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Chapter 151 – 160: My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 151

Sister Zelda, don’t tell me, I didn’t do anything with her,”

Chuck Cannon couldn’t listen anymore, he felt his face burned badly.

“No?” Zelda was even more surprised, but Chuck Cannon went out to exercise so late, it must be for his body.

“Well, really not,” Chuck Cannon was serious.

Zelda looked at his blushing and serious look, she felt even more funny in her heart, why is he so


She refrained from laughing and said, “Chuck Cannon, I checked it online. Don’t put too much

pressure on it. The more nervous you are, the more…or you will…”

Chuck Cannon nodded, but men all want to show their strongest face in front of women, not to

mention so beautiful, so good-looking wife, can you not be nervous? Can you be excited?

He didn’t want to see Yvette Jordan’s disappointed expression.

“I ask you, I help you, will you be nervous?” Zelda asked.

Chuck Cannon thought about it, shook his head and said, “I was nervous for the first time…”

Zelda smiled, “Come on, don’t worry.”

Chuck , how to say that at least you need to exercise, and only after reaching the average level

you can have something to do with Yvette Jordan.

I want to show the strongest side in front of Yvette Jordan.

“Sister Zelda, are you running? Or should we be together,” Chuck Cannon invited.

“I… okay, wait for me for a while, I’ll change my clothes,” Zelda thought and nodded. It’s been a

few days since he didn’t exercise. He has been busy recently.

“Alas, Zelda,” Chuck Cannon stopped her.

“what happened?

“Sister Zelda, don’t wear too sexy, I want to ban it.” Chuck Cannon is serious. Zelda’s figure is

no worse than that of Yvette Jordan. If she comes out with tight-fitting yoga pants, it will

definitely be bloody. Sexy, Chuck Cannon must go back to the bathroom at night.

Zelda was stunned and smiled, “Then I wear a cotton-padded jacket?”

“That’s not necessary.” Chuck Cannon was embarrassed.

“Well, wait.” Zelda came back to his house. Within five or six minutes, Zelda came out wearing

a sports suit. Chuck Cannon was relieved. Zelda considered himself and wore a looser, but

plump The curve does not obscure much.

But this is better than wearing tight yoga pants.

“Sister Zelda, do you have yoga pants?” Chuck asked the gods.

“Yes, you want to see it? Then I’ll go back and change it,”

“Farewell, that’s it, go for a run,”

“Well.” Zelda smiled. She didn’t plan to change. She wanted to make Chuck Cannon more

confident and didn’t want to hurt him. She thought Chuck Cannon was very serious about this

matter, but could not let him think that way.

The two went down the elevator. Chuck Cannon thought about whether he could get the car early

tomorrow, so he took out his mobile phone and called Charlotte, simply asked.

However, Charlotte’s answer made Chuck Cannon helpless, “Sorry, your car is originally the

highest match, and the original tires are set, and they will arrive the day after tomorrow, so


“Okay, rest early,” Chuck Cannon can only say so.

“Okay, good night.” Charlotte hung up the phone, curious, didn’t Chuck Cannon have a sports

car? Why did you suddenly use the car?

She thought suspiciously, and then walked to the head of the bed. She picked up a small bottle,

which was a pink bottle, which was bought from an irregular channel, and had the word “fan” on


Charlotte grabbed the bottle in his hand and looked forward to it, when he had to use it on Chuck

, otherwise he wouldn’t touch himself…

“Do you want to use a car? Don’t you still have that Porsche?” Zelda was surprised. She knew

that Chuck car was stolen and the wheels were unloaded.

“I’m going to pick Yvette Jordan tomorrow, there is another classmate, and her sister, Porsche is

not enough to sit,” Chuck Cannon was helpless.

Pick her up? Zelda sighed in her heart and was also a little lost. She said, “Then you drive my


“This one……”

“Relax, I still have a few cars, all parked in the community, whichever one you like to drive.”

Chuck Cannon hesitated and could only do this. After all, he said everything himself, so he had

to drive to pick Yvette Jordan.

“Ok, thank you,” Chuck Cannon said.

“It’s okay, run, see how powerful you are.” Zelda said, Chuck Cannon blushed and the two

immediately ran around the basketball court.

After running for about half an hour, Chuck Cannon was okay, Zelda was actually good, her

physical strength was good, it was late, almost, sweating a lot, it was a lot more comfortable, but

today he was beaten It hurts too.

“Sister Zelda, let’s go up.”


Arriving upstairs, Zelda said, “I will take you down to see the car tomorrow morning.”

“Okay.” Chuck Cannon returned home. At this time, the cell phone in his pocket rang. Chuck

Cannon pulled out to see that it was his own mother. Chuck Cannon answered, “Mother.”

“Well, Chuck, are you okay?” Karen Lee felt really hurt. She saw Chuck Cannon through the

satellite picture but was beaten a lot.

“it’s okay no problem,”

“Chuck, I decided to let you learn boxing. The position has been found for you. The address will

be sent to you tomorrow. You have five classes a week! Do you know?”

Karen Lee originally thought that when Chuck Cannon was 21 years old, she directly taught

Chuck Cannon herself to fight, but she saw that her son was beaten, she decided to reconsider,

she wanted to teach now, but Chuck Cannon did not Any foundation, that’s not okay, you have to

lay the foundation. Boxing is the best foundation. After all, she teaches fighting, but killing


That kind of killing technique banned by the army!

“Okay, mom, I have this idea myself.” Chuck Cannon was pleasantly surprised. It was too

dangerous for the rich and the second generation to fight a few people. Isn’t that too dangerous?

Continue to exercise, you must learn, at least to play seven or eight is no problem, after all, my

mother always has a time to look down.

“Well, go to bed early, yes, do you like Yvette Jordan very much?” Karen Lee asked tentatively.

“Yes, like it, mom, will I take her to see you one day?” Chuck Cannon must convince Yvette

Jordan that he is a rich second generation.

“This…” Karen Lee sighed. Yvette Jordan hadn’t figured out her identity. She didn’t worry about

what Yvette Jordan would do to her, but what if her son got deeper and deeper? In case Yvette

Jordan is really the daughter of his family, then…

“By the way, I won’t say it first. I have something to do. I will send you the boxing address


“Well, Mommy goes to bed earlier.”

“Okay.” Hanging up the phone, Karen Lee hesitated, took out her phone and found a number,

and she dialed it.

The phone is connected.

“Chuck loves that girl, you don’t want to hurt your son, as soon as possible to identify the girl’s

identity,” Karen Lee said, if it is true, then Yvette Jordan she did not know how to deal with it.

killed? No, absolutely not. Karen Lee sighed. When Chuck Cannon brought Yvette Jordan, what

should I do?

Chuck Cannon got up early in the morning and went to knock on the door. Zelda came out.

Which three or four car keys were in his hand.

When the two went down, Zelda took Chuck Cannon to see her car, which had Mercedes and

BMW, but there was also a Buick. It seemed that Zelda had opened it when he first started his


“Just Buick,” Chuck Cannon said, so Yvette Jordan would always believe a little, and would sit

at ease.

“Don’t drive a Mercedes-Benz? I bought it last year. I haven’t opened it a few times.” Zelda was


“I’m afraid I won’t be able to pay for it.” Chuck Cannon joked.

“Who made you lose money? Even if you hit me all, I won’t ask you to lose money.” Zelda was

serious and couldn’t help but give him the key.

Chuck Cannon smiled slightly, took the key, opened the door and went in, full of oil.

“Then, Zelda, I will go first,” Chuck Cannon drove.

“En.” Zelda watched Chuck Cannon leave the community, she sighed, when can you come to

pick me up?

She had a headache, but her mother always wanted Chuck Cannon to go home. What should she


The car was well controlled and Chuck Cannon was comfortably parked. When he reached the

downstairs of Yvette Jordan Community, Chuck Cannon called Yvette Jordan and Yvette Jordan

said to get down immediately.

Chuck Cannon hung up the phone and saw the message sent by his mother, the detailed address,

he really is going to practice, after the exam, try to learn.

Soon Yvette Jordan took Queenie down. Yvette Jordan watched Chuck Cannon sitting in a 15-

year-old Buick LaCrosse. She was startled and suddenly laughed. This is her husband’s car,

used? I really bought it myself, it looks really good.

Queenie was surprised that this car is quite atmospheric and should be expensive.

The two got in the car, and Yvette Jordan felt good, asking, “Old… Chuck, when did you buy this


Chapter: 152

Chuck Cannon shook his head and said that it was not bought, but borrowed. After all, he said it

was bought, and Yvette Jordan didn’t believe it either.

What’s more, he said yesterday that he has a BMW. Why would he suddenly buy this car again?

Yvette Jordan was stunned and immediately disappointed. She was not disappointed. This car

was not Chuck, but borrowed by disappointment. So Zelda borrowed it?

It should be.

This is indeed a woman’s car. It is very easy to see. It is very clean, and there are traces and

fragrances left by the woman after driving for a long time. Yvette Jordan has a car, how can it

not be seen?

“Well, then drive. Exam today. You have to go early,” Yvette Jordan fastened his seat belt.

Chuck Cannon nodded naturally and drove to school. He didn’t expect much from the exam this

time. It seems that Yvette Jordan still had to make up for himself during the summer vacation.

Chuck Cannon thought this way, and his heart blossomed. Why is this a plot of island movies.

“Hello, husband, what are you thinking?” Yvette Jordan whispered, feeling scalp numb, how

could Chuck Cannon laugh so lasciviously? Are you thinking about that kind of thing again?

Queenie, who was sitting in the back, saw Chuck expression through the rearview mirror. She

understood it instantly. Chuck Cannon was thinking wildly. Who is this fantasizing about?

Queenie was thinking about Yvette Jordan, or, to help himself that night?

“It’s nothing.” Chuck Cannon didn’t want to do it quickly, but he was so excited to think about it.

If his wife wore a uniform or something, she would make up for herself, then…

Yvette Song tone.

However, Chuck Cannon also saw Queenie through the rearview mirror, and Chuck Cannon was

embarrassed. The two looked at each other, and suddenly Chuck Cannon thought of that exciting


Yvette Jordan was sleeping in bed, and he and her…

Chuck Cannon sighed, Queenie immediately bowed his head, daring to look at Chuck, it seemed

that the two thought of going together.

