Chapter 154: My Mysterious Husband

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 154 I just took you as my friend (1)
“Hello everyone, welcome to the Ye family, please allow me to introduce my brother Kevin who has just returned from abroad. As the host of the our family, we wish you to have fun tonight, thank you.”

After the enthusiastic applause, Kerry brought Kevin to prepare a toast.

“Uncle Li, it has been a long time since our last meet, is this your daughter? I remember that we have met before in the childhood, and she is a beautiful girl now.”

“Auntie Chan, this is Kevin, do you remember him? He used to go to your house for food when he was young.”

Venus watched them from a distance and thought that those who grew up in a rich family really got their own way of thinking. They were very good at flattering.

It turned out that all the people were living with a mask on.

This is true for Kerry and also for Venus.

Now, she was surrounded by several beauties who wanted to know Kevin’s news.

“Mrs Ye, what does Kevin usually do?”

“I guess he loves sports such as swimming, running, that sort of things.” Venus tried to make Kevin look like a sunny boy as much as possible.

“What does he like to eat then?”

Venus was embarrassed, she hadn’t really paid attention to what Kevin usually liked to eat. It seemed that as long as it was made by Mrs Qin, he would eat it.

“If you feel interested in him, you can ask him for dinner, wouldn’t it be more fun to slowly get to know him yourself?” She smiled.

Another beautiful woman asked, “Mrs Ye, Is Kevin a shy man? He doesn’t talk much.”

Venus took a glimpse of Kevin, he was indeed as cold as he could be.

“Oh …… this ……” Venus didn’t know what to say, she didn’t know the reason either.

“I think Kevin is quite good,” a beautiful woman spoke for Venus. She said with a florid face, “He looks so masculine, I like him very much.”

Venus was dumbfounded, isn’t it more popular to be a warm man? When do people like masculine man?

Once you get married, you’re out of the trend.

Theses beauties scattered away quickly and Kevin.

Venus’s feet hurt cause she had stood for a long period, so she found a corner and sat down quietly with no attention.

She just wanted to have a rest but accidentally heard two or three women quietly discussing her next door.

“You see, that woman is Kerry’s wife Venus, she doesn’t look that pretty, why do Kerry marry her?”

“You are right, since Venus’s parents died, the family doesn’t left much money. Why do Kerry marry her?”

“This is obvious a business marriage, Venus married Kerry to saving her family business.”

Venus didn’t hear what they said later, she had been trained by Kerry to be strong and tolerant. What’s more, They were telling the truth.

She had no reason to be angry.

She closed her eyes to have a rest. She felt someone had sat next to her, but she was very familiar with that person so she didn’t open her eyes.

He kept silent, so did she.

The three women next door were still talking excitingly……

Kerry face grew colder and colder. Eventually he couldn’t help himself and asked Venus, “Are you tired? Why are you hiding here?”

“I am tired and i want to take a break.” Venus said calmly.

The lively discussion next door came to an abrupt halt as soon as they made a sound, and then followed by the sound of footsteps leaving in a hurry ……

Venus sighed in her heart and thought some women would only chew behind people’s backs.

“Are you hungry? I’ll go get some food.”

Venus smiled faintly and opened her eyes, “Kerry, they’re gone, you don’t need to act.”

“You …… ” Kerry looked at her smiling eyes, his heart was hurt. He was very angry although only he listened for a short period, she had been sitting here for a long time, how could she be so calm?

“Don’t you care at all?” Kerry asked painfully.

Venus shook her head indifferently, “They’ve been very polite compared to what I once heard.”

“Once heard?”

Who else could it be? Apart from himself, It was definitely Xinyou.

Kerry kept silent for a moment and got up to fetch some cakes over himself, he vaguely remembered that she like to eat sweet food.

“Take some food, you’ll have to send guests later.”

Venus reached out and took it with an unreadable look in her eyes and asked him, “Kerry, You treat me nice recently, Why?”

Kerry was confused and he actually wanted to know the reason too.

“There is no reason, I just want to treat you nice since i am in a good mood.” Kerry suppressed his real feeling.

“Well, I sincerely hope that you are always in a good mood.” After having a bite of cake, she looked at Kevin who was quite impatient, and asked him, “Have you found the girl Kevin likes?”

Kerry was upset and said, “Haven’t yet, why do you ask?”

“Of course I want to see what her looks like,” Venus said reasonably.

Kerry took a glimpse at her and said, “You are so gossip.”

