Chapter 151: The Rise Of A Poor Husband

Chapter 151 Colin! Help me!

To take a further move, Colin Ward needed the result of the investigation of Ramon Chen. If it really had something to do with Walson Martin, he would go straight to Walson for antidote even he had to point a guy on the bastard’s head.

But what if it weren’t him?

What Colin should do then to save Doris?

Colin shook his head and decided to drive home first.

There was a traffic jam on the road, and it took more than half an hour for Colin to get out of the traffic.

However, Colin suddenly saw Ellie Ye at the place where the car accident happened.

Ellie was standing by the road, wearing a business suit. It seemed that she just got off work. Beside her stood traffic police and a short, fat middle-aged man.

The middle-aged man glared at Ellie and was saying something. Judging from his expression, Colin knew that what he said was not something good.

Ellie was expressionless.

The police tried to persuade the middle-aged man, but it was useless.

Colin took a look at her and was about to leave. This woman still had his photos in her hand, up to no good, so he didn’t intend to stay.

However, Ellie suddenly saw Colin’s car, and she shouted at once, “Colin! Here! Help me! Colin Ward!”

Colin cursed in a low voice, pretending not to know.

But Ellie didn’t let him go. She ran straight in front of his car, blocking his way.

Colin had no choice but to roll down the window.

“Colin!Help me! “

Pretending not to know what had happened, Colin asked, “what’s up?”

It turned out that it was Ellie and the middle-aged man who had the car accident just now. The cars were only scratched a little, and Ellie said that she would pay for the man’s loss, while the latter was unwilling to do so and said a lot of harsh words.

Ellie wasn’t much of a nice lady, so she quarreled with the middle-aged man. The traffic police came to mediate, but it was still useless. The two were getting more and more fierce.

Colin didn’t want to get involved in this matter, “well, I can’t help you with this. You should call the traffic police.”

“The problem is that the traffic police are useless!” Ellie rolled her eyes.

When Colin was about to say something, the middle-aged man came over, yelling, “Bitch, you want to run away? That’s not gonna happen, I’m telling you! Before you apologize to me properly, no one is leaving!”

The traffic police also came over “Sir, it’s the rush hour now. Please don’t delay the departure of other car owners.”

“Nah, get off me! I know it’s rush hour, but this bitch over here wanted to run away. I must teach her a lesson! Young people nowadays are not polite at all!”

Ellie turned around and said coldly, “polite? Are you being polite then? I was driving safely, and it was you who bumped into me for no reason! I honked, but you didn’t hear nor braked! If I hadn’t braked in time, you would have died in the car! You fat-ass motherfucker!”

“How dare you!”The middle-aged man became angrier. He walked over and wanted to slap Ellie.

At this time, Colin had already stopped the car at the roadside and come over.

He held the man’s hand right away. In fact, Colin didn’t want to meddle in it, but now he had to.

The man’s hand was grabbed. He looked up at Colin, who was taller than him, and said angrily, “who the hell are you? Let go of me!”

Colin didn’t let him go. Instead, he held the man’s hand tightly. Meanwhile, the man was trying to pull his hand back.

At this moment, Colin suddenly loosened his hand, and the man stepped back and almost fell.

Ellie couldn’t help laughing.

Yet the man was even angrier, “fuck you! You little asshole! You… “

“Sir, this gentleman seems to have drunk.”

The traffic police narrowed his eyes at Colin’s words, and the man’s expression on his face alerted as well.

He did drink, but he didn’t drink much, so the traffic police and Ellie didn’t notice. Otherwise, he wouldn’t dare to be so arrogant.

The reason why Colin found it was because of what Ellie had said. He thought about it and guessed that the man must have drunk, but not much.

After a pause, the man said angrily, “bullshit! I haven’t drunk anything! Ha, I see. You’re trying to help this bitch out, aren’t you?! How can you young people be so irresponsible?”

“Mister, I’ve told you from the very beginning that I would pay you the compensation. You’re the one who has been irresponsible, alright? What you’ve been doing is just bullying a girl! Whoa, wait a minute, maybe you are trying to blackmail me for money on purpose!”

The traffic police cut in, “okay, stop talking, both of you. Stay here and wait. I’m going to get the wine detector.”

Then he walked to his motorcycle.

Hearing this, the middle-aged man was scare. If he was found to be drunk, not only did he not get the money, but he would also be punished. It was not worthwhile.

So the middle-aged man pretended to be generous and said, “well, fine. Since you have said so, as a generous man, I won’t argue with you.”

Then he turned around and was about to leave.

While Colin grabbed the man’s back collar, “uh-uh, no one is leaving, you said that.”

The middle-aged man turned around and twisted his fat body, “get off me, you filthy bastard! You looking for trouble?!”

Ellie came back to her senses and took a look at the man. He must have drunk or he wouldn’t be in a hurry to leave.

“Hell yeah, we’re looking for trouble! What you gonna do to us? You’ve drunk and bumped into me! You should compensate for me!” Yelled she.

The middle-aged man panicked. Seeing that the traffic police had come back, he wanted to run away.

Colin had already noticed what he was up to, and he quickly stopped him, “why are you running? Are you feeling guilty?”

The traffic police also saw that the man was about to run away, so he quickly ran over and grabbed the man, “Sir, please cooperate.”

The man didn’t move but promised solemnly, “Officer, I didn’t drink. It’s just, yeah, it’s really late, I need to head back before my wife gets mad, you know?”

Hearing this, the traffic police said, “fine, I’m just doing a routine examination, it will be quick, now, blow the tube at the machine.”

The man’s face was full of embarrassment. If he had known this would happen, he would have left after asking for money.

Colin said indifferently, “go ahead and prove your innocence.”

The policeman nodded and said, “come on, sir! Don’t waste our time.”

The man gritted his teeth and blew the tube on the machine. After a while, the color card gradually turned orange, which meant he had drunk.

Colin stood still without saying a word.

The policeman’s face darkened, “sir, it turns out that you did drink. Please go with me.”

The man’s face was gloomy but had to follow the policeman obediently.

When the man went over with the traffic police, Ellie smiled and said to Colin, “thank you so much! You helped me again. Oh, you just got off work, right? Let’s go, I’ll treat you to dinner.”

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