Chapter 153 – 154: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 153: Tianmeng Garden

Recently in the country, a talent show called “Rocket Girl 1+1” flooded the screen. As soon as the program was on the show, it was instantly popular among the entire entertainment circle.

Under the Huanyu Group’s financial support, this program became a successful program without a doubt, and the female players in it instantly became hot stars.

Especially Lei Du, under the caring of Xue Mi, was even more popular. She formed the Space Girl 101 Team together with 10 other beauties, and she served as the captain!

Of course, the most important thing for her was to buy online gifts for Mary Su every day.

This matter had been repeatedly ordered by the President, so she kept it in mind. These days, she used the account of “Miaoyang” to buy online gifts and sent them to Mary Su in squirrel live broadcast every day.

In just a few days, at least four or five million were spent, and what shocked Xue Mi was so large the amount of the account’s balance.

She was more convinced that the President was very fond of this female host, so he ordered her go online on time every day and buy online gifts to back her.

In these days, everyone had watched the Squirrel Live Broadcast knew a mysterious local tyrant named “Miaoyang” who sent online presents on time. Looking at the presents flooding the screen, they were also very excited although they can’t afford them.

So every day around ten o’clock in the morning, a large number of fans would flood into Mary’s live broadcast room to watch the mysterious local tyrants dropping money. In a few days, Mary’s fans had reached almost one million.

It made Mary exactly an internet celebrity host and one of the top hosts of the squirrel live broadcast; she then successfully entered the top ten of the total list. In addition, she won the recommendation of squirrel live broadcast, which made other hosts enviable. Every day, there were some hosts who came to chat her up.

They believed that Mary must had seized a relationship for her own good, otherwise she would not be possible to become hot in such a short time.

After Miaoyang finished sending the online gift, Mary did live broadcast for another hour and then exited.

Although tired, Mary was in a good mood.

Today, the mysterious local tyrant rewarded her two thousand rockets, the online gifts again. She did not know how to express the excitement in her. If there was a chance, she really wanted to thank him in person.

“Daughter, are you tired, let me give you a massage.”

Jane Tang came downstairs with a smile on her face. Recently, Mary made a lot of money every day. At first, she had intended to mortgage the necklace Kris sent to Mary due to short of money, but now there was no need for that.

Thanks to my cleverness, letting my daughter do live broadcasting, otherwise how can we make so much money?

Thinking of this, she quickly walked to Mary and gently massaged her shoulders.

“Is this strength okay?” Jane Tang asked.

“Well, very comfortable,” Mary smiled sweetly at her mother.

“Daughter, you are now a big host with millions of fans, in addition, a local tyrant is backing you. Why not buy another house?” Jane said softly: “Look, you are a celebrity now, although we live in a villa, but it is a small one; why not buy a bigger villa, so that we would feel proud when there are guests come to visit us.”


Mary was hesitant. She didn’t have many requirements for the house; she had lived here for many years, and was used to it.

“Oh, don’t be hesitant. Think it, if the mysterious local tyrant named “Miaoyang” came to visit us and saw us live in such a small house, what would he think of us?” Jane continued untiringly.


Jane’s words hit Mary’s heart; she really cared about the mysterious local tyrant: “Okay!”

“That’s right, you are now a star and also a celebrity. Of course, we need to live in a big villa to match your identity.” Jane was very happy. Great, she can show off again: “But mom told you, you are not allowed to tell the address of our new home to that loser. Let him run his own course. When he discharges from the prison, you must divorce with him, and then invite the local tyrant out, haha… “

She hadn’t even had the new house yet, but already started to fantasize.

“Daughter, isn’t Mina Li, the general manager of Dashun Real Estate? Should we go to ask her to help buy a house? Maybe she will give us a preferential price?” Jane said: “You have been at home, doing live broadcasts all day long recently, and you don’t know the Dashun Real Estate is developing rapidly. They launched advertisements citywide. The Tianmeng Garden Villas they developed are very popular.”

“Mom, I just didn’t go out, that does not mean I was cut off from the outside world.”

Mary smiled and turned her eyes around. A few days ago, Mina called and invited her to go to the opening ceremony of Tianmeng Garden. At that time, she had just started live broadcasting and had no time, so she refused.

At that time, Mina also proposed that she can buy a villa there to live in. She subconsciously asked the price, and learned the price of a common villa was as high as 80,000 per square meter; the senior ones were even up to 150,000 dollars per square meter. Of course, she can’t afford it.

It’s different now, she has money.

“Honey, are you busy?” As soon as the phone was connected, Mary asked, “Is there any nicest villa you told me last time unsold? I want to buy a villa to live in.”

As soon as Tianmeng Garden opened the sales, people rushed over there together. In other real estate companies, the sales manager begged the customer to buy a house, but Tianmeng Garden was different; the customers begged the sales manager to sell them a house.

So Mina was busy these days, and there were numerous calls from customers seeking to buy a house to answer: “Yes, of course, when will you come to see the house?”

“Tomorrow, are you free tomorrow?” Mary asked.

