Chapter 151 – 152: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 151: Stranglehold at night


How dare this guy threaten Tiandong Zhai?

Everyone was stunned. Was this guy nuts?

But then again, this guy looked gentle and frail, but now he looked a little scary.


Tiandong scolded and spat on Xiaolong Tan’s face: “Hey, you dare to threaten me? Believe it or not, I will kill you now!”

Then he seized Xiaolong’s neck with his hands.

Who was he? He was Tiandong. In front of so many young men, he was threatened. If he could not fix it up, how can he continue to be a gangster?

Xiaolong rolled his eyes due to the seizing, but the fellows behind Tiandong weren’t afraid, and they were all excited.

Seeing Xiaolong was almost dying, the female prison guard rushed over with an electric stick, and the blue arc made a “pop” sound in the air.

“Tiandong, let go!”

Seeing the female prison guard, Tiandong quickly let go of Xiaolong, and with a sinister smile on his face, he patted Xiaolong’s shoulder with his hand: “Ah, look at you, why is there so much dust on the shoulder?”


Xiaolong’s face turned red, and he was breathing heavily, but his look on Tiandong was more sinister.

As soon as the female prison guard appeared, this matter was settled, and everyone crouched down with their hands laced behind heads.

They thought this matter had passed, but in the middle of the night, Kris was worried and could not fall asleep when everyone was in a deep sleep.

He had been thinking about how to further his relationship with Xiaolong. Although the two had become friends now, Kris understood that this kind of “friendship” was not deep enough, and it is far from enough to put the information out.

In half asleep and half awake, Kris heard rustling footsteps.

Under the moonlight, he saw several fellows of Tiandong get out of bed lightly and walk towards Xiaolong.

Moreover, there was a rope in one fellow’s hand!

Kris was taken aback. Were they trying to strangle Xiaolong?

He wanted to rush over, but after thinking for a while, he didn’t do that.

Under the moonlight, he could see Tiandong grinning.

Tiandong was not afraid of getting into trouble, but what Xiaolong said during the day and that look was really terrible, and he was not telling lies.

A cornered beast will do something desperate, not to mention human beings.

Although he didn’t think Xiaolong could make trouble for him after being released from prison, but for his own safety, he had to nip it in the bud.

He grinned and curbed Xiaolong on the neck with a rope, and then forced hard. Xiaolong suddenly awakened from his sleep, opened his eyes, and looked scared. He tried desperately to grab the rope around his neck, but the neck was originally a weak part of the human body.

In addition, Tiandong was completely murderous, so he exerted his strength. Because of the lack of oxygen, Xiaolong’s face became purple.

He wanted to struggle and call for help, but his hands and feet were controlled by several other people, unable to move at all.

“Aren’t you going to kill my whole family? I will kill you now, you can become a ferocious ghost to kill me, ha?…

Tiandong came close to his ear; his voice was very low, but it was words demanding Xiaolong’s life.

Xiaolong felt that his lungs were about exploding, and his brain was stirring. In this way, within thirty seconds, he would definitely die.

If he was really dead, wouldn’t his disaster in prison be an undeserved catastrophe?

Kris curled his lips and said: “I say, can’t you be quieter; the bed is almost collapsing. You do not let people sleep?”

Tiandong suddenly raised his head and found that Kris, who was sleeping in the upper berth, sat up straight and was looking at himself with a smile.

At this time, Xiaolong’s eyes turned white due to the strangle, and for ten seconds at most, he would die.

But he was afraid that prison guards will notice it, so he lowered his voice and scolded: “Kris, just go back to sleep, don’t be officious!”


Kris sneered: “You guys are simply beasts. You bullied him almost to death during the day. At night, you even wanted to strangle him. You are even worse than animals!”

With that, he jumped over from the upper bunk, raised his fists, and rushed to Tiandong’s face.

If he was hit, he would absolutely be into concussion. Xiandong practiced martial arts for many years, and now he swerved, avoiding Kris’s fist, and at the same time he also loosened the rope in his hand.


Two muffled sounds, fists hit the two strong men; they didn’t even make a sound and passed out.


This guy is so powerful!

Tiandong felt fortunate that he escaped quickly, otherwise he would be the one who passed out. But thinking of Kris had always been fighting against him, this time he even discouraged him from killing Xiaolong, the hatred for Kris in his heart was even stronger.

“Come on, he is alone, kill him!”

The cell is not as spacious as the outside, and people can not move freely. But they have more people, and they can pile up to kill him.

As soon as Tiandong finished his words, the others rushed over.

Kris smiled and instantly understood what Tiandong meant, but his ideas were destined to fail.

At the next moment, Kris rushed straight at the crowd like a cannonball and exercised the Approaching shot of eight extremes boxing and rushed toward directly.


The person who was hit flew out instantly, hitting the person behind him, hitting three or four times in a row before stopping.

For the rest of the people, Kris punched one after another, and within ten seconds, they were all knocked down by him. Tiandong also wanted to struggle, but an approaching shot almost killed him!

How was… this possible?

Tiandong clutched his chest, being shocked, and he showed an unbelievable look.

