Chapter 151: My Mysterious Husband

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 151 She’s my sister-in-law
The next day, in Yehuang Group.

Kerry Ye ordered secretary Liu not to arrange any schedules for him, for he had something to do tomorrow.

Secretary Liu waved his head with sorry, “Boss Ye, there’s a very important government meeting in City a tomorrow, and they particularly ask you to attend the meeting. I’m afraid we can’t put it off.”

”Couldn’t make other people go for me?” Kerry looked up.

”I’m afraid not. The secretary of the mayor has called us and informed that you must be there.”

Kerry leaned on the chair, touched his temples and said with fatigue, “I got it. You can go out right now.”

It’s hard to have this precious chance to accompany him. So he couldn’t go with him?

The Design Department.

Venus Mu had been sad for a long time, but she still dialed Mrs. Xiaohua’s number.

”So you have made up your mind?” Mrs. Xiaohua was very surprised.

Venus leaned on the table in the tea room, looking at the blue sky and white clouds outside the window, and uttering in a gloomy tone, “Mrs. Xiaohua, I’m so sorry. My situation is too special, so…”

Mrs. Xiaohua kept silent for a while, and then she uttered with full pity, “I understand. Once a girl has married, she can’t just consider herself only. It ain’t matter. Yehuang Group is also great, maybe you’ll have a better future.”

”Thank you!”

Hanging up the phone, Venus was very sad. Such a good chance had gone away, and she was really upset about this. It is every designer’s dream to study fashion design in France’s Clement University.

But now, this dream was broken by herself.

Back to the villa at night, Kerry was chatting with Kevin in the living room. Venus was helping in the kitchen, now she found that it was very necessary for one to learn cooking, for you won’t be hungry when you’re alone.

”Kevin, tomorrow…” Kerry paused, for he felt sorry to say that when looking at his brother, “I have promised to go with you to see Doctor Hua. But I have a very important meeting tomorrow, and I can’t put it off.”

Kevin didn’t show any disappointment, but he comforted Kerry, “It ain’t matter. I can go there by myself. Anyway you have to make money. I understand.”

Kerry smiled after hearing his words, and he sighed, “I really want to accompany you. I will be worried if you go there alone. I haven’t taken care of you these years.”

”Bro, I have come back already. You have lots of chances to compensate me.” An idea flashed in Kevin’s mind, and he said with faint smile, “If you worry about me, why not let sister-in-law accompany with me? Anyway it is her friend who recommends Doctor Hua. Maybe the doctor’s attitude will be better for her sake.”

With no hesitation, Kerry agreed immediately, “That’ fine. Then just let Venus go with you.”

When eating dinner, after hearing that, Venus was astonished at first, and then she said, “Then I don’t need to go to work tomorrow?”

”Which one is more important? Work or Kevin’s health?” Kerry asked with raising eyebrows.

Venus glanced at Kevin, and then nodded, “Of course the latter one.”

”Then that’s it! I’ll make my driver deliver you.”

”OK.”Venus kept her head down and ate dinner, with pleasant smile in her eyes. She could finally go somewhere else except the villa and the company.

The next morning, before the sky got fully bright, Venus had already got up and picked up things, while Kerry was still sleeping.

He didn’t do intimate things with her yesterday night, which really surprised Venus. They slept at the two sides of the bed just like stranger, and the distance between them could nearly allow two adults to sleep on.

Venus couldn’t be satisfied more.

She hoped this situation could last forever.

Brush teeth, wash face, find the clothes and the shoes…

The constant noise woke Kerry up. With blurry eyes, Kerry saw Venus was walking here and there, and he asked with low voice, “What’ re you doing in the early morning?”

Venus had put many things into her backpack, and then said without turning back, “It’s already half past six. We plan to set out at seven.”

Yes. Kerry suddenly remembered that it would take nearly two or three hours driving on the road. If meeting the traffic jam, it would take longer.

Kerry closed his eyes for a while, and then he woke up and put on his pajama.

Venus had worn a smart sports clothes, a white canvas shoes, with hair tied up highly, looking pretty and fresh.

