Chapter 149: My Mysterious Husband

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 149 The mistake made after being drunk (1)
In the study.

Kerry Ye peered closely at the pressed design that had not been touched for a long time, as if Xinyou Qiao was still by his side.

“Knock, knock, knock!” There was a knock on the door.

“Come in.”

Venus Mu got into the room and sat straightly on the chair before the desk in a bad mood.

Kerry ignored her and folded up the designs gently.

Venus ran her eyes over a part of it and snorted, “Is that your treasures? What a rare opportunity! Why don’t you show me your masterpiece? It won’t be a token of love between you and certain woman, right?”

It was completely out of jealousy. Ever since the fact that Kerry was actually Xiaozi was uncovered, she had been in a terrible mood and left no stone unturned to irritate him.

“What does it matter to you? It’s none of your business anyway.” Kerry opened the drawer to replace the designs carefully.

Venus smiled with disdain, she rapped the armrest of the chair with her slender snowy fingers, “Huh, thank God, I don’t want to have something to do with you either.”

Kerry was with a trace of discomfort by hearing her words, “Do you have to say sarcastic words. Venus?”

“Do I?” She played innocent, cast a glimpse over him and stop talking.

Why is it that the more I look at him the more I dislike him? That pair of blue eyes, especially, reminded her another pair of purple eyes.

Even now she still couldn’t believe that the same person had such different personalities!

As they stayed in silence, Kevin Ye came in after a knock on the door, sat down and looked at his brother with expectant eyes.

Kerry still did not intend to say anything. It seemed that he was pondering how to give them an acceptable explanation.

Finally, he spoke slowly, “I incidentally found my differences from others. For example, I can fetch objects at a distance, teleport and get small things up, like this.”

Then a pen beside his hand rose and circled in the air following his moving finger.

Venus didn’t find it unusual since she had had seen these tricks while Kevin stared at the scene like a child with worship and surprise in his eyes.

“But I can’t display them for a long time, because it’s very taxing to use spirit which is like an energy stone that can not be used once you run out of it. That’s also the reason why I couldn’t save Xinyou today.” Kerry’s blue eyes turned deep and sorrow, a bit of sadness appeared on his face.

Venus and Kevin stared at each other for a second and said nothing.

Kevin paused and said, “The reason why everyone is not allowed to get into the room downstairs with hanging bells is that I will exercise my magic there and my eyes will turn purple at the same time…and that’s it.”

After a brief moment of stillness, Venus couldn’t not help but ask in anger, “Then why do you lie to me?”

“Because I don’t want others to know about this, and I don’t want to be regarded as a…a freak.” Kerry only just managed to speak out the last word.

Venus pounded on the table and stood up to glare at him, “Well, now that you want to keep it as a secret, you should have been more cautious after you find that I have knew about it. Then why did you come up to me repeatedly and deceive me that you are a celestial being? And now don’t you think it’s quite ridiculous?”

“Ha—“Kevin couldn’t suppress snorting when hearing the lie of “a celestial being”. But soon he turned his face away and held back his laugh when he saw her piercing eyes.

Kerry looked helpless, “Then what should I say? There is no better explanation except to claim myself a celestial being since you insist on calling me ghost.”

“Hahaha—“ This time Kevin couldn’t help but burst into laughter, then he was reproached by the others at the same time,” Get out if you laugh again!”

With his involvement, the topic soon became less serious.

Kevin tried very hard to hold back his laugh and clasped his hands together with apology, “I’m so sorry but…Ok, Ok, I stop, you guys continue.”

Venus returned to the topic, “What happened later? Why did you pretend to make friend with me and deceive me since you can train yourself without disturbance from anybody? Is it nice for you to see me make a fool of myself?”

“I have no intent to do that.” Kerry’s explanation sounded untenable. At first he did want to scare Venus, but she was rather brave and curious, appearing in that room again and again, thus he gradually got used to talk with her by the identity of Xiaozi and knew further about her.

After a few deep breaths, Venus pressed down the anger in her mind and said coldly,” Kerry, you don’t understand how important Xiaozi is to me. I would rather to recognize that he is really disappeared after that night than to make myself believe that you are the same person, because you don’t deserve it.”

Having finished the sentence in one breath, Venus slammed the door in exasperation and left.

The brothers stared at each other in the study, and then Kerry asked, “What else do you want to know?”

“What don’t you tell me for such a long time?” Kevin could not understand why his blood brother kept this secret.

