Chapter 155 – 156: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 155: The flood dragon ring


Kris sighed: “What a pity! I didn’t find out anything this time.”

Hearing Lan Yu’s words, he intended to tease her and see how she would react.

“What? Nothing found out?”

On the other end of the phone, Lan seemed to be disappointed, and then she said angrily: “If I had known you can’t find out anything, I wouldn’t… I wouldn’t kiss you; I kissed you in veil!”

Before Kris could speak, she hung up the phone.

Shit, she hung up the phone too fast! I just intended to tease her; she didn’t even spare me to explain and hung up the phone.

She was too anxious, but…she seemed to be shy according to the tone, thinking of this, Kris snickered.

Then, he called a taxi and prepared to go to the company.

It’s been half a month since his leave, and he wanted to know how the company went on.

Soon, the taxi came; just when Kris got in the taxi, did the phone rang.

He had thought it was from Lan; however, he picked the phone up and found it was from Xiaolong Tan.

Xiaolong was not a simple man; as soon as he got out of prison, he already knew and called up.

“Kris, hearing you have been out of prison, I prepared a banquet to welcome you.” As soon as the phone was connected, Xiaolong’s hearty laughter was heard: “Where are you now? Shall I send someone to pick you up?”

After being familiar with Xiaolong, Kris knew that this guy appeared to be gentle, but he had a strong sense of rough-and-tumble justice.

“You don’t need to pick me up; where are you? I happen to be in the car.” Kris said with a smile.

“Well, I’m in the Tianshan Club,” Xiaolong said.

“Go to the Tianshan Club.” After hanging up the phone, Kris said to the taxi driver.

Tianshan Club was a newly opened high-level club in Westriver City. This club was not designed for ordinary people. They were social celebrities or elite people who came here.

You know that from the luxury cars parked in front of the clubhouse.

After Kris got out of the car, he walked straight in. The young lady who was standing at the door saw Kris wore ordinary clothes, so she stopped him: “Gentleman, who are you looking for?”

“I am looking for Xiaolong!”

“Yeah, are you Mr. Kris?” one of the usherettes asked in surprise.

“Yes, it’s me!”

“Mr. Kris, Xiaolong has been waiting for a long time, please come with me!” Another usherette led the way for Kris to the third floor respectfully.

The decoration and style of this club were very luxurious and can definitely rank in the top three among the clubs in Westriver City.

The usherette took Kris to the door of box 888, opened the door, and said with great respect: “Please come in.”

Kris nodded. When he walked into the box, he was instantly stunned by the scene in the box.

At a glance, at least 80 people were standing neatly in the box.

They wore uniform black half-sleeved shirts, judging from the waves emanating from them, these people are actually practitioners!

Although their power was not high, only at the early period of the acquired stage, it was quite shocking for so many people to stand together, and what shocked him even more was that only one person was sitting, and that was Xiaolong.

Xiaolong wore a black suit with a dragon pattern embroidered on the chest, holding a feather fan in his hand, and flapping it gently.

As soon as Kris came in, he stood up with a smile, and the fellows standing behind him all bowed and greeted: “Nice to meet you, incense master!”


Incense master?

Kris was stunned; he had heard about the branch leader, but what the hell this incense master was? He looked at Xiaolong, puzzled.

Xiaolong shook the fan in his hand gently and laughed: “Kris, the incense master can be understood as the branch leader. From now on, you are the incense master of the branch of the holy-dragon cult in Westriver city!”

In order to distinguish the holy-dragon cult from the sun-moon holy cult, people deliberately called it incense master. The incense master was the head of the branch in the holy-dragon cult.

After that, Xiaolong walked over and held Kris’s hand. He smiled warmly and said: “Kris, in reality, I am a disciple of the holy-dragon cult. Forgive me for not telling you the truth when I was in prison. I now apologize to you!”

With that said, he stood up, bowed, apologizing to Kris.

Kris hurriedly got up and helped him not to bow down: “Xiaolong, don’t be so courteous. A prison is a place of good and evil people mixed up. I totally understand why you conceal that.”

“Ha, ha!”

Kris’s words made Xiaolong very satisfied. He held Kris’s hand and said, “Kris, have you heard of the holy-dragon cult?”

“Holy-dragon cult? That was one of the best cults in the world!” Kris looked surprised but didn’t mention that the Holy-dragon cult was an evil organization.

Xiaolong was very satisfied with Kris’s expression. He nodded and said, “Yes, the Holy-Dragon Cult is one of the best in the world, there are countless disciples. In fact, I am the assistant leader of the Holy-Dragon cult and was known as the White Dragon strategist; in addition, I am also the White Dragon envoy among the Four Holy Dragon Envoys. For the entire holy-dragon cult, except for the Master and his wife, anyone who meets me should call me Master strategist respectfully.”

