Chapter 153: My Mysterious Husband

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 153 Sweetheart, she’s hiding from him (1)
The fourth time he came out of the water, Kerry Ye saw a scythe not far from the pond. Seeing that people were not looking at him, his eyes turned purple. In an instant, the scythe flew forwards as if it had wings. Kerry quickly grasped it and said to Venus Mu, “Hold on for a while. You’ll be safe.”

Kerry dived into the water, while Venus was in a daze.

He raised the scythe and cut the rattan and the aquatic plants. Immediately Venus ‘s ankle was released. Kerry dropped the scythe and held her waist, and then climbed up to the pond.

Some villagers grabbed her hand and pulled her up, and then Kerry also jumped up.

Venus’s feet were powerless and she almost fell over, but she was hugged by someone quickly. When she looked up, she found that it was Kevin.

”Venus…” Kevin called her name with concern.

Venus forced a smile with no words. All of a sudden, she was held up by someone’s powerful arms, who was totally wet like her.

”Don’t speak.” Kerry walked towards the house quickly. She needed to take a hot bath immediately.

Kevin stood in the former place, and looked at their leaving figures with cold eyes. Desire raised in his heart.

Only when Kevin became Venus’s husband could he take care of her.


They came back to the room.

Opening and closing the door with foot, Kerry directly hugged the trembling Venus into the bathroom, and opened the shower, letting the warm water out.

”Still feel cold?” Kerry’ s voice contained obvious concern, a emotion that he hardly showed.

Damn! Why she forced herself to do that!

”Yes!” Venus gnashed her teeth and nodded.

”Take off your wet clothes…” Kerry used his one hand to hold her waist in case she fell over and used another hand to take off her clothes.

Venus immediately covered her breast and looked at him cautiously, “Don’t.”

Kerry became a little furious, “What are you talking about? I have seen your whole body already. And anyway, you looked awful right now. I am not interested in you at all.

Kerry ‘s description was right. Not only did she have weeds on her head, but also smell terrible.

”You…go out. I’ll wash myself.” Venus curled her mouth and said.

”I’m afraid that you might fall over and die. Could you stand steadily now?” Kerry became angry.

Venus was helpless. She stared at him furiously for a while and then closed her eyes.

Seeing her upset expression, Kerry burst out laughter. Why she disliked him so much?

Less than one minute, Kerry had taken all her clothes off…

”If you couldn’t stand steadily, then just grab my shoulder. Don’t fall over!” He said gently beside her ears.

Venus bit her lower lip and put the right hand on his shoulder. She couldn’t stand steadily at all.

Kerry looked at her from above, and raised his mouth.

She didn’t open her eyes. Hearing the sound, she knew that he had taken off her clothes, and her face became hot.

Kerry had never been patient like this. He slowly removed the grass on her hair and also the rubber string, letting the hot water flow through her hair and wash away all the dirty things.

Having the shampoo on the hair, Kerry washed her hair three times. When he thought that she was clean, he put his hand…

”Kerry, I’ll do it by myself…” Venus’s voice was very firm. But it was not the right situation, plus the warm mist, so her words seemed rather soft and sexy.

Kerry won’t let this chance go away. He put his hand on her back and made her close to him, “That’s fine. I’ll do that.”

He was aware of every sensitive parts of her body…After touching those parts…

”Kerry! You asshole!” Venus gnashed her teeth and said angrily.

Kerry hadn’t done intimate things with Venus for days. Seeing this, he couldn’t hold back his feelings anymore. He put his hands on…and blew hot air beside her ears,” Stupid woman. Your body is much more honest than your mouth!”

Venus hit his chest angrily and reminded him, “Don’t touch me! I’m still on my period.”

Kerry was sad. He bowed his head and said furiously, “Since you know that, then why do you still go into the water?”

”I can’t see that a little boy die.”

When Kerry rushed Venus back, Venus played her smart phone in the room, and she suddenly heard a sound. When she raised her head, she found a little boy was in the pond struggling, and no one was with him.

Without thinking about too much, Venus immediately rushed downstairs and jumped into the pond.

The boss of the home stay was scared by her, and he followed her and found that a kid of the village had fallen into the water. He immediately screamed for help.

”So many people there, you don’t have to jump into the water at all” Kerry was still angry. What if she died… Thinking about this, Kerry grabbed her harder.

Stupid! Stupid woman!

Venus felt hurt and she kept saying, “The villagers all came later. Hey, you’re going to kill me. Let me go.”

Venus kicked him with her legs and suddenly felt something… And then she was in a daze.

”Kerry, don’t do that!”

