Chapter 156: My Mysterious Husband

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 156 Kevin was leaving (1)
In the room, Kevin Ye was leaning on the bed, reading a book. With the sun sprinkling on him, soft and quiet.

Venus Mu quietly came in and looked at him silently, feeling like he was a prince from a fairy tale book, handsome and gentle. However, unfortunately, such a beautiful prince didn’t belong to her.

Venus stood there for a long time and neither of them made not sound, and finally…

Kevin closed the book and looked up with a rather helpless smile, “Venus, if you don’t say anything, I can’t keep being silent.”

Venus laughed, “I’m just afraid of disturbing you.”

“You… come and sit down.” Kevin patted the chair beside the bed.

Venus took a look at it, still standing there, “No, thank you. After sitting in the company for a whole day, my back hurts, so it’s better to stand.”

Kevin knew what she meant. She was not painful in back, but wanted to keep distance with him. Although he had decided to let her go, seeing her attitude, Kevin still felt a little sad.

This woman never belonged to him…

“Venus, I’m going to go to Europe for a while after I recover, so do you want to come with me?” Kevin said deliberately.

Venus didn’t want to directly refuse, “Then have fun. I haven’t graduated yet, so I don’t want to go anywhere.”

Kevin said with a disappointed sigh, “Hey, it looks like I’ll go alone.”

What? Was he leaving?

“I’m leaving A city. Are you happy about that?”

Venus was startled, her expression a bit stunned.

“Anyway, you don’t like me anyway, so what can I do? The world is so big and there are so many good women, so why should I stop here?”

When Venus heard him say that, she instantly felt the burden disappeared. She walked to him to make sure, “Really? Are you sure?”

Kevin pursed him lips, seeming very dissatisfied, and said, “Yes. Do you have to be so happy?”

“Of course I’m happy. You can’ t image how happy I am.” Venus was about to jump up in excitement, “That’s true. There are so many good women in the world, and you’re so nice, so you’ll definitely find the one.”

Actually, she didn’t find the sadness in his eyes, which made Kevin quite painful. So, it’s better to leave here.

“Venus, I’m hungry, could you please help me?”

“Can you get out of bed? Are you OK?” Venus asked worriedly.

“Yes, Dr. Han said I will get better if I move more.”

“Oh, slow down please.” Venus bent down to help him to put his slippers on and held his arm as he stepped out, “You just say you are going to Europe, so what do you want to do?”

Kevin leaned his body against her, moving his feet carefully, “Study.”

“Study?” Venus was shocked.

Kevin looked at her, frowning, “You think I can’t study? I’m only a year older than you, and I must be more talented than you.”

Venus laughed, “I didn’t mean that, I thought you were going on a trip, but I didn’t think you choose to study.”

“You think this of me?”

Venus bowed her head and said to herself, “What a surprise.”

“We’re going downstairs. Slow down.” She whispered.

In the living room, Kerry looked up at the two with mixed feelings.

Kevin found that Kerry was there and said to Venus, “If you don’t come with me this time, you’ll be tortured by my brother later.”

Venus suddenly stopped laughing, “I’m already used to it. Anyway, if he doesn’t kill me, I must be strong to live on.”

“You’re really masochistic. I do want to save you.” Kevin teased.

“Come on. If it wasn’t for my brother, I would have run away.”

Kevin glanced at Kerry who was in the sunset. He would definitely suffer a lot in the future, but that’s his fate, for he had treat Venus so badly in the past.

The two of them came downstairs and Kerry walked over and was about to hold Kevin, but she took her hand away quickly.

“I’m going to wash my face and I’ll be right back.” Venus said to Kevin, and without waiting for his reply, she turned around and went upstairs.

Kerry didn’t even touch her clothes, but she left without looking at him.

Kerry hurt…

Looking at his disappointing expression, he suddenly felt cool.

It’ s his turn to be tortured.

In the evening, when Kerry returned to the bedroom from the study, Venus had fallen asleep, whose face was pink her fair face, extremely cute.

After taking a quick shower, Kerry got on the bed to hold her in his arms, smelling her. Gradually, he found he was having an erection, but he didn’t do anything. He was just holding her, peaceful inside.

Kevin was a young man, and he exercised regularly, so his health condition was good. Within a few days, he had almost recovered. He thought it’s time to say goodbye. More time staying, more pain.

That night, when the three were eating dinner, Kevin suddenly announced, “Brother, Venus, I’m going to leave tomorrow.”

Kerry and Venus were both shocked, looking at him.