Kerry pressed his templets,” Kevin, I’ve told you, I don’t want to tell anyone.”

“Then what other skills do you have except those you’ve shown me?” It aroused Kevin’s curiosity instantly.

“I don’t know. I’m still exploring other potential skills.”

“Oh.” He seemed a bit lost and said, “Why don’t I have that magic power since we’re brother?”

Kerry laughed at his words, “Come on, who knows whether there will be a backlash later? Don’t show that envy face. By the way, you have come back for a while, have you decided to work in our company?”

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 149 The mistake made after being drunk (2)
“No, I don’t like these jobs.” Kevin said. “The company can run pretty well with you in it. Besides……” He looked at his right hand and said: “I want to see more doctors. I don’t want to be disabled forever.”

He knew there is only a slight chance that he would have his hand fixed. But he couldn’t give up as long as there is a chance.

Regret flickered across Kerry’ s eyes. He had promised his brother to find a doctor for him since he came back, but he was always occupied by all kinds of things, and he still didn’t take any action.

“Kevin, I’m sorry. I’ll find the best doctor for you. Your hand will be cured.”

Kevin smiled. “Just give it a try. If god doesn’t want me to……”

“No. Kevin, you must trust me. I will cure your hand.” Kerry walked towards Kevin and embraced him. “Don’t worry. Everything will be alright.”

“I know.”

Darkness descended upon the land.

In order to welcome Venus, Mrs Qin cooked many delicious cuisines, which were all her favorites.

Kerry took his seat, and beside him there was an empty chair, which was always taken by Xinyou.

Kerry’ s spirits drooped when he saw the chair. When Xinyou was alive, she would always pick food for him. She would tell him which one tastes good, and which one tastes even better. He always thought she talked too much, and sometimes he hated her for that. But now, he missed her talkativeness.

She made many mistakes, but at that moment, Kerry could only remember her softness when they first met.

“I’m full.” Kerry put his chopsticks down and walked away.

Xinyou died in the morning, and only a few hours later, everyone seemed to have forgotten about her, and everyone was back to their business as if nothing had happened.

Mrs Qin felt awkward. She thought Kerry didn’t like the food she cooked.

Venus noticed her sadness, and she said: “Mrs Qin, Kerry is only in a bad mood. Don’t think too much. You are even better than the chiefs in restaurants.”

Mrs Qin felt better. She smiled. “You are such a sweet girl. Please eat abundantly if you like it. You are so thin now.”

“Isn’t it better? I can spare the efforts of losing weight.” Venus said. But she was actually thinking: “Everyone would get skinny if Kerry and Hao Nangong appeared in her life.”

Kevin picked a piece of meat for her. He said jokingly: “You have never been fat. Eat more. Or you will be too thin.”

“Yeah. He is right. You will look better if you put on some weight.” Mrs Qin echoed.

Venus glanced at the empty chair, and suddenly, she also lost her appetite. She poked her chopsticks into her food and said: “Kevin, I really don’t want her to die.”

Kevin sighed heavily. “I should have pushed her away. In that way, no one will die.”

“No, I’m not blaming you. I just felt……” Venus chocked up. A tear dropped into her bowl. “We have known each other for so many years, and I hated her for what she did, but still, she didn’t deserve to die……”

“You are just too kind. Have you forgotten that she almost pushed you off the cliff? Had it not been for big brother, you would……” Kevin tried to ease her mind. He also felt sorry for Xinyou, but no one should be blamed for her death. It was all her fault.

Venus knew Kevin was right. But she just couldn’t help. It is the nature of human beings. You hate someone so very much when she was alive, but when she really left, none of the things that had happened seemed to matter.

“You should stop thinking too much. If you don’t eat, Mrs Qin will be so sad.” Kevin picked more food for her.

She knew it was no use to think about it. The only thing she could do was to visit Xinyou’s parents more often, and take good care of them. That was the most she could do as a friend.

The moonlight poured down onto the ground and everything looked silver. Kerry sat on a bench in the moonlight, and was sipping wine. When Venus passed him, he was already drunk.

“Hey, you, come here.” Kerry pointed at her and shouted.

Venus ignored him and walked ahead. She wished she would never see him again.

“Venus, come here and drink with me.”

Venus stopped. Because the way Kerry talked to her was very similar to the way Xiaozi talks to her.

“Venus, why don’t you talk?” Kerry appeared in front of Venus all of a sudden. His face was very close to hers. His lips curved in a smile, and his eyes were giving out purple light.