Kerry ’s blue eyes were full of desire, “I heard that this is great, too…”

“You asshole!” Venus shouted, “If you dare to do that, I’ll kill you!”

Kerry became furious, and he kissed Venus harder. It seemed that he wanted Venus to feel his recent bad emotions.

After kissing for a while, Kerry seemed to be more uncomfortable. Having no way, he eventually said in a low voice, “Don’t move, I’m afraid I might…”

Before Venus understand what he meant, she felt…

On gosh! He was…


My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 153 Sweetheart, she’s hiding from him (2)
Venus Mu couldn’t describe that feeling. At this moment, in front of Kerry Ye, she was like a chicken to be killed and he was a ferocious wolf, who could easily swallow her…

It went on for a long time, and when Venus felt he was about to break her ribs, she heard him grunt. It was finally over…

Kerry’s head against her, kissing for a while before releasing her.

“I’ll let you go today…” Kerry’ s voice was sexy and Venus thought that if the man in front of her was not Kerry, she would have been attracted to him.


“Don’t think about anything else.” Kerry ordered in a low voice.

Venus blushed because of the hot water in the bathroom. She looked quite charming now.

“Kerry, I have the dysmenorrhea.” Venus lied. In fact, today was already the last day of her period and there was very little blood and the pain was not that strong.

The reason she said that was because she was afraid that he would do once again.

Kerry gently let go of her, taking a shower for her again. Then he picked up a large bath towel to wrap her and put her to the bed.

“Stay there. I’ll get you some clothes.”

Venus was a little dumbfounded. Was he really the man she knew?

Why was he so nice to her?


Perhaps she shouldn’t be so surprised. She had almost forgotten that he had once been the understanding Xiaozi. Now, his eyes hadn’t changed, but his personality had turned into Xiaozi.

What a psycho.

Venus got goosebumps.

When Kerry reappeared, he was already with her underwear and skirt in one hand, and a hairdryer in the other.

“I’ll do it myself…” Venus looked into his eyes, whose expression was sure.

After throwing the stuff in his hands on the bed, and obediently turned around and walked away.

He hadn’t totally enjoyed just now, and if he stayed any longer, he probably would do it once again.

Out of sight, out of mind.

Out of the room, he lit a cigarette, slowly walking downstairs. Kevin was sitting on the sofa at the front desk and when he saw him coming, he hurriedly stood up.

“How is sister-in-law?” Kevin asked as plainly as possible.

Kerry exhaled a mouthful of smoke, frowning, “She’s fine. Don’t worry about her.” Then Kerry patted him on the shoulder and went out to the pharmacy.

Venus dreamed that she was swimming in the water. All of a sudden, her feet were entangled by a long water plant. She desperately struggled to get away, but the plant wrapped her tighter and tighter, from her feet to her legs, from her waist to her neck. Venus tried to remove the water plant, but she couldn’t. In the end, a fierce wave hit her and she was dragged towards the invincible darkness by the water plant…

“Ah!” Venus shrieked, sitting up, with sweat all over her forehead.

There was no water or water plants. It turned out to be a nightmare.

Kerry, working at his computer, turned his head to look at her vacant eyes and took the warm water to her. He sat next to her, asking softly, “Nightmare?”

Venus wiped away the sweat on her forehead and nodded. Though it was a dream, she was still worried.

“Take the medicine.” Kerry handed the medicine to her.

Venus still didn’t come back to her senses. Only when she swallowed the medicine, did she begin to realize what had happened.

“What’s the dream about?” Kerry wiped the sweat from her brow with his fingers.

“A demon.” Venus muttered, “The water demon, wanted to eat me.”

Kerry poked fun at her, “I thought you weren’t afraid of anything, but it seems you were scared by the noon thing.”

Venus glanced at him, “I’m scared of you.”

Kerry was speechless.

If she had said that she was afraid of him before, he would have felt good, but now, he somehow felt that it was harsh.

“Don’t sleep, it’s almost dinner.” Kerry pulled her out of the bed, “The child’s grandparents have come many times. They want to thank you, but you are sleeping.”

Venus asked excitedly, “Is the child alive?” “Yes.”

“Good.” With a delighted smile on her face, Venus let out a sigh, “Gee, I never thought I could save a life.”

“But you nearly killed yourself.” Kerry teased her. Then he went back to work.

At night, the three of them ate in the Airbnb’ s restaurant, and the little boy’s grandparents came to thank her again, with a lot of souvenirs.

“Thank you, young lady. If it wasn’t for you, my grandson would have gone to the heaven.”

“Yeah. His parents are working in big cities. If something happens to him, we can’t face them.”

“You’re welcome. I believe anyone see this happening will definitely help.” Venus invited them to sit down.

