Chapter 15 – 16: The Rise Of A Poor Husband

Chapter 15: Is he crazy?

Fox took out his mobile phone and said, “OK, you just wait!”

Eva was anxious, “Colin! What do you want to do? Do you have to make things big? What will Doris do when the old Mr. Lee comes? “

At ordinary times, Eva was very bold and had a bad temper, but she was still a bit afraid of the old Mr. Lee.

Colin looked at Eva and comforted her,”Mom, don’t worry. It will be OK.”

Eva looked at Colin. Her mouth moved but she did not say again.

At this time, Colin just said a sentence gently, but people had to believe him. Eva was curious, and worried.

Fox called the old Mr. Lee and told him on Doris and her family,”grandfather, Doris and her useless husband don’t pay attention to us at all. She refused go to the company and also humiliated me! She doesn’t take the life and death of Lee family seriously at all! “

Fox’s words made Doris and Eva more worried, but Baker was still calm.

“Doris, grandfather asked you to answer the phone.” Fox looked at Doris with a sarcastic smile on his face.

Doris’s heart raced and she looked at Colin subconsciously.

Colin reached out to grab the phone directly and said to the old Mr. Lee,”grandfather, I am Colin.”

Fox did not expect that Colin would rob the mobile phone. When he collected himself, Colin was already talking, “Colin! You’re crazy!?”

The old Mr. Lee’s voice was a little cold, “let Doris answer the phone.”

“Grandfather, Doris is ill and it’s not convenient to answer the phone. Now she’s lying in bed and sleeping.”


Colin was so bold, wasn’t he? How dare he lie to the old Mr. Lee directly? Fox was still here!

Fox looked at Colin in astonishment. How could he tell a lie. Doris stood here and he said she was lying in bed!

After that, Fox yelled: “grandfather, don’t listen to him. Doris is standing in front of me!”

There was silence on the other end of the phone. The old Mr. Lee must hear Fox’s words.

Eva was disheartened to sit on the sofa like sky collapsing.

After a long time, the old Mr. Lee said, “if you have anything, just say it.”

Even though he felt the anger of the old Mr. Lee, Colin was still calm, “you can’t be too partial. They are all your grandchildren. Why should you treat them differently? Is it Doris’s poor ability? It’s not! “

“What do you want me to do?” The old Mr. Lee asked quietly.

Colin said lightly: “wrong things should be corrected. You should have your attitude.”

With that, he didn’t give the old Mr. Lee a chance to continue talking but hung up the phone directly.

Colin already said it very clearly. If the old Mr. Lee did not know, or pretended not to understand, then he would let him know the consequences!

He hanging up the phone, the room became quiet.

Then there was Fox’s proud laughter, “Colin, you fool! How dare you talk to grandfather like that? You just wait! Your family will be kicked out of Lee family by my grandfather immediately!”

Hearing this, Eva returned to her senses and immediately swore, “Colin! Do you have a conscience? You live for nothing in our house and we don’t treat you badly! Why did you do this to us? “

Doris pulled Eva to comfort her. In fact, Doris was still worried.

At this time, Baker who has been silent said: “I think we can clean up the room, lest the old man has more bad impression on us.”

“You still think about cleaning up? I think we can pack up to get out here!” Eva’s face was red with anger.

Doris was shocked for a moment, “grandfather is about to come here?”

How could that be possible?

Colin smiled, “It may happen.”

After that, Baker looked at Colin and said, “yes, we’d better clean up.”

Colin also looked at Baker. The moment their eyes met, Colin was stunned.

The firmness, indifference and calmness were in Bakers eyes.

The father-in-law seemed not to be as simple as he thought.

Fox was laughing and covering his stomach. “Your family were so funny. Who do you think grandfather is? Will he come to your house in person? Stop dreaming!”

However, more than half an hour later, not only the old Mr. Lee, but also other senior members of Lee family came, including Fox’s father, Webb.

Fox stood there in surprise.

When Eva and other people saw that the old Mr. Lee really came, they were surprised and invited people in. The living room became very crowded.

The old Mr. Lee sat on the sofa, looked at the small room, and frowned slightly. He had never cared about this family. When he visited the house, he found that their life was not so good, and he felt guilty.

Suddenly, the old Mr. Lee sighed, “I haven’t been here for a long time…”

Baker said faintly, “yes.”

After a long silence, the old Mr. Lee looked at Colin and said, “the contract is not something that only she can make it. Other people can also go.”