The atmosphere in the car became awkward, but Yvette Jordan didn’t even realize it.

Soon to the school parking lot, Queenie knew that Chuck Cannon and Yvette Jordan were a pair.

Of course, he said that he would avoid the classroom first.

After she left, Chuck Cannon said, “Wife, think about it, buy a car, and I will buy a car for you.”

“No, husband, I have to work hard on the exam today!” Yvette Jordan wanted to get off, but

Chuck Cannon pulled her.

Yvette Jordan was nervous, but this is the school parking lot, what is it for?

“Her husband, here is the school.” Yvette Jordan whispered.

“I should take an exam today, shouldn’t you encourage me?” Chuck Cannon means of course that

Yvette Jordan took the initiative to come and kiss him.

Yvette Jordan blushed, “I can’t pass the exam, but should I encourage? No,”

Yvette Jordan drove out, but found no one around, she said, “Her husband, work hard! If the

exam can pass, I encourage you.”

Chuck Cannon is speechless, this is still okay, he did not read it seriously, how? Although he

wanted this encouragement.

“Just work hard. I’m going to the office. Go to the classroom and don’t run around.”

She turned and walked to her office. Today she is going to take the exam. Chuck Cannon looks

at Yvette Jordan’s back. The hips of these tight jeans are really perfect.

Chuck Cannon smiled, but this is his wife.

He opened the door and came down, but…

“Ah, I think who it is, Chuck Cannon in our class will actually drive. Whose one does this car

borrow?” A discordant voice sounded.

Chuck Cannon gave him a glance. This is Guo Zifan, a classmate who has a car in his class.

Chuck Cannon was too lazy to take care of him, and left.

Guo Zifan snorted and glanced around the Buick, “Huh, poor ghost, can you afford gas?”

When Chuck Cannon was on the road, she called Betty and asked her to help contact a junior

high school. Queenie’s sister had to continue studying. Although she had already taken the exam,

it was enough to wait for the school to start half a year.

Betty asked for the name and said that the young master would wait.

When Chuck Cannon hung up the phone and came to the classroom, the students looked at him


Guo Zifan’s eyes were even more disdainful, but he told Chuck Cannon about driving a secondhand car, which immediately aroused the mockery of the whole class.

“Look at who is coming, Chuck Cannon in our class also has a car family.”

“Haha, now everyone has a car. What’s the matter of driving a second-hand Buick? If you have

an accident, you can take it down.

“I see, borrowed, where can he afford a car? Don’t say 30,000 or 40,000. It’s hard to buy an

electric car. It’s definitely borrowed, but it’s worth bumping a few thousand pieces? But you have

to pay for it. If you drive a car once and pretend to force it, you have to take thousands of risks,

tens of thousands of risks, and you have a lot of courage?”

These classmates ridiculed, they really laughed at Chuck Cannon when they got a chance. Who

called Chuck Celian and Hua Lu Youwen came to him? Who do not despise him, despise?

Chuck Cannon didn’t speak, so he made his seat and prepared for the exam.

“Oh, if you don’t speak, I’ll say you borrowed it. Haha, I bumped into it. I don’t know if I have

money to pay.” Guo Zifan said disdainfully.

“If there is no money to pay, then shamelessly telling the owner that it won’t be over without


“Haha, this method is good, it is estimated that Chuck Cannon thought this way when borrowing

a car,”

The whole class laughed.

“Her mother can’t finish it? People can drive a BMW. Will her mother not be able to pay for a

Buick?” Lara was looking at the phone for review and was disgusted by these disgusting voices.

Although she didn’t know how Chuck Cannon suddenly opened Buick, but she was angry, she

was thinking, Chuck Cannon pretended to be poor, who is this to be soaked?

Chuck Cannon glanced at her, and Lara hurriedly bowed her head, and his heart was awkward,

bad, and he said that he was leaking. Should he not be angry and want to send his own photos?

Lara was anxious.

“BMW? Haha, Chuck have BMW? Lara, are you going to laugh at me?” Guo Zifan mocked even


“Isn’t Chuck Cannon driving a Buick? When did I drive a BMW? Why didn’t I see it? Let him

see the BMW!”

“Isn’t it a BMW electric car? When I passed an electric car store a few days ago, I saw a “BMW”

electric car that you can arbitrarily label. Anyone can match the key with Rolls-Royce. Lara you

don’t Would it be this kind of car?”

“Haha, I think so.”

The students in the class all looked at Lara and laughed.

Queenie muttered to himself, Chuck Cannon opened the BMW? What BMW?

Lara was red-faced, she didn’t dare to say that she secretly looked at Chuck Ce, and she found

that Chuck Cannon was expressionless. Indeed, Chuck Cannon was getting angry, and he wanted

to speak, but Lara spoke first, “I’m chaotic Say, don’t believe it.”

She thought Chuck Cannon was angry with her, so she hurried to clarify.

Chuck Cannon was speechless.

“I’ll say, Chuck Cannon can drive a BMW? What’s the difference with a sow on a tree? If Chuck

Cannon has a BMW, Lao Tzu immediately goes to eat Xiang!” a classmate said vowedly.

Chuck Cannon glanced at him, this guy wanted to eat so much?

The phone vibrated a little, and Chuck Cannon turned on the phone, it was a message sent by

Lara Chuck Ce. I didn’t mean it just now. It’s really not. You should never send me fruit photos.

Chuck Cannon looked at Lara in front of her. She turned back to pleading eyes, and Chuck

Cannon ignored her.

Lara was even more anxious. She felt uneasy in her heart. Chuck Cannon begged you not to.

At this moment.

“It’s time for the exam!”

It was Yvette Jordan who supervised the exam. She came in with the test paper and all her

classmates got serious.

Chuck Cannon looked at the test paper for a few times. He looked up at Yvette Jordan, his

expression was awkward, and Yvette Jordan was funny. He told you not to work hard.

All the students were struggling to write a book, only Chuck Cannon struggled to think about it.

It was really the reason why he didn’t study so much. Over half of the exam time, Queenie next

to him threw a note, Chuck Cannon caught it subconsciously and looked up at Yvette Yi. Nan.

She stared at Chuck Ce.

Chuck Cannon smiled wryly and was found.

Hearing Yvette Jordan humming faintly, she looked down and pretended not to see…

Chuck Cannon breathed a sigh of relief, happy in your heart, wife, you are so kind.

Chuck Cannon hurriedly finished copying, it seems that he must study hard in the second half of

the year.

Yvette Jordan, who was sitting on the podium, looked at WeChat, only to find that the “local

tyrant” actually confiscated the money, and the money was refunded to her account. Yvette

Jordan accidentally sent a message to the “local tyrant” and asked him why he did not accept it.

Chuck Cannon felt the phone moved, he secretly took out his phone and found Yvette Jordan,

but… Chuck Cannon suddenly heard the sound of high-heeled shoes, he subconsciously looked

up and found that Yvette Jordan came towards himself …

Chapter: 153

Chuck Celi put his mobile phone in his pocket, shouldn’t he? Yvette Jordan found himself a

“local tyrant”? So deliberately send a message to test?

Chuck Cannon was a little nervous. She still cheated Yvette Jordan on WeChat. She let her know

that she was a “local tyrant” and didn’t know what she would look like.


Yvette Jordan walked over, with anxiety on his face, and his eyes were turning to Chuck Ce,

turning left and right. Chuck Cannon subconsciously looked out, but it didn’t look good.

The principal of her mother was actually outside. What is this for? During the exam, the microservice private visit came to inspect?

And look at yourself.

Chuck Cannon complained, cheating was found? Yvette Jordan came over suddenly, not to find

that he was a “local tyrant”, but to remind himself that the headmaster was outside, don’t be


His wife was cooperating with her cheating. Chuck Cannon let out a sigh of relief and held

tightly the note that Queenie just threw.

Queenie also became nervous, and she also worried that Chuck Cannon was found.

Yvette Jordan was nervous. She saw the headmaster outside. Did she discover that Chuck

Cannon was cheating?

Cheating in this school is very strict, cancel the exam lightly, but remember it seriously, this will

have a great impact on graduation!

Alas, husband, how hard do you usually work!

However, at this time, the exam is over.

The headmaster came in and said directly, “Chuck Ce, come to my office!”

Then the principal went out.

Chuck Cannon was helpless, this was discovered, Yvette Jordan was anxious, Chuck Cannon

was the freshman, if cheating was remembered, how can he continue in the future?

Chuck Cannon can only stand up and go out.

“Chuck Ce…” Yvette Jordan stopped him in front of the class.

Chuck Cannon turned back.

“Be calm,” Yvette Jordan said solemnly.

Chuck Cannon nodded, not calm or okay. Chuck Cannon went out to see what the principal said.

In case it is not possible, he can only call his mother, but…

Cheating is not so glorious. My mother knows that she will be very disappointed with her. Forget

it, it is better to bear the consequences.

Yvette Jordan worried.

“What did the principal call Chuck Cegan?”

“Did you notice? Chuck Cannon cheated just now.”

“I’m fucking, this kid is very brave, cheating!”

“With his grades, wouldn’t he cheat without paying cheat!”

“Also, but he was too unlucky. The cheating was actually caught by the principal himself. Sure

enough, the people were poor. Whatever he did would be unlucky, wait to remember it!”

“Haha, I think expulsion is better!”

The classmates laughed and laughed at Luo Shixia.

“You are endless? Is Chuck Cannon cheating funny? Yang Hui, Li Kai, and you, you, you, did

you cheat when I didn’t see it?” Yvette Jordan’s face chilled.

These classmates named by Yvette Jordan blushed, and they were ashamed to find a hole in the


The other students shut up unwillingly, whispering in their hearts

Why did Yvette Jordan say good things to Chuck Cannon everywhere?

Huh, Chuck Ce, you deserve to be caught by the principal!

Lara pouting teacher, what do you like about Chuck Ce? rich? ?

Chuck Cannon followed the principal and was nervous.

“Chuck Ce, do you know what I asked you to do?” the principal said as he walked.

“Yes,” Chuck Cannon bowed his head.