“Young lady, you’re so pretty and kind. We don’t have anything expensive, but some eggs laid by our hens. Also, the lotus seeds we planted by ourselves. If you don’t mind, take it.”

How could Venus refuse this?

She took it and then asked, “How’s the boy? Is he all right?”

“Well, he’s in shock, but he’s fine. Now he is getting an injection at the hospital.” Grandpa said.

“Then go back to take care of him. Thanks for the gift.”

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 153 Sweetheart, She was Hiding from Him (3)
The two old people said thank you again before leaving, and Venus Mu was relieved. She hadn’t been in touch with these things, and it was a bit difficult to deal with them.

After the excitement, there was silence.

What exactly did these two people talk about this morning? Why did she feel a tense atmosphere .

For example, Kevin Ye just put a piece of fried pork in her bowl, “Sister-in-law, this fried pork is quite delicious, you can try it.”

Before Venus moved the chopsticks, Kerry Ye picked it up from her bowl and said with a cold expression, “She can’t eat spicy food.”

“Then drink a bowl of mung bean soup to relieve the heat.”

Kerry refused again, “No, she can’t get cold these days.”

Kevin’s hands froze while scooping the soup.

“I’m full.” Venus dropped her chopsticks and quickly left the restaurant. She didn’t want to be the victim of the two brothers.

After meal, Venus took advantage of that Kerry was busy, slipped out of the room and found Kevin near the hotel.

“What did you and Kerry say this morning? Why do I think you are weird?” Venus asked straightforwardly.

Kevin said quietly, “It’s nothing, you think too much.”

“Really?” Venus condensed her eyebrows. Okay. That’s alright.

The two of them wandered around the family hotel for a few minutes, and when they were about to return to the hotel, Kevin asked, “Venus, do you think girls like a man as me?”

Venus remembered the girl he mentioned, thinking that he was not confident to confess. She smiled and comforted, “You are handsome and have a good family background. The most important thing is that you have a good personality and caring for girls. Lots of girl will like you.”

“That…” Kevin was extremely nervous, looked straight at her clear eyes, and asked boldly, “If it were you, would you like me?”

Venus was stunned, what does he mean?

Oh, yes, he said that the girl he liked was very similar to her.

“Ha, Kevin, you are too unconfident. Don’t worry, your gril will like you.”

“Really?” Kevin ‘s eyes lit up.

“Of course it’s true, what did I lie to you for?” Venus said with a smile, “Hurry up and rest. Tomorrow we are going back to city a, and we will take a long car ride.”

“Well, good night, Venus.” Kevin said softly.

Venus waved her hand and went upstairs.

Watching her all the way back to the room, Kevin said to himself, “Venus, when I speak out who’s the one I adore, you have to remember what you said today.”

In the room, Kerry was still working, and when she came back, he asked casually, “Where did you go?”

Venus changed her shoes, fluffed her hair and said casually, “Oh, I went for a walk, and I met Kevin.”

Kerry paused while sliding the mouse, and asked calmly, “What did you talk about?”

Venus walked over with her slippers and tied her annoying hair together, “It’s nothing, he asked me if the girl likes his kind of boy now. Maybe he was afraid of being rejected when he confess… Hey, are you insane?”

Kerry pushed her against the wall, pinched her chin and said viciously, “Keep away from Kevin from now on.”

Venus was confused by his sudden anger, “Kerry, you have said this to me before. However, I can’t ignore him as we are living in the same house.”

“I don’t care. Anyway, don’t go to find him frequently.”

“Of course I won’t go to him frequently. But…why?” Venus couldn’t understand.

Kerry said, “Since Kevin has someone he likes, if you have a good relationship with him, what will his future girlfriend think?”

Venus was stunned for a few seconds, what Kerry said made sense. Women always think carefully. She doesn’t want her boyfriend to have a good relationship with other women, even if this woman was his sister in law.

“Oh, that’s the case. I know. I will pay attention to it in the future.” Venus said seriously.

Kerry felt she didn’t look like to be lying. He opened his hand and said, “Pack things up. We are going back to city a early tomorrow morning.”



Kevin was sitting on a Hummer, recalling how Venus was sitting next to him, and then looked at Dr. Han next to him, he didn’t even have the desire to chat.

Two hours later, everyone returned to the villa.

“Young Master, this is the list I drafted. Take a look. John the Butler had been worrying about this for a few days, for fear of missing a good girl.

Kerry took it over and glanced at it. There was many names on it, “Decide it yourself.” Kerry didn’t know the girls anyway.

“Okay, what time should it be?”

“Tomorrow at seven o’clock.” Kerry said.

