Chapter 15: Dynasty Hotel – Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Kris Chen walked over without looking back. Opening the door of the supreme private room, he found that the private room was very luxuriously decorated, all the utensils were high-end personalized, and even the toilets were gold-plated. Even if the people were rich, they couldn’t get into this private room.

Kris was now sitting inside; he poured himself a cup of tea and tasted it. “Not bad, the tea is new tea from West Lake after the rain.” Kris said to himself, “Tasting a mouthful of tea leaves sweetness and fragrance in the mouth.”

“Bastard, how dare you?” Bob Sun gnashed his teeth in anger as he watched Kris sit on the sofa and drink the tea.

This was the place where Bob’s boss usually received VIPs. Bob, the boss’s adopted son, was not even qualified to enter here, so how dare Kris enter here.

He sort of realized that Kris was just looking for a fight. Can a punk like him get into a private room like this?

Just now, Bob mentioned in the chat that this private room was usually closed to the public and that no one had been here for more than half a year. So, of course, Bob didn’t believe that Kris was qualified to get into this private room.

“Fuck you, do you want to die?” Bob roared and grabbed Kris’s collar all at once. Bob thought that his accepted father wasn’t in the hotel today, and he wanted to beat up Kris in front of Mina Li to show her his manhood.

At this moment, more than twenty strong men heard Bob’s roar and poured into the private room. These men were all Bob’s men.

“Miss Li, is there someone coming to cause trouble?” asked one of the men.

“This fool came to cause trouble. But he has already been captured by me.” Bob scowled at Kris and said to Mina, “Miss Li, do you want me to beat him up to relieve your anger?”

When Mina looked at Kris’s indifferent expression, she was very angry. She remembered that Chris had caused her a lot of embarrassment a few times, and she was even more furious.

She stamped her foot in anger, “Make him kneel down and apologize to me, and then throw him out. I don’t want to see this loser again”.

“Are you deaf? Why don’t you kneel down and apologize to Miss Li?” Then Kris roared, “do you want to get beaten up?”

“Guys, take out your weapons,” Bob said to his men. As soon as he finished, these men behind Bob brought out the electric batons they had placed at their waists.

“Did you see that? Do you choose to kneel down and apologize, or to be electrified into incontinence?” Bob stretched out his voice, “I’ll only give you one chance. Think about it”.

Mina felt her anger ease a lot. She took out her phone from her bag. As long as Kris knelt down and apologized to her, she would take a picture of his wimpy behavior and send it to Mary.

“What if I don’t kneel?” Although Kris smiled again, you could feel his look begin to turn cold if you looked at his eyes.

“No kneeling?” Bob laughed, “then I’ll beat you until you kneel down”. After saying that, Bob grabbed Kris’s collar with one hand and intended to hit him in the face with the other.

“You stop this now,” one shouted.

This sudden roar made Bob stop. Immediately after that, four or five people walked into the private room from outside.

Seeing these people who came in, the people in the private room froze. The people who came were some famous businessman in Westriver City. Heqiu Zhao, the boss of the Muse Hotel, Youming Zhou, the owner of the Dynasty Hotel, Guobang Liu, the owner of Guobang Real Estate Company, Liren Zhang, the general manager of Liren Company, and Lei Shi, the director-general of Jiangnan Energy Company.

Anyone of these people was worth billions. Seeing these people, Kris smiled.

These were old friends that Kris hadn’t seen for many years. He had given them funding at the beginning of their business. Now they had achieved success in their respective fields. This meant that Kris had made the right choice in funding them before.

“You are an idiot,” Heqiu Zhao stepped forward and slapped Bob in the face. This idiot was too rude and reckless. How dare he hit Mr. Chen?

Heqiu Zhao’s slap was so hard that it slapped Bob backward, and suddenly his face swelled up.

“Why are you hitting me?” Bob covered his face and said in aggravation, “It is this idiot who came here to make trouble, I just…” Before he could finish, Heqiu Zhao slapped him again. The other side of Bob’s face was also swollen. Now he felt his whole face was numb.