“Yes? It seems to be looking for you!” The headmaster murmured to himself after being


When he arrived at the principal’s office, Chuck Cannon froze when he entered, because a

woman with a mask and sunglasses was sitting on the sofa. Although she was sitting like this, the

attractive legs and buttocks were still easily relaxed by a pair of tight jeans Outlined.

“Is he?” the principal asked.

“Yes.” The woman stood up.

Chuck Cannon accidentally, “You are…”

The woman took off her sunglasses, took off her mask, and showed a beautiful face. Chuck

Cannon was surprised when she saw her, “You, how did you find it here?”

The headmaster was surprised. She was also surprised just now. Why did the popular star Yemei

come to their school? Is it necessary to make a movie in their school? How to say that the school

scenery is good, although no crew has been here, but this is an opportunity to advertise their


Of course she was very happy, thinking, as long as Ye Meiti, she agreed.

However, when she heard Ye Mei said that she came to find someone, and still came to find a

student named Chuck Ce, she was dumbfounded.

What is a popular star doing for an ordinary student?

“I’m here to find you something, so that I can talk about it alone?” Yemi said, she was struggling

to find here!

She really wanted to play that drama, so she found too many relationships before asking.

When Chuck Cannon didn’t come just now, she was a little worried, how to say, this is just an

ordinary extreme school, in his status, the five-star hotel must send the highest reception person,

should not be a noble school ? ?

But Chuck Cannon is here, he is so rich, actually here?

Chuck Cannon had no choice but to nod.

“Principal, I want to talk to him alone. Could you please avoid it? I’m preparing a new drama

now. If I talk to investors, then I will consider framing in your school,” Yemei said.

“Okay, okay, you can talk casually.” The principal smirked, and immediately went out, but she

was curious, Ye Zimei came to find Chuck Cannon what? Just now she thought it was wrong, it

turned out to be a popular star with beautiful leaves.

When the principal went out, Chuck Cannon asked, “Do you really want to play that drama?”

“Think, think very much, I really want to work with Director Erica Yannic, please give me a

chance, I still have a little popularity, after the movie is released, the box office should be good,

and I don’t mind the pay, I don’t mind at all. , You can just give it away, 12,000 or 20.” Ye

Zimei said.

This is where she is confident. She is really red now. Looking for her to act as a heroine is all

sold at the box office, but she is a box office star! Investors want to make money, the first choice

is her!

This is her self-confidence and capital to come face to face and talk to Chuck Ce.

Chuck Cannon was silent for a few seconds and said, “Okay, you said to Director Erica Yannic, I

agree, you are the heroine in this drama!”

Chuck Cannon said to go outside, the leaves are so beautiful, so simple?

The principal saw Chuck Cannon came out so quickly. He was surprised, but it was also

reasonable. It is estimated that Ye Mei had mistakenly recognized the wrong person, otherwise

Ye Mei would find Chuck Ce?

She hurried into the office, and she wanted to get Yemei to come to their school for framing!

Chuck Cannon walked to the classroom. In fact, he had long thought about it. The beauty of Ye

Zimei is really suitable for the positioning of the heroine of the movie. And she still has a certain

box office appeal to let her star. It is indeed the best choice, but the pay is How much should I


Chuck Cannon thought so, and has returned to the classroom.

“Chuck Cannon is back.”

“Looking at his disappointment, he must have been scolded by the principal.”

“I think it’s estimated to be fired.”

The students expressed their opinions, cheating was discovered by the principal, and there are

still good fruits to eat? They regarded the cheating of Chuck Cannon as a joke.

Chuck Cannon sat down, and Queenie asked nervously, “Chuck Ce, what did the principal say?

Have you remembered… I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have passed you a note…”

Chuck Cannon shook his head.

Yvette Jordan collected the test papers on the podium, she sighed, was she punished like

this? No, Chuck Cannon was a freshman and could not be dealt with like this. Yvette Jordan

decided to see the principal and plead with Chuck Ce.

However, when the whole class mocked Chuck Cannon for being called by the headmaster to go

to the office to scold, a person appeared at the door of the classroom. The figure was particularly

good. The person with sunglasses, Yvette Jordan froze, and the classmates were also surprised.

“Hey, who is this? I am fucking, beautiful leaves, beautiful leaves!”

“What, my god, it is so beautiful. What is she doing here at our school?”

The class immediately boiled. It was a surprise. Ye Mei was a popular star and came to

school? And at the door of their class, who is this for?

The whole class immediately went around and saw the star. They had to take pictures and sign!

But Ye Zimei stood on her feet and said, “Sorry… Hey, Chuck Ce, you promised me, don’t regret



The whole class was shocked, what? When the popular star Yemei came to find Chuck Ce? ?

Chapter: 154

At this time, the whole class was stunned, how is it possible!

Ye Mei, the popular star Ye Mei came to find Chuck Ce?

Is this an illusion?

At this moment in the class, the raven was silent!

Because they didn’t think of it at all. Before the school, Lu Youwen came to find Chuck Ce,

which was enough to make them envious and jealous, but how long did it take before the popular

star Ye Mei came to him.

What is the charm of Chuck Ce? Isn’t it just a piece of wire?

Yvette Jordan was also stunned and couldn’t believe this scene at all. She looked at Chuck

Cannon with a dull look.

Husband, why is Ye Mei coming to find you? why?

Queenie was also shocked.

After only Lara was surprised in the class, she whispered that the money is amazing. Actually

soaked in the entertainment circle, let Teacher Yvette find out, see what you do!

Chuck Cannon nodded helplessly. What did she do in the classroom?

Ye Mei was relieved and didn’t pay attention to Chuck Ce’s classmates, turned around and left.

At this time, after the silence, the classmates looked at each other.

“Ye Zimei came to find Chuck Ce? Am I right?”

“It’s easy to explain, I think, just now it’s not beautiful at all.”

“Ah, why do you say that,”

“There are so many imitating shows now, who knows if they are Yemei’s imitators? She wears

such big sunglasses that she can be seen as a ghost?”

“I also think it’s fake, the leaves are so red, what are you doing at our school? Come here to find

Chuck Si? It must be fake!”

“Huh, I actually found a counterfeit product to come and pretend, please come over expensive?

Chuck Cannon is not saved, it will be like this for a lifetime…” Guo Zifan said with a sneer, he

did not believe that the people just now were really beautiful. The person who drove Buick’s car,

but also the one who borrowed it, how could the real Yemei come over to find him?

After analyzing the whole class, Chuck Cannon was even more disdainful.

Even if you borrow a car and pretend to force it, you can also spend money to rent a fake star to

pretend to be a force. This is really a king of pens!

Was it just fake?

Yvette Jordan didn’t chase the stars, she couldn’t be sure, but she frowned, “Don’t talk, prepare

for the next exam!”

The whole class is considered to be stopped, and the exam continues.

Yvette Jordan took the test paper to find the principal. When she went to the principal’s office,

she went in and saw the principal’s beauty. She was pleasantly surprised, and she could talk to

her about cheating by Chuck Ce.

“Principal…” Yvette Jordan said.

“Well, what’s the matter?”

“That’s what Chuck Cannon did in my class just now…”

“He? Ye Zimei misread it, it’s all right…” The headmaster shook his head and came out in less

than half a minute. It must be wrong!

“What? Was the leaf beautiful just now?” Yvette Jordant was surprised, but didn’t the classmates

say it was fake? If it is true, what Yezimei asked Chuck Cannon for!

“Of course it’s true. She also said that she wanted to be filmed in our school. Ha ha. Our school is

going to be red. There will definitely be many students coming here.” The principal said

beautifully, “Yes, Teacher Yvette, you What’s the matter with me?”

After being surprised, Yvette Jordan said, “Chuck Cannon just…”

“What happened to him just now?”

“It’s okay, the principal, I’m out, and the next exam is about to begin…” Yvette Jordan said and

went outside.

It seems that the principal had just been in a good mood and did not mean to punish Chuck

Cannon for cheating.

Yvette Jordan returned to the classroom and looked at her husband Chuck Cannon in the corner.

The beauty of the leaves is true. What did she come to see you for?

Husband, is your peach blossom good?

Yvette Jordan sighed helplessly and started the exam.

Over the past few days, Queenie has been secretly delivering notes to Chuck Ce. Chuck Cannon

secretly followed, and Yvette Jordan just stared at him anyway, but he didn’t say that his eyes

were telling Chuck Cannon not to be discovered.

Of course Chuck Cannon snickered. It’s so nice to have a wife who is a teacher! Any cheating is


Also, since the heroine of the play decided to have beautiful leaves, then the male lead Erica

Yannic has found it, and has sent a photo. After reading it, Chuck Cannon thought it was good, at

least the photo is always better than the previous surname Ann’s actor is much better, although

not famous.

Moreover, Director Erica Yannic said that Chuck Cannon wanted to let Chuck Cannon come to

participate in the conference. Chuck Cannon shook his head and refused. He was not suitable for

this occasion. He didn’t know what to say when he arrived on stage.

Director Erica Yannic didn’t force him, saying that he might come to the square for the first few

scenes and let Chuck Cannon prepare a little bit. Chuck Cannon was certainly surprised. This is

the best time to advertise his own square. Many, you must take your own square name and

beautiful places!

Director Erica Yannic agreed, saying he would find a way.

Chuck Cannon also expects that a crew will come to the square to film, how many people have

to attract traffic?

On this day, the exam is finally over.

Chuck Cesong said with a sigh of relief that Queenie’s results were very good. With her help,

there should be no problem in all passing.

“Wow, the exam is over. It’s summer vacation. Let’s go to KTV to celebrate!” said the monitor.

“Do you want each student to pay again?” Another student also said, really, the exams are too

tired these days, and it is going to be a holiday, it is to gather together!

“Isn’t there a classmate with a gold card in the KTV in City Square? Free, why don’t you go!”

said the monitor.

“Yes, anyway, there is a gold card, free, why not go! Hey, who is the KTV gold card holder,

stand up! Take the classmates out to relax!”

The whole class, you see me, I see you, no one stands up, but everyone is excited, to relax, not to

mention don’t have to pay, free, you can drink any good wine, who doesn’t want to what!

“This is wrong. Since there is a free gold card, you should take your classmates out to relax.

Everyone is in a class, so you should do it.” The monitor said.