He knew that Kris was in the later period of the Acquired stage, but it was too strong, wasn’t it? It’s almost non-human!

And at this time, the movement in the cell had alarmed the prison guard.

After hearing the voice, the female prison guard took her baton and rushed over. When she turned on the light in the cell, she was stunned!

God, Tiandong was beaten down by this tall, thin boy? Wasn’t she dazzled?

The female prison guard rubbed her eyes. This was Tiandong, a famous martial arts master in Westriver city. Since he entered the prison, all the gangsters in prison had obeyed him completely. But, it was him… how could it be that way?

The female prison guard looked at Kris inconceivably. This perverted thief who steals female underwear is so powerful!

Kris also saw the female prison guard, smiled at her, and then walked to Tiandong, kicked him heavily: “Remember, stop fucking with me, or I will beat you every time I see you!”

The female prison guard was dumbfounded. This guy was so crazy that he dared to do it in front of her.

Tiandong was kicked and shouted, quickly nodded and said: “Kris, Kris, let me go, I will never go against you…”

He hated him, knowing that he shouldn’t be overly addicted to sex in the past two years. If he had improved his strength, there would be such humiliation there.

He was ruthless in his heart. After being released from prison this time, he must work hard to improve his own strength. He must find his way back.

The female prison guard saw Tiandong nodding his head and begging for mercy repeatedly, and was even more shocked. However, the prison had the rules, she quickly knocked on the iron door with an electric baton and screamed, “All roll back to bed, if you are still making trouble, I will lock you down in the little darkroom for two days!”

Hearing the little dark room, the people who were lying on the ground constantly moaning quickly got up from the ground and quickly lay on their bed. That little black room was not a place for humans to live in. People with less willpower enter the little dark room will go crazy.

The female guard nodded with satisfaction and immediately went away, twisting her hip.

Kris was a little surprised. He didn’t sleep at night and made trouble in prison and was ready to be punished. Unexpectedly, the female prison guard even let him go without any punishment, which was interesting.

Chapter 152: Borrowed Flower Was Made A Gift

Xiaolong Tan, who had survived the disaster, was in the fear for a moment, thinking he was walking around the edge of death just now. After a few minutes of rest, the burning sensation in his lungs gradually disappeared. He got up from the bed, looked at Kris gratefully, then he saluted, “Thank you, Kris, thank you for saving my life.”

During the day, when Kris helped him, he already quite appreciated him. However, his identity was a secret, and he was oversensitive, so he did not mention many matters with Kris.

This time, he was really grateful for his life-saving grace.

Haha, the fish is hooked!

Kris thought so, but shook his hand quietly, and said lightly: “As the saying goes: Take up the cudgel on behalf of the victim of injustice; I just cannot bear these gangsters bullying the weak.”

After he finished speaking, he lay on his bed alone, did not claim the credit. The free and easy style made Xiaolong look at him in surprise.

Xiaolong appreciated him even more and wanted to make friends with him, so he walked over to Kris’s bed and want to have a chat. Because it was mid-night, afraid of disturbing the prison guard again, both of them deliberately lowered their voices.

One intended to make friends. The other had a conspiracy. When the two began their chat, both of them felt regret that they did not meet earlier.

Xiaolong was very knowledgeable. Every time talking about key points, he shall quote classics, making the listeners sincerely be convinced by him.

If this guy was not a member of the Holy-dragon cult, Kris was really willing to make friends with him, what a pity!

When Xiaolong asked about Kris’s identity, Kris did not lie to him, instead, he directly told him that he was a live-in son-in-law.

People like him, the more information they hide, the more others will doubt his words.

When Xiaolong heard that Kris was a live-in son-in-law, he was shocked, but soon returned to normal.

He didn’t doubt at all because no one would tell the lie that he was a live-in son-in-law? What a shame!

Kris was a straightforward and a chivalrous man, a man worthy of lifelong friendship.

Xiaolong said this in his heart and behaved warmer and more cordial in the following conversation…

Five days later, Manor of Chen Family.

On this day, the old Master of the Chen family called all Chen family members up here, saying that there was an urgent matter to inform them.

Everyone in the Chen family gathered in the hall, whispering, and talking.

“Be quiet!”

At this time, the old Master of the Chen Family walked to the hall and shook his hand. The hall was silent at once.

“I call you all back today since there are two things to tell you!” the old Master sat on the royal chair, looking at the members of the Chen family, and said solemnly: “The first thing, from today, all of the disciples of the Chen family have to practice and the Chen family formally transforms into a practitioner family!”


The old Master’s words just finished, and there was an uproar in the crowd; every one of the Chen family seemed excited.

The practitioner family was an aristocratic family more powerful than the first-class family!

As long as they completed the transformation, Chen’s family would immediately change from a first-class family to an aristocratic family, which was a huge improvement.

There was a saying, there is no millennial dynasty, only a millennium aristocratic family. How can they not be excited?

“Okay, be quiet, I will announce the second thing now!”

The old Master of the Chen family shook his hands and said again: “The second thing, from today, all the Chen family members shall join the holy-dragon cult, and from today, the Chen family members shall be the disciples of the holy-dragon cult! However, we have to keep it a secret, and must not leak this secret, otherwise the Chen family would be destroyed in no time!”