Going downstairs with her backpack, Venus found that Kevin had been eating breakfast in the kitchen.

”I thought that you haven’t got up yet.” Venus was a little surprised, and walked forwards with light steps.

Kevin was fascinated by her smile, and his heart beat harder.

”I’ll go running at this time everyday. You’re too idle, so you never see that.” Kevin said jokingly, and then walked into the kitchen and delivered a glass of hot milk to her, “Eat more. We may have no place to eat lunch when we’ re out.”

”As long as we have money, we won’t be hungry.”

Kevin smiled, and put a steamed stuffed bun in front of her, “Thank you for accompanying with me, otherwise I’ll be rather bored.”

Venus smiled sweetly. She looked up and saw around, after finding no one was here, she then approached him and said in a low voice, “Actually I desire to go out and have a rest. I can’t get a divorce right now, and I can’t be happy looking at Kerry’ s face.”

Girl’s fragrance came to Kevin’s face, and made his heart soft. He looked down and saw her red and beautiful lips, and he really wanted to taste them.

”What’ re you thinking about? Eat your breakfast quickly, and then we can set out earlier.” Venus didn’t notice anything, but just rushed him.

Kevin took a deep breath, and the looked down. Only he knew how fast his heart was beating.”

He was not content with seeing her happy right now. He wanted to Venus to be his.

Love is exclusive.

He suddenly remembered the words he said to Xinyou Qiao. He was actually lying to himself. One man definitely wants to own the woman he loves.

If Venus was someone he didn’t know, he would chase her crazily. But unluckily she was his brother’s wife. He could help her escape. But what should he do to let her fall in love with him?

Chapter 151 She’s my sister-in-law

When Kerry Ye went downstairs with pajama, he saw the two people far in the dining room, and then he stopped.

Warm yellow light surrounded them, and morning light rose at their back. One smiled happily, while another one looked calm and gentle. They chatted with each other sometimes, but this simple scene looked rather warm.

Kerry’s heart seemed to be pinched by something. When did they get along so well with each other.

Now Venus Mu looked soft and beautiful, just like a lily blossoming slowly. But when staying with Kerry, Venus was only like a furious hedgehog.

And Kevin Ye, it seemed that his eyes were also gentle when he looked at Venus.

Did he…

No! It couldn’t be. Kevin was his brother, and he would never do anything that would hurt his brother.

It must be the light!

Shake off the doubts in his heart, Kevin coughed deliberately, and then walked downstairs, with sharp eyes on those two people.

Kevin didn’t change his face, but the smile on Venus’s face disappeared suddenly, and looked cold like normal.

”Brother, why do you get up so early?” Kevin asked.

Kerry curled his mouth, glanced at Venus and then smile to him, “Your sister-in-law made a noise and woke me up. Then I just come to see you off.”

Venus ate the last part of the meat steamed stuffed bun. But hearing Kerry’s words, she instantly felt awful.

Your sister-in-law?

It seemed that it was the first time that Kerry had mentioned “sister-in-law” in front of Kevin.

In normal times, he always directly called Venus’s name. Aren’t he fully awake in this early morning?

But there was no change on Kevin’s gentle face. He wiped his mouth with handkerchief and said, “Well. We’re leaving now.”

Venus wiped her mouth quickly. She was about to pick up her backpack, but Kerry grabbed it before her.

”Let’s go. The car’s waiting for us outside.” Kerry carried the bag and walked outside.

Venus was quite puzzled. What did he want to do?

John particularly arranged a black Hummer car and Kevin’s exclusive driver, for he considered that the road in the countryside was hard to drive on.

Kerry put Venus’s backpack on the back seat, and then turned back taking to Kevin, “Do I need to send some guards with you? For the safety.”

Kevin burst out laughter, “Bro. I’m going to see the doctor, not fight with others. You will scare the doctor. And we’ll be back in the evening if it’s successful. It’ll be fine.”

Kerry didn’t insist. He tapped Kevin on his shoulder, with full concern in his eyes,”Then take care of yourself.”

”Got it, got it. You’re so wordy just like mom.” Kevin got in the car after complaining.