“Yeah, don’t hide it, Wang Hao, Chen Weijie, Li Wenzhi… You are the gold card holders in the

class, you can speak!”

These people looked at each other, shaking their heads and saying no!

“Pretend, everyone is a classmate!”

“Yes, classmates, you should take everyone out to relax, anyway, no money.” Another classmate


But these students said helplessly, the classmates frowned, and immediately whispered, “Little

stupid, free. What’s wrong with taking the class out to relax?”

“Yes! What a stingy!”

Lara secretly looked at Chuck Cannon and found that he had packed up and was ready to leave.

“Hey, who is the gold card holder, just to say a word! Everyone is waiting! Don’t let the students

feel chilly!” the class leader continued.

Chuck Cannon ignored it and went directly with Queenie. These days Queenie has been at

Yvette Jordan’s house. Chuck Cannon thought, anyway, when the holiday was off, Queenie and

her sister moved to the house he bought before Yvette Jordan. Well inside, Yvette Jordan lives

alone, Chuck Cannon has the opportunity to go to sleep!

Of course, if Chuck Cannon did not meet the standard at that time, he would not do anything to

Yvette Jordan.

“Hey, how is this! Lara, you know who the KTV gold card holder is in the class, you say, you

tell this person!” The squad leader came to Lara.

How dare Lara say? Having said that, I am afraid that after a minute, the whole class, even the

whole school can see their own photos.

“I don’t know.” Lara shook his head.

“Don’t you know? That was what you said last time, would you not know? Say it!” the monitor


Lara shook his head, “I don’t know, I’m going to the square.”

Lara said to go outside, the class leader frowned, “Lara, you stop! I want to see today, who is this

person! Don’t leave the whole class! Find this person today!”

“Yes, find out, obviously the second generation of rich, still mixed among us, there is a free gold

card, do not take students to relax, this is what students should do? Must find out!” Other

students also agreed.

Chuck Cannon frowned and stopped, as did Queenie, and Lara could only stand still. At this

time, the people in the class were staring at a few suspected objects just now. They shook their

heads to explain whether they were really, but how could the people in the class be? What about

the letter?

Absolutely pretend, definitely one of them!

“Chuck Ce, Queenie, the two of you can go. Without you two, it’s impossible for the gold card

holder to be the two of you.” The squad leader waved his hand. He didn’t believe that the gold

card holder would be Chuck Cannon or For Queenie, others in the class also waved their hands

to let Chuck Cannon leave.

“Why should I leave?” Chuck Cannon said suddenly.

Chapter: 155

“Huh, why do you need me to tell you two to leave?”

The monitor sneered, “Poor, because the two of you are poor!”

“Yes, how could the two poor ratios be KTV gold card holders? Don’t hurry? Don’t delay our

time!” The other students were impatient.

Finally, there is a powerful classmate in the class, they can quickly find this classmate! After all,

the exam is over today. Should we relax and relax for free? They really want to go.

Find out the gold card holder, sing, drink and eat for free, and play all night!

Queenie’s face turned red all of a sudden. She was very angry. Should she be said like this if she

had no money? She is still a student, and she has no money to choose from.

Waiting for work, let’s talk about these things.

“Don’t go too far,” Queenie was particularly angry.

“Excessive? Who doesn’t know that the two of you have the worst conditions in your class? The

mother who went to the cafeteria to eat, who was not willing to beat the meat, would be the gold

card holder? Are you kidding?” The class leader disdain.

“You!” Queenie was flushed with rage!

“Nothing to say! Are you two going fast?” Guo Zifan snorted softly.

Other classmates are also very impatient. He will urge Chuck Cannon and Queenie out of your

sentence one by one, and say what not to waste their time.

The student’s mocking voice made Queenie, who was under great pressure these days, almost

cried. Her tears twirled in her eyes, and she felt too wronged. She and Chuck Cannon were both

ready to go out.

“So who do you think the gold card will be?” Chuck Cannon asked lightly.

“Anyway, it’s impossible for you two to compare!” The squad leader mocked.

The other students mocked you more politely.

“Go away! What are you doing here?”

“People want to sing and drink too, of course it’s here.”

“Huh, KTV is considered a high-consumption place. Don’t go if you have no money. What if you

become addicted?”

“Go addicted and go in as a waitress, then you can go every day?”


The ridicule of the classmates made Queenie’s eyes red, and felt too wronged. Everyone is a

classmate, so how can they look down on people like that?

“Unfortunately, the gold card is mine.” Chuck Cannon said.

Queenie’s eyes widened, what? Is the gold card holder Chuck Ce?

Lara, who was still in the classroom, also froze.

“Your? Haha!” The squad leader laughed haha.

“It’s forced, her mother is forced to borrow a car, and it’s okay to let the counterfeit Ye Zimei

come to you. Now you still say that you are a gold card holder? Why don’t you say you are the

boss? How are you? Don’t say that the entire KTV is yours? Why don’t you say that the city

square is yours!” Guo Zifan sneered.

The other classmates were too lazy to speak, and became even more upset after mocking.

“Don’t you just want to go to KTV with us? You said that early! You really don’t need that.” The

squad leader came over and smiled slightly, with disdain.

“If it is mine?” Chuck Cannon calmly.

The squad leader frowned.

“Come on! Pretend to say that the gold card is yours, interesting? Someone has to believe it. If

the gold card is yours, I will go to eat immediately!” said a classmate.

“This is what you said.” Chuck Cannon glanced at him.

“Yes, I said it! But yours? Pretend!” The classmate sneered, “But if it’s not yours, would you

dare to eat Xiang?”


“Of course Chuck Cannon didn’t dare to agree, because it can’t be his, eat Xiang! Haha!”

The students laughed courageously, and one must look at Chuck Ce’s joke.

Queenie is nervous, is this too much? Eat Xiang, how do you eat this!

“Yes.” Chuck Cannon smiled.

The classmate sneered, “Then you go to eat Xiang now! Don’t waste time!”

“No hurry, no hurry!” Chuck Cannon shook his head and looked at the squad leader. “The squad

leader, what about you!”

The squad leader’s face is hard to see, “If it’s your gold card holder, my squad leader wouldn’t

do it! I knelt down in front of everyone and kowtowed to dad! But if it’s not, then you will

disappear forever In my sight, get out of school!”

“Okay, no problem! Let’s go! Go to ktv now!” Chuck Cannon smiled and said to Queenie,

Queenie was already ignorant, she bit her lip and nodded, and went out with Chuck Ce.

The whole class looked at each other!

“So confident? Is Jin Jia really his?”

“Impossible! What do you think Chuck Cannon does? You are a fake and you never ordered

meat when you eat. He will be a gold card holder? If he does, my mother will eat it!”

“Yeah, but with such self-confidence, it’s really acting too hard.”

“Go, go, let’s all go and see, Chuck Cannon how to act today! Don’t wait for him to slip, he must

eat today!”

“Yes, this kid walks so simply, you might want to flash people on purpose, everyone go!”

The students stood up and really wanted to see Chuck Ce’s joke, Chi Xiang, and then they would

have to make a video circle of friends!

The squad leader’s face was particularly ugly, “Lara, who is the gold card holder?!”

Lara shook his head, “I don’t know, you will know when you go,”

She spread her legs and walked outside.

The squad leader snorted and frowned with Chuck Ce’s classmates, and came over, “Squad

leader, Chuck Cannon this guy wouldn’t really be…”

“Is he? Is it possible?” The monitor sneered.

“Yeah, hey, I want to see how he eats Cheung!” The classmate smiled and smiled happily.

The students all went outside, some went to make buses, and the class leader went to take Guo

Zifan’s car.

At the parking lot, the squad leader saw Chuck Cannon and Queenie sitting in the car. Is this car

still driving? The monitor is more confident that such a person will be a gold card holder?

What a joke!

“Squad leader, this guy is just pretending! Don’t pay attention to him!” Guo Zifan sneered.

“Well, drive! I can’t wait to see him disappear in my sight.” The monitor said.

Guo Zifan nodded and drove to the city square.

Chuck Cannon called Yvette Jordan, but Yvette Jordan said that the school had a meeting and

had to meet at night, so she couldn’t come. Chuck Cannon had no choice but to pick her up at

night. Yvette Jordan agreed.

Can only take Queenie to the city square, but as soon as the car started, Chuck Cannon saw Lara

passing by, and Lara also saw Chuck Ce, she was curious, how Chuck Cannon would drive such

a car!

Very strange.

Lara saw that Chuck Cannon drove Queenie away, she stomped her feet, didn’t she see me? So


“Chuck Ce, are you really the gold card holder?” Queenie asked quietly.

“Yes, it’s me.” Chuck Cannon nodded and Queenie froze. Why was he so powerful?

Soon to the city square, after Chuck Cannon parked his car, he and Queenie came out of the

parking lot of the square. Because Chuck Cannon drove slowly, when he arrived at the ktv in the

city square, many students who took the bus arrived one after another. Guo Zifan and the class

leader It’s the first one, everyone is waiting for Chuck Cannon at the door.

“Haha, here, here, hello, everyone who has diarrhea today, will wait a little more, otherwise

Chuck Cannon will not eat enough!”

“Haha, I’m done!”

The classmates laughed a lot and wanted to see Chuck Cannon out of ugliness. Chuck Cannon

and Queenie walked over. Chen Queenie already knew that Chuck Cannon was the gold card

holder, so she was a little nervous, but she was not restrained.

“I thought you took the opportunity to run, okay? Go in now, you prove that you are a gold card

holder!” said the monitor.

Chuck Cannon glanced at him and walked directly inside. When he reached the front desk, all

the classmates also followed in, whispering, all mocking Chuck Ce.

When the front desk saw so many people coming in, it was also a show of joy, which was a big

business, and when she saw Chuck Cannon walking in front, her eyes were all bright.

“Hey, beauty, this person is my classmate. He said he has your gold card here. Isn’t it! I suspect

he is sleepwalking, please trouble me to wake me up!” The squad leader sneered.

Other students can’t wait, certainly not, how could it be? Can there be a single free gold card,

can ordinary people do it? ?

I didn’t even look at the monitor at the front desk, and said directly to Chuck Cannon with

respect, “Sir, you’re here, I’ll help you prepare a VIP private room! Today we have a new kind of

red wine. It’s nice to open a bottle for you to taste. ?”