Venus stared at him. Her anger boiled up but she didn’t know how to give vent to her anger. How could Xiaozi be Kerry?

“Go away!” Venus pushed him aside. Kerry moved backwards, but he walked back to Venus again.

“Venus, I am Xiaozi. Don’t you recognize me?” Kerry said smilingly.

Venus snorted and passed him. But then, Kerry placed his arms around Venus’s waist, held her up, and moved her to the bench.

“Come, drink with me.” Kerry thrust a wine glass into her hands. Venus looked at the ground and saw there were three empty bottles. No wonder he was drunk.

Kerry grabbed a bottle and filled her glass. He himself drank directly from the bottle.

“Venus, I feel sad.” Kerry punched his chest. “The feeling is right in here. I have never felt this way before.”

Venus didn’t want to see Xiaozi in this state. She said: “Kerry, change your eyes to normal.”

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 149 The mistake made after being drunk (3)
Kerry looked at her confusedly and said: “Fine.” Then the color of his eyes gradually turned to blue.

“Now it’s much better.” Venus held a wine glass, but she didn’t drink. “So, why are you so upset? Is it because of Xinyou?”

Kerry laughed dryly and said: “Yeah. It is because of her. You know, when I first met her at the hotel, I was so happy. I had never felt such ecstasy as I felt that night. No woman has ever made me feel the way she made me feel. But now, she is dead. I will never find it ever again.”

“You will never find what ever again?” Venus was confused.

“I’ll never find anyone like her ever again.” Kerry looked up at the moon, and sadness was written all over his face. “This is such a big world. But there is no one like her in this world.”

Venus looked at him. She didn’t feel angry over what he said. Actually, she didn’t feel anything. “If you love her so much, why don’t you marry her when she is alive?”

Kerry shook his head. “No, I can’t. Because I have married you. And also, sometimes I feel like she is not that woman I met in the hotel….” Kerry dropped his head and looked at Venus. He stroked her face gently and said: “What’s even more strange is that I sometimes find you are a lot like that woman in the hotel.”

Venus slapped his hand off her face and laughed coldly. “Kerry, you are so freaking drunk. We have never met each other before we married, remember?”

Kerry felt dizzy. He leaned against the bench. A few buttons on his shirt were undone, and his strong chest was exposed.

“Kerry, Xinyou would be very happy if she knew you are feeling so sad for her. But it is too late. Keep drinking if you want to. I need to go to sleep.” Venus put her wine glass down.

Kerry grabbed her wrist and pulled her into his arms and said: “Don’t go. Don’t go.”

“Let me go! I am Venus. Not Xinyou!”

Kerry placed his arms around her waist and pushed her up. Her forehead touched his nose, and her nostrils were filled with the smell of wine. She felt her face was burning.

Kerry looked at her intently with bleary eyes and said: “I know who you are.”

When he finished, he leaned forward and kissed her on her lips. Maybe it was because he was drunk, his kiss was very soft, as if he was tasting a delicacy. The kiss lingered for a long time, and when Venus was finally freed, she breathed heavily and said: “Kerry, aren’t you feeling sad for Xinyou? Then why are you doing this to me? Don’t you think Xinyou would hate you if she knew?”

Kerry seemed to have found that feeling back. He pulled Venus into his arms and wanted to make love to her.

“Kerry….We are outside!”

Kerry put her leg around his waist. Her dress hung down and covered their actions.

Kerry couldn’t hear her at all. He found this position awkward and uncomfortable, so he pushed her off him and onto the bench, rolled himself and pressed her under him. Venus couldn’t help but lifting her head up, and her long hair almost touched the ground.

The fragrance of the flowers wafted through the air. Venus’ heavy breath echoed in the little garden.

It’s strange. When Hao Nangong tried to make love to her, she protested so fiercely and she even threatened to kill herself. But when it was Kerry, Venus accepted it, although unwillingly. Maybe it was because they were married and Venus thought this kind of things were only acceptable between husband and wife.

Venus was concerned that other people might see them, so she looked absent-minded.

“What are you thinking about? Are you thinking of someone else?” Kerry kissed on her neck hard, as if he wanted to bite into her flesh.

“Kerry! Let’s get inside!” Venus begged again. How humiliating it would be to be seen by the servants. She knew Kerry was shameless, but she didn’t want to lose her face.

“No. The environment is just perfect. Xinyou.”