Venus pouted her mouth, “I don’t believe you’re not curious.”

Kerry said very seriously, “You’re right, I’m not curious at all.” After saying that, Kerry seemed to see someone and said to Venus, “You can go out for a walk If you feel bored, nobody will notice that but do remember no to go far.”

“Okay, I know.”

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 154 I just took you as my friend (2)
The air was moving with cool breeze, Venus walked to sit on a bench with her skirt rolled. Woman’ s laughter could be heard faintly in the distance, there was no pandemonium, she felt it was just the right place.

After a long time, a voice came from behind her, “You really pick up a nice place.”

Venus turned back, It was Kevin standing in the moonlight, looking at her with a shallow smile. The villa was behind his back.

“It’s too stuffy in the hall, I come out to breathe the fresh air. Why do you come here?” Venus teased him.

Kevin sighed helplessly and sat next to her, “I’m annoyed by those women’s noise, so I come out to hide for a while too.”

“Oh, I think all men like the feelings been surrounded by different women?”

Kevin immediately rebuffed that, “Some men are like that but I’m not included.”

Venus laughed, “Well, I was wrong, you are a man of manner.”

Kevin turned his head and look at her charming face and said what he wanted to say from the beginning, “You are very beautiful tonight.”

Venus’s heart was plunged, she felt the strange atmosphere between them, thus immediately replied “Clothes make the man, Kerry choose the right clothes for me.”

Kevin smiled faintly and raised his head to look at the bright moon in the sky.

Seeing Kevin’s silence, Venus wondered if she was thinking too much.

“Is the girl you like come here today?” Venus tried to talk with him.

“She …… didn’t come.” Kevin was disappointed.

“Oh.” Venus whispered, how could she be so stupid? He went out definitely for relaxing himself. How could she mentioned again to make him sad.

“Venus.” Kevin suddenly asked her.

“What’s wrong?”

“Do you still want to break up my brother?” The thing was brought up again by Kevin.

Venus was startled and smiled bitterly, “I tried all the means to leave him but failed, I even risked my life, Kerry does not agree, he will find me wherever I go ……”

“And what?”

Venus looked at him and said, “And I am still waiting for my brother, if I leave, I’m bound to live in hermitage, then my brother will take times to find me. I’ve clearly aware that life is the only important thing in the world.”

Kevin came out of the blue, “What if I could take you away?”

“Huh? You want to bring me away?” Venus opened her eyes and was very surprised.

Kevin took a deep breath and said firmly, “Yes, I’ll bring you away, I don’t want to you to be unhappy, you deserve a better life.”

Venus’s eyelids popped up, what did he mean by those words?

“Does he like her?”

Oh, no. She was his sister-in-law, how could he like her?

To stop him from thinking more, Venus directly refused, “No, Kevin, I won’t leave, I still have to wait for my brother.”

“We can go to find him if he doesn’t come to you, isn’t that the best way?” Kevin became agitated.

Venus got up from the chair and took a step back, even if she was an idiot, she understood what he meant by that.

“How could it be the best way, Kevin, do you know what you’re talking about?”

He was Kevin, Kerry’s brother, how could he ……

Venus felt her brain muddled all of a sudden.

Kevin also stood up and took a step closer to her, “I know what I’m talking about, Venus, I’m telling the truth.”

“Shut up!” Venus interrupted him and said seriously, “I’m your sister-in-law and you also have your own beloved girl, I’ll pretend that I haven’t heard these words tonight.”

“Venus, don’t you curious about the name of the girl I like?” Kevin stared at her eyes, he wanted to know everything happened to her. He was very jealous to see her beauty tonight, he wanted to talk to her, even if it was just a casual conversation, but he was surrounded by some woman, and now that he had a chance, he decided to express his feelings.

He didn’t believe that Venus got no feeling toward him.

Venus was ready to leave at any moment, she was not familiar with the Kevin tonight.

“Stop talking about that, I don’t want to know. I have to go back to the hall.” Venus turned around and walked away, but she was caught up by Kevin quickly.

“Venus, could you please listen to my words?”

“Another time, okay? I don’t want to hear it now.” Venus broke away from his hand. As she decided to leave, Kerry’s frost face shown before her.

Venus’s footsteps stalled, she was frightened because Kerry would misunderstand her again.

Kerry stepped over, his said in a low voice, “What are you doing?”