Mina thought about it and said, “tomorrow there will be a meeting in the city. It is estimated that I will not be able to accompany you. If you come, I will arrange a person to entertain you…”

At noon the next day, Mary went out after finishing the live broadcast. Today, the income was not bad. The mysterious local tyrant “Miaoyang” sent her two thousand rockets, which made her ecstatic.

She drove her mother to Dashun Tianmeng Garden. Looking at the crowded sales department, they looked at each other: The business was too good. They were afraid that here would be crowed and chose to come at noon but didn’t expect there were still so many people.

What was more amazing was that many people squat at the sales department’s door with boxed meals in their hands, waiting to snap up a good villa when the sales opened in the afternoon.

After stopping the car, Mary called Mina, but Mina did not answer it; maybe she was having a meeting.

Jane and Mary got out of the car; when they were about to enter the sales department, a taxi stopped at the door, and a middle-aged couple got off.

They were Kris’s parents.

Before opening the sales, Kris had ordered that he wanted to reserve the best villa so that when his parents were discharged from the hospital, they could live in it.

After so many days of recuperation, the couple was recovered to a large extent. But as the saying goes, if one’s bones or muscles are hurt, he needs hundreds of days to recover. Therefore, Fang Gu was not allowed to lift anything heavy in the last few months.

Jane saw them immediately when they got off the car.

“Bad luck, we meet the jinx there.”

Looked at Tianyao Chen and his wife, Jane scorned, how should they come across the loser’s parents when they came to buy a house?

“Mom, what are you saying…”

Mary was anxious that her mom laughed at her in-laws in front of her, isn’t she making her ashamed? Although she never regarded them as her in-laws, they are still her elders, aren’t they?

The Tianyao couple heard the sarcastic voices just after getting off the car. When they looked up, their faces suddenly stretched. Why should they be Jane and Mary?

The couple had just been discharged from the hospital today and wanted to have a look at the house. They were in a good mood, but ary, they suddenly fell into a bad when they saw Jane and Mary’s mood.

“What a coincidence, are you here to apply for security and cleaning jobs?” Jane didn’t think they were here to buy a house at all. How could two bumpkins afford the house here? So she subconsciously thought they were here to find a job.

Thinking of the insults she received in the hospital last time, Jane said with a smile: “The general manager of Dashun Real Estate is a good friend of my daughter. Would you like me to tell her and let her arrange a better job for you?”

Hearing this, Tianyao ignored her, but said to his wife: “Darling, let’s go to see the house.”

Tianyao’s ignorance angered Jane, and she instantly got angry: The bumpkin actually dared to ignore her, “Stop pretending! Go to see the house? Do you know how much is the house here? Don’t even think about it. Stop pretending!”

Chapter 154: King building

Tianyao Chen and his wife looked angry. Mary pulled her mother’s hand, but her mot her rejected it: “Oh, I almost forgot, your son likes to steal women’s underwear and give it to his mistress for money. I am afraid that all his money was collected from bitches? How capable he is!”


Tianyao’s face went red due to angry: “My son is not a person like you said.”

After all, Kris was a person with advanced education from the Chen family. How could he be so shameless and stole female underwear?

He believed that there must be secret sorrows since he knew his son’s temper too well.

“Not this kind of person? Why did the police call the family?” Jane said with a sneer. “You are hard-mouthed. Would you mind we have a test now: you call Kris’s now and see if you can get through.”

Kris had been put in prison, and his phone must have been confiscated. How could it possible to get through?

“Oh, mom… stop talking nonsense, they… they are my father and mother-in-law after all!” Mary’s voice was very low when she came to the last words.

“father and mother In-law? Do they deserve it?” Jane sneered coldly: “I tell you, when that loser comes out of the prison, you divorce him immediately; don’t be entangled any longer, I’m fed up.”


Okay! She is not the only fish in the sea, yes?

A few days ago, their daughter-in-law brought this rather unreasonable woman to the hospital to make trouble, which already made Tianyao and his wife feel very bad.

Like mother like daughter, and if Kris still lived in their home, Tianyao was afraid his son will be bullied to death by these two women.

The couple looked at each other, and they had an idea. Although Tianyao was very angry, he did not bother to argue with such a foolish woman in public. When his son came out, he would be sure to persuade him to divorce.

“Wife, let’s go to see the house.”

Fang took her husband’s hand and walked towards the villa area.

The king building of Tianmeng garden was in the center of the villa area. It was a single house with its entrance and courtyard. It was not a villa, instead it was a manor.

There was a small garden in front and an over-sized swimming pool in the back. Rolls-Royce, Bentley, and extended Lincoln were parked in the garage. These cars were travel tools that Kris prepared for his parents in advance.

“These two bumpkins are really funny. It’s okay they come here to find a job, but why should they pretend? How can they afford the house here? They should piss a puddle and have a look at their true reflection! After that, Jane did not bother to see these two people again.

Just now, Mina called Mary, and the person who was arranged for the reception had already come, so they would see the house together now.

“Mary, look at that house. It’s so big.” Jane looked at the house in the center of the villa area in front of her and said, “Wow, that villa is the king building, isn’t it? It is not a villa, it’s definitely a manor.”

