Chapter 152: The Rise Of A Poor Husband

Chapter 152 You know what to do.

“No, thanks. My wife is waiting for me at home.”Colin Ward shook his head and left without waiting for Ellie’s response.

Ellie stood there in a daze for a long time.

“You love your wife that much?”

“What’s so good about her?”

“I am the most suitable person for you!”

The emotions in Ellie’s eyes changed, and then it finally turned firm.

“Colin Ward, I’m going to get you!”

At first, Ellie had to investigate Colin because she wanted to destroy the Marquis Group. But the more she knew about him, the more interested she was in Colin. Until now, she found herself desperate for this man!

She wanted Colin Ward, and since she was a little girl, she had always got what she wanted.

Back in the car, Ellie called Fox Lee, “come to me at eight o’clock in the evening.”

Eight o’clock at night, Fox arrived at Ellie’s villa on time and was brought in by two bodyguards.

“Miss. Ye,” Fox called out, and seeing Ellie in a silk nightgown, he lowered his head immediately.

Ellie didn’t notice it but threw him a stack of photos, “you know what to do.”

Fox picked up the photo and had a look, “is this… Colin Ward?”

“Yes, “Ellie nodded, “and do you know his real identity yet?”

The Fox looked at Ellie in confusion, “identity? A loser?”

Ellie sneered. What an idiot!

“Shut your hole if you don’t know. He’s the chairman of Marquis Group.”

“What?” Fox opened his eyes wide in disbelief, “Miss. Ye, how is that possible?”

Ellie just looked at Fox coldly.

Fox immediately shut up. Ellie’s reaction showed everything.

When did Colin become the chairman of the Marquis Group? No wonder he could appoint the chairman of the Lee group so arrogantly last time! No wonder his grandfather had changed his attitude towards him!

But so what?

Now the Lee group was not afraid of the Marquis Group anymore. In other words, the Marquis Group would collapse soon!

Ellie took a look at Fox and said, “these photos should be enough for you to use.”

Fox immediately said excitedly, “Miss. Ye, I know what to do. Don’t worry!”

Ha! Colin Ward! Wait till the end come!

Ellie stood up to leave as she waved her hands, “okay, then go.”

Receiving the command, Fox left respectfully in a hurry.

Looking at the photo in his hand, Fox gave a sinister smile, “Colin Ward, I’ll ruin your reputation once and for all!”

The second morning, the whole Tianbei City was in an uproar because of breaking news of the chairman from the Marquis Group.

Colin Ward, 24 years old, the chairman of the Marquis Group. He was married to the most beautiful woman in Tianbei City, but that was clearly not enough for him, for he had a bunch of hookers to serve him, and there were even plenty of pictures of him and three naked women.

The scene was really eye-catching.

Almost everyone was talking about it the whole morning.

“The chairman of the Marquis Group is such a jerk!”

“Cheating and hiring prostitutes! Human scum!”

“So this is the life of those rich guys?”


Colin got up early in the morning without checking his phone and headed straight to the Marquis Group after breakfast.

When he walked into the hall, all the employees glanced at him strangely.

Sensing the wondering eyes, Colin couldn’t help feeling strange. Something wrong with his clothes today? Why was everybody staring at him?

“Sir…” Nina White wanted to say something but stopped on second thought.

Colin asked curiously, “what’s wrong?”

It seemed that Colin knew nothing about the breaking news. Looking at Colin, Nina hesitated a little before asking, “em, do you see the news today?”

Colin shook his head as he took out his phone to check what had happened.

And the headline in social media caught his eyes at once.

“The chairman of the Marquis Group cheated on his wife!”

Colin’s eyelids twitched, and he had a guess in his mind. He clicked it open and then his guess was confirmed.

Yet he didn’t panic at all.

He had asked Ramon Chen to photoshop the photos already. People who didn’t know Colin could be easily fooled, but to look at the photos closer, those who knew Colin well could find the problems.

That wasn’t Colin’s face, actually; it was just a man who looked similar to him.

Ellie Ye took the pictures herself, so she didn’t doubt it. As for Fox, a complete fool, wouldn’t mind it at all.

Seeing that Colin didn’t show any expression after reading the news, Nina was confused. If the news was real, Colin should be in a panic, and if it was false, he should be angry.

However, Colin was calm, which was very weird.


Colin raised his head, put the phone aside, and interrupted her words, “do you believe me?”

Nina answered without hesitation, “yes, sir.”

Not to mention that Colin’s strange calmness, when one was asked such a question by the boss, one shouldn’t hesitate to give a positive reply at all. Besides, Nina herself doubted it as well. If Colin was a man like this, how could he hide so well so that Nina, his secretary, found no slighted sign of it?

Wasn’t she a beauty?

She wasn’t being narcissistic; it was just all the three women in the photos were not as beautiful as her!

If Colin was such a man, how could she not be harassed for a single time?

Em, wait, that was not the point.

Fortunately, Colin didn’t observe her slightly blushed face and spoke up, “good, because that’s fake news, so were the photos. These were taken by a woman on purpose when I passed out last time.”

“What? You passed out? What happened, sir?”

“I’m fine, and don’t worry, I’ll handle it myself.” Replied Colin without many expressions on his face.

Nina nodded. She believed in Colin now.

Suddenly, it occurred to Colin that Doris Lee might have seen the photos, too, so he called her immediately.

However, Doris didn’t answer the phone.

On the other hand, after Colin went out, Doris felt bored staying at home, so she decided to go shopping.

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