Chapter 150: The Rise Of A Poor Husband

Chapter 150 What else?

“No, you’re lying, the old Flora would never ask this kind of question, you really want to find a boyfriend!”

After hearing that, Flora breathed a sigh of relief, “no, really, I’m just curious. You used to ignore Colin, but now you must have fallen in love with him.”

Doris blushed and felt a little embarrassed, but she still replied seriously, “I know you all look down upon him, and though our marriage was indeed fake, the companionship in the past two years is not fake. So…”

After a pause, she continued.

“What’s more, the most important thing is that although he doesn’t have much money, he can fight with others for me. It’s enough for a woman, at least it’s enough for me.”

Doris said with a sweet smile, while Flora was speechless.

Having no money? How could the chairman of the whole Marquis Group had no money?

On the second morning, Colin went to Marquis group after breakfast.

The chairmen of the other five groups had already been waiting at the door of the Marquis group building so that they could see the Marquis Group’s chairman as soon as possible.

As soon as Colin arrived at the Marquis Group, he was surrounded by five men.

“Finally, Mr. Ward. I did go on a business trip yesterday and came back early in the morning…”

“Mr. Ward, I was sick yesterday and wasn’t in the company…”


The five of them all explained themselves in a hurry.

Looking at the five strangers, Colin sneered. These reasons were just excuses. Did they expect he would be stupid to believe them?

“Sorry, you are in my way.”

Colin bypassed them and entered the hall without hesitation.

Trigg Yue, the chairman of the Yueya Group hurried to catch up with him, “Mr. Ward, what brought you to see me yesterday? Please tell me, I will do it right away! “

Colin ignored him.

Byne Du, the chairman of the Dubai Real Estate said along, “Mr. Ward, what happened yesterday was a mistake…”

Yet, Colin suddenly turned around, which startled the five people.

“Mr. Ward?”

Colin looked at the five people and said indifferently, “I don’t know why you didn’t want to see me, but I do know that all you five, oh, including Wanxing Trading Company are targeting on us. For that, I’m very mad, and if I’m mad, there will be a consequence, which is that I don’t want to see you now, all of you.”

Then Colin went straight into the elevator, leaving all of them behind.

Colin had been in the office for the whole morning and even ordered takeout for lunch. The five chairmen had been waiting in the hall the whole morning and never left.

Trigg Yue asked anxiously, “what should we do? Will Mr. Ward punish us?”

Byne Du replied, “I don’t think so.”

They were all here because of Bald Liu, and if Colin really wanted to take revenge on them, that would be unnecessary. He could just take action directly.

What he thought was true.

The only one that Colin didn’t give any chance was Steven Wan, the chairman of the Wanxing Trading Company, so only the chairmen of the other five companies received the warning of Bald Liu.

In the afternoon, Colin thought it was almost time and asked Nina to bring them in.

“Mr. Ward, we didn’t mean to disrespect you. We simply have no choice!” Trigg Yue said with a crying face.

The other four nodded in agreement.

Colin looked at the five people and asked, “what do you mean?”

Trigg Yue continued in a hurry, “yes, sir, for I was poisoned!”

“Poisoned?” Colin was surprised.

The other four nodded, “yes, we all were poisoned.”

Colin frowned, “you mean you were controlled? Because of some kind of medicine?”

“It’s a kind of poison. We don’t know what it is, let alone detoxify ourselves.” Trigg Yue sighed sadly.

Byne Du continued, “we’ve gone to the hospital to have a check-up, but there’s nothing wrong with it. We’ve taken some antibiotics, and it’s completely useless.”

“You have any symptoms?” Asked Colin.

“Not yet. It seems to be a chronic poison. As time goes by, my body will become weaker and weaker.”Trigg Yue replied.

Colin nodded, “then can you tell me who poisoned you?”

The five of them looked at each other. Trigg Yue said directly, “it’s Walson Martin, he’s the eldest son of the Martin group and has been studying abroad for Doctor of Medicine.”

Colin’s eyes turned cold. It was indeed Walson!

No wonder he came back from abroad and had such great ability to manipulate so many companies to attack the Marquis Group. It turned out that he was using poison to control the chairmen of the companies.

Trigg Yue continued in a hurry, “Mr. Ward, we really have no choice! He said that we must do as he said or he would never give us the antidote. If that happened, we’ll have to wait for death.”

“Yes, Mr. Ward, please trust us!”

“Mr. Ward, what should we do? We don’t want to die!”

Looking at the five people, Colin sighed a little. Nobody in this world wasn’t afraid of death. In the face of death, everyone, so to survive, would do anything.

“Okay, I see. Now, you can still do as he said!”

“What?” The five were at a loss.

“Mr. Ward?”

Colin rubbed his forehead and repeated, do as he said.”

“Well…”Trigg Yue nodded and added, “then my son…”

“Don’t worry! He will be fine.” Colin said lightly.

Trigg Yue was relieved to hear that, “Mr. Ward, don’t worry. We are all yours to command. When we get the antidote, we will call the police to arrest him immediately.”

“Alright, I got it, just go back, all of you.” Colin waved his hand.

Trigg Yue and the other didn’t dare to stay any longer and left.

Sitting in the office, Colin fell into silence.

All five of them were poisoned, and it was Walson who did it. So was it him who poisoned Doris Lee?

Besides, was Doris’ poison the same as theirs?

Colin rubbed his head fretfully. That motherfucking Walson!

After a while, Colin called Ramon Chen.

“Help me check when Walson came back and what he did after he came back.”

He then hung up the phone.

After thinking for a while, he picked up the file of the place in the southern suburbs and read it again. If the Marquis Group couldn’t get it, he believed that many people would make use of it and even take the opportunity to suppress the Marquis Group.

Walson said that this was only a beginning. Then what else would come next?

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