Join the royal-dragon cult?

When heard these words, the Chen family’s originally excited disciples suddenly felt as if they were poured cold water from their heads to their feet. In this hot summer, they even felt a little chill in their hearts.

The holy-dragon cult was a cult equally famous with the sun-moon holy cult; both of the two cults were hated by good schools. If they join the holy-dragon cult, wouldn’t the Chen family’s disciples also become members of a cult?

At this moment, everyone’s look became complicated.

Is the old Master a dotard? As a disciple of the Wudang school, how should he want to join the cult? If it was known to the six schools, the Chen family would be over.

“Grandpa, think it over, the holy-dragon cult does not belong to good schools!”

At this time, someone in the crowd yelled, and other people also called out: “Yeah, Grandpa, if this is known by the six major schools, our Chen family will be over!”

Hearing that, the old Master of the Chen family hesitated for a moment. He did not know whether his decision would scale the Chen family to new heights or destroy it.

He only knew that if the Chen family standstill, it would really be late.

Especially a few days ago, Tianba Li led fellows to hack disciples in the Chen family. What a shame! He would never allow it to happen a second time.

“You guys shut up!”

At this time, Jie Liang stood up and shouted at the crowd: “Dare you to question Grandpa’s decision, do you want to rebel? Do you want to be punished according to family law?”

After she finished, she looked at the old Master like an apple-polisher. These fools! Since the old Master called everyone together, he must have decided it himself. At this time, those who provoked the old Master were merely looking for trouble.

Besides, as long as the Chen family became a practitioner family, it would transform into an aristocratic family. Now her father-in-law was the patriarch of the Chen family, and he would pass on his position to Quan Chen in a few years, then she would become the wife of the family head. Thinking of this, she was excited!

As for whether the royal-dragon cult was a bad school or not, she didn’t care at all.

“Yes, I also support Grandpa’s decision!”

At this time, Quan stepped forward, looked at the Chen family members, and said: “The Chen family can go as far as it is today, is all due to my grandfather. I believe that my grandfather’s decision will turn out to be right!”

“And me! I also support grandpa!”

Lei Chen also took a step forward. At this time, he wanted to have great power than anyone else. After he was powerful, the first thing was to catch the Kris couple and let Kris kneel in front of Sisi Mu to confess. Then, he shall insult Mary in front of him, letting Kris also experience extreme grief.

With Jie and three other disciples taking the lead, the rest of the Chen family could not very well reject the old Master’s decision.

Seeing everyone agreed, the old Master nodded with satisfaction: “Okay, this matter is settled. Remember, everyone must be tight-lipped, even if facing death, you should not leak a little bit of it. Otherwise, you will be punished according to family law!”

The Tianyao Chen couple’s suffering was still vivid. Everyone in the Chen family could not help but shivered and warned themselves that they must not leak a little bit of it.

When all the people left, a bare-headed man wearing a black and white cassock came out of the back hall.

Zhen Yuan, the mendicant Buddhist monk, smiled at the old Master of the Chen family and said: “How did you consider?”

The old Master quickly stood up and said: “I agree with what you said. I have already ordered it among the disciples of the Chen family. From today, the Chen family will join the holy-dragon cult.”

“Haha, you are really forthright; I took a lot of hard work to come here, and it is worthy.”

Zhen Yuan was overjoyed, and the killing intent in his eyes gradually disappeared. If the old Master refused just now, he would definitely kill him: “From today, we are a family, and within three days, I will arrange people send build-up pills here.”

The old Master was overjoyed, and saluted to the monk Zhen Yuan again and again. Now that the Chen family now joined the holy-dragon cult, and Zhen Yuan was the senior of the holy-dragon cult, it was wise for him to put himself in the right place.

Seeing that the old Master was so polite, Zhen Yuan was satisfied, but his face was calm; he quickly helped him up, said with a disgruntled look: “Brother Chen, you are too polite, you and I are sincere friends, you don’t need to be like that.”

He used to call him old Master and now brother Chen. Of course, the old Master was clever enough to see the difference.

“Okay, this is the gift I prepared before, and I will give it to you now.” Zhen Yuan took out a book from his pocket and put it into the old Master’s hands.

The old Master picked it up and was excited about seeing the name:

“Emperor Zhenwu’s Tactical Deployment for Conquering Demons!”

Was this really Emperor Zhenwu’s Tactical Deployment for Conquering Demons, the top tactical deployment method of Wudang school?

Wudang enshrined Emperor Zhenwu. According to legend, this Emperor Zhenwu’s Tactical Deployment for Conquering Demons is a peerless tactical deployment created by Sanfeng Zhang, the Wudang Patriarch. The old Master of the Chen family used to be a disciple of the Wudang school, of course, he knew this “Emperor Zhenwu’s Tactical Deployment for Conquering Demons”.

Zhen Yuan said with a smile: “Yes, this is “Emperor Zhenwu’s Tactical Deployment for Conquering Demons”. I recommended you to Wudang School. When I came down the mountain, I took this scripture away. Now I give it to you as a gift, haha…”

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