Venus was about to get in the car, but her shoulder was caught by Kerry.

”What’s up?” Venus frowned and asked with puzzle.

Kerry became extremely furious in his heart. Couldn’t she just smile to him?

”You…take care of Kevin. Don’t forget your status.” Kerry pressed down his voice, and he emphasized the status particularly.

Venus thought that he was worrying about Kevin, so she answered seriously, “I know. If something happen, I promise he won’t get hurt with my full effort.”

Seeing Venus misunderstood his words, and he couldn’t directly say it out, so he became more furious.

”Venus, are you stupid?”

”Kerry Ye! If you are not fully awake, then just go to bed right now! I’m not to blame.” Venus also became furious, and then she got away from his hand and got in the car.

Kerry’s hands paused in the mid-air. How dare she say that?

”Bro, see ya!” Kevin waved his hands towards Kerry.

Kerry nodded his head, and said “Take care”, and then the black Hummer car drove off quickly.

The car disappeared in Kerry’s eyesight, and then he turned around and looked up at the villa under the morning light. He suddenly realized that this house was too big.

Maybe they should add someone else.

”John, find all the single women in City a who are suitable to get married, and make a list for me.” Kerry talked to the John the Butler as he walked in the house.

John the Butler was quite puzzled, and he asked, “Lord, what for?”

Kerry turned back and stared at him, then said meaningfully, “Don’t you think that it’s time for Kevin to get married?”

John the Butler suddenly realized Kerry’s words. He tapped on his forehead and said with delight, “Yes yes yes, Kevin really needs to get married. I’ll do that instantly, finding all the suitable girls, and then we’ll have a party at the villa, and let Kevin pick one by one…”

”John, you’re so considerate.” Kerry laughed and stretched himself, “I’ll get some sleep later. Hope Kevin is fine.”


According to the address given by the son of Doctor Hua, the Hummer car drove quickly.

Venus opened the window of the car, and held her chin in her hands, looking at the scenery greedily, and she would ask Kevin to join her if she saw something beautiful. She was happy just like kid.

But no matter how beautiful the scenery was, people would get bored if watching at it for an hour.

”I want to get some sleep. Get up so early today.” Venus yawned continuously and looked quite sleepy.

Kevin was watching a documentary with his earphones, “Go ahead. I’ll wake you up when we get there.”

Venus closed the window, and then leaned her head on the window, and slowly closed her eyes.

Several minutes later, Venus fell asleep. Kevin looked at her for a while, with some vague ideas in his mind. When her head was about to fall from the window again, he approached her and made her lean on his shoulder.

Venus changed her posture for she felt uncomfortable, and approached him closely, and slept better.

Kevin’s hand slipped over her smooth face and raised his mouth, showing gentle smile.

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 151 She’s my sister-in-law (3)
The driver pretended not to see anything and raised the baffle in the car.

The documentary showed extraordinary scenery of African grassland, but Kevin Ye didn’t felt like watching it. He preferred to enjoy the peaceful moment when staying with Venus Mu.

Warm but also a little thrilling.

But just this thrill made him addicted.

Holding her little warm hand, Kevin felt that he owned the whole world. If the road didn’t have an end, he did wish the car could drive forever.

After almost an hour, Kevin found that her finger moved a little, and he knew that she was going to wake up. So he let go of her hand, and put the earphones in his ears again. Now on the car TV, a leopard was preying at night, and its eyes were glittering faint blue light.

Venus opened her eyes slowly and found that she was leaning on Kevin’s shoulder, and she immediately woke up. Her first response was to touch her mouth and luckily she was not drooling.

But how could she lean on his shoulder? She remembered she was leaning on the window.

Venus rubbed her face and said awkwardly, “Well… How could I…”

Before she finished saying, Kevin got off his earphones calmly and said, “Your head kept hitting the window. I’m afraid you might get hurt, so I make you lean on my shoulder.”

“Well, I’ve got it. Thanks anyway.” Venus said embarrassingly.

Kevin then put on his earphones again and said faintly, “Come on. You don’t need to be so polite.”

Venus smiled and she thought that the temperature in the car was a little high, so she opened the window and let the cool wind in to wake her up.