“Seriously? You haven’t fully recovered yet.” Kerry disagreed.

“It’s the time. And the right hand is recovering very quickly, you see,” Saying so, Kevin lifted his right hand, moving his index finger.

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 156 Kevin was leaving (2)
“But, the school has not yet prepared…”

Kevin interrupted him, “brother, I’ll take care of it myself when I get to school. Don’t worry. And I’ve reserved all the tickets for tomorrow, so don’t try to hold me back.

Kerry felt sorry about it, “Kevin, I failed to take good care of you.”

“Brother, I am a grown man. Don’t treat me as a child.” Kevin tried to handle the tense.

Venus Mu also lost the interest of eating, and asked him, “then what about the treatment of your right hand?”

“Don’t worry. I asked Dr. Han to teach his prentice. I’ll take him there.” This prentice was a student led by Dr. Han. Just as he wanted to go out and see the world, Kevin took him along.

After having a meal without any conversation, Venus and Kevin took a walk in the garden.

“Kevin, I always want to say sorry to you, my brother has made you suffer so much.”

Kevin turned and looked at her. He couldn’t hold himself and started rubbing her hair and said, “donut, I said it for a long time, it has nothing to do with you. Like my brother Kerry, you hate my brother but you don’t hate me, it has nothing to do with me, so please don’t feel sorry.”

Venus almost felt like crying, thinking of all kinds of help that Kevin has delivered. Her eyes were slightly wet, and her voice became choked. “Kevin, how can you be so nice?”

“I’m such a nice person and you don’t have the right feeling to me, so it seems that your loss is bigger than mine,” said Kevin.”

“Can’t agree more.”

After walking for a while silently, Kevin said, “don’t be afraid of him after I leave. Do what you want to do and be good to yourself.”

“I know.”

“And, when you have time, don’t be hesitate, come and visit me in Europe.” In fact, he wanted to ask Venus to call him whenever she has time, but he decided not to speak out after thinking about it. If she calls frequently, he was afraid that he would never get over her.

“Ok, I get it.”

“Venus…” Kevin called her affectionately for the last time.

She lowered her head and didn’t answer, but her tears were slipping quietly. She didn’t want him to see her tears. “I’m sleepy.” Venus said, “I’ll see you off at the airport tomorrow morning.”

This night, Venus eventually fell asleep at dawn.



Like a teenager who is about to travel alone, There was no trace of nostalgia on Kevin’s face, he was exuding vigor and vitality.

After speaking to the two people who followed him, Kerry came to him and said, “call me if you need help. Take care of yourself.”

“Don’t worry, as long as you send money to my card on time, I’ll be just fine,” said Kevin with a grin.

“The shares in the company will always be reserved for you, and come back when you feel tired.”

“I know, I know,” he said, and the airport broadcast informed Kevin that his flight is checking in and it was the last call.

Kevin asked Ajie and Dr. Han’s students to get to the security check. Then turned to look at Venus, who had never spoken since the arrival. He said to Kerry, “Promise me you will treat her well. I could possibly gone wrong at some day and might come back to fighter for her again.”

Kerry looked into his eyes and said “Yes” firmly.

As the airport broadcast rings again, Kevin knew that he couldn’t stay any longer and put forward a bold request, “brother, can I hug her?”

From the beginning of knowing Venus, Kevin never held her in his arms, the only time that he held her hands was when she was asleep.

To be honest, he was a little reluctant.

Kerry was silent for a moment and turned his back.

Venus didn’t refuse and took the initiative to hug him.

Kevin felt like his heart was soaking in water, as he thought about that he would never see her again. His arms are getting tighter and tighter.

“Take care.” Venus said softly in his ear.

Kevin nodded at her shoulder and suddenly let go of her, kissed her lips, heavily, and then turned his back.

It was his first kiss. He wanted to give it to the girl he truly loves.

Though, she didn’t like him.

Venus was so shocked and stood still, her heart was crushed by his kiss.

This guy!

Kevin didn’t look back. He waved his hands from a distance and disappeared at the security gate.

Ten minutes later, the plane soared into the sky.

Her best friend, has left.


As life gets routine, but Venus gradually found out that Kerry’s temper seemed to be much better.

For example, he started to consider her taste while eating. He also asked Mrs. Qin in person to cook some healthy soup for her. Every morning and evening, his car would appear at the front door of the villa. When he opened the front passenger’s door, she would step forward and he would directly put her into the car. At night, as soon as she showed resistance, he would stop immediately and sleep with her in his arms all night.