“You’re still arguing?” Heqiu Zhao roared, “It is you who tries to hit Mr. Chen, but you still lie to me. Are you being dismissive of me?”

Bob covered his face and said in aggravation, “I’m your accepted son, why are you beating me for an outsider?”

“An outsider? Shit.” Heqiu Zhao was trembling with anger, pointing at Bob and scolding him, “Open your eyes wide, this is Chen Family’s Eldest Young Master. He is my benefactor. Without the Eldest Young Master’s help, I won’t be where I am now. If the Eldest Young Master gives you a little pocket money, you can live a better life for the rest of your life.”

What? This idiot was the Chen Family’s Eldest Young Master. Suddenly the entire private room was silent as if the sound of a pin dropping on the floor could be heard.

Bob was completely dumbfounded. He had often heard Heqiu Zhao say that his achievements today were due to the Chen Family’s Eldest Young Master. Without the support of the Eldest Young Master, he wouldn’t be where he was today.

He had never dreamed that this poor young man who wore cheap clothes was the Chen Family’s eldest young master. At this moment, he simply regretted what he did to Kris.

Mina was also dumbfounded too. She could never have imagined that the live-in son-in-law who was bullied was actually the Chen Family’s eldest young master.

She wished that she was dreaming now, but the reality told her that it was all real.

Seeing these rich merchants standing respectfully in front of Kris, she felt her legs go limp. It was like something was blocked in her throat, and she couldn’t say a word.

“Mr. Chen, I was wrong, please forgive me,” Bob kneeled on the ground directly. He pointed at Mina next to him and said, “It’s because of this woman that I offended you.”

Mina took two steps back and shuddered, “How can you blame me? I’m buying you a drink to sign a contract, not for you to hit someone.”

Mina works in a decoration company. She met Bob at a party. It was at that party that Bob said the Muse Bar would be redecorated.

Mina, who was slightly drunk at the party, kept this in mind. After that, she got acquainted with Bob in various ways. She planned to talk to Bob about the business privately. If she could get the order, she would at least earn more than two million. How could she give up such lucrative profits?

Bob stood up with his face covered and roared loudly at Mina, “It’s you that make me offend the Eldest Young Master. I won’t do business with you. I’ll be sure to tell your boss that you want to do business with me privately. You are disloyal to your company and wait for your company to sue you.”

As soon as Bob finished, Mina’s pretty face instantly turned bloodless.

The company has a provision that if the employees do business with other company privately, employees will either be deducted from their wages or fired or taken to court depending on the situation

Mina didn’t tell the company about such business as redecorating the Muse Bar, and she tried to take the business privately, which harmed the company’s interests. If the company held her accountable, she would definitely go to jail. She was so young and pretty, and she didn’t want to go to jail.

“Mr. Chen,” Mina walked up to Kris, pulled his arm, and begged, “I am wrong. Please forgive me.” Her voice was too low, like the sound of a mosquito. People couldn’t hear her words without listening to her carefully.

At this point, she was like a swan lowering its proud head. She would never expect that she’d one day apologize to someone she’d always considered a loser.

Kris looked at her and said, “didn’t you just make me kneel down and apologize to you?”

“I really know I was wrong, please forgive me.” When Mina saw that Kris hadn’t forgiven her yet, she continued, “Mr. Chen, you mustn’t let Bob tell my boss. I’m still young; I don’t want to go to jail. Mary and I are good friends; can you forgive me this time?”

After saying that, Mina’s legs went limp, and she directly kneeled on the ground.

“I can forgive you.” Kris smiled and looked at Mina before continuing, “But we still have one thing to settle.”

Mina suddenly thought of the bet she made with Kris earlier. She forced a smile and said, “Mr. Chen, I…”

“It looks like you haven’t thought it through yet. If you don’t fulfill the promise you made during the bet, I will not forgive you and pursue this matter to the end, and then you……”

Mina knew she’d lost the bet she’d made with Kris, so as per the pre-bet agreement, the loser was to call the other person’s dad.

“Dad” Mina called out without waiting for Kris to finish his words.

“Your voice is so low, I didn’t hear you,” Kris said deliberately.

“Dad,” Mina practically shouted it out

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