When they were about to arrive at the countryside, large amounts of rice grew in the farmland, and one or two buffaloes sometimes walked into their eyesight.

After they got into the countryside, the car kept driving for a while, and then stopped in front of a house with black bricks and white wall.

Venus got off the car and looked at the house number, and then she said to Kevin, “That’s it. I’ll go and ask.”

The door was black and made of wood, half closed, and there came voice inside the door.

Venus knocked on the door and shouted, “Is anyone here?”

Before long an old man walked outside and saw Venus and Kevin. He asked with puzzle, “Who are you looking for?”

Venus said politely with smile, “Hello,sir. I’m looking for Doctor Hua to ask him for medical advice.”

“Oh…just come in then.” The old man was very kind, and he said as walking, “Hua, come outside. Someone wants to see you.”

“Come on. I just have some days to rest, why there’s always people looking for me?” With loud voice came out, an old man with great vigor walked outside. He frowned and looked unpleasant.”

”Sorry to disturb you, Doctor Hua.” Kevin took a bow with courtesy.

The old man became less furious after seeing that Kevin was so polite. He stared at them and asked, “Who is the patient then?”

“It’s me.” Kevin said.

The old man glanced through him upside down and swung his sleeves, “Come in.”


Doctor Hua examined bones for Kevin. Then he frowned and kept silent for a long time.

Kevin was used to seeing this expression. He sighed in his heart but still smile faintly, “That’s fine. I know that I won’t be cured.”

“Bullshit!” Doctor Hua shouted, with sharp light from his eyes, “Who told you that. They can’t cure you, but I have a method.”

Kevin’s heart suddenly became tensed, and asked surprisingly, “Really? My hand could be cured?”

”Of course. But…” Doctor Hua raised his eyebrows and smiled with deep meaning, “You may have some miseries.”

“That will be fine. I can bear all the miseries as long as you can cure my hand.” This was the secret deeply buried in his heart, now he had a little hope, so he would do everything.”

Doctor Hua nodded and smiled a little cunningly, “Well, I’ll give you some basic treatments. Come with me.”

Kevin followed the old man and entered the cabin with door curtains. Venus walked out of the main hall and jumped happily in the courtyard.


It was out of expectation that they could gain so much after visiting Doctor Hua.

At this moment, Venus’s phone rang, and it was Kerry.

“Are you there?” He asked directly.

“Yap, we’ve found Doctor Hua.” Venus’s voice was full of excitement. She said before Kerry asked, “And Doctor Hua says that he could cure Kevin. Now Kevin is receiving treatment inside the room.”

“Really?” Kerry was also excited, “That’s great.”

Speaking then, Venus heard a faint voice in the other side of the phone, “Boss Ye, it’s time to walk in. The leaders are all here.”

Kerry said “I’ll be there.” And then spoke to Venus, “Inform me instantly if anything happened to Kevin. I’ll be there after finishing my work.”

“OK.”Venus agreed and then hanged up the phone.

Not after a while, Venus heard groan inside the house, and that was Kevin’s voice. Venus felt worried about Kevin, maybe that was what Doctor Hua said “Have some miseries.”

Kevin always left gentle impression on her, and it seemed that nothing could block him. It must be so miserable for him to groan.

With the continuous groan coming out, Venus clenched her hands tightly, and she became more concerned.

Venus couldn’t bear that eventually. She ran outside the door and took deep breath beside the car.

The driver was smoking leaning on the car. He was a little astonished when she came outside, but he didn’t say anything.

Time was flipping away. Venus sat on the stone bench at the door for a long time, and she finally heard some one calling her name.

“Well, lady. Come here.”

Venus turned back and saw Doctor Hua was waving at her. She immediately stood

up and patted away the dirt on her butt and then ran forwards, “Doctor Hua, is there

anything that I can do?”

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 151 She’ s my sister-in-law (4)
“Well, take this prescription and go to the pharmacy to buy the medicine. Remember, go to the east, there’s a pharmacy there.” Dr. Hua gave her a prescription, and Venus Mu took a look at it. She couldn’t understand any word.

