Chapter 154: The Rise Of A Poor Husband

Chapter 154 You don’t want me?

“Eva…” Colin Ward wanted to explain.

Yet Eva just waved her hand, “don’t you dare! I don’t have a son-in-law like you! When Doris wakes up, you two will get divorced immediately!”

“Honey,” Baker cut in, “let’s listen to his explanation first.”

Colin looked at Baker gratefully.

In fact, Baker was also angry when he saw those photos. Especially not long ago, Colin had promised him that he would be good to Doris Lee.

While he calmed down quickly. Colin didn’t seem to be such a man. Moreover, the news was spread all over the city within an hour, which was extremely weird. It seemed that someone did it deliberately.

Colin explained at once, “the photos are real, and the person on it is me. But I passed out at that time, and then someone sent women to me and took the photos. In fact, I did nothing, nor did I cheat on Doris.”

Eva stared at Colin with disbelief when Baker asked indifferently, “you mean someone set you up?”

“Yes, “Colin nodded, “it’s my fault, I was being too careless…”

“You’re goddamn right on this one! It’s all your fault!” Eva Gray roared, “I don’t care all that bullshit, and I just want Doris to be fine!”

Colin lowered his head with guilt. He thought that Ellie Ye would use those photos to talk to him. He didn’t expect that Ellie would expose it directly, which caught him off guard.

Baker glanced at Colin and sighed, “son, I know there are a lot of things bothering you right now, and I’m fine with all of that, but only one thing that I can’t be tolerant of, and that is getting Doris involved.”

“That won’t happen again, I give you my promise.” Said Colin firmly.

Eva Gray snorted, “I’m not buying it. As long as Doris stays with you, she may be threatened at any time. I can’t stand it, so you must divorce her.”

Colin took a deep breath and raised his head, “Eva, I’m not gonna divorce.”

“It’s not up to you! I’ll force Doris to divorce you!” Eva glared at Colin and said so.

Baker didn’t want things to get ugly like this. He pulled Eva’s hand a little, “honey, Colin didn’t want this kind of thing to happen as well, plus, Doris’s health can’t afford to be tortured. If you want them to divorce, you have to ask Doris to agree, right? And do you think our daughter can handle this right now?”

“I…” Eva didn’t how to reply, and then she glared at Colin again, “fine, I’ll talk to Doris about this after she fully recovers!”

Baker nodded and said nothing else.

Three hours later, Doris finally woke up.

“Doris…” Looking at Doris’s paler face, Colin felt extremely guilty.

Doris just glanced at him and said nothing.

Colin was a little flustered, “Doris, it’s not what you think it is.”

Seeing that, Baker pulled Eva out of the ward and closed the door gently.

“Doris, those photos were taken by someone deliberately. Nothing happened. You are the only one in my heart, always. You are my wife. I won’t be with other women.” Colin said sincerely.

Doris nodded, “I know that.”

“Doris…” Colin didn’t know whether Doris was being mad or she really didn’t care at all.

No, No. Doris has accepted him.

Looking at Colin, Doris smiled and said, “really, Colin. I won’t believe that kind of crap unless you tell me in person.”

“Oh, Doris…” Colin was touched.

Doris smiled gently and then suddenly spoke up, “Colin, am I going to die?”

“What?” Colin said in a hurry, “what are you talking about? You will live a long life. I promise.”

Hearing Colin’s words, Doris looked at him silently and sighed, “In fact, I know what happened to me…”

“What?”Colin was stunned.

“I am poisoned, right? And there is no antidote for this poison,” Doris asked calmly.

Colin shook his head, “No, there is the antidote. I will find it for you.”

Now that Doris had known it, he didn’t have to hide it from her. But he wouldn’t tell her more about it.

“I’ve been looking for it, and I’ll find it soon.”

“Yeah, I trust you.”

Although Doris said so, in fact, she was not sure. She knew her own body clearly and found herself weaker and weaker`. She didn’t know how long she could hold on.

Thinking of this, she took a deep breath. It was not easy for her to accept Colin, and this man had been so good to her.

But they hadn’t become a real couple yet.

“Honey…” Doris called softly.

Colin’s body trembled slightly. There was a trace of tenderness in Doris’s voice, and an indescribable meaning, which shocked Colin.

“What’s wrong?”

Doris reached out and held Colin’s hand, “let’s go home. I want us to really have each other.”

Colin breathed quickly but managed to calm down at once.

In the past, he had been eager to do that, but now, he just couldn’t. Doris couldn’t pass out anymore, or he was afraid she wouldn’t wake up again.

“No, Doris.”

Hearing his words, there was sorrow in Doris’s eyes, “but why? You don’t want me? “

Colin shook his head and clenched his fists, “no, Doris, I want you more than anyone else, I love you, but your health condition won’t allow it. Trust me, we will have enough time to do that in the future.”

Yes, there was a long way ahead.

Colin took Doris back home, and Eva was dragged away by Baker as well.

“Doris, have a good rest. I’ll be back as soon as possible.”

Doris nodded, “sure, I will be fine. Drive safe.”

Colin stood up and couldn’t help but take a deep look at Doris before leaving.

Nina White had called him many times, but he hung up.

He knew that as soon as the news came out, the Marquis Group would catch a lot of attention, and the stock market would be affected.

As soon as he left the villa, Colin received a call from Fox Lee.

“Well, well, Colin Ward, I think you need to talk to-“

Colin directly hung up the phone without waiting for Fox to finish his sentence. He had nothing to talk with this bastard.

Fox, who was hung up, cursed for a while and called Colin again, “you listen carefully, asshole, if you want the photos to be handled peacefully, you’d better not hang up.”

Colin was about to hang up, but after hearing that, he stopped, “what? You posted the photos?”

“Hell yeah,” Fox admitted frankly.

Colin narrowed his eyes, “good, then what do you want to talk about?”

“Not on the cellphone, “Fox told him an address, “get your ass over quickly.”

After hanging up the phone, Colin was about to drive to the bar mentioned by Fox when Gerd Ward suddenly appeared.

“Doris saw Ellie Ye before she fainted. The two of them talked for a while, and after that woman left, she fainted.”

Colin’s face darkened, “Ellie Ye…”

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