When Venus heard the name Kerry just called, she was numb with shock, as if she was struck by a lightning. She froze for a few seconds and then she summoned all her strength and kicked Kerry away. She then stood up, and put her panties on.

Kerry was lying on the ground. He was too drunk to get up. Venus kicked him hard and cursed him. “You freaking bastard! Liar!”

Her anger was still not thoroughly vented. She then grabbed a bottle and poured the wine onto him.

She went back to the bathroom, took a shower, and washed all his smell off.

Sadness and anger came over her. She squatted down and burst into tears.

“Why? Xiaozi, why would you do this to me? Am I really a sex partner to you? I like you so much. Why do you have to be Kerry? How should I face Kerry in the future? I hate you, Xiaozi!” She thought.

She cried bitterly, as if she wanted to cry all her tears out. The sound of water drowned out her voice.

Kevin had been standing in a corner of the garden. The light on the second floor was turned off, and he walked towards Kerry, who was still on the ground.

Kevin had never seen Kerry in such a pathetic state. He looked dishevelled and alcohol was all over him. He reminded one of the drunkard who appeared so often in the neighborhood.

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 149 The mistake made after being drunk (4)
An idea suddenly came to her. How about just leaving it alone?

It’s better to let him stay here, for Kevin Ye couldn’t be so mean to him.

But well… Kevin Ye took out his phone to take a few photos.

Tidying up his clothes, Kevin called two bodyguards to take Kerry Ye into his room, throwing him into the bathroom.


The next day, Kerry opened his eyes with a headache, freezing, for this was not Venus’s room, and then she looked at the table setting, on which was put a photo of a family.

Kerry lay on the bed, wondering how could he sleep in Kevin’ s room?

He remembered that he was not in the mood for dinner last night, so he drank in the garden. Then he saw Venus Mu, and then…

A bad feeling came over him that he seemed to have done something in the garden.

But what had he done? Why couldn’t he remember anything?

“Brother, you’re awake.” Kevin came in wearing a sports T-shirt, sweaty all over. Obviously, he just got back from a run.

“Why am I in your room?” Kerry rubbed his temples and got out of bed, his chest feeling painful too.

“Oh, I saw you getting drunk in the garden last night and my sister-in-law didn’t open the door, so I got you here.” Kevin spoke and walked into the bathroom to take a shower.

“So where did you sleep last night?” Kerry got out of bed, wearing Kevin’ s pajamas.

“The guest room.” Kevin closed the door, holding the shower head and the water sprayed out.

Kerry rubbed his shoulders, going down to Venus’s bedroom.

As soon as his hand was placed on the doorknob, the door opened from the inside.

Venus was shocked by him and looked at him angrily, “Kerry, why are you standing in my doorway in the morning?”

Kerry looked not okay and explained simply, “I’ve been staying with you lately.”

“Go to your own room.” Venus said nonchalantly. When she came back yesterday, she found many of his things in the room, like lighters, cigarettes, razors, toothbrushes, and a few clothes in her closet.

“You forgot that you burned my room down in a fire? It hasn’t been cleaned up yet.” Kerry sidled into the room and asked, “Why are your eyes red? Did you cry yesterday?”

But why? Was it because of Xinyou?

Venus touched her eyes and said coldly, “Shouldn’t I cry when my best friend died?”

Kerry frowned, “Is she your best friend?”

“No, I’m talking about Xiaozi.”

Before Kerry could react, Venus disappeared.

It seemed that she wouldn’t accept the fact that he was Xiaozi for a long time.

Brushing his teeth, washing up and changing his clothes, Kerry saw a few obvious bruises on his chest except for Hao Nangong’ s punch. What was going on?

At the dining table, Venus ate with a gloomy face. No one dared to mess with her.

Kerry took a sip of porridge and asked Kevin, “Did you see me in the garden yesterday… Was I very drunk?”

Kevin laughed silently and took out his phone to show him the photos, “Take a look at it.”

After only taking a glance, he put down his spoon and took the phone to delete all photos.

“Hey, why delete? Just keep one.” Kevin took back the phone, but it was too late.

“Seriously?” For Kerry, it’s a disaster.

Kevin laughed, “I just want to look at it when I’m upset. It’s definitely very useful.”

“Hey, stop!”

By this time, Venus had quickly finished her breakfast and put down her chopsticks, “Enjoy. I’m going to work first.”

“Stop, Venus, why so mad today?” Kerry couldn’t accept her attitude.

Venus looked at him indifferently, “I am not.”

Kerry took a deep breath to suppress his anger, “Wait for a while. I’ll go with you.”