Jane’s eyes lit up, she took Mary’s hand and said, “Go, daughter, let’s go and have a look.”

After saying that, the two women couldn’t help but speed up their steps. However, Jane got frozen after walking a few steps. Because she saw the two bumpkins come to the villa’s door, take out the door key from the pocket and directly open the door outside.


How can they have the key?

Jane looked at the sales manager on her side with doubts and asked, “You must have made a mistake? Should that house be the king building? How should you give the keys to others casually? Aren’t you afraid of the things being stolen?”

These two pumpkins, who actually had a thief son like Kris, were certainly involved in stealing.

Thinking of this, Jane said: “See if the keys are stolen by them, these two people are thieves!”

In her view, how could these two bumpkins be able to afford the villa, not to mention the king building, so she subconsciously thought that the keys were stolen by them?

The sales manager on the side was a little embarrassed and said: “Ms. Jane, this is indeed the king building, but the manager had made it clear that this house has been reserved; I don’t know the specific situation.”

“What? Was it reserved?”

Jane fell into a bad mood for a while, but she didn’t think it was the two bumpkins who reserved it, so she continued to say, “This house is good, I will buy it.”

This was the king building in the central villa area, which had a large appreciation space in the future. She would feel prestigious for owning it. What’s more, her daughter had made so much money now, and there was no pressure for her to buy it.

“Sorry, Ms. Jane, I can’t decide it.” The sales manager said apologetically.

“Mom, don’t leave her in a dilemma!” Mary bit her lip and said.

“Oh, Mary, Mina, and you are good friends. You call her and let her spare that house. We can pay more money for it.” Jane said, taking it for granted.

See her saying this, Mary was also a little moved: “Then… I’ll call Mina…”

At the same time, the first prison in Westriver City.

Ever since Tiandong’s gang was beaten down last night, Kris had become a prison leader, and he was followed by a group of fellows wherever he went.

In this place of prison, whoever wins the fights is the boss, so the fellows cruelly abandoned Tiandong Zhai.

But Kris didn’t have the idea of being king in prison. The fellows who were behind him were wronged after being beaten several times by him, and they gave up following him anymore.

Getting rid of the drag, Kris had more time and space to approach Xiaolong Tan.

Since Kris saved Xiaolong last night, the two had become good brothers who kept no secrets from each other, but both of them had not disclosed their identities.

After spending a week in prison, Xiaolong was released because of insufficient evidence.

However, before leaving, Xiaolong told Kris his contact information and whispered in his ear: “Kris, I will go out first. When you are released from prison, you contact me, and I will arrange a welcome dinner for you. Remember, be sure to contact me!”

“Okay, I will be sure to contact you.” Kris clenched the note, forcibly suppressing the excitement in his heart, not showing it.

After Xiaolong left, Kris couldn’t help but took out the note and kissed it: “Spending so long in prison is worthy.”

After the target of the mission left, Kris spent another two days in prison.

What’s going on? Everyone is gone, why don’t let me out? Will you really consider me a burglar and imprison me for a month?

Just when Kris wondered, the female prison guard came over and said, “Kris, you can get out of prison!”

“Okay, I’ll pack things up!” Kris grinned!

After changing into the clothes he was wearing on the day he was arrested, Kris had a feeling of being cut off from the outside world for ages. After he went out of prison, he found a place to get his mobile phone charged. After opened the phone, countless short messages and missed calls flooded out, and WeChat popped up thousands of messages.

It took several minutes for the message to stop popping up.

He clicked the messages and looked at them. Xiaorou Xu sent him hundreds of text messages during this time, as well as his parents, Xi Lan and Xue Mi, but there was no message from Mary, which made him feel a little lost.

He replied to the text messages one by one, first sent a message to Xiaorou, then Xi, and finally, when he wanted to call his parents, Xi Lan called in.

“Hey, Kris, are you… are you okay?” Somehow, Lan Yu was very nervous. Kris went to jail for half a month, during which she was worried for him, for fear that he might get hurt inside.

Lan Yu’s tone of concern warmed Kris’s heart. Although this woman was a little impulsive sometimes, she was pretty caring!

“Well, I’m fine!” Kris said with a smile.

“Hoo! That’s good.”

Lan Yu felt relieved, and she was not worried anymore: “During this time, have you got any useful news from Xiaolong?”

“You don’t have enough sincerity by asking like this!”Kris said with a smirk.

“You…” Lan Yu blushed and couldn’t help but thinking of kissing Kris at the Peninsula Cafe half a month ago, and what’s more, she kissed him twice.

She felt her heart beating faster, and her face began to get hot: “Why are you so playful. You are just discharged of prison…and begin to tease…”

“Have you ever heard about the saying, after three years in prison, every woman looks like a beauty? Although I only stayed there for half a month, I suffered a lot.” Kris really did not talk nonsense, except for a female prison guard, there were all males. Now the voice of Lan Yu was nothing short than the best sounds of the world.

“You…then tell me if you have found out anything, then…you can do whatever you want…”

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