“It’s a little stuffy in there, so I come out for some fresh air and just come across Kevin.” Venus explained calmly. It was supposed to be like this, but it was hard to tell if he would accept the explanation.

Kerry was angry with his eyes frozen, “Really? Such a coincidence?”

“Yeah, it’s a coincidence, you can ask Kevin if you don’t believe me.”

Kevin sighed heavily and said in a helpless tone, “Well, it’s just like what Venus said.”

Kerry glanced at him, pulled Venus’s wrist and said, “The guests are leaving, let’s go.”

He walked quickly, Venus was wearing high heels and a long skirt, and was almost dragged down by him, “Kerry, walk slowly please.”

After hearing the words, Kerry walked even faster, and Venus accidentally stepped on the skirt, and then fell to the ground ignobly and funnily.

One of her hands was still controlled by Kerry, so she was almost half-kneeling on the cobblestone path in a messy position, her knee was very hurt.

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 154 I just took you as my friend (3)
Kerry Ye just stood there, with no intention of helping her at all, but Venus Mu didn’t expect him, who stood up with one hand on the ground.

Shaking away his hand, Venus ran away, gritting her teeth.

Looking at her lonely and stubborn back, he got anger.

When they were seeing visitors out, there was no communication between them along the whole process. Venus tried to make a smile, and when everyone had left, the muscles on her face were about to stiffen.

In the bedroom

Venus took off her long dress and tossed it to the corner of the closet. She found that her knee had been skinned, not bleeding too much, but looking horrible.

Then she changed clothes and removed the makeup.

This night was exhausting, both physically and mentally, but she knew the real nightmare was yet to come.

Disinfecting her knee with alcohol, she heard the sound of footsteps getting closer. Venus didn’t look up but keep treating the wound. With the alcohol seeping into her flesh, the pain almost made her burst into tears, but she didn’t mutter anything.

“Tell me, is what Yiyao Mu said true?” Kerry sat down on the opposite bed.

“It’s true that I went to see him, but what she said was false.” Venus didn’t intend to hide it from him. if he went to have a check, then she would be over.

Kerry was clearly not satisfied with the answer, “Tell me the truth, what should I believe?”

Venus threw the used cotton swabs onto the table, looking directly into him, “I went to Shaoming Lu to ask something and was blocked in the room by him. Then Yiyao came, I broke a vase and place a chip on her neck to threatened them to let me go. That’s how it happened.”

Kerry looked coldly into her eyes, as if he was choosing to believe or not.

“Venus, don’t ever lie to me.”

She snorted, “Why are you asking me if you don’t believe me? Why don’t you just ask someone to have a check?”

Kerry was silent for a while and then asked, “What about Kevin? I just told you to stay away from him. Don’t you hear me?”

“Kerry, I told you that it was a coincidence. I was sitting there and he came, what could I do?”

“Why were you talking to him for so long when you could just turn around and walk away?” Kerry still thought it was Venus’ s wrong.

Venus was speechless, “Kerry, can you act like a normal man? I didn’t say or do anything to him at all. What are you so angry about?”

“Then why he held your hand?” Kerry saw it.

Venus also went mad, “How should I know?”

“Venus,” Kerry then pressed her down on the sofa, pinching her face, “Don’t attempt to seduce him and don’t attempt to leave. You are mine.”

Venus looked at him indifferently with mockery in her eyes, “Kerry, you can only blame me. Why not go to Kevin and tell him not to mess with me?”

“Wanna provoke relations between us? Hmm?” Kerry scorching breath sprayed onto her face, but she only felt chill.

“Kerry, I don’t think I’m that important to you and I can’t do this kind of difficult work.” Venus’s injured knee rubbed against his pants, painful, so she couldn’t help but push him away, “Get up and go away, I don’t have the time.”

Kerry was infuriated by her attitude and pressed her down again to do what he had been wanting to do tonight.

“Kerry, get the fuck off me.” Before Venus had even finished her sentence, her silk nightgown had been ripped open, exposed her white skin.

Her legs were pressed down by him, unable to resist at all, and her injured knee touching the sofa was painful.

Tears dropped down, instantly losing in her long hair. Venus knew that it was hard to escape, so she went with him. She had no pleasure, but pain and desolation…

Like a dying fish on the surface of the sea, Venus floated up and down with waves.

When could this fucking life end?

Kerry did once again, and then picked her up and threw her on the bed. When he saw the tears, his heart ached.

