Chapter 148: The Rise Of A Poor Husband

Chapter 148 Put on your clothes, Doris.

Secretary Conner quickly ran over and stopped Colin Ward and Nina White. Panting, he said, “please..wait a minute..we…our chairman… want to see you…”

Colin Ward listened to him patiently and said, “Oh, he came back already? But, I’m going on a business trip now. Sorry.”

Secretary Conner’s face froze as he heard Colin’s words.

“Well, sir, it’s all my fault. I was confused about the schedule of the Chairman…”

Nina frowned, “it doesn’t matter, this man is not just someone you can boss around. Do you know who he is? He is our… “

“Nina,” Colin called her name for he didn’t want his identity to be exposed, “I just said that there is only one chance. If he missed it, then there will be no other chance.”

After saying that, Colin and Nina turned around and walked on.

Secretary Conner was in a cold sweat, “sir, it’s all my fault. It has nothing to do with the Chairman. It’s all my fault. As long as you go to see chairman, I’ll do anything.”

Colin snorted, “from the moment I walked out of the gate, I will never go in there again. You want me to see him? Fine, tell him to see me on his own, or that’s it.”

Then he drove away with Nina, leaving Secretary Conner behind.

Secretary Conner wiped the sweat on his forehead and was helpless. Then he took out his phone to call Steven Wan,” Mr. Wan, the gentleman said that either you go to see him, or…”

Secretary Conner had to report to him honestly.

Steven hung up the phone and fell on his chair.

“No, no, no. I can’t watch the Wanxing Company die like this…” He then struggled to sit up and immediately called Colin.

No one answered.

Steven’s hands started to tremble. He quickly stood up and called Secretary Conner, asking him to prepare a car for him, and immediately went to the Marquis Group.

Back to the Marquis Group, as soon as Colin sat down, Nina knocked on the door, “Mr. Ward, the chairman from the Wanxing Company wants to see you. He’s downstairs now.”

“No.”Colin refused.

Ten minutes later, Nina came up again, “the chairman of the Wanxing Company said he had his reasons.”

Colin sneered, “tell him I’m on a business trip and will be back in a week.”

In the hall, Secretary Conner finally knew that the man who had just spoken to him really was the chairman of the Marquis Group. He was so scared that cold sweat broke out on his forehead.

On his side, Steven was very anxious, and he finally saw Nina again.

“Mr. Wan, our chairman is on a business trip. He will be back in a week.”As Nina spoke, she took a look at Secretary Conner, which made the latter want to bury his head in the sands.

Hearing that, Steven was stunned, “Miss. White, I didn’t mean to disrespect Mr. Ward at all, really, I just had my reasons…please, I just…”

“Mr. Wan, I told you, Mr. Ward is on a business trip.”Nina interrupted him, “now, please leave!”

After saying that, Nina turned around and left.

Seeing this, Secretary Conner spoke up carefully, “um, Mr. Wan…”

Steven froze for a long time before he lowered his head and sighed, “let’s go…”

From now on, the Marquis Group would never take a look at the Wanxing Company again.

When Nina returned to her office, Colin said to her, “send someone to the other five companies. Tell them that I want to see them. Let’s make sure if they are all determined to fight against us.”

In fact, Colin knew what the other five companies would do, he just wanted to give them a chance.

Two hours later, Nina came back.

“Mr. Ward, no one was willing to see us.”

Colin sneered, “I see.”

After Nina went out, Colin lit a cigarette, which was rare for him. The white smoke swirled around the office. The person sitting on the chair looked a little hazy, showing a sense of decadence and sadness.

After the cigarette, Colin took a deep breath and continued to read the files that he hadn’t finished yet, including the information of the other five chairmen sent by Adam.

“You want to play dirty, then let’s play dirty.” Colin narrowed his eyes.

Colin called Bald Liu before sending all the files.

“Save their photos, delete our calling records, and send me the screenshots.” Colin paused a second, “you know what to do with them.”

“One million for all of them.”

Then he just hung up the phone.

Bald Liu took out his phone to check the email sent by Colin.

“Trigg Yue, the Yueya Group’s chairman, 45 years old, married. A son and daughter with his wife. He has a lot of mistresses, a total of three, and all of them are college students…”

“Byne Du, the chairman of Dubai Real Estate, 46 years old, married. He has a son and two daughters with his wife. He also has a mistress who received a villa and a BMW from him…”


The files about the chairmen of the five companies were presented to Bald Liu. He immediately understood what Colin meant.

On the other hand, sitting in his office, Colin sneered. Now, except for Nina and Gerd Ward, almost no one around him could be trusted. Even Bald Liu had cooperated with him several times, Colin still didn’t trust him.

The reason why he asked Bald Liu to delete the chatting records was that he didn’t want to be connected to the man too much. If one day Bald Liu betrayed him, those were all the evidence against him, so Colin couldn’t keep them.

In the afternoon, Colin couldn’t hold on any longer and went back to the villa.

However, as soon as he entered the living room, he saw Doris, who was only wearing underwear, walking out of the kitchen with a dress on her hands.

Colin opened his eyes wide and took a deep breath.

“What…what are you looking at?” Doris screamed and pulled the dress to cover her body at once.

Colin was taken aback. He remembered that Doris couldn’t be stimulated right now, so he immediately turned around, “I’m back to have a rest. Why are you almost naked? Put on your clothes quickly. Don’t catch a cold. “

Just now, Doris’s figure was clearly seen by him. With fair skin, slender legs, and slender waist, Colin swallowed subconsciously.

If it weren’t for Doris’s health condition, he was sure that he would take her to bed at once!

Doris was short of breath for a moment. Seeing that Colin turned around, she calmed down a lot, “Flora will come later. I wanted to cook for her, but I accidentally got the water on the dress, so…”

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