“Wine is not needed, you tell them, am I a gold member of you here?” Chuck Cannon said.

“Of course, you are the biggest VIP in our shop!” The front desk smiled!

Chuck Cannon nodded, then turned to look at the others, and said lightly, “Now believe me?”

Chapter: 156

All the students at the scene were dumbfounded and their jaws were shocked, what?

With such a respectful look at the front desk, the gold card holder is really Chuck Ce?

The squad leader’s eyes widened and his face was incredible!

The classmates who had just bet on Che Cheung with Chuck Cannon turned pale and even


Guo Zifan stunned, how could it be him? ?

His broken car was borrowed from others, how could it be him?

Queenie is different. She has heard Chuck Ceqin admit it just now. She has already thought that

this kind of expression will be at the front desk. She is now curious and wondering what

happened to Chuck Cannon recently. Not only did the school’s most beautiful teacher Yvette

Jordan catch up And became a gold member of this ktv…

“Impossible! Will the gold card holder be Chuck Ce?”

“No, why is this reception desk so polite to him?”

“She’s fucking, I know. Just now, Chuck Cannon asked the counterfeit Yezi Mei to come and

look for him. Can’t he find the front desk to cooperate with him now?”

“I remembered that Chuck Cannon had been a waitress here before. He wasn’t allowed to know

the front desk at that time, so Chuck Cannon called the front desk just now and asked her to say

so deliberately, it must be like this!”

The analysis of the students whispering, the class leader immediately recovered, he snorted,

“Chuck Ce, are you there? Actually find someone to act with you, you can make such a mean

and shameless method, I used to I really underestimate you!”

“Yeah, the acting skills of the person you are looking for are so bad! Really when we can’t see it?

Really when we don’t know that you used to be a waiter here?” The classmate who cheated on

Che Cheung came out with a big face ridicule.

Confused at the front desk, this gentleman has been a waiter here? What…what happened?

Chuck Cannon looked at them, these people really would find reasons.

“Call your ministers out!” The squad leader sneered. I was really annoyed. This policy was so

shameless that it made people cooperate with him.

Helpless at the front desk, is preparing to use the intercom to call the minister.

The squad leader snorted, and all the classmates couldn’t wait any longer, thinking of the

minister coming over to uncover Chuck Ce’s lies!


“Chuck Ce! Really you!” A voice suddenly sounded from inside, and a young man walked out of

KTV with a few women.

Chuck Cannon looked over and froze, Wang Wei, Wang Wei, the son of the boss before this

square, he was here.

“It’s me,” Chuck Cannon nodded.

“Are you coming to sing? Say it earlier…” Wang Wei leaned over, “My friend opened a new

field over there, there are many beautiful women, there are many from the United States, go


Chuck Cannon shook his head. He didn’t want to go to such a place. Queenie on the side heard

that, of course, she knew what it meant. She was a little blushed. Will Chuck Cannon go to that

kind of place?

The squad leader frowned, he didn’t know this person, but he was very high-end in terms of

dress, this is a rich second generation.

“Wang Wei…” Guo Zifan’s eyes widened and his tone was incredible.

“Wang Wei?” The squad leader frowned deeper.

“Don’t you know Wang Wei? The son of the owner of the square!” Guo Zifan was shocked. He

was not shocked to see Wang Wei, but shocked Wang Wei to greet Chuck Ce, but he looked

very familiar.

This is the rich second generation with billions of dollars! !

“What?” The squad leader was scared. He really didn’t know, but he knew what it meant.

Anyone who knows the son of the owner of the square can say that Chuck Cannon really is the

gold card holder of this KTV? ?

How is this possible!

The other students were shocked again when they heard the conversation between the monitor

and Guo Zifan.

Chuck Cannon actually knew the rich second generation? ?

“No, you can play by yourself.” Chuck Cannon shook his head. If you let your mother know

what kind of place you go, then your mother will be very disappointed with herself.

“Okay, but are you free these days? I will tell you something.” Wang Wei hesitated.

Chuck Cannon nodded, “OK, you will call me when it’s time,”

“Well, thank you, then I’m leaving.” Wang Wei waved his hand, embracing the beautiful woman

with special joy and went out.

“You…” The squad leader glared at Chuck Ce, his voice trembling. “You, are you really a gold

card holder?”


All the students looked at Chuck Cannon intently. At this moment, the bird was silent!

“Sir, you are here.” The minister came out from inside at this moment, and he was surprised. He

ran over with special respect. “Sir, I will open a VIP room for you now?”

The students present were stunned again!

If it is said that the front desk cooperates with Chuck Ce’s acting, then it is possible, but the

square owner Wang Wei just greeted Chuck Ce, and now even Minister KTV came out

personally, this…

Is it true that Chuck Cannon is the gold card holder? ?

At this moment, all the students were dumbfounded! With an open mouth, you can put an apple

in it.

They were stupid and dumbfounded.

“No, I’ll come over and see, you’re busy with you first.” Chuck Cannon said.

“Okay, okay, you have orders to say at any time,” the minister nodded politely and turned to


Chuck Cannon turned to look at the monitor.

At this moment, the squad leader’s expression is complicated, what is he saying now? Needless

to say, the gold card holder turned out to be Chuck Ce.

The classmates were also in a trance. At the last class meeting, they didn’t pay a penny. It was

not Lara’s credit, but Chuck Ce…

No one speaks, the bird is silent!

Chuck Cannon looked at the monitor in this way, and the atmosphere was condensing!

The squad leader gritted his teeth and knelt down with a thump, the whole class was


The squad leader actually knelt down for Chuck Ce, and the students who gambling and cheating

with Chuck Cannon shivered.

The squad leader is ready to stand up.

“Slow!” Chuck Cannon came over.

“I have kneeled for you, what else do you want?” The squad leader was angry, and at this time,

the endless shame made him unable to lift his head.

“Did you forget something?” Chuck Cannon looked at him.

“You!!!” The squad leader gritted his teeth, he struggled for a few seconds, “Dad, Dad…”

The classmates were even more dumbfounded. The monitor called Dad Chuck Ce!

Chuck Cannon shook his head, “I don’t have a son like you!”

“Chuck Ce, I have nothing to do with you today!” The squad leader stood up and ran out.

The other students were silent and looked at each other.

“Liu Kai, don’t you eat Xiang? Go eat Xiang.” Chuck Cannon said.

All classmates looked at him.


The student came over in a panic and said, “We are all classmates, Chuck Ce, what are you doing

so seriously? I’m kidding with you, won’t you take it seriously? Haha, are you serious? Haha, I’m

playing with you.”

“But I didn’t play with you,” Chuck Cannon shook his head, his tone very soft.

“You! Chuck Ce, as for you, I’m kidding with you, don’t forget, we are all classmates! Don’t go

too far!” This classmate is very angry and eats Xiang? Will he have dinner afterwards? ?

“You mean you don’t eat?” Chuck Cannon calmly.

“Me,” the classmate blushed.

“Don’t you say that Chuck Cannon is the gold card holder, so you go to eat Xiang? Why don’t

you go!” A female student said lively.

“He Jingjing, what did your mother say?” The classmate was furious.

“You said it yourself, is your mother still a man!”

“Yeah, I promised Chuck Ce, I lost and didn’t admit it, you’re really not a man,”

Several female classmates in the class usually despised Chuck Ce’s sarcasm. Chuck Cannon

actually had a gold card. This has to be a good relationship!

The classmate blushed and looked at Chuck Cannon begging, “Chuck Ce, I am really joking with

you. You see me as your classmate, this time it is fine, okay?”

“I really did not joke with you.” Chuck Cannon shook his head.

“You…” The classmate gritted his teeth, closed his eyes and pretended to die, lying on the ground, the classmates despised, what, or are they not men?

Chuck Cannon glanced down at him, too lazy to ignore him, and said to Queenie that he was

going to leave, but the classmates came around and talked eloquently.

“Chuck Ce, Chuck Ce, you are the gold card holder. I really can’t see it. It turns out that you are

so powerful, add me to WeChat.”

“Yeah, Chuck Ce, you see everyone is here. Let us use your gold card to let us in and relax.”

“Everyone is a classmate. Come on, you tell the front desk, open the kind of red wine that came last time, drink it well, I still want to drink it.”

They are all surrounded by Chuck Ce, all of them are classmates, there is a free gold card, they must definitely take them to play!

Chapter: 157

“Chuck Ce, come here, take us in to play.” A female student glared at Chuck Ce.

The other students were looking forward to Chuck Ce. How could everyone be classmates?

Chuck Cannon would definitely agree.

“You want to play, you have to open the private room and play, everyone should be enough.”

Chuck Cannon said this, and went out with Queenie.

“Sir, go slowly!” The front desk smiled.

The remaining classmates are dumbfounded, what’s going on? Why is he like this, all classmates,

actually did not bring classmates to play? !

“Hey, Chuck Ce, come back!”

“Damn, Chuck Cannon is abominable!”

“Yeah, it’s awful, they are all classmates, what are you doing so seriously? Just now, you have to

squat leader to kneel, and you have to go to Liu Xiang to eat Chess. People are playing tricks.

What’s the truth about Chuck Ce? Really sick! Race.”

“Yes! I see, Chuck Cannon is deliberate! Take us as classmates! We are still in the same class for

a year!”

“Alas, people also have intentional capital. This gold card holder is really his, this is really a


“I see, Chuck Cannon became a dog and licked the rich second-generation Wang Wei just now,

so there will be a gold card!”

“Yeah, I think it is like this. People like Chuck Cannon have been like this for a lifetime. The one

who climbs the flames is licking the dog. Last time I picked up the money, it was really


“Ah, forget it, everyone is here, do you want to spend money together to play?”

“I don’t want to play! It could have been free, why do I need to pay now? I’m gone.”

“me too!”

The students in the class left one after another, and Guo Zifan gradually recovered, he sneered, it

turned out that he did this by licking the dog!

I said to someone like you, how could someone give a gold card to a poor ratio?

“Don’t pretend to be your mother, Chuck Cannon is gone,” Guo Zifan looked contemptuously at

the classmate who was lying on the ground and still pretending to be dead.

