took a glimpse of him and then stared at Venus, turned around and walked towards the car alone. Before opened the door, he turned back and said, “Kerry, , we’re no longer friends from now on.”

“I know.” Kerry said calmly.

Hao’s sight fell on Venus, he smiled and said, “Venus, if you regret in the future, you are always welcomed here, after all, it is nice to see you moaning and groaning under me.”

“Hao, you’re talking nonsense!” Venus was very angry and cursed out.

Before he went away, he left her a problem thus leading Kerry to suspect her.

“Bang-” another shot fell beside his foot, Hao raised his hands and smiled gloomily, “Fine, I’ll leave.”

The car quickly vanished at the top of the hill.

Kerry lowered his gun and looked at Venus somberly.

“Why are you looking at me?” Venus looked back at him, pointed to the wound on her neck and said, “If I have sexual intercourse with him, would I have to hurt myself like that?”

She was not afraid of his misunderstanding and would admit if it was true. This would avoid many troubles.

Kerry pinned the gun back to his waist, not knowing if he believed it or not. He stood silently in the place where Xinyou had fallen.

Kevin took a glance at him and walked to Venus. He breathed a long sigh of relief and whispered, “You almost scares me this time, I thought I couldn’t find you.”

Venus sighed, “I am too careless toward Hao, it’s ok, everything is fine now.”

Kevin stared at her wound and asked, “Does it still hurt?”

“It doesn’t hurt anymore, it seems to scar.” Venus touched it and smiled bitterly, “It seems like I have to go back to Dr. Han for the ointment again, I guess he’ll be nagging again.”

Kevin hesitated for a while, looking distantly at the seemingly lonely figure on the edge of the cliff and asked softly, “Do you know the things about my brother?”

Venus was very furious about that and said indignantly, “I’d like to ask him why he lie to me for so long.”

After standing on the edge of the cliff for a long time and memorizing the past time with Xinyou, Kerry was very gloomy and all his feelings turned into a sentence, “Xinyou, goodbye.”

He said this goodbye to Xinyou on that night.

Even if he wanted to say more, she was not there any longer.


The sky was aglow with sunset colors. The silence continued on their way back and the atmosphere was oppressive and suffocating.

There existed a huge doubt in Kevin’s heart, but he swallowed his words because it was not a good chance to ask.

Both John the Butler and Mrs Qin extended a huge welcome to Venus’s return.

“Young Miss, you’re coming back. Are you alright?”

“Mrs Qin, I’m fine.” Venus smiled softly at her.

Kerry came in after her and said unhappily, “You’d better take a shower and change your clothes first, your dress doesn’t match your status?”

Venus held onto the handrail of the spiral staircase and was about to go back to her room to do what he said, but she was unhappy after hearing his lecture, “Kerry, I will do that even if you don’t say, but instead of lecturing me, you’d better think about how you’re going to explain later.”

“Explain what?” Kerry asked with his eyebrow raised.

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 148 She fell off the cliff, but he couldn’t save her (5)
“You must explain to me why you call yourself Xiaozi this time and Kerry Ye next time and why do you tell such a lie.” What a natural lie it was! She remembered that once when she asked him in person if he knew Xiaozi, he denied seriously as if it was the truth.

And now she got mad about his lie.

Hearing her speaking of this, Kevin Ye echoed , “Me too, Kerry.”

For God’s sake, he had hung back from this question on the way, and now he couldn’t resist his curiosity anymore.

After all, this was too weird, especially with his brother’s involvement in.

“Fine. Come to the study later and I will tell you the truth.” Kerry brushed past Venus Mu, with a poker face, and went upstairs.

Kevin smiled like a child by hearing it.

Venus cast a glance at him and thought, “Kevin is indeed a good self-controller, especially compared with me when I saw Xiaozi for the first time.”

She returned to her room, put off the clothes and soaked herself in warm water, softening every nook and cranny of her body.


On the first floor, Kevin kept pacing up and down like having ants in his pants

Actually, he had experienced a lot to be less slap-dash, but what happened to Kerry was so surprised that aroused all his curiosity.

John came with a sad face, a sharp contrast with Kevin.

“Second Young Lord, May I have a talk with you?”

Kevin stopped pacing around and said, “What do you want to say?”

“Miss Qiao also went out after you and Young Master left in the morning, but I didn’t notice it. Now she hasn’t come back yet, I don’t know if she…”

“John,” Kevin interrupted him, his look became serious, “She will never come back.”

“What?” John was so surprised, “Did you meet her?”

“Yes. She followed us. But then many things happened and…she fell off the cliff.” His tone smacked of griefs.

John widened his eyes, feeling a bit astonished to believe what he said.

Kevin nodded his head in gentle approval of it and continued, “You just need to tell other servants that Xinyou goes home and will never come back. Her name cannot be brought up in this villa again, especially before Kerry.”

“Yes, yes, my Young Lord. I will tell everyone to keep it in minds.” John left in a trance. He could not believe a letter of this if it was not told by Kevin.

He had asked her to leave at the door of the study in the morning, but he didn’t expect that it would be the end.

Although he didn’t get good impression of her, it was still a pity that she died in the full bloom of youth.

Life is unpredictable.

As the saying goes, you will never know which comes first—tomorrow or accident.

Hao Nangong was admonished by Mr. Nangong not to do that again to harm the family’s reputation.

Hao pretended to keep his promise, the next moment, he ordered the subordinates to look for Xinyou under the cliff.

At any rate, he should see her body at least.

If there was a river under the cliff, maybe she will survive, and it was better to keep her rather than to die.

No matter who you are, Kerry, I must wrest what I want from you.

Venus togged up in a new set of clothes after finishing her bath and handed those given by Hao to the maid, “Drop them.”

“Yes, Lady.”

With a few steps further, Venus stopped and changed her mind, “Wait, burn them off.”

“Yes, Lady.” The maid hastened to leave with her head laid low to the breast.

Venus wrinkled her nose and murmured with disapproval, “What? I won’t chew you up.”

It occurred to her that she pretended herself to be a fool before. Was her acting too brilliant that made them believe she was indeed in mad? Then it could explain why they responded in that silly way.

Well, never mind. They will get it sooner or later.

But now, she still had one thing to do….

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