Chapter 149 – 150: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 149: Xiaolong Tan

In the hall of Su’s house. Mary Su was sitting in front of her computer and singing on the live streaming platform, wearing a conservative and graceful dress.

Jane Tang was sitting next to her. Seeing the constant rewards from the audience, she smiled happily.

After receiving 2000 Rockets(a kind of gift on the live streaming platform, each costs about 500 dollars), Mary had become the Rookie King of Squirrel TV. The number of her fans now have risen from a few dozen to more than 100,000. If it continues at its current increasing rate, after today, it would be more than 200,000.

It took only a few days that Mary grew into a famous camgirl with more than 100,000 fans from a newcomer. She was developing at a terrifying speed.

But Mary was clear that her success should be attributed to that mysterious “Miaoyang”. Since the day he contributed 2,000 Rockets, he had been contributing more than several hundred thousand dollars worth of gifts for her every day but didn’t leave any message.

Mary had sent him a message but didn’t receive a reply, which made her confused.

Just a few minutes ago, the mysterious tycoon “Miaoyang” sent her a hundred Rockets again. And her live streaming instantly went straight into the charts of rookies at number 1, and even made it into the top ten of the overall list.

She is like a monster, rampaging through the Squirrel TV. Other camgirls were so envious of Mary, and many of them even secretly send her messages, hoping that Mary could give them the contact information of “Miaoyang”.

But Mary didn’t have any information about this mysterious tycoon except for his account on Squirrel TV, which made her more curious about “Miaoyang”. “Who is he? Why did he send so many gifts to her every day, yet didn’t say anything?”

“Mary, this ‘Miaoyang’ must have fallen in love with you, he has bought gifts worth six or seven millions over the past few days, right? He is really rich, you should keep a good relationship with him. Our living expense all counts on his generosity.” Jane Tang was so happy that her eyes could barely be seen as she watched the increasing gifts on the screen.

Mary nodded. She knew what the right thing to do was. It could be said that without “Miaoyang”, she wouldn’t be successful now, and she wouldn’t be able to earn so much money.

“Mary, there is one more thing I felt strange.” Jane said surprisingly, “I find that you’re very hot on the list now. Some of the old anchors could hardly compete with you. Look! Squirrel TV has put your live on the home page for a recommendation. Isn’t this strange?”

Mary actually felt the same, but she didn’t think much of it, “Maybe they think I’m pretty and have great potential, so they put me on the home page.”

“That makes sense!” Jane clapped her hands and laughed, “After all, you are my daughter who has inherited my beauty.”

Just as Jane was flattering herself, Mary’s phone ringed.

She picked it up, it was 110 (Chinese Alarm Reporting Telephone) that showed up on her caller ID!

Mary and Jane looked at each other, and both thought it was the telecom fraud.

“Swindlers are so bold nowadays, they even dare to impersonate police. Let me answer the phone and swear at me,” Jane said. She took Mary’s phone and turned on the speaker.

“Excuse me, is that Mary Su speaking?” A man’s voice came from the phone, “We are from the Public Security Bureau of Westriver City.”

Mary suddenly realized that they clearly knew who she was and sounded serious, which was definitely not a fraud.

She took the phone and said, “Hello, this is Mary Su, what can I do for you?”

Jane also got closer to the phone, wanting to hear what was going on and why the Public Security Bureau called her daughter.

“Your husband, Kris Chen, is now in custody at Westriver City No. 1 Prison because of shoplifting.”


Mary was so shocked that she almost threw the phone out, she asked anxiously, “What’s going on? Shoplifting? What did he steal?”

“He stole lingerie in a shop selling high-end lingerie on Dongyang Road and was arrested on the spot by the police.” The policeman answered: “Because of his good attitude of admitting his mistake and the generosity of the lingerie shop owner, we will, according to the law, sentence him to jail for one month!”

Toot toot!

Mary held the phone to her ear till the dial tone goes busy, her mind went blank.

Jane, on the other hand, said in disgust: “Ewww! It’s disgusting, I thought he was just a coward, but I didn’t expect that he was perverted. How could he do that? Stealing lingerie? And was arrested by the police on the spot! It’s so humiliating. Now you see what kind of person he is. I’m serious, the best decision you’ve ever made is to leave him. Such a pervert! Who knows what will happen in the future?”

Mary bit her lips and kept silent, she didn’t believe that Kris would do such a thing no matter how eager he was.

However, the police had already informed her, it is almost impossible to deny the fact.


At Westriver City No.1 Prison.

After breakfast, some criminals were playing basketball; some were playing ping pong, and some were lying on the side and enjoying the sun. It could be said that this was the happiest time of the day for them. And among these people, there was one who neither played nor chatted with them but sat quietly reading a book alone.

This man was in his thirties, wearing black glasses. His hair was combed meticulously, seemed very quiet and knowledgeable.

Kris didn’t pay too much attention to this man and found a seat next to him. He then took a photo out of his pocket, it was a photo of Xiaolong Tan that Lan Yu had given to him hurriedly before he went to prison.