John the Butler was very happy and said hurriedly, “Well, well, then I’ll go and prepare.”

Since Kerry got married, John the Butler had never been so happy. This was a major event for the Ye family. Once Kevin had a successful blind date and got married, it will be a great comfort for the master and his wife.

In the afternoon, the invitation letter from the Ye family was spilled into the homes of the wealthy families in city a like snowflakes. Of course, it was limited to giants with single young women of the right age.

Kevin looked at the busy servants going in and out, knowing what they were preparing, and he couldn’t help but feel anxious.

Looking at this, the eldest brother had this plan before going to the country.

Was he so obvious that he was discovered so early.

Relaxing in the garden, seeing Venus immersed in painting not far away, he walked over with joy.

“Venus, what are you doing?”

Venus stopped painting, “It’s been a long time since I started drawing a picture. I went to the countryside and get a lot of inspiration, so I will quickly drew it.”

Kevin leaned over and looked at it. On the paper was a sketch of a dress.

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 153 Sweetheart, She was Hiding from Him (4)
Venus Mu thought of Kerry Ye’s instruction. As soon as he got closer, she got up, closed the design book and said, “I just thought that I have something to tell Mrs Qin, so I’m leaving.”

Kevin Ye stopped breathing. Was she… avoiding him?

Had Kerry told her? No, Kerry would only order her to stay away from him.

The next day, at Yehuang Group.

Venus was sitting at her desk, amending her design. It was about to fall, and the planning meeting for the new season should be held soon. She had to prepare in advance.

As she was writing, a dark figure stood by her, and the voices of colleagues suddenly rang in his ears.

“Mr. Ye.”

It was only three o’clock, why did he come?

“Where’s your phone?” Kerry asked.

Venus was stunned. She took out her phone from her bag and looked up at him, “Here it is.”

Kerry’s eyes were obviously filled with anger, and he looked at her angrily and did not speak.

Venus knew that she should look at her phone quickly, and there were four missed calls from him. She didn’t know when the phone was set muted that she didn’t hear ringtone at all.

Venus stood up awkwardly, “Mr. Ye, what do you want me for?”

“Bring your bag and follow me.” Kerry said the words, turned over and walked away.

Venus hurriedly packed things, muttering in her heart, what did he want again?

“Venus, manager Ye is so handsome,” said a female colleague. “He is such a macho president.”

Venus just wanted to tell her that she should not read more boring novels and watch more boring TV drama. Most of the macho presidents were basters!

“Where are we going?” Venus left the office, and Kerry was waiting for her at the door.

“Why do you talk so much?” Kerry was still angry at the missed call just now.

Venus gritted her teeth and clenched her fists together, but she kept meditating in her heart that don’t be angry, don’t be angry. This is in the company, and he is the boss.

They kept silent all the way to a haute couture shop, Kerry said coldly, “Get off.”

Although Yehuang Company was also involved in clothing business, where Kerry brought her was an evening dress shop.

The sales staff had received strict training, and when their smile was comfortable.

“Get her a dress.” After Kerry finished speaking, he sat on the sofa in the store and flipped through the magazine, looking very upset.

His eyes were focused on the magazine, but his heart followed her footsteps back and forth.

“Miss, please try this one.”

Venus didn’t even look at it, and went into the dressing room in a rage, but when she put it on, she regretted it. There was too much skin which were exposed.

“Miss, do you need my help?” the salesperson asked enthusiastically.

“No.” Venus dangled in the locker room for a while, opened the door and walked out.

The salesperson praised sincerely, “Wow, so beautiful.”

Kerry couldn’t help but raise his head when he heard the words, he was amazed by Venus, but…

“This one is not suitable, change it.” Kerry said lightly.

Venus breathed a sigh of relief, she was afraid that Kerry would nod his head.

She tried a few more, pure, coquettish, and noble style…

Every time when she stand in front of the mirror, Kerry would say, “It’s inappropriate.”

Venus was angry. What does he want? It was tiring to try such dressed.

The sales staff was also very depressed, obviously Venus looked beautiful in every dress.

Venus walked into the locker room and vowed that if he said it was inappropriate again, she would leave right away.

“This piece…” Kerry turned around in front of her, the yellow material clinging to her skin drew an exquisite curve.

Before he uttered the three words, Venus said angrily, “I won’t try anything more. Just choose one of the sets I tried just now.”

Kerry was in a much better mood at this time. He didn’t refute her words. He walked up to the few dresses that she tried just now and picked the most conservative one.

She was good-looking. She had fair skin and was well-built. She could be the focus in any dress.

“Wrap this one up.”