Venus said that she was very surprised. When Kevin left, he asked Kerry to be nice to her. Did he listen?

Yehuang group.

Secretary Liu walked into the president’s office with the document.

“Mr. Ye, this year’s group travel plan is all prepared. Take a look.”

Free group travel, which is given to employees by the yehuang group every year, all expenses are covered by the company, employees are only responsible for having fun.

“Mountain climbing?” “Is two days enough?” said Kerry quickly

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 156 Kevin was leaving (3)
“Then plus Friday. One day won’t make Yehuang collapse. More fun will make them work harder.” Kerry Ye turned to the last page and said, “Climbing the mountain is too monotonous. How about outdoor barbecue?”

Secretary Liu was joyful, “Okay, I’ll change it right away.”

“Wait a minute,” Kerry called out to Secretary Liu who walked to the door, “The accommodation, make sure that there is a kitchen, so that they can cook by themselves. Some of them can’t eat spicy food.”

“Yes, Mr. Ye.” Secretary Liu laughed. Didn’t he mean Venus?

When the formal announcement was made in the company group, people began to celebrate.

“Oh my god, Mr. Ye is so kind. We’ll be able to go on a trip tomorrow.”

“That’s right. And the place we’re staying is the best lakeside villa in City A. I heard that the desserts there are delicious.”

“Just imagine, enjoy the sunset while barbecuing by the lake, and there are also handsome men. How lucky we are.”

Venus didn’t feel anything as she heard this, but of course, she would be happy if Kerry didn’t show up.

When it’s close to the end of the day, everyone was eager to leave earlier. Seeing that Meiling He was focusing on her own business, several colleagues wanted to leave, with their bags in hands, but they were blocked by Kerry.

“Mr. Ye, hi…” They immediately ran back to their seats in panic.

Venus laughed when she heard the voice, and when she saw Kerry coming to her, she stopped smiling.

“Have you finished?” Kerry came to her desk.

“Not yet.” Venus was revising a design.

Kerry directly took the pencil away and said, “Let’s go. It’s the time.”

Venus calmly looked at the time on the computer and looked up at him, “There’s still ten minutes.”

“I’m the boss, I’m in charge.” Then he threw her pencil on the desk, picked up her bag and said, “We’re going on a trip tomorrow, so let’ s do some shopping.”

Venus had to get up to follow him.

At the door, Kerry suddenly turned around and said, “Today is an exception. You guys can leave now, but this is the only time.”


“Thank you, Mr. Ye.”

Kerry grabbed Venus’s shoulder and led her to the elevator.

The colleagues in the design department were jealous, “Mr. Ye finally gets to know how to love Venus.”

When they arrived at the mall, Venus was confused.

“What do you want to buy?”

Kerry subconsciously held her wrist with one hand and held her bag with the other hand, “Buy some shoes and clothes. We are going to climb the mountain tomorrow. Do you have some suitable clothes and shoes?”

Why did he know so much about her?

“Clothes yes. Shoes, no.”

“That’s why we come here.” Venus felt so awkward, for his attitude had changed so fast. It was hard for her to accept this change.

A Shoe shop

Kerry kept holding her hands. When he saw one pair of shoes he liked, he said to the shop assistant, “37, please.”

The shoes were quickly brought over. When Venus was ready to try them on, Kerry took the shoes from the shop assistant and bent down.

Venus was startled by his action, stopping him, “Kerry, I can do it myself.”

He frowned, “What do you mean?”

“You’re too abnormal these days. Even though you promised Kevin Ye to be nice to me, but there’s no need to be so…”

Kerry tilted his head to look straight into her suspicious eyes, whose heart ached. After a moment, he decided to say what he was thinking, “Venus, it’s not because of Kevin, but because I want to do so.”

Venus didn’t know what to answer, “Kerry, are you alright?”

“You…” Kerry was so angry that now he was so serious about her, but she didn’t believe him. Well, it’s because he was so asshole before, so there was no need to blame her.

“Kerry, it’s not a trap, right?” Watching him helping her put on the shoes, Venus still didn’t believe his words.

“Venus, this is what you think of me?” Kerry angrily questioned her.

Venus snorted, without looking at him, “How should I know? After all, you are not a normal man.”

Kerry compromised, “Fine, I won’t argue with you. Let’s go home after shopping, OK?”

Venus pursed her lips. Since the day her brother had disappeared, she no longer had home. As for Ye’ s villa, it was nothing more than a gorgeous cage, and she never felt it was a home.

The shopping went on smoothly, because as long as Venus was interested in something, Kerry would just buy it without letting Venus try it on.