He hadn’t got the chance to observe this photo as he came to the prison in a rush. Now he found it very familiar.

Damn! Isn’t this the man who was sitting next to him with glasses?!

This didn’t seem right… Lan told him that they suspected this Xiaolong Tan was a top master of the Holy Dragon Cult. So Kris thought he was supposed to be very strong. But this feeble middle-aged man who didn’t seem to be able to catch a chicken didn’t look like an expert.

But seeing that he’s holding a copy of the Guiguzi(A book on the art of war) in his hand, Kris felt this man interesting.

Was this guy reading Guiguzi in prison?

Whether or not this guy was a top master of the Holy Dragon Cult, Kris decided to find a way to strike up a conversation with him.

Kris put the photo in his pocket, wondering how he should start the conversation naturally. If he rashly accosted, Xiaolong might become suspicious.

Just as he was worried about how to approach Xiaolong, a basketball sliced through the sky and headed straight for Xiaolong’s face.


Xiaolong was directly smashed on the ground. The glasses on his nose also were broken, and the book in his hand fell to the ground.

He also had a nosebleed, which made him more funnier. His embarrassment made the people around him burst into laughter.

“Ah, I’m so sorry. I couldn’t control my strength, so…”

A strong man ran over from the basketball court, walking to Xiaolong and giggled.

Though he was apologizing, his attitude was bad and terribly insincere.

Kris looked at this man. What?! Isn’t this Tiandong Zhai?

He couldn’t believe that he would run into someone he knew in the prison. But he remembered that Tiandong was sentenced to prison for only 15 days. Why hadn’t he got out of here?

He couldn’t help thinking that last time Tiandong tried to insult Mary in the Su family; Kris was beaten and then sent to prison.

But after thinking carefully, Kris realized why Tiandong hadn’t been released yet, Tiandong runs a martial arts school. Having fights with others was just a part of his daily life. So he must have been aggressive and trying to provoke others in prison.

However, it was also because of his fighting capacity that he had gathered a gang of vicious men in just twenty days. Tiandong could be seen as the boss of the prison now.

Kris came to this prison last night, so Tiandong hadn’t noticed him yet.

Xiaolong had been in prison for a few days, but he hadn’t paid a visit to Tiandong. Tiandong felt offended as he thought Xiaolong looked down on him.

Tiandong, seeing that Xiaolong was reading books every day, frowned upon his behavior. He believed that as a man who had been in prison, Xiaolong was just pretending to be something.

He was already unhappy with Xiaolong. Today he saw that Xiaolong was reading a book and didn’t cheer for him while playing basketball. He got angry immediately.

It was not an accident. He threw the basketball on Xiaolong’s face deliberately to punish him.

Xiaolong didn’t dare to blame him and answered with a smile: “It…It’s OK. I’m fine.”

After saying that, he squatted on the ground to look for his glasses, it could be seen from his glasses that he was severely myopic.

He couldn’t see clear, searching for his glasses. He finally touched the glasses and wanted to pick them up.

With a vicious smile, Tiandong stepped on Xiaolong’s hand heavily.


Xiaolong cried out in pain and drew his hand out, feeling extremely painful in his palm.

“How are you stepping on me!”

Xiaolong stood up furiously!

“Step on you?” Tiandong grinned, “I’m going to slap on you! You idiot!”

Saying this, he gave Xiaolong a slap on his face, “You flaming idiot! Can’t you see that I’m playing basketball there? You should come to cheer up for me, instead of reading this fucking stupid book! You think you are a glamorous intellectual? Don’t be silly!”

Chapter 150: Teach him a lesson

Xiaolong Tan was extremely angry, he would kill Tiandong by followers of the Holy Dragon Cult if they were not in prison. Since he was here, he swallowed it.

“Oh, stare at me, huh? How dare you? Cocksucker!”


Tiandong slapped Xiaolong in his face, and pointed basketball over there: “Go fetch that basketball, and get the fuck out of here.”

Xiaolong was so furious that his eyes became red due to that kind of humiliation.

“Are you deaf, motherfucker? Move your ass and fetch the basketball!”

“Who the fuck you looking at, bitch? Hurry up, or we fuck you in your ass!”

Several big guys behind Tiandong walked over, staring at Xiaolong with wicked eyes, rubbing their fists with a horny smile on his face.

“Oh, bullying? is that all you can do?” A voice came.

Tiandong and those several big guys heard this, they turned around to check who was speaking.

It was Kris.

“Now Xiaolong was bullied, it was a chance to approach him without arousing his suspicion,” Kris thought.

Therefore, he spoke.

Of course, there was another reason, Kris had long been unhappy with Tiandong.

As soon as Tiandong turned around, he saw Kris.

He was shocked a little, thinking to himself: “Is he the son-in-law of the Su family?”

Immediately afterward, the anger in his heart surged up: “You don’t ask for a snub, fuck off!”

Tiandong really angry when they met. One of the things Tiandong thought most about in prison was how to retaliate against Kris. Unexpectedly, Kris even showed up in prison. He was unable to bear the anger and rushed over toward Kris.