However, this little mercy could hardly resist his high sexual desire, and the night was so long and hard that Venus didn’t know when she fell asleep.


In the morning

Venus was awakened by pain. Opening her eyes, Kerry was using a cotton swab to apply medicine to her knee. After last night’s torture, the wound on her knee not only didn’t scab, but worsened a bit.

Venus caressed her forehead for a moment, sitting up. She didn’t need this.

“Can you stay still?” Kerry asked with a frown.

Without saying anything, Venus got out of the bed, naked and heading to the bathroom.

Kerry was hopeless, throwing the cotton swab to the floor.

Why he kept hurting her?

With the water splashing, Kerry got out of bed and strode to the bathroom, but the door was locked from the inside.

“Venus, you can’t touch the water.” Kerry patted the bathroom door and said loudly.

Venus didn’t care what he was saying. She just wanted to wash the disgusting smell off her.

“Do you hear me?”

She didn’t answer.

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 154 I just took you as my friend (4)
Kerry was sitting beside the bath, varieties of feelings had rushed into his heart.

Time had passed quietly, after the water stopped dropping, Venus opened the door and walked out of the bathroom. She took up a towel indifferently.

Neck, chest and legs ……

The bruise were all over her body.

After wiping the body, Venus threw the towel to the basket and headed to the dressing room.

Kerry watched in silence as she put on her underwear, jacket, and skirt, covering up all the scars on her body.

“Venus, stop walking.” Kerry couldn’t bear her ignorance and spoke out in anger.

Venus continued walking toward to the door as if she didn’t hear.

“I ask you to stand there.” Kerry quickly caught up and blocked her way.

Venus looked up at him indifferently.

“The wound on your knee needs to be treated as soon as possible.” Kerry said in a low voice, he actually didn’t know what to say but just wanted her notice.

“Don’t bother yourself, I’ll take care of myself.” Venus said in a hoarse voice.

Kerry choked, and Venus bypassed him to go downstairs.

After last night’s party, John the Butler thought that the Ye family would become more vivid, but it was the opposite of his expectations. Although the weather was still hot, he felt that the whole villa had entered the winter, the owners were all silent as if be put on a spell. There would only be chopsticks clapping on the dinner table.

Venus commuted to and from work as usual, but she never took Kerry’s car again. She got up an hour earlier to catch the bus every day.

And at night, she didn’t communicate with him even if he slept with her in one room.


Yehuang Group.

Kerry was flipping through the work handed out by various departments, but he was too irritated to read it at all.

Three days had past and she didn’t even talk to him.

He hugged her every night, but not to know what she was thinking. His heart was getting emptier and emptier.

“Secretary Liu, tell Venus from the design department to come up here.” Kerry pressed the phone.

Soon, the door was knocked.

“Come in.” Kerry unconsciously adjusted his posture.

Venus came in and stood in the doorway without approaching, “Mr Ye, what’s the matter?”

“Get a cup of coffee for me please.” Kerry casually pointed his finger at the cup on the table.

Venus took a glimpse of the coffee cup without moving, and said flatly, “Mr. Ye, this is not part of my job, may I ask if you have anything else?”

“Venus, I’m your boss, you should do whatever i want you to do.” Kerry deliberately made things difficult for her.

Venus took a deep breath, “I won’t do things that doesn’t belong to me, and if you think I am wrong, I can leave.”

Kerry was startled, the hand under the table swished and clenched and he said, “What are you talking about?”

“I’m just an intern in your company and not an official employee, if you think I’m not suitable, I can leave at any time.” Venus’s expression was calm, she had found many internship companies privately in the past two days, although they were smaller than Yehuang, she could be happier without seeing his face.

In Sky City, Yehuang Group was not that powerful.

“Venus, so you want to leave me now?” Kerry was very angry and slapped his hand on the table.

“Mr Ye, if there’s nothing else, I’ll leave first.” After saying this, Venus directly opened the door and left away.

“Bang.” A huge noise came from behind, he must threw something again, but what did it have to do with her?

The rain was fallen on the way home. Venus leaned against the glass window to see the rain outside and she felt very calm.

The rain was getting heavier and heavier as she get off the bus at the station, Venus looked up at the sky and helplessly walked directly toward the villa.

As she walked two or three meters away, an umbrella was held on her head. She was surprised and looked back, it was Kevin who looked at her tenderly.

“Why are you here?” Venus asked.