He was rich, so it’s not a big deal.

Venus was already hungry, for she had been taken directly to the mall after work.

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 156 Kevin Was Leaving (4)

“Are you hungry?” Kerry heard the voice from his belly and smiled “Come on, let’s go to find some food.” They put the things they bought neatly in the trunk.

Venus suddenly remembered something and buckled up her seatbelt and said, “I want to eat in our school.”

It was rare for her to make a request, and of course Kerry agreed.

But when he arrived there, he was confused.

The students came and went in the street, all kinds of food were rushed in it including hot pot, skewers, bubble tea, egg cake, pancakes and so on. What Kerry couldn’t accept was the hygiene conditions. The entrance of the shop was a total mess, besides he clearly saw the man in the pancake stand wiped his sweat without washing before making a second pancake.

Venus laughed in her heart, the reason why she brought him here was because she knew he was choosy about food.

“What do you want to eat?” Venus asked enthusiastically, and without waiting for his answer, she squeezed past the students to walk to a milk tea shop, ” A cup of bubble tea, please.”

Kerry had no choice but to keep up with her.

“Five yuan.” The waiter gave her the bubble tea, and when Venus wanted to pay for it, Kerry took five yuan to the waiter.

“It is not delicious.” Kerry said very despicably, “There are only additives and sugar.”

Venus hadn’t been here for a long time, she felt much more relaxed looking at the familiar place and smelling the familiar smell.

After drinking the bubble tea, Venus said happily, ” how would a boss like you understand the interest of a small citizen like us, it just need to be delicious regardless of the ingredients.”

Kerry took a glimpse of her face, and drunk the bubble tea in her hands, he still disliked that and said, “It’s not that good.”

Venus frowned at the straw he touched and was depressed, how should she keep drinking?

“You dislike me?” Kerry realized what she was thinking and whispered in her ear, “We’ve kissed so many times, is it too late for you to do that?”

Venus glared at him and shoved the bubble tea into his hand, she stopped drinking.

Then Venus went to a rice noodle shop that she ate at often, ordered herself a bowl of traditional rice noodles, and asked Kerry, “What do you want to eat?”

“Same as you.”

Kerry looked at the untidy table, then took out a piece of tissue and wiped it before Venus sitting down, then started wiping the table again.

Venus couldn’t bear that and said unhappily, “Enough please.”

After hearing that, Kerry threw the tissue into the trash.

As he was handsome and was wearing a shirt today, many girls were attracted by him.

There was a beautiful girl who came to him with a face of adoration and said, “Excuse me, are you the the boss of Yehuang Group?”

Kerry nodded with indifferently.

“Hello, we’ve met at our school, I’m a graduate student, may I ask if your company will be hiring at our school this year?”

“It’s determined by the HR department, I’m not involved in it.” Kerry replied coldly.

The girl was obviously not satisfied with his answer, bending over to show her snow-white breast and said softly, “Then can I have your number? I wanted to ask you something.”

Kerry sneered, he had seen too many of these women’s tricks.

“This one opposite is my wife, you can ask her if she would like to?”

The girl was stunned, she thought that Venus was just his girlfriend or someone else, but she didn’t expect her to be his wife.

She was embarrassed and said quickly, “I’m sorry,” and ran away.

Venus rubbed the chopsticks in her hands and smiled with her eyebrows raised, “The girl is pretty, why don’t you give her your number?”

Kerry punned, “I have a picky mouth and only like domestic one, this wild one doesn’t fit me.”

Venus didn’t talk to him since she was eating the rice noodles. Kerry put down his chopsticks after eating few, and gave her all the food in his casserole.

Venus really liked to eat, not to mention it was the food she’d been thinking about for a long time.

Her forehead oozed with sweat, Kerry stretched out his hand and wiped it away.

“Kerry, don’t disturb me eating.” Venus warned him with narrowed eyes.

Kerry looked at her deeply, suddenly got up across the table, hooked her chin, and kissed her heavily on the lips.

Exclamations were all around them.

“Wow, how romantic they are.”

Venus was very embarrassed, it was not romantic at all. Her mood was completely ruined.

“Are you crazy?” Venus exhaled and glared at him.

Kerry licked his lips and said, “I won’t let you happy when i am in the bad mood?”

“Kerry, check out.” Venus shouted out, she couldn’t wait to leave.

Kerry lowered his eyebrows and smiled shallowly, pulling out some money on the table and lifting his foot to catch up.

It was easy for woman to get angry.