Kris sneered while standing still and did not dodge. Tiandong went straight to Kris like an arrow. When Kris saw that Tiandong’s fist was about to hit him hard, he dodged by turning his body.

“What the fuck? What’s going on?” Tiandong was confused.

“I remember that he was in a low level of the innate power stage, now he had reached the acquired stage for less than one month?!” Tiandong thought.

Tiandong could not fight Kris when Kris was in the low level, “I have no chance to win,” Tiandong thought.

But Tiandong will not admit that he was afraid, he chose to risk himself not out of pointless bravado.

He gritted his teeth and said to those big guys: “Come on, brothers, come with me!”

As soon as his voice fell, they gathered up and get close to Kris.

Surrounded by them, Kris was not nervous, he looked at Tiandong with a smile: “Turn around and look up, you can see two guns pointing to your head. Behave yourself If you want to go out early.”

Tiandong turned sharply and looked up, and he found that there were two black muzzles above the high wall pointing at him, and he was suddenly sweating.

At this time, Xiaolong also put on his smashed glasses again, and he picked up the book Guiguzi.

There was dust on the glasses, he wiped his glasses with clothes, and clearly saw the young man standing in front of him.

“Yes, in the face of a group of tough guys, he still looks so calm, he must be a courageous person.”

Xiaolong thought, and he nodded to Kris, showing appreciation.

Xiaolong’s movements were naturally noticed by Kris, but he did not speak, nor did he go to see Xiaolong.

Lan had explained to Kris before that Xiaolong had received professional training and was determined and very cunning.

If Kris behaved too deliberately, it will startle him.

Just when the two sides were deadlocked, a tall female prison guard walked over with a baton in her hand and shouted loudly: “Don’t you all want to go out? Put hands on your head and squat down, hurry up!”

As soon as her voice fell, all the criminals on the court crouched down. Kris looked at the female prison guard, and his eyes lit up, such a beautiful woman worked in prison?

Tiandong saw Kris standing still, smiled coldly, and thought that Kris was going to take the consequence.

The female prison guard looked around and found that Kris was still standing there, staring at her with a horny look. Immediately, she tightly holds her electric baton, making a crackling sound.

Xiaolong noticed that and quickly pulled Kris’s trousers, whispering, “Get down, buddy.”


Kris realized it and immediately squatted, holding his head with both hands.

Seeing Kris squat down, the female prison guard snorted and turned to Tiandong and said: “You guys better behave well, otherwise, there will be bad consequences!”

“Officer, that’s a misunderstanding, we are behaving well!” Tiandong upped his head, said with a smile: “We are just playing basketball.”

In prison, no matter who you are, just sit tight!

“Do not make me any trouble!”

She glared at Tiandong, and said to everyone: “Sit tight, don’t bully new prisoners!”

Then she glanced at Kris, and left. Everybody can see her sexy butt-shaking when she left.

After the female prison guard left, everyone was relieved. Back to the cell, Tiandong and his followers conspired secretly.

“Boss, so we just let Kris go?”

“Isn’t he too arrogant? He dares to do that to you, we must teach him a lesson!” Hearing the words of his followers, Tiandong’s face became dark. He waved his hands and said in a cold voice: “Don’t be hurry, we do them one by one. Xiaolong first, then Kris.”

“Great idea!”

“So, dope!”

Several followers gave Tiandong thumbs up one after another, and they flattered Tiandong with compliments. Tiandong felt comfortable when he heard that.

One day, after lunch, prisoners had thirty minutes for the activity.

After washing the dishes, Kris and Xiaolong went to the toilet. When they were peeing, Tiandong brought a bunch of thugs thrusting into that toilet.

Thugs directly walked towards Xiaolong.

But they didn’t use violence, because there were some cameras in the toilet. So they peed on Xiaolong on purpose.

“Ops, dude, coincidence.”

“Oh, it’s out of control, sorry!”

The most disgusting was that they apologized to him when they peed on purpose.

That stinky smell made Xiaolong almost throw up.

He wanted to fight them then, but in order to get out of this shitty place as soon as possible, he chose to bear it.

At dinner time, everyone was eating.

Tiandong took a group of people to walk to the front of Xiaolong, pulled a big booger from his nose, and flicked it into Xiaolong’s plate.

Then he even wiped his finger on Xiaolong.

It was unbearable for Xiaolong.

Xiaolong stood up fiercely, his eyes were red, bit the bullet, and his body shivered.

“Don’t go too far!” he said word by word.

When he was the high-level member of the Holy Dragon Cult, he never suffered like this. If they were not in prison, he would have thrown Tiandong into the Dragons Lake.


Tiandong grinned and patted Xiaolong’s face with his dirty hands: “Son, I think your food is not enough, so I gave you more. Be grateful.”

Everyone laughed!

Xiaolong clenched his fists tightly, strongly suppressed his anger, and stared at Tiandong with fierce eyes: “When I get out, I will kill your whole family.”

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