The classmate got up and was afraid, “I was scared to death just now, let me go to eat Xiang,

Chuck Cannon is really cruel, her mother and I played with him, he actually took it!? Such

people have… …”

It was too late, Chuck Cannon and Queenie ate something together, and then Chuck Cannon took

Queenie away.

Send Queenie back first, then pick up Yvette Jordan.

While in the car, Queenie said that she was going to work part-time and had to make money parttime, otherwise the tuition fees for the second half of the year would not fall. Anyway, when she

was on vacation, she could directly find a job for two months.

“I will help you,” Chuck Cannon said.

“No, you have helped me enough, and I really don’t need it,” Queenie said very quietly, but he

was very serious.

Chuck Cannon is helpless, Queenie is simple, and has his own perseverance and self-esteem.

At this point, Chuck Cannon understood that if she helped her, she would feel humble.

“Also, I’m going to move out of Teacher Yvette’s house these past few days,” Queenie

whispered. She didn’t want to trouble Teacher Yvette. Although Teacher Yvette didn’t mind, it

was bad.

“Move out? I’ll find a place for you… Don’t refuse, you should have no money to rent a house

now.” Chuck Cannon said, he had planned for a long time, bought Yvette Jordan’s house for so

long, it was empty. It is better to live with Queenie and her sister.

“But…” Queenie’s voice was very low. Chuck Cannon was right. Queenie didn’t have much

money to rent a house. “Chuck Ce, you, you are so good to me, I really don’t know how to repay


She said here, her heart is also tangled.

Except for the kind of remuneration that helped him that night, she really didn’t know what kind

of remuneration she had to use, but Chuck Cannon had Mr. Yvette Jordan as a girlfriend, and she

needed to help herself?

It can only be said that it feels different, and when you change your feelings, you will let yourself

do that.

The atmosphere became awkward because of this sentence.

Chuck Cannon glanced at her hand, and the two stared at each other.

Queenie blushed, he looked at himself, did he want to? ?

Queenie is nervous. Isn’t this sorry Mr. Yvette! But I can’t refuse it.

Chuck Cannon hurried to continue to drive seriously and shook his head, “Don’t think about it,

you just have to live first, you can read smart, and you will make a lot of money later.”

Really, Queenie is clever. If she graduated from college, it would be good to let her help manage

other industries.

“Well,” Queenie nodded.

“Then tomorrow I will take you to the place where I said,” Chuck Cannon said, she left, then

Chuck Cannon can live at Yvette Jordan’s house, do nothing.

“This is your friend’s place?” Queenie asked.

“It’s true,”

“Then I will take me there now, anyway, it’s still too early, I don’t want to trouble Teacher

Yvette, neither of you…”

“Now?” Chuck Cannon was surprised, but it was not too late. It used to be over there. Tonight,

they hit the floor and buy furniture and the like for them tomorrow.


“All right,” Chuck Cannon nodded.

Soon Chuck Cannon took Queenie back to Yvette Jordan’s house. Queenie came out of the car

and immediately went to pick up things with her sister. The original things were nothing. Soon

the two came down and sat back in the car again. Chuck Cannon took them Before the two went

to Yvette Jordan’s house.

It is also coming soon.

Queenie was surprised that she had never been to this community, but looking at the rent that

should be quite expensive, she took her sister out of the car, followed Chuck Cannon upstairs,

opened the door, and the three entered.

Queenie was surprised, this house is very good, which friend of Chuck Ce?

“You wait a minute, I’ll go down and buy you quilts and daily necessities.” Chuck Cannon said

that he had gone downstairs.

“Sister, this home is so beautiful,”

Queenie also nodded, and after more than ten minutes, Chuck Cannon came back with something

in his hands, and simply helped to clean up. Chuck Cannon said that they would rest assured that

they should stay calm, and Yvette Jordan would not come back here again, it’s fine, this The

house, Chuck Cannon did not intend to tell Yvette Jordan that he bought it.

Chuck Cannon thought this way, simply said a few words, and went downstairs. He had to pick

Yvette Jordan.

Queenie sat on the bed, wondering what he was thinking…

She sighed, except for that, how can she repay him?

Chuck Cannon opened the community, called Yvette Jordan, and asked her where she was.

Yvette Jordan said that at the door of a restaurant, their teacher had just finished the meal. Chuck

Cannon asked her to wait for a while, and he would arrive immediately.

Hanging up the phone, Chuck Cemei was mad, Queenie moved out today, then…tonight…Chuck

Cannon was helpless thinking of this, but her mother must exercise!

Yvette Jordan must see himself with a strong body!

At the door of the hotel, Yvette Jordan and the teacher came out and had a holiday. She could

also put herself into the operation of her company. Her heart was relaxed and nervous.

“Teacher Yvette, you didn’t drive today?” one teacher asked.

“No, my car crashed, and I sold it,” Yvette Jordan said. He sold more than 20,000 yuan. Yvette

Jordan was particularly distressed, but it was better than nothing. After buying the car, it would

be fine to do the bus anyway. Did you do it when you didn’t have a car?

“Then I will send you back.” The vice-principal of the school was speaking. He drove a

Mercedes-Benz, and sent the beauty back, which was enough.

“No, I have someone to pick me up.” Yvette Jordan shook his head.

“Take it? As far as I know, Teacher Yvette doesn’t have a boyfriend!” The vice principal smiled,

and the other teachers who walked out with him naturally left consciously. Everyone knows what

this means.

The vice principal always wanted to get along with Yvette Jordan, but Yvette Jordan ignored


The other teachers left.

“I have no boyfriend,” Yvette Jordan shook his head, but I had a husband.

“Then I don’t have a boyfriend. I’ll send you back.” The vice principal smiled, which implied


Yvette Jordan glanced at him and wanted to talk, but the phone in her pocket rang. She took it

out and took a look. It was Chuck Ce. She answered, “My husband, I am at the door,”

The vice-principal didn’t come to school usually, and didn’t know Chuck Ce.

“Well, I’m here soon? Then I’ll wait for you.” Yvette Jordan hung up the phone.

The vice principal frowned, husband? When did Yvette Jordan get married? Impossible, her

resume is unmarried, hum, I want to see who your husband is? The vice principal sneered, and

soon he saw a car approaching this way. After seeing the car logo, he was disdainful. It turned

out to be Buick!

Poor ghost!

Chapter: 158

The vice-principal originally thought that, with Yvette Jordan’s appearance and figure, looking

for a man at least to find him like a Mercedes-Benz. For a long time, Yvette Jordan’s taste was so

bad. Looking for a Buick?

I knew her mother Yvette Jordan was so easy to handle, and anyone who opened Buick could do

it. Her mother should have spent some money on Yvette Jordan a few times.

The vice principal was annoyed.

“Mr. Yvette, this is your husband? It seems not very good.” The vice-principal said yin-yang.

Yvette Jordan glanced at him and said nothing.

“Yvette Jordan, how I treated you at school, you know clearly, to be honest, it really surprised

me to find such a man.”

“No, he is my husband,” Yvette Jordan said.

The vice principal frowned, “Where does your husband work? I’m afraid that if I drive this car, it

will be seven or eight thousand a month? Is it enough?”


“Mr. Yvette, people are going to go high. The school director Chuck is almost retired. I have

noticed that you have been for a long time. See you are just right.” The vice principal said.

In the position of a director, you should be grateful. Oh, he must be ecstatic in his heart, but he is

just pretending.

In the position of a director, what can you call a man? No, I won’t be able to give you a lifetime.

The vice principal disdained.

“No, my qualifications are not enough.” Yvette Jordan shook his head.

“Haha, you forgot who I am? I said you are enough, I said one thing, now it is mainly whether

you are willing, huh, are you willing? Teacher Yvette…” The vice principal smiled slightly, his

voice proud. .

Indeed, his vice-principal, normal personnel transfer, the director is not a word?

“no need.”

“Ms. Yvette, you can’t do this. You don’t go to high places, but you flow to low places.” The vice

principal was really annoyed. This has always been the case. Yvette Jordan has always been like

this to him.

“Ms. Yvette, I haven’t heard that you have a man. I said this time. Are you embarrassed to say? I

think so. Most of the people who drive this kind of car are office workers. According to the

current house price, he can’t buy it. When you get up, should you still rent a house? Am I right?”

The vice-principal is proud, but there are several houses under his name!

And they are all worth millions.

Can your man compare with me?

“Yes, rent a house, but what does this have to do with you?” Yvette Jordan looked at him.

“I just care about you. Your man has no ability to make you suffer with him.”

“I don’t feel bitter, but you talk too much.”

The vice principal frowned, “Mr. Yvette, what is your attitude? Is it a teacher’s attitude towards

the principal?”

“Vice, you are the vice principal.” Yvette Jordan shook his head.

“You! Yvette Jordan, I don’t think you want to get mixed up in school!” The vice principal’s face

was gloomy.

“Do you think you’re amazing? I was hired by the principal personally. You fired me to try. Also,

what if my husband opened Buick? But he is younger than you, and the money will be made

someday, and will Much more than you, but you are done.” Yvette Jordan said and walked over.

Just when Chuck Cannon opened the car door, Yvette Jordan bit his lip and gently hugged,


This is the first time Yvette Jordan took the initiative to take action.

Chuck Cezheng enlisted, excited, but felt that she was not in the right mood, so she glanced at

the man in the distance. Is this the vice principal?

Chuck Cannon was a little impressed. The principal rarely came to the school.

Was Yvette Jordan wronged suddenly?

“Wife, has he bullied you?” Chuck Cannon asked.

“No, husband, let’s go.” Yvette Jordan let go of Chuck Ce.

“Well.” Chuck Cannon glanced at the vice-principal, who was particularly ugly.

Chuck Cannon and Yvette Jordan got into the car and drove away.

“Yvette Jordan, Yvette Jordan, I can’t fire you? Ha ha, I want you to cry and leave the school!”

The deputy principal snorted coldly, opened the car door and sat in.

He was about to leave by car, but there was someone who was about to drive, and the viceprincipal didn’t pay attention and nearly hit him.

“Grass and mud horses, will you drive! Nima’s old Mercedes-Benz is like this? Just hit

someone?” The man clenched his hands on the hood.