As he was talking, Xiaolong showed great confidence and arrogance.


Xiaolong turned out to be a strategist and a white dragon envoy of the Holy-Dragon Cult?

Shit, this was so amazing!

Before, Lan speculated that Xiaolong was a senior backbone of the Holy-dragon cult. He didn’t expect his identity to be in so high a level. He had thought that Xiaolong was on the same level as Changkong Yin for the most, but it turned out that he was the core figure of the Holy-dragon cult.

This time Kris was completely shocked, even with a shocked look appearing on his face.

Looking at this, Xiaolong smiled, held Kris’s shoulder, and said, “Except the leader and his wife, there are no other people in this world I care about, including the other four envoys. But you are also an exception. You are my only friend in the world, and I would like to share the glory and wealth with you.”

After saying that, he paused for a moment and then said: “I have set up a branch in Westriver city recently. The position of the incense master is for you, don’t refuse it!”

He said it so definitely that he didn’t give Kris a chance to refuse.

To be honest, Kris was very confused. He was not only the branch leader of the Sun-Moon holy cult but now he was somehow becoming the incense master of the holy-dragon cult. Isn’t this changing too fast?

“Xiaolong…, this is not a good idea.” Kris hesitated.

“What’s wrong?” Xiaolong interrupted Kris and said, “I am a strategist of the holy-dragon cult as well as the white dragon envoy. The Westriver city is within my jurisdiction. I have the right to appoint any person. I appoint you to be the incense master, and you had got to be the incense mater!”


“No, but, If you refuse it again, I will regard you to look down on me!”Xiaolong pretended to be angry.

Fuck! This was a position he did not want but could not refuse.

Kris smiled bitterly and silently but still couldn’t refuse it. After thinking for a while, he nodded and said, “Then, it’s better to accept it! If I do something wrong in the future, please forgive me!”

“Eh, we are brothers, and don’t be so polite!” Xiaolong said with a smile: “The cult has strict rules. The rudder master is above the incense master, the holy-dragon envoys are above the rudder master, and the incense master should salute to the rudder master when they meet, but you are my brother when you meet the other four envoys, you don’t need to salute as long as you report your identity.”

As he said, he took out a silver ring from his pocket, and on the surface of which a dragon with teeth and claws was carved.

Seeing this ring, Kris suddenly remembered the girl’s black gold ring at Dingding’s auction half a month ago.

Yuan Ding told him that ordinary disciples of the Holy-dragon cult wore a white snake ring, and what he wore was a dragon ring. The girl must be at a senior level!

“Xiaolong, what is this?” Kris asked.

“Haha, this is the flood dragon ring, a symbol of your incense master’s identity. You must keep it.” Xiaolong shook his fan gently and said with a smile.

Chapter 156: Stop it

“Buddy, you have the same one as mine?” Kris Chen asked curiously.

Xiaolong Tan smiled and stretched his hand. Kris fixed his eyes and saw a white jade ring on his index finger.

“This is Jade Dragon Ring, my exclusive ring, and the four Dragon Holy Envoy wear Black Golden Ring. The cult leader and his wife wear Dragons Ring. But yours is Platinum Dragon Ring, and the normal followers of our cult wear Silver White Snake Ring.”

“So mine is a jade ring, I thought it is silver!” Kris thought, “ So the old man of that auction is Holy Dragon Envoy of The Holy Dragon Cult, no wonder Yuan Ding is that scared of him.

“Today is a great day, and I have prepared another gift for you!” Xiaolong Tan clapped his hand, and the door of the box opened. More than ten women in various shapes but had their own characteristics, were brought in from the outside.

What’s more, these women were among the best both in appearance and figure. Now it was summer, and they wore little. Their white and beautiful thighs, huge and full chest, were so sexy that it made people’s nose bleed.


The followers of The Holy Dragon Cult kicked their shanks and made them kneel in a rank.

“Bro, are you satisfied with this gift?” Xiaolong shook his feather fan and smiled, “ Easy, these are the followers of The Sun-Moon Holy Cult. It took a long time to catch them. I don’t care about the ordinary ones. And they are all virgins!”

He raised his eyebrow at Kris, revealing an expression that Kris could understand.

What the… This is too exaggerated. Those many women are the gifts he welcomes me or weapons that kill me? Kris thought.

Kris muttered in his heart that two of the trade could never agree. The Sun-Moon Holy Cult and The Holy Dragon Cult were both evil cults, but their relationship was not that good.

“Fine, I won’t disturb you for having these beauties! Come to Dynasty Hotel to find me when you finish this!” Then Xiaolong Tan left with his workers.