Kevin seemed to be relieved, “You’re finally willing to talk to me.”

In the past three days, every time he ran into Venus, she would walk quickly past with him with her head lowered, not to mention a conversation between them.

Venus’s pretty eyebrows furrowed together as she lifted her foot and walked forward, “Kevin, don’t waste time, I won’t go with you.”

“Is Tianye Mu the only reason?” Kevin kept asking.

“Not only for him, but also for the reputation of our Ye family.” Venus said honestly and frankly, “How do you think that other people will scold me if i marry Kerry but leave with you? Even if I care less about the views of the world, what about my parents? I can’t have them be scolded after death.”

Kevin was silent, he didn’t know how to answer her question because she was talking about the truth.

“But, I like you and I will give you the life you want.” Kevin finally expressed his feeling on this raining evening.

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 154 I just took you as my friend (5)

Kevin paused and looked at her seriously and said “So, do you like me?”

Venus also stopped and looked him straight in the eyes, “Kevin, I just take you as a good friend, and that kind of feeling is also between friends.”

“Then do you like my brother?” Kevin seemed to have known the answer and wasn’t disappointed.

Venus’s lips quirked up a mocking smile, “Do you think I would like him? No,I hate him.”

“You see, compared with my brother, i am better, so why can’t you give me a chance?”

“Kevin, if I hadn’t married your brother, if my parents were still alive, maybe I will give you a chance, but now, I’m sorry, we are impossible no matter what you say.” Venus refused him.

Met a wrong man in a wrong time would definitely get a bad ending.

Kevin was very disappointed, he sighed and said with a bitter smile, “This is my first time to express the feeling to a girl, and it is a complete failure .”

“That’s because you find the wrong person.” Venus remembered her first love and teased, “My first love is also a failure because i find a play boy.”

“But you’re good, and I don’t want to let you go.”

“You’ll find a better girl than me Kevin, you deserve a better girl,” Venus couldn’t even find a word to describe herself.

An old and weak woman?

“I never thought I’d be regarded as a good man someday, but Venus I’m not giving up, at least not for a short time.”

Mavis laughed, “It’s up to you, I won’t change my decision anyway.”

“That’s not certain.”

As they walked side by side, a car cut through the rain and drove from behind. Kevin heard the roaring engine and subconsciously shielded Venus inward.

They didn’t expect that the car owner was crazy, driving toward them directly. Kevin turned back and stood before Venus, the car was approaching closer.

He didn’t believe that the car would crash into them.

As a matter of fact, the car made an ear-splitting braking sound a meter away from Kevin.

The wipers slid up and down, their vision was sometimes clear and sometimes blurred. Kerry gripped the steering wheel tightly and took a deep breath.

What happened just now? He wanted to kill them, one was his brother and the other was his wife.

Kevin turned back and asked Venus, “Do you want to take his car?”

“No, I want to walk back.” Venus said and turned to walk forward.

Kevin followed her, “It seems that i make anther trouble for you.”

“It’s okay, I’m used to it.”

Cayenne passed through and creating a splash of water.

Kevin was right, the night was rougher than ever as he released all his anger on her.

“Venus, you are mine.”

“I tell you many times not to seduce my brother. Is it because I can’t satisfy you? Hmm?”

“Say something, Venus!” Kerry slapped a hand on her body and fingerprints were left.

Venus knelt on the bed, biting her lip tightly without saying a word.

“Speak out!”

Another hard slap fell on Venus’s face, and the pain spread throughout her body.

Kerry was furious, he pried open her tightly bitten lips, “I ask you to speak.”

Venus snorted and turned her head to look the view of the night.

“So, you don’t want to speak?” Kerry lifted her leg and rammed her body at a fast pace.

Venus only felt a white light flashing in front of her eyes, and then was fainted under his fierce movement.

After Kerry released, he realized that something was wrong with Venus. He leaned over and patted her face lightly and said, “Venus? Venus?”

There was no reaction, but the good news was that she was breathing normally.

Kerry looked at her for a while, hugged her tightly and then whispering in her ear, “Do not leave me, you belongs to me.”


In the bar, Kevin was drinking, and many women wanted to go up and accost him, but were scared off by his cold eyes.

“Boss, don’t drink too much, aren’t you taking Chinese medicine recently? You can’t drink.” Ajie kindly reminded him.

Kevin pushed his hand away. His eyes was filled with sadness that others couldn’t understand, “It’s fine, I just drink once.”

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