The vice-principal turned pale, shaking with the steering wheel in his hand. He opened the

window and said, “Isn’t it just not seen? Sorry!”

“Oh, there’s such an apology for the grass and mud horses?” The man walked up angrily and

raised his hand and slapped it.

A crackling sound.

The vice principal’s face was flushed on one side, and he was very embarrassed. He was all

embarrassed. This man beat himself? Dare to beat yourself?

“I slap you and say sorry to you, okay?” The man sneered.

“You!” Where the vice-principal could bear it, getting out of the car and wrestling with this man,

but where is he young enough to fight? Begging for mercy soon, “Oh, don’t fight, don’t fight…”

Chuck Cannon parked the car to the place where Yvette Jordan rented a house. Yvette Jordan

said, “Her husband, be careful on your way.”

She said to get off, but Chuck Cannon also followed. Yvette Jordan was stunned and whispered,

“Her husband, what are you doing? Queenie and they are upstairs. You drove back early, be

good, and go back quickly.”

Chuck Cannon came over, “Queenie and her sister have moved out.”

“What?” Yvette Jordan was surprised. She quickly took out her mobile phone and wanted to call


I found out that my mobile phone had information, and it was Queenie’s, which roughly meant

that Chuck Cannon found a house for them, so he moved away.

Yvette Jordan was relieved, why did Queenie go so urgently? Are you afraid of affecting

yourself? Yvette Jordan was helpless.

“Wife, will I sleep here tonight?” Chuck Cannon said.

At this time, silence.

Because Yvette Jordan’s beautiful face was already red, just like the peach, this is the first time

Chuck Cannon saw Yvette Jordan’s expression, with a little shyness, coy…

“Yes.” Yvette Jordan nodded, his voice very small.

She was here to help Chuck Cannon last time, this was her psychological defense line was

broken, plus so many years, sleeping together for so many years, should be able to do something.

A little nervous, even uneasy, will it be uncomfortable? Yvette Jordan didn’t understand this


Chuck Cannon was pleasantly surprised. He was going to sleep with Yvette Jordan tonight, as he

was when he was a child.

“Don’t you say you want to sleep here? What are you doing standing still?” Yvette Jordan

blushed, her husband, you are teasing me…

Chuck Cannon had recovered, and was busy going upstairs with Yvette Jordan. When he came to

the room again, it felt really different, as if he had arrived at his house, but he was nervous.

In this atmosphere, Chuck Cannon felt that he was busy suppressing this idea. It was not enough.

It must be exercised before it can be banned! !

Otherwise, Yvette Jordan will despise.

Yvette Jordan closed the door and whispered, “Her husband, go take a shower.”

“You first.”

“You are better…”

Chuck Cannon was helpless and could only go to the bathroom to take a shower. The cold water

was flushing on Chuck Ce. Chuck Cannon felt his thoughts pressed down. Chuck Cannon bowed

his head and sighed. Was he too nervous and wanted to perform in front of Yvette Jordan, so?

Chuck Cannon clenched his fists and worked hard.

When he came out of the bathroom, Yvette Jordan blushed and his heart accelerated. How can I

say that this is not the first time I saw Chuck Ceguang’s shirt, but this time he was particularly

nervous, and…his husband has abdominal muscles, so obvious abdominal muscles…

“Then I will wash.” Yvette Jordan hurried to the bathroom. She was particularly nervous. After

she took a shower, she came out of the bathroom shyly and took a few deep breaths. When she

was about to enter the room, she froze.

Because there was no one in her bed, she was curious and went to the living room and found

Chuck Cannon lying on the sofa. Yvette Jordan blushed on the sofa?

“Husband…” Yvette Jordan whispered in a low voice, so nervous that the voice was shaking.

I slept together for so long before. Yvette Jordan feels that he is too useless. Why is he so


“Well, I sleep on the sofa today.” Chuck Cannon said.

“You,” Yvette Jordan was stunned, what? I’m ready in my heart, why…

Yvette Jordan was a little lost. She walked to the sofa and sat down, “Husband,”

Chuck Cannon couldn’t describe the sound, “Wife, go to bed early.”

“Well, go to bed early,” Yvette Jordan nodded, the tension in his heart was gone, and some just relax, “Her husband, let’s talk like a kid tonight.”

Chapter: 159

Yvette Jordan was lying on her bed, and she was nervous again, because she had been chatting

with Chuck Cannon for a long time just now, and she saw what Chuck Cannon was suppressing,

and she saw what she saw with her eyes.

However, I am mentally prepared. I was there when I was fifteen or sixteen. I can find myself if I

want to, but why not touch myself?

I said in my mouth that I can help myself. I already have psychological preparations. I told my

classmate Sun Shangxue that you can’t let your husband hold back too much, but…

Yvette Jordan blushed, thinking that she shouldn’t think about it. Isn’t the woman thinking that

it’s naughty?

Go to bed now!

Yvette Jordan closed his eyes.

When she woke up in the morning, she heard the movement and she went out in confusion. She

saw Chuck Cannon doing push-ups. This line of muscles is a real man.

Seeing this picture early in the morning, Yvette Jordan blushed, and she whispered, “Husband, I

didn’t see you doing this in the morning.”

“I just started doing it recently.” Chuck Cannon said, he can’t always say that he is exercising for

exercise time, right?

“Well, good exercise, more exercise, the muscles will be strong.” Yvette Jordan couldn’t say


She had to go to the kitchen nervously to make breakfast. She had to go to the company earlier.

The loan shark repays 100,000 a month. The pressure is still very great. You have to work hard.

Chuck Cannon has been exercising for more than half an hour. He is still breathless. He can

continue to do hundreds of push-ups. He is much better than ordinary people. Is he too nervous?

Confused, Chuck Cannon went to the bathroom and took a shower. He ate the breakfast made by

Yvette Jordan, and then drove Yvette Jordan to the square.

Then I am going to go to the boxing gym to learn practical boxing, so as not to encounter things,

so that I can not beat others.

At the square, Yvette Jordan went to the company himself, and Chuck Cannon met Lu Youwen

for a while, and was ready to go to the boxing gym that his mother had found.

This is also exercise!

However, how to say, Chuck Cannon still wants to buy a car for Yvette Jordan, how to say that

Yvette Jordan’s temperament is so good, at least driving Mercedes-Benz BMW?

However, when I came here, I told Yvette Jordan about it. Yvette Jordan shook his head and said

that it was unnecessary. Chuck Cannon was very helpless.

Or just bring a BMW over and give Yvette Jordan a surprise? Chuck Cannon had this idea, but it

was still under consideration.

What if Yvette Jordan bought it doesn’t like it?

Chuck Cannon sighed, thinking so, the person had already reached the elevator, and the phone


Chuck Cannon took it out to see that it was Charlotte, and the car was repaired, but Chuck

Cannon was busy with the exam these days and didn’t go to the BMW shop. Chuck Cesi wanted

to go, but it was better tomorrow.

In this simple way to Charlotte, he hung up the phone, but as soon as the elevator door opened,

Chuck Cannon froze, because Zelda walked out.

Today Zelda is very beautiful, with exquisite high heels, long white legs, a casual suit on the

upper body, especially fashionable and beautiful, especially short skirts, especially attractive.

Chuck Cannon was surprised, this leg, this hip is really…

“Do you want to go out?” Zelda came out and asked, biting her lip, she came to find Chuck Ce.

She was so annoyed these days that she always received a call from her mother and said that she

should take Chuck Cannon back. Trip, but how to bring it! ?

She thought about confessing to her mother, but after confessing, she would be bombarded by

her mother next. She couldn’t stand it, let alone, confessed, there was no reason, then there was

no chance Policy alone.

“Well, when I last ran, didn’t I tell you? I want to learn boxing.” Chuck Cannon said.

“Well, are you free tomorrow? My mom’s side, I want to let you go to see our house. In the

morning, I will definitely come back at night. Are you free? Trouble you.” Zelda was nervous,

and his voice was also small.

Chuck Cannon hesitated, he wanted to stay with Yvette Jordan every day, and didn’t want to go

out, but Zelda was so good to himself, this busy must definitely help the end.

“Well, good tomorrow.”

“Thank you.” Zelda was pleasantly surprised, he agreed.

“It’s okay, then I went to the boxing gym.”

“Okay, I went to see Lu Youwen and signed the contract today.” Zelda is in a good mood. If she

is not in trouble, she wants to go to the boxing gym with Chuck Ce. She also likes sports.

Regarding Zelda has negotiated with the owner of the store to be transferred, Lu Youwen has

just said to Chuck Ce, the transfer price is not too expensive, 400,000, Chuck Cannon thought,

this point Zelda opened up, based on her previous If the shop is renovated, it may take about

three million.

This is not much for Zelda’s investment.

Moreover, Chuck Cannon has already told Lu Youwen that Zelda does not need to give any

deposit, and the shop rents at the lowest price, that is, halved to rent to Zelda.

“I wish you success.” Chuck Cannon smiled.

“Thank you.” Zelda went to Lu Youwen with a smile, but she found Chuck Cannon staring at her

hips, she smiled in her heart, and whispered, “During exercise, you can’t look around, you must

ban, desire, otherwise Be careful and give up your achievements.”

Chuck Cannon was embarrassed, mainly because of Zelda’s legs and buttocks, which were too

beautiful. He couldn’t hold back for a while, so he took a few more look.

“Sister Yi, you still wear so beautiful, don’t wear a short skirt next time.” Chuck Cannon said.

“Okay, listen to you.” Zelda went to Lu Youwen.

Chuck Cannon smiled, and Chuck Cannon took the elevator to the parking lot, but Chuck

Cannon just got into the car and was about to drive, and saw that Yvette Jordan actually came

out of the elevator, too, on the first floor. This is the parking lot, and she came down…

Chuck Cannon was surprised, and soon saw Yvette Jordan feel a little ignorant, and may have

come down habitually. Her eyes quickly dimmed, sighing, and whispered, “Forget that you don’t

have a car, try to make money to buy a car. , Go to the bus, or it’s too late.”

She turned around and walked back. She had a client who wanted to meet, saying that there were

employees in the company who had to come over for training, but they had to be interviewed.

This was introduced by others.