It was said that medical school had its own words, and it’s true.

With the prescription, Venus asked along the way and finally found a pharmacy when she was almost out of the village. Getting inside, she saw a middle-aged man with glasses was pounding something.

It was not a pharmacy, but just a room. In addition to a few racks of western medicine, against the wall was full of all kinds of small wooden boxes, with labels on them, written angelica, astragalus, white atractylodis and so on.

It was exactly the same as TV series.

“What kind of medicine do you want to buy?” The middle-aged man raised his head and asked.

Venus gave him the prescription and said, “I’ll buy some.”

He took it and lifted his glasses to look at it and got up to take the medicine.

“This is Dr. Hua’s prescription, right?” The boss chatted with her as he took the medicine from the small wooden box.

“Right, it’s him.”

“It’s just that Dr. Hua has this kind of courage, others wouldn’t dare to prescribe these medicines.” His tone was full of admiration.

After weighing and packing, he handed it to Venus.

Back home, Kevin Ye was sitting on a stone bench in the courtyard. His hair was wet as if he just came out of the water, and the clothes on his back stuck to his back.

Venus hurried over and asked with concern, “How are you feeling? Is it painful?”

Kevin smiled, “It is a little, but it’s bearable.”

“This young man is good. I’ve seen many patients before, shouting so loud. It’s only you can endure this.” Dr. Hua took the traditional Chinese medicine that Venus brought back, smelling it and went into the kitchen.

Venus pointed at Dr. Hua’s back and whispered, “I think he’s especially like the kind of sage, with a strange temper.”

Kevin agreed with her, “You’re right, but he’s really good, just after that, my right hand feels hot, much better than when it was cold.”

“Really?” Venus surprised him by grabbing his arm.

“Ouch, it hurts.” Kevin grimaced, so Venus let go of his arm like she got an electric shock and asked, “What? What?”

Kevin took a deep breath and smiled, “Dr. Hua just used acupuncture, massage and cupping.”

“I’m sorry. Forgive me.”

Soon, the air was filled with the strong smell of Chinese herbs, and it was bitter to smell.

Dr. Hua held a palm-leaf fan and came out of the kitchen to sit across from the two, and said seriously, “The broken bone is not a big deal. The broken tendon matters. As long as the tendon is renewed, but it will take at least half a year. I will stay here for few days, so I can help you before my leaving.”

Then where can we find you?” Venus asked anxiously.

“What are you anxious about? At that time, I will give you the prescription. As for the acupuncture, massage and so on, you can try to learn, so that you can help your boyfriend.”

As soon as Venus heard ‘boyfriend’, she hurriedly explained, “No, no, no, he is not my boyfriend, he is…he is my brother, my brother.”

“Brother? But he looks so much younger than you.” Dr. Hua looked at her with a suspicious gaze.

Venus blushed, “I might look younger than my age.”

“Oh,” Dr. Hua seemed to see through something, so he didn’t force her, “Then you’d better find someone who knows a little bit about medicine to come over. I’m not going to stay here for half a year.”

“Don’t worry, we have a family doctor and I’ll tell him to come tomorrow.”

There was inn in the village, so Venus, Kevin and the driver were staying temporarily. It’s not the peak tourist season at this time, so there were many vacant rooms. In the evening, the wind suddenly gusted and heavy rain crackled down.

It was 4:00 p.m., when Kerry had finished his meeting. Then he had attended an important dinner party, and he was supposed to go there today, but plans always changed.

“That’s the thing, we’re staying at an Airbnb in the village, and we’re expected to stay for four or five days.” Venus sat by the window, pouring rain outside.

Kerry was standing on the balcony outside the banquet. Listening to her voice, his irritated mood of the day gradually calmed down, “Then I’ll arrange my work, and go over there with Dr. Han tomorrow.”

Venus rolled her eyes. She wished he wouldn’t come.

Seeing that she didn’t say more, Kerry softened his tone, “I’ll hang up first then. I’m still busy.”

“Wait.” Venus shouted, “I came here only in a dress, so when you come, bring me some clothes, also toiletries.”

Kerry smiled, with an imperceptible hint of tenderness.

