Chapter 153: The Rise Of A Poor Husband

Chapter 153 Nobody could bully her!

Doris Lee was out, shopping; at the same time, Ellie Ye, who had known about the news, was so furious that she smashed everything in her house.

“That fucking fool! Idiot! Moron! Retarded shit! How dare he to post all the photos?”

Ellie meant to ask Fox Lee to threaten Colin Ward with photos so that Colin could give up the Marquis Group to Marquis.

Yet that was what Fox did!

Fox was actually stupid enough to post all these photos on the Internet. Now that the whole Tianbei City had known about it!

It would only ruin Colin’s reputation, and at the same time put the Marquis Group in danger, which was far from her goal!

After venting her anger, Ellie sat on the sofa helplessly. What had been done was done, and she had no choice but to wait and see what Fox would do.

She could make use of it for herself though.

Ellie planned to go to the Lanbo port villa, but as soon as she drove to a shopping mall, she saw Doris.

“Doris Lee.”

Hearing the call, Doris turned her head and saw a beautiful woman in a red dress, but she didn’t know this woman at all.

“I’m sorry, you are?”

Ellie smiled, “my name is Ellie Ye.”

Doris paused a second to think before replying, “do I know you? Or-“

“No, you don’t, but I know you.”Ellie nodded and said, “You are Colin Ward’s wife.”

Doris was a little surprised, but she didn’t show it on the surface, “oh, what can I do for you?”

Looking at Doris’s expression, Ellie was confused for a moment, “you still in the mood to go shopping?”

“What do you mean?”Doris asked warily.

Ellie shrugged, “so you haven’t read any news, have you? I suggest you do it right now.”

Doris didn’t take out her phone to check it. Instead, she said flatly, “thank you, but if something happened, I prefer learning it from him than the other means.”

Ellie smiled and said, “fine, I’ll tell you then. Colin has cheated on you and slept with three women at the same time all night. If you don’t believe me, you can check your phone, there are photos of that all around right now.”

Doris’s heart skipped a beat when she heard this. Her lips turned pale and She was completely stunned. Not only that, but She also felt a sense of familiar dizziness.

Yet she didn’t pass out again. Instead, she endured it. Then Doris raised her head and spoke in a calm tone, “Is that all?”

Ellie was stunned, “aren’t you angry?”

“Why should I be angry? It’s not true.”

Doris knew Colin the best. That man wouldn’t do such a thing. So someone must have spread the rumor on purpose. Though as a normal woman, no matter how rational Doris was, she was still shocked and angry after hearing the news, Doris didn’t want to show it in front of Ellie, a stranger.

“With photos as evidence, how can it be fake?” Ellie’s eyes twinkled as she continued, “as far as I know, you and Colin haven’t had sex yet, right? Isn’t it reasonable for him to find some other women?”

Doris looked at Ellie indifferently and said firmly, “he won’t.”

Ellie’s face darkened.

Yet Doris didn’t stop, “I don’t know why you came to me, but I know my husband very well. I trust him.”

Ellie sneered, “really? Colin didn’t tell you about me, did he? He helped me a total of three times and even saved my life once. I fell in love with him, and though he didn’t say anything, he should acquiesce in it.”

Doris frowned, “Miss. Ye, I thought you might have misunderstood Colin. My husband has always been kind to the others, but he never thinks too much about other women, let alone acquiesce in your love.”

Ellie clenched her fists. Doris was right. For Colin, there was only Doris in his heart. He didn’t care about other women at all, nor did he think about that.

“You two love each other very much.”

Doris replied expressionlessly, “thank you.”

Ellie’s face darkened as she continued, “but you won’t bring happiness to Colin. You will only be a drag on him.”

“Miss. Ye, I think it’s not up to you to judge me, it’s up to my husband.”

Ellie sneered, “of course, he won’t tell you that. I just want to tell you that you should have a clear estimation of yourself and leave him as soon as possible.”

Doris chuckled, “in that case, I don’t think I will ever leave my husband.”

“What? Why?”Ellie asked in confusion.

Doris replied, “because my husband is excellent and all the women like him. Then why should I leave such an excellent man?”

Ellie took a deep breath to suppress her anger, but Doris wasn’t angry at all.

“Okay, I see.”After saying that, Ellie turned around and left.

The moment she turned around, Ellie’s face darkened and her eyes were filled with strong jealousy and unwillingness.

As for Doris, when Ellie turned around, she trembled slightly and felt dizzy. After seeing Ellie drive away, she finally couldn’t hold in anymore and fainted at the gate of the mall.

“Oh my! Miss! You okay? Someone send her to the hospital!”

The man at the door shouted.

By the time Colin rushed to the hospital, Doris’s parents were already there.


The moment Eva saw Colin, she stood up and slapped Colin right away.

“Colin Ward! You disgusting piece of shit! How dare you to do such a thing!”

Eva was very angry.

She also saw the news and was shocked. Though she was pleased that Colin was actually the chairman of the Marquis Group, which meant more money, she was still furious when seeing the photos of Colin and the women.

However, before she could get even with Colin, she received a call from the hospital, saying that her daughter passed out and was sent to the hospital.

She and Baker rushed to the hospital together, waiting for Doris to wake up. And the moment Eva saw Colin, she just wanted to beat the shit out of this man.

So what he was the chairman of the Marqui Group?

Nobody could bully her daughter!

Colin was stunned and his face was burning, “Eva, listen to me. It’s not like that…”

“Bah! How do you want to explain? Are the photos all fake? Huh?!” pointing at Colin’s nose, Eva continued, “why did you do all this to Doris? Huh? Did she fail to be an excellent wife to you? Did she?!”

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