Chapter 149: The Rise Of A Poor Husband

Chapter 149 You going to find a man?

Well…” Colin Ward was absent-minded, still thinking of what Doris Lee had done just now.

Doris snorted and blushed, “I’m going back to change my clothes.”

Then she went upstairs, fleeing.

At this time, the doorbell rang.

Colin opened the door and saw Flora Lewis in a floral dress.

“Why are you here in the middle of the day?” Flora was stunned and her face turned red a little.

“I have finished my work in the company and come back early.”

Flora walked in and asked, “where is Doris?”

“Doris went back to her room to change her clothes.”

Colin was about to call Doris downstairs when he received a call from Nina White.

“Chairman, just now Trigg Yue, the chairman from the Yueya Group, came and said that he wanted to see you. Besides, chairmen from several other companies also came.”

“How did you reply?”

“I said you’re not present at the moment.” Colin was indeed not at the company.

Colin nodded, “have they left now?”

“Not yet. Do you want to see them?”

Colin frowned and looked at the watch. It was already eight o’clock in the afternoon, “so you are still at the office?”

“Yes, they just don’t leave.”

Colin narrowed his eyes, “then ask the security to drive them away, and you can get off work directly.”

After hanging up the phone, Nina felt warm in her heart. This should be the concern of the superior to the subordinate, right?

Back in the villa, the three of them had dinner together. Colin was so tired that he went back to his room to sleep.

“Doris, look at your husband. He just ran back to sleep after dinner and didn’t know how to be tender to a woman!” Flora rolled her eyes.

“I’m telling you, women should find the kind of man who can cook for you and do housework for you, or they don’t love you.”

Doris shrugged, “not every man can do this, plus, even if he doesn’t, it doesn’t mean that he doesn’t love you, right?”

“Well, that’s how I was told on the internet!”Flora took it for granted.

“Come on,” Doris sighed a little, “how can you trust the internet. We are not living in the TV series, are we?”


Doris took a look at Flora and chuckled, “by the way, why do you always talk about this topic recently? You going to find a man?”

Flora avoid the sight of Doris and snorted, “no, of course, not! I just want to be a single princess forever. “

“Oh yeah? I wonder who insisted on marrying the chairman of the Marquis Group back then? It can’t be you, right?”

“Bah, that’s just a fantasy. Besides, the chairman of the Marquis Group has a wife. I won’t be a mistress!”

To cheat on her friend, which was something she would never do.

Lying on the bed, Flora couldn’t help but ask, “Doris, didn’t you always ignore Colin? Why do you change your attitude recently?”

Doris took a serious look at Flora, which made Flora feel guilty all of a sudden.

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