However, all his tenderness at the moment was swallowed by the heavy rain, which Venus didn’t notice.

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 151 She’s my sister-in-law (5)
Actually Venus wouldn’t be able to hear anything even if it didn’t rain.

It was very late when the meal was over. Kerry drank lots of wine, and he went to sleep the moment he got back home. And the next day, when he woke up, he began packing the things Venus asked him to bring to her.

He took a few coats, and then he opened a drawer in which Venus kept her panties, and took four of them. He also took a black bra.

“These should be enough. Oh, right, her toiletries.”

He packed all her stuff in a big bag of hers, and when he was dragging the bag out, a piece of paper dropped out. He looked at it, and his face darkened in an instant.

“She wants to go to France as an exchange student? Without letting me know? She will need my permission to do that!” Kerry thought to himself.

His good mood was utterly ruined by this paper. Doctor Han arrived at the villa and put his luggage on the car. He noticed Kerry’ s darkened face, and he asked John: “What’s with him? Why he looks so angry?”

John shook his head and answered: “I have no idea. He looked pretty happy last night when he came back. You should be careful. Don’t talk too much when you are on the way.”

Doctor Han said: “Why would I talk? I’d rather sleep.”

And that was what he did. Doctor Han slept the whole way there.

It had been raining hard all night. There is a pond in front of the hotel, and louts flowers burst into blooms, which glistened in the early-morning dew.

Venus and Kevin took a walk along the pond after breakfast, and then they went to Doctor Hua’s place for treatment.

The treatment process was long and torturing. When Kevin walked out of the room in which the treatment was carried out, his face was ghostly pale, and he couldn’t even walk steadily.

Venus grabbed his arms to support him, and noticed his lips were bleeding. She felt saddened. Her eyes went moist and she said: “You can scream if you are in too much pain. It will ease the pain a little.”

Kevin was too weak. He leaned against Venus for support, but he was still smiling. He said: ‘I’m a man. It is so humiliating to scream and cry like a girl.”

“You are so stubborn.” Venus said.

“Kevin.” A cold voice was heard. They looked up and found it was Kerry standing at the door. The sun was shining brightly behind him so they couldn’t see Kerry’ s face clearly.

Venus felt nervous. She thought Kerry would absolutely misunderstand them when seeing them in this position.

But she couldn’t push Kevin away.

Kevin froze for a few seconds, but he soon recovered himself. He lifted an arm up and smiled tiredly at Kerry. “Big brother, give me a hand. I’m too heavy for Venus to support.”

Kerry walked quickly to them and placed Kevin’s arm around his shoulder. He looked at Kevin’s pale face and asked: “The treatment is difficult?”

Kevin’s face crumpled and said: “It is terrible. Just terrible.”

“Here, drink this potion.” Doctor Hua walked to them. He said to Kerry: “You are his big brother?”

Kerry nodded and said: “I am. Thank you so much for doing this.”

“Did you bring a doctor with you?”

Doctor Han walked to them immediately and said smilingly: “I am.”

“Come with me.” Doctor Han took the empty potion bowl from Kevin and walked towards the hall. Doctor Han followed up admiringly.

Doctor Han knew how badly Kevin’s hand was injured, and he thought there was no way to cure his hand, and that was why he admired Doctor Hua so very much when he said he could cure the hand.

Kerry brought Kevin back to the hotel, and then, he grabbed Venus’s hand and dragged her back to her room.

“Hey, you are hurting me!” Venus protested.

Kerry took that document out and threw it at her. He looked so angry. “What the hell is this supposed to mean?” He asked.

Venus looked at paper and understood why was Kerry so angry. “There is nothing to explain. It just means I am going to be an exchange student. That’s all.”

Kerry pushed her against the wall and glared at her: “You want to go to France?”

“Sure. Every designer wants to go to France.” Venus answered. She knew what she said would only serve to fuel Kerry’ s anger, but she said it anyway.

“You are daydreaming!” Kerry cupped her neck and looked at her murderously. “You are my possession, and you can’t go anywhere without my permission. Besides, where do you think you can get enough money to go to France.”

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