Colin was looking at the old Mr. Lee,” grandfather, do you believe it? “

The old Mr. Lee’s face darkened.

Fox said in a loud voice: “Colin! How can you be so rude to grandfather?”

“Shut up!” The old Mr. Lee glared at Fox. The useless grandson!

Fox, who still wanted to talk, was pulled by Webb, “shut up!”

Fox didn’t dare to say any more.

The old Mr. Lee sighed, “I did not know you well…”

After a pause, he added, “but do you think we have to need this contract?”

“No, it’s not only a contract but also a hundred million.” Colin replied.

Lee fruit company needed this fund, otherwise Lee fruit company was basically over.

The old Mr. Lee snorted coldly and did not say anything more.

Colin said: “grandfather, I don’t want to do that. I just want grandfather to see your son and granddaughter and see their living conditions.”

“Obviously, they are all your descendants. Why do some people drive luxury cars and live in villas, while others can only live in such places? And some people are executives in the company, while others are just small employees? They all your family. Is grandfather so cruel? “

People were shocked and looked at Colin.

The old Mr. Lee frowned slightly.

Fox broke in and said, “do you think everyone can be an executive? She’s incompetent and deserves to be a clerk! “

Colin chuckled, “OK, you have the ability. What are you doing here? If you have the ability to sign the contract with Lanbo port, why do you visit Doris?”

“You know nothing!” Fox glared, “if Doris didn’t have the secret relationship with the general manager…”

“Shut up!” Webb glared at Fox angrily.

People were not ignorant. They all knew what Fox meant. But it was different if people kept this in hearts or said it directly.

What was more, Fox didn’t know whether it was true or not. Wasn’t he looking for trouble when he said it?

Doris was Colin’s weakness now. As the saying went, the forbidden lamella of a dragon was touched, it would be anger!

Colin had a heavy face. Since Fox was not smart, he would let him know what he should say!

The old Mr. Lee looked at Fox and said, “You can’t do anything well. I think you are incompetent waste!”

Fox was silent.

The old Mr. Lee looked at Colin. In the past, he thought that Colin was a useless waste. Now, his thoughts changed. Some capable people were not as calm as white!

Colin looked at the old Mr. Lee, and said in a light way: “you see, Doris is not ill at all. I just want to let you know that you can’t be partial too much.”

“You are nothing for me, but Doris is different from me. They are your family. I hope they can get your attention.”

“I have also made it clear that I do not want the property of Lee family when you has gone, but they are your immediate relatives. I hope grandfather can be more fair.”

People were startled. What the fucking is he talking? The old Mr. Lee would must drive them out!

Chapter 16: He can repay it!

Doris looked at Colin blankly. She felt that the man in front of her was very strange, which made her afraid.

Eva was desperate and kept saying: “it’s over…”

Baker looked at Colin, and his eyes flashed slightly.

The old Mr. Lee was silent for a moment, and he laughed faintly.

“That’s why I came in person.” Then he looked at Doris, “Doris, grandfather will pay more attention to you. Now the company is waiting for your help. Are you willing to go back with grandfather?”

Doris was a little flustered, and such an attitude made her at a loss.

But Colin held Doris, “no! It has not over yet!”

“Colin! Don’t push your luck! It’s your honor when grandfather came here to discuss it with you! What else do you want?” Fox couldn’t stand it any more and growled.

Colin looked at him coldly,” our gamble has not been finished and then this matter has not over! “

Then, people’s eyes fell on Colin.

They saw Colin take out the mobile phone, turn the voice to the maximum directly, and play the recording.

Fox roared immediately: “Colin! Dare you!”

Colin didn’t look at him, but said to everyone, “Be quiet now.”

The old Mr. Lee looked at Fox and said, “shut up!”

Fox was unwilling but clenched and stared at Colin.

“If you repay, I’ll say uncle!”

At the end of the recording, everyone looked at Fox strangely.

Webb was eager to kick this son. How dare he say such damn words!

This was not the only sentence in the recording. The first few words about paying back the money were heard clearly by people.

Colin said in a light way: “now, I paid back the money.” Then he pointed to the bag of cash on the ground.


Colin could repay!?

That was 600000 dollars!

People were shocked.

Everyone saw the black bag on the ground, and the money inside.

The old Mr. Lee also glanced at the money and was shocked.

Fox said angrily, “Colin! My dad’s here, and you want me say uncle? “

Webb’s face darkened.

Colin didn’t speak, just staring at the old Mr. Lee quietly.

This was what Fox said. He dared to touch the scales of Colin and then he should have the courage to bear the consequences!