“Wife, where are you going, I will send you over.” Chuck Ce’s voice sounded at this time, Yvette

Jordan turned his head to see and saw Chuck Cannon smiling at himself.

Yvette Jordan was embarrassed in his heart. Maybe Chuck Cannon just saw that she was

habitually down, so she stopped herself, but she was moved quickly, bit her lip and nodded,


Sitting in the Buick car, Chuck Cannon asked her where to go? Yvette Jordan said that he was

going to meet the customer. This was introduced by Sun Shangxue, a Beijing classmate.

That is to go to the airport.

Chuck Cannon drove Yvette Jordan to the airport.

“Her husband, you will wait for me in the car for a while. I will pick up the customer, and then,

will you send me and the customer back?” Yvette Jordan whispered.

“Okay, you go.” Chuck Cannon smiled.

Yvette Jordan was relieved and opened the car door to pick up customers at the airport.

Chuck Cannon was waiting in the car.

Yvette Jordan walked into a few scenes, and soon she saw the person introduced by Sun

Shangxue, two middle-aged women, black stockings, high heels, exquisite professional suits,

these two women have their own shops, but the new opening , So I want to bring employees over

to train the company culture, but I have to come over to inspect myself.

“Hello, this is Yvette Jordan.” Yvette Jordan walked over.

The two middle-aged women took off their sunglasses and looked at Yvette Jordan for a few

moments. They were very temperamental and they should have good company abilities. After

all, Sun Shangxue introduced them and the training fees were very cheap. Of course they had to

come over.

“Hello.” The two women said.

“Mr. Cao, Mr. Yan, I’m ready on the other side. Could you please go over to my company and

see if you can,”

“no problem,”

The two women followed Yvette Jordan to the airport parking lot. They saw that the parking lot

was full of Mercedes-Benz and BMW. They looked at each other and whispered in their hearts.

It was pretty good. It is estimated that the company was also good. The price is cheap, this is

great value for money! !


“Mr. Cao, Mr. Yan, please get in the car.” Yvette Jordan said, Chuck Cannon also came down,

and his wife’s client must not be rude.

Such an old Buick? The two women frowned, and actually opened Buick. Is this a matter of

taking themselves seriously, or is it a company that doesn’t even have a BMW Benz supporting

the facade?

The two women were immediately disappointed. They felt that they should not come here. It

wasted time, and it was a penny and a penny. It turned out to be cheap and nothing good. A

training company that does not even have a BMW Mercedes-Benz, is it a company?

The two women shook their heads.

Chapter: 160

Yvette Jordan saw the thoughts of the two executives. Indeed, the company’s facade is very

important. The car is the facade symbol of a company’s strength. Yvette Jordan knows this


But… this car is not bad, it is good, quiet and comfortable.

However, the two of them have been denied for the first time.

Yvette Jordan sighed in his heart, “Please two.”

“Forget it, all come, let’s go and have a look.”

“After all, Sun Shangxue’s introduction should not be too bad, we believe Sun Shangxiang, let’s

go and see.”

The two women said, and they sat in.

Yvette Jordan was relieved and said to Chuck Ce, “Her husband, drive.”

Chuck Cannon nodded, and of course he could see that the two women looked down on Yvette


Yvette Jordan, who worked very hard, was aggrieved just now, but he didn’t make it clear that

Chuck Cannon felt that he had to buy Yvette Jordan a good car.

Chuck Cannon got into the car and drove.

Yvette Jordan sat beside him.

After driving to the parking lot of the square, the two women got out of the car. Yvette Jordan

asked Chuck Cannon to busy himself. Chuck Cannon shook his head. He didn’t want to see

Yvette Jordan wronged.

Yvette Jordan was moved and took three people to the company.

“Mr. Yvette, how did you think of starting a company here?” Cao asked.

“I have…”

“No, I asked you, this square is quite remote, how did you find it here? It is estimated that the

rent is very cheap?”

“There are many reasons.” Yvette Jordan said, mainly because she was a teacher in a nearby

school. She thought of convenience, so she opened the company here.

“Oh, that’s because the rent is cheap,” Cao said.

Yvette Jordan is particularly helpless. Why do many executives think this square is not

good? Lonely is lonely, but the business prospects are good, she thinks so.

Moreover, the Plaza has recently made a lot of new moves, and the facilities are all invested

heavily. She sees this in her eyes, which shows that the Plaza boss wants to change this place


So the prospect of this square is very good, and it is right to say that it is bright, but she has never

seen the owner of this square.

“The rent for this square will be very expensive,” Yvette Jordan said.

“I don’t see it. I think the rent of this square will become cheaper and cheaper,” Mr. Cao shook

his head.

“I think so too, President Yvette, the prospect of this square is not good. I advise you to change

the company’s place,” Mr. Yan also said.

“The two are wrong, the prospect of this square is very good, and the rent will become more and

more expensive.” Chuck Cannon said lightly.

Yvette Jordan had a sign, and her husband’s vision was really good.

The two women glanced at Chuck Ce.

Mr. Cao shook his head, “You are wrong. This square is too remote and there are no office

buildings. Except for schools, real high-end goods cannot enter, indicating that the square can

only be maintained at the low end. The prospect is worrying.”

“Yes, there is no high consumption, and there are not many people. There are very few, which

shows that these shops will not make any money at all. I see that most of the shops on the first

floor are still struggling. Slowly, there is a vicious circle, and here it will become more and more

empty.” President Yan said.

They are good-looking, looking left and right, they don’t think how good this square is, the flow

of people is not big, the merchants are losing money, then the quality of goods and services will

have to be reduced, so a vicious circle is formed, repeat customers It’s gone, and the square’s

ultimate bracing is useless, and will only close down.

“Although the flow of people has not improved, but soon there will be more people here,” Chuck

Cannon said.

“Many? I really don’t see it.” The two women shook their heads disdainfully.

“Yes, after a while in this square, a crew will come to the scene to shoot.”

A crew came to shoot? Yvette Jordan was stunned. What happened? She didn’t hear about it!

“The crew filming?” The two women were surprised, but they laughed quickly.

“What’s the use of some junk crew coming to shoot? It won’t bring any traffic to the square at

all.” Mr. Cao shook his head and smiled.

“Well, the only thing to film in this square is that the crew is poor and the cost is reduced, so just

look for this square. The junk crew and the unknown actors are just like passers-by, which is not

very different,” Yan also said. Laughed.

The one who can be filmed here must have invested a million or two million rubbish films. There

were no people to watch the filming. How can it drive traffic?

“I think you misunderstood, the director of this drama is the Yuebuying director who has won

many awards, and the heroine is now the popular actor Ye Mei. The two of them come here,

don’t they drive traffic?” Chuck Cannon said .

He is now in the movie circle, and the investment movie is definitely not this one. Chuck Cannon

will let the director come over here for the next movie. Even Chuck Cannon himself has a movie

concept in mind, set up a movie similar to the secret room, The main scene was shot in his own


The two women were surprised. Of course they had heard of Erica Yannic and Ye Zimei. Why

would they come here to take pictures?

Yvette Jordan was even more stunned. Could it be said that the last time Ye Zimei went to

school to find Chuck Ce, was he talking about filming in this square? But shouldn’t you find

Plaza Manager Lu Youwen?

“And the filming of the film is more than this one, the crew will have more crew to come in and

shoot.” Chuck Cannon continued.

“This… well, the two of us were mistaken, and the crew could be fancy. It is estimated that this

boss is a bit skilled.” President Cao shook his head.

President Yan envyed that the resources of this square were so good, why didn’t there be a square

to go to her farmhouse for shooting!

Several people arrived at Yvette Jordan’s company, and Chuck Cannon was also inside. Seeing

that the two women had been saying that something was not good, they forced Yvette Jordan to

continue to drop prices, and finally reached Yvette Jordan’s bottom line. They The two still don’t

think so.

Chuck Cannon was able to see that the two of them wanted to be cheap and well.

Yvette Jordan sighed, she was under great pressure, and she paid a lot of 100,000 a month, and

she had to take this order.

“I think we’ll go back and think about it.” The two of them stood up.

Yvette Jordan was lost, so he thought that he would not come.

But it’s not okay to let yourself pay for the money. The teachers she hired are all good teachers.

How much is the price for the last lesson? The prices that these two women said are almost the

price she paid to the teacher. Even if more than 20 people will come to the company for training,

it can be regarded as a sky-high if one person can earn five or six hundred.

After such a big step back, they still refused to agree, and Yvette Jordan had no choice.

“Don’t worry, the two of you, I see the meal is ready, go to dinner first,” Chuck Cannon said.

Two women look at me, I look at you, eat? Just find a low-end restaurant and want to agree to

give money? ?

This is definitely impossible!

“No need.” President Cao shook his head, his hands were short, and his mouth was short. She

didn’t want to eat two or three hundred bucks, so she paid the money, which was not worth it.

“Yes, no, we’ll eat back at the airport,”

“How many meals did you eat in a five-star hotel? What did the two managers think?” Chuck

Cannon smiled.

“What, five-star hotel?” The two women were surprised. It was too unexpected. They thought

they were eating at roadside restaurants at most, but they didn’t expect to be so generous to invite

them to eat in five-star hotels!


Yvette Jordan was stunned, five-star hotel? Four people ate once, and at least thousands of them


“Yes, I know the seafood in a five-star hotel is particularly delicious. Both of you have come

here to try it,” Chuck Cannon said.

“Really a five-star hotel?” President Yan asked tentatively.

“Of course.” Chuck Cannon is confident that the two women are still friends. If they can win the

two of them, they will introduce Yvette Jordan to the business. The problem now is to give them

a chance. Yvette Jordan’s ability will make them both repeat customers.

The two women hesitated, but they were only close to each other. Now that they are so generous,

don’t go.

“Okay.” The two women nodded.

“Please!” Chuck Cannon said. The two women went outside. Yvette Jordan took out all the cash

in the bag and stuffed it to Chuck Ce. She understood what Chuck Cannon did. She was moved

by her heart. After thinking about it, Chuck Cannon reminded her.

“Husband, you have this money, five-star hotels are expensive to eat, you will use this money to

checkout,” Yvette Jordan said.

Chuck Cannon smiled and went to eat at his mother’s hotel. What money do you want?

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