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Chapter 15 – 16: My Mysterious Husband

Chapter 15: Venus kissed Kerry on her own initiative

In an instant, Kerry Ye got extremely furious. The antique vases in the corners of the study were broken by the radiance of rage emanating from his body. Seeing this, Venus Mu was so frightened that she couldn’t help trembling.

Kerry sneered, “Fine, great! You finally admit that you’re a slut!”

Saying this, he walked out from his table. Venus, staring at him, found that his eyes were so blue as if they could devour everything. Venus was engulfed in fear completely.

Being aware of the danger, Venus subconsciously backed away and tried to escape. However, as soon as she moved, “Bang!”, the door behind her suddenly closed as if it knew what she was planning.

She became more frightened. Kerry pounced on her and pinned her against the door, leaving her no opportunity to resist.

“Ah!” Venus burst into tears and shouted. She couldn’t hold back her tears anymore, sobbing plaintively, “Please…don’t… don’t touch me…”

The fear of being assaulted by a stranger that night in the hotel, of being raped by Kerry in the lounge, and of his brutality last night, flooded her in wave as Kerry looked at her indifferently. Venus was trembling so hard that she could hardly stand.

“Don’t touch you? Slut! Isn’t this what you want? “Kerry sneered disdainfully, “You’re the one who wants to please me. So come on! Don’t act like you are the victim as if I have forced you!”

After Kerry said this, Venus trembled even harder. Her tears dropped and hit on Kerry’s arm, making him more irritated.

“Bitch, stop crying! Are you trying to get sympathy from me by crying?” Some images of Venus crying in front of other men flashed in Kerry’s head, he frowned.

Being humiliated by Kerry like this, Venus tried to hold back her tears, but couldn’t control it and could only bite her lips, trying not to make a sound.

“I don’t like seeing women crying. If you want to continue to go to school, you’d better stop crying now!”

His threat did work, Venus didn’t dare to whimper anymore. Kerry was satisfied and squinted with a grin, “Good, now you can start to please me…”

Please him….

Venus knew what Kerry wanted and stared at him. The smile on his face was really annoying, but she had no choice but to follow his order….

If she didn’t listen to him, she wouldn’t be able to go to school….

Standing on tiptoe, Venus raised her head and kissed on Kerry’s lips. She was nervous and perturbed.

This was the first time Venues kissed a man on her own initiative, her kiss was immature and rigid. Though she was with Zihang Lu for a year and a half, they had never had such an intimate moment before.

Kerry stared intently at the woman in front of him, who was disheveled with tears on her face. But it didn’t affect his desire for her. Her kiss was too gentle to satisfy his needs.

He was not the kind of man who was addicted to s*xuality; he didn’t have much desire for women. Except for Venus, the first time he met her in the lounge, seeing how apprehensive she was, like an innocent fawn, he wanted to get her under him and fuck her fiercely even if she was Tianye Mu’s sister.

However, he didn’t expected that this woman who looked fresh and innocent was no longer a virgin!

He got furious and stopped their kissing, “Your kissing was terrible, slut! The kiss should be like this!”

After saying this, his kisses fell on Venus’s body, and his hands started caressing her.

“Umm…” Venus murmured, then slumped into Kerry’s arms.

Chapter 16: I must see you every day

After they had s*x, Venus Mu dropped to the carpet in the study, exhausted.

Kerry Ye stood up and smirked, “You’re good in bed. Seducing men with your body is your strength, right?”

Venus didn’t say anything, breathing softly. She’d heard too much of this man’s humiliation of her in the last two days.

“Now can I leave the villa?” Venus asked. Getting out of here was what she wanted.

Kerry had been satisfied with the pleasure she had given him in bed. But after hearing her words, he was instantly furious again, “You still want to leave? Can’t I satisfy you?”

Venus Mu’s face flushed. Kerry was already too much for her to handle. How would she have the energy to find another man?

“I want to go back to the Mu family to get some of my stuff and I also want to come back to university.” Venus bit her lip and explained, “I’m taking half a month off from my tutor for wedding thing. If I don’t come back to university, I’ll get expelled.”

“I’ll let John come to Mu family to get your things, but as for returning to university…..” Kerry couldn’t help but snicker, “So what if you get expelled? Do you think I can’t afford to support you?”

“You are…..” She felt that something stuck in her throat and didn’t finish her words. Then she took a deep breath, pushed down her anger, and patiently explained, “I know you’re rich, but I’ve been in university for three years, and I’ll graduate soon. I can’t give up now. You just promised to let me come back to university as soon as I met your demands.”

After hearing her words, Kerry got angry again, “You really like to be a slut. Using your body to get what you want. You used to seduce men, didn’t you?”

Venus tried to argue, but in the end she remained silent. As long as he could allow her to come back to university, she didn’t care what he thought of her.

“Bitch.” Kerry was annoyed by Venus’ stubbornness and unwillingness to explain everything.

“Back to university? Don’t pretend you really want to complete your studies. I know Zihang Lyu is in the same university as you. The reason you want to come back is that you want to date him, right?”

Hearing Zihang Lyu’s name, Venus bit her teeth, “I’ve broken up with him. There’s no relationship between us anymore. I’m married now. I will never contact him again.”

Kerry paused and stared at Venus. He was thinking about something without speaking.

Venus was a little uncomfortable with his stare, so she had to say, “I just want to complete my studies and get a diploma. It really has nothing to do with Zihang Lyu.”

She hadn’t finished her words but Kerry cut her off, “I can allow you to come back to university, but if you have any more contact with Zihang Lyu, I’ll kill him, and you won’t be allowed to leave the villa again.”

“Okay, no problem.” Venus nodded immediately. Then she got up from the ground and tidied up her clothes. She really didn’t expect him to say yes.

“From now on you have to report to me where you go. If I come back from work and don’t see you, you know how I’ll punish you, right?” Kerry added.

Venus nodded, and then she suddenly thought of something. She said, “If there are activities, I can’t come back at night. What if I need to stay in university at night?”

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