Now only Kris and those female followers of The Sun-Moon Holy Cult were left at the whole box.

At the meanwhile, Mary Su had moved into her new house in Dream Villa.

But it was not the best house they desired last time, but a villa beside Kris’s parents.

She called Mina Li with full confidence but received her refusal. Mina Li smiled bitterly and told Mina that she won’t sell the best house to Mina, no matter how much Mina paid.

Mary Su had no choice but changed another one, and she chose a villa beside the central villa.

This villa was much larger than the former house, no matter the location or the inner space, with a small garden in front of the villa, and a small swimming pool at the back of it. It was rather comfortable to stay in the swimming pool on hot days.

Today Mary Su ended her live stream early. She took a bath and dressed herself up well. She was quite satisfied when she looked at the beauty in the mirror.

She opened her jewel case. She meant to wear Heavenly City, but finally gave up after consideration. Staring at the jewels in the case, she became caught up in choosing which one.

“Mom, come and help me pick one necklace to see fans tomorrow!” Mary Su shouted downstairs.

These days, through the promotion of Squirrel Live Stream, she had become a chief anchor with two million fans.

Now, not just “Miaoyang” would reward her. She attracted many rich fans to give her money for her sweet voice and a perfect face like an angel.

Among them, a rich man called “Gentleman Shen” was rather generous. Though Miaoyang was better, Gentleman Shen sent gifts around one hundred thousand dollars to her every day.

This made Mary Su rather happy, for she was still nervous that Miaoyang was too mysterious and ignored her. She had no idea what he was thinking about. What if he became disgusted with her live-stream one day?

Then she would lose the main source of her income.

But this “Gentleman Shen” was quite different. Not only would he send gifts, but he also communicates with Mary. In the course of contacts, they became acquainted with each other. So during today’s live stream, “Gentleman Shen” asked her out the next day.

Mary Su had worked in live stream trade for a long time, and she was aware that interaction with fans was a must if she wanted to develop long and well in this industry. But she still hesitated whether to meet him or not.

After Jane Tang knew this news, she didn’t stop her but strongly encouraged her.

Jane Tang had nearly become Mary’s close agent during this period of time, and she had a certain understanding of some rules in this industry. Now her daughter was the hottest chief anchor in Squirrel Live Stream. It was beneficial for her occupation when she developed a good relationship with those rich men.

That chief anchor called Momo always ate with rich men, and now she was the most popular and powerful anchor in the live stream trade.

Jane Tang pointed at Heavenly City in the jewel box and said, “Honey, you should wear this one, and ensure you hook him tightly…”

At the other side, in the No.888 box of Sky Mount Club, Kris stared at those women who knelt in a rank, sighed, picked them up one by one, and untied them.

“OK, you’re free, now go!” Kris waved his hand and said.

He was the Branch Leader of The Sun-Moon Holy Cult. Though he couldn’t tell them his identity, he couldn’t allow himself to ruin their virginity.

He wouldn’t describe himself as a saint, but a man should know exactly what to do and what not to do. If he derived their virginity today, then what was the difference between him and the followers of those evil cults?

Those women untied were amazed and shocked, “You…Do you really allow us to go?”

They lost in despair after being caught by The Holy Dragon Cult. People always confused The Sun-Moon Holy Cult and The Holy Dragon Cult, but actually, the latter one was much eviler than the former one and had no baseline. To a certain extent, The Sun-Moon Holy Cult despised The Holy Dragon Cult. Though they were both evil cults, but the chain of contempt did exist.

They were all puzzled and shocked, for they never thought this follower of The Holy Dragon Cult would let them go.

“Fine, if you don’t go, I’ll go!” And then Kris walked out of that box.


When they came out of the Sky Mount Club, Kris took a taxi directly to Dynasty Hotel.

After getting off the taxi, he called Xiaolong Tan. It was very noisy on the phone, and it seemed that they were drinking, according to the sound. Xiaolong urged Kris to come upstairs quickly.

After hanging the phone, Kris wondered whether or not to call Youming Zhou. But he gave up after pondering.

He heard someone screaming for help when he was about to walk in.

“Let me go! Help me!”

The voice of a woman screaming for help came near. Kris stopped suddenly, looked back, and saw more than ten strong men surrounded a woman and seemed to kidnap her.

Damn, this is rather rampant. How dare to kidnap someone at the doorway of the Dynasty Hotel? Is there any law? But this woman’s voice sounded very familiar as if he had heard it somewhere.

Kris frowned and looked at the crowd through a crack. Just for one glance, he saw the woman clearly.

Damn, isn’t this Xuan Song, Tianba Li’s wife?

But why do they kidnap her?

Without thinking, Kris rushed forward immediately and shouted, “Stop it!”

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