Everyone else looked at them and there was a moment of silence in the room.

The old Mr. Lee drank tea with his head down and did not speak.

Everyone knew the old Mr. Lee’s attitude. Fox was the most important grandson of the old Mr. Lee. How could he say uncle in front of so many people and his own father!

Seeing the attitude of the old Mr. Lee, Fox became arrogant immediately, “Colin! Who do you think you are? You are just a waste, and you dare to insult me!”

“You’d better apologize to grandfather right now. Maybe he will forgive your disrespect because of your sincere attitude. If you don’t know what’s good or bad, your family will get out of Lee family…”


A crisp sound.

Colin walked to Fox, and raised his hand to give Fox a slap before other people could stop him.

“Do you dare to beat me?!” Fox stared at Colin in disbelief.

Colin slapped him across the face again, “Yes!”

“This slap is for Doris. As a elder cousin, you only know how to bully your cousin. And you are so mean. You deserve it!”

Fox didn’t react. Colin kicked Fox’s stomach. Fox couldn’t stand stably and sat on the ground.

“This is for my father-in-law and my mother-in-law. As a younger man, you don’t know how to respect you elders but say bad words. You should be beaten!”

Fox covered his stomach and was angry. When he got up, he wanted to fight with Colin,” I’ll fight with you!”

Colin took advantage of he standing up and kicked him again, “I don’t know how your father teaches you but I will teach you how to be a man today!”

People were shocked.

The old Mr. Lee was still here. Colin dared to hit Fox directly!

Was he crazy?

Fox was the old Mr. Lee’s favorite grandson. Was he OK if he was beaten like this?

The old Mr. Lee was also in shock. He didn’t expect that Colin hit Fox suddenly. His words were reasonable, and people couldn’t find any reason to refute.

Webb’s face was rather bad. Colin’s words and action’s were equal to let Fox say uncle.

“Enough!” Said the old Mr. Lee in a loud voice.

Colin stopped and looked at the old Mr. Lee.

People were silent, afraid that the old Mr. Lee would be angry and vent to them.

Eva and Doris felt that this was really over.

Fox covered his stomach painfully

When the old Mr. Lee saw that Colin was still calm, he was surprised. This Colin was not a common person!

“If he did something wrong, he should apologize and correct it. But his father is still here. Is it appropriate to say uncle?”

Colin chuckled, “OK but let him apologize to Doris, mother-in-law and father-in-law. If they forgive him, then this matter is over.”

He knew that the old Mr. Lee would never agree with him so that he took initiative to force the old Mr. Lee say it and ask Fox to apologize to Doris and her parents.

Fox stood up and glared at Colin fiercely, “No way!”

“There is nothing better than a man corrects his mistakes.” The old Mr. Lee said seriously.

Webb understood, and pulled Fox immediately, ” apologize to Doris and her parents!”

“Dad!” Fox was unwilling to apologize. They were all lowly people, not worthy of his apology!

Seeing this, the old Mr. Lee was disappointed at Fox, and he was really angry, “Fox! Apologize!”

Fox shivered for a while, and didn’t dare to refuse.

It was just an apology which was better than saying uncle. What was more, if Fox apologized, Doris could continue to sign the $100 million capital injection contract. The old Mr. Lee was clearly it was advantageous.

The old Mr. Lee was angry now. Fox looked at the Doris family hatefully.

“Uncle and aunt, Doris, I’m sorry.”

Eva and her family didn’t expect it would develop like this, and they were still in a daze.

The old Mr. Lee said immediately: “Baker, Fox has apologized. Do you forgive him?”

Baker said, “We are family. There is no forgiveness.”

The old Mr. Lee’s eyes flashed and he said.” Well.”

“And you, Doris?” The old Mr. Lee asked again.

Doris said in a low voice: “it doesn’t matter.”

The old Mr. Lee was satisfied, but Colin was not satisfied with it. However, after thinking about it, Colin decided to forget it. At least the goal has been achieved. If there were any troubles in the future, he would be more ruthless.

Fox lowered his head. A trace of cruelty flashed through his eyes. Colin, I would never let you go!

“Doris should pay more attention to the contract.” What the old Mr. Lee was concerned about mostly was the contract.

Doris nodded and agreed. Colin said: “don’t worry, grandfather! Doris will do it well. “

The old Mr. Lee nodded and was relieved. He left with other people.

After people had gone, Doris and her family were still in a trance.

Eva took a deep breath, “my God! Is it a dream? “

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