Venus went into the locker room angrily to change clothes. Clearly he tricking her.

After buying the clothes, Kerry took her to a literary-looking modeling studio.

“Mr. Ye, it’s been a long time since the last time you came,” the director personally came to greet him. He glanced at Venus and asked curiously, “Who is this?”

“My wife, there will be a party at my home in the evening. I’ll leave it to you. This is the dress.”

Venus was stunned, party? Why didn’t she know?

“Kerry, wait. What party?”

“This is for Kevin. Don’t worry, you are not the protagonist. But as the hostess of the Ye Family, you must attend.” Kerry explained lightly.

Venus stared at him suspiciously for three seconds before being dragged away.

“Mrs. Ye, I know Mr. Ye is very handsome, but I can promise you that you will amaze later.”

There was nothing wrong with what the styling director said.

After more than an hour, Venus almost didn’t recognize the person in the mirror. Was that her?

Kerry wandered over, and his heart surged.

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 153 Sweetheart, She was Hiding from Him (5)
Venus wore a long pale pink dress that nearly touched the floor, embellished with beautiful flowers. Her long hair wore over her shoulders.

Seeing the charming Venus, Kerry was completely attracted to her.

“You’re beautiful.” Kerry’s arm was around her waist. He said softly in her ear. “I want you so badly right now.”

Suddenly the smile on Venus’ face froze. She jabbed him hard in the chest with her elbow.


The party would start at seven o’clock. It was six o’clock when they returned to the villa. Soon, the cars of the celebrities filled the parking lot of Ye family.

Kerry wore a simple silver-grey suit. He and Venus attracted a lot of attention from the debutantes as they stood at the door to welcome the guests.

Venus also came from the upper class, so she was capable of handling these things. After standing for a while, she noticed something strange.

Tugging on Kerry’s sleeve, she asked in a low voice, “Why are all the guests women today?”

“I want to help Kevin find a girlfriend, so of course all the guests are women.” said Kerry.

Venus just realized this was Kevin’s blind date party.

“It seems that you’re really nice to him.” She looked at him and smiled. Her smile was like a flower.

Kerry looked her in the eye and leaned in close. “Don’t look at me like that. I’m afraid I’m going to kiss you right now.” he teased.

Before Venus was about to say something, she heard a harsh voice.

“Kerry, Kerry…”

Kerry turned back. Yiyao Mu ran towards him and immediately took his arm, completely ignoring Venus.

“Long time no see. I’ve missed you so much.” Yiyao tilted her head up and looked at Kerry adoringly.

Kerry was very unhappy and pushed her hand away. “The party is about to start. You’d better get in there.”

Yiyao was very reluctant. Then she stared at Venus jealously. “She’s so pretty today.” she thought.

She remembered that she had almost been killed by Venus last time, so now she was filled with anger and jealousy.

“Venus, aren’t you ashamed to be standing here?” she said aloud.

“I am the hostess of Ye family. Why should I be ashamed?” said Venus.

Yiyao smiled coldly, and then gave her a cold stare.

“Last time I saw Venus go to Zihang Lyu’s home. She was in bed with Zihang Lyu……” she said to Kerry, but before she could finish her sentence, Venus gave her a slap on the face.

Venus quickly interrupted her. She was afraid that Yiyao’s constant insults would embarrass her in front of everyone.

“Yiyao Mu, have you forgotten that I almost killed you last time then?” Venus said angrily. “So you better not mess with me.”

Yiyao was a little afraid now. She didn’t expect Venus to slap her in public, so she was also furious. She shut her eyes tightly, trying to squeeze out tears. “Kerry, I’m telling the truth, otherwise why would she be annoyed and slap me?”

Kerry gave her a cold look, held Venus by the shoulders and said, “She’s my wife. I trust her.”

Hearing Kerry’s words, Venus was stunned. “He said he trusts me?” Venus thought.

Yiyao looked at him in shock. She hadn’t expected Kerry to be very nice to Venus now.

“Henry.” Kerry called out suddenly.

Henry quickly walked towards him.

“Take her away.” Kerry instructed.

Henry beckoned for two bodyguards to come over. Before Yiyao could react, she was already taken away by the bodyguards.

After a few minutes, Venus still couldn’t believe that Kerry would say he believed her.

“You better explain to me tonight what happened between you and Zihang Lyu.” Kerry whispered in her ear.

The next Venus heard his words, she couldn’t help but sneered. “He is still the same suspicious Kerry. He is slightly nicer to me than before.” Venus thought. “Now he just won’t embarrass me in public.

At seven o’clock, almost all the guests had arrived. Then Kerry walked to the front of the crowd with Kevin.

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