“No, I’m going to take the bus.”

Kerry looked at her back, feeling as if there was a big stone pressing on his heart.

“Why is she so angry?” Kevin asked cautiously.

“I don’t know.”

Kevin kept eating, planning something.

The air in the morning was good. Having not gone to work for a long time, Venus was a little excited. Kerry made her depression dissipate quite a bit.

After crying the last night, she told herself that there was no Xiaozi in the world, but Kerry. Therefore, she couldn’t have any illusion. He died there with Xinyou yesterday at the top pf the mountain.

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 149 The mistake made after being drunk (5)
Only in this way, she wouldn’t think too much when she faced Kerry Ye.

As she was almost at the bus stop, a Cayenne stopped behind her.

“Get in the car.” Kerry rolled down the window and said to her with a cold face.

Venus Mu acted as if she hadn’t heard him and didn’t pause for a moment.

“I told you to get in the car. Do you hear me or not?”

Venus pretended that she was deaf.

Kerry was pissed off, directly getting out of the car to throw her into the passenger side.

“Stay here.” Kerry stared at her and fastened the seat belt for her.

Venus coldly watched him getting in the car. sneering, “Kerry, don’t you think you really enjoy forcing me? I’m happy to take the bus. It’s none of your business.”

Kerry looked straight ahead at the road, pursing his lips without saying anything. He seemed to control himself. He began to say until the car got onto the main road, “Venus, I admit that I was wrong to use Xiaozi’ s identity to deceive you, but is it necessary for you to care so much about it?”

“Kerry, don’t mention Xiaozi. For me, he’s already dead.”

Venus’s words were like a knife plunged straight into his heart.

“Venus, how cruel you are.” Kerry said, gritting his teeth. For him, Xiaozi was another him, and the time he spent with her was the most relaxed and happy time he had ever had in years.

Venus replied, “Not cruel as you.”

Kerry slammed on the steering wheel, venting his anger.

For some reason, he cared more and more about her attitude, every word she said and her emotions. However, his senses told him that this was not a good thing.

Yehuang Group

Venus appeared at the entrance of the design department, making her colleagues surprised.

“Venus, I heard that you’ve gone on vacation abroad, so where have you been?” Xiaoli asked, looking envious.

Venus was surprised, “Vacation? Who said that?”

She poked her little arm and said, “Gee, just tell us. You haven’t been here for so long and vacation is the only possibility.”

“That’s right, the president’s secretary has told us that you and Mr. Ye haven’t been traveling since your marriage, so this time it’s the honeymoon…”

What? honeymoon?

She almost died, OK? Kerry was really good at talking nonsense.

“I…toured around Europe. Wasn’t there a Fashion Week in Paris recently? I went there for some inspiration.” Venus remembered the entertainment news she had read somewhere, so she made up the excuse.

Lina clasped her hands in front of her chest and signed, “I also want to go to Paris. It’s the fashion capital, where has many handsome men and women, as well as endless luxury.”

“But you can’t afford any luxuries.” Xiaoli poked fun at her and asked Venus, “You’ve been out for so long. Have you brought back any gift for us?”

“Well…” Venus was a little embarrassed.

Just then, Secretary Liu came in, giving a box of chocolates to Venus and said, “Venus, Mr. Ye asked me to send this for you. He said that you forgot it in the car.”

“Thank you so much.” Venus had no choice.

After Secretary Liu left, Venus opened the delicate wrapped box, full of chocolates.

“Wow! Is this what you brought us?”

“Yes, from Europe. Enjoy.” “Thank you.”

After a while, the office finally quieted down. Venus sat in front of the desk, noticing the seat next was empty.

She wanted to cry again.

She really hoped Xinyou Qiao would be good in her next life.

At ten o’clock, a little girl from the HR department came over and cleaned up Xinyou’ s desk without saying a word.

A few colleagues watched for a moment, and someone asked, “Isn’t Xinyou coming?”

The HR didn’t say too much. Maybe she didn’t know what had happened either.

“She was there two days ago. Why?” Someone asked.

The girl shook her head, “I have no idea.”

The office instantly began to gossip, for everyone knew that Xinyou was the one who said she was going to get Mr. Ye, but now, she actually left so quietly, so there must be something going on here.

As expected, Venus knew she couldn’t escape, and as soon as the girl left, several colleagues surrounded her.

“Venus, where did she go?”

“Yeah, you two are classmates and friends, so do you have any idea?”

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