When they were out, Venus disappeared into the crowds, Kerry anxiously looked around for a while and finally saw her standing in front of a deep-fried stall.

“No spicy and more cumin ……” Venus said.

Kerry raised his eyes only to see a fried and somewhat charred grilled sausage.

Venus was concentrating on her food, suddenly her wrist was held by someone, she didn’t look back because she was very familiar with that feeling.

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 156 Kevin Was Leaving (5)
Giving the money to the peddlery, Venus took the grilled sausage and bit it.

Ah, it was very delicious.

Kerry watched the grilled sausage want in and out of her mouth, his desire was arousing, and he griped her hand tighter.

“Kerry, it’s hurt.” Venus protested unhappily.

Kerry’s breath became fast and he pulled her quickly towards the car.

She was torturing him. For the past few days, Kerry didn’t touch her and simply slept with her in the bed for caring her mood. Now, he couldn’t endure.

“Walk slower, please.”

Venus was almost dragged by him, and the sausage in her hand was dropped somewhere.

Once they reached the car, Kerry opened the back door and pushed her in, and before Venus could react, he pressed down.

“Kerry …… you ……”

Kerry kissed her hard on the lips ……

Venus was frightened by his heat, what she had just done? How could he be so impatient?

The space in the car was small, outside the car were the crowds coming and going, Venus knew that the people outside couldn’t see in, but was still nervous.

“Relax …… ” Kerry was lost in his feelings.

Venus pushed him forcefully.

“Get up.”

Kerry wouldn’t listen to her.

Venus couldn’t stand the feeling and couldn’t help but moaning ……

“Kerry …… don’t …… we are in public places ……”

“No one else can see.” Kerry wouldn’t let her go ……

Kerry felt excitement for the change of the place. After they were done, they galloped to the villa and Venus did not get out of bed that night.

“Kerry …… we still have to go climbing tomorrow ……” said Venus in a dumb voice.

“You can sleep in the car and climb the mountain the day after tomorrow.” Kerry was still moving on her body, as if he wouldn’t feel tiresome.

The window was bleak, and the moon was shyly hiding behind dark clouds.


The next day, Venus was dragged out of bed by Kerry, she washed her face and put on clothes and shoes, dragged her sore legs into the car without eating the breakfast.

The car was a unified bus, when Kerry and Venus arrived, the staff were all waiting for them quietly.

Venus was tired, so she didn’t bother to put on a smile, and slept at once when she found an empty seat. Kerry looked at her and seated beside her.

Secretary Liu saw that all the people were there and said ” Let’s go”, the two buses were heading to the destination.

The bus drove on the road for more than two hours, but Venus slept all the way, and finally collapsed into the arms of Kerry.

The hand hooked a small tuft of her long black hair, a little bit wrapped around the fingertips, but also wrapped around his heart.

There was no way to let her go.

Venus, now that I had seen my heart clearly, I would never let you go forever.

When they arrived at the residence, Kerry did not wake her up, but carried her straight into the largest room arranged in advance.

The colleagues fixed their eyes on them, they were so sweet.

“Let everyone make their own arrangements and be safe. Don’t mind us.” Kerry said to Secretary Liu before entering the room.

“Okay, Mr. Ye.” Secretary Liu took a glimpse of Venus who was still sleeping drowsily and closed the door for them very consciously.

Putting Venus gently on the bed and taking off her shoes and jacket, Kerry went to bed to cradle her in his arms and catch up on sleep.

He didn’t sleep enough last night either.

Even though there was beautiful scene outside, he just wanted to lie with her and fall asleep together.

Venus woke up until evening, when she opened her eyes, she had a moment of amnesia, who was she? Where was she?


“You sleep a long time.” Kerry said in a seductive voice.

Venus rubbed her eye and finally remembered where she was.

“What time is it?” Her voice was dry for the lack of water.

Kerry fetched the phone and looked at it, “It’s five o’clock in the afternoon.”

“It is too late now.” Venus couldn’t believe she’d slept for so long.

“Yes, I can’t even wake you up.” At two or three o’clock, Kerry was afraid that she would not be able to sleep at night if she slept too much, thus he patted her face and called out a few times, but she rolled over and said softly and glutinously, “Let me sleep more.”

Then he let her sleep until now, and as for the night, if she couldn’t sleep, he didn’t mind helping her get to sleep.

Venus stretched out in her bed, lean against the bed to wake herself up.

The smell of roast meat drifted in the air, she could not help but swallow her saliva. She didn’t eat the whole day, and now she was very hungry.

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