Chapter 156: The Rise Of A Poor Husband

Chapter 156 Anything else?

Colin Ward said helplessly, “I did what you said, why are you still blaming me?”

“No matter what, you have to help me this time. After that, we are clear from each other.”Flora Lewis snorted.

Colin had to ask, “fine, what is it?”

“You’ll know tomorrow.”

Colin shrugged and asked no more questions. After seeing Flora off, Colin returned to his office.

Nina White came to Colin, “all the directors are present, they want you to give them an explanation. And in addition to the six companies before, there are also some companies that want to terminate the cooperation with us.”

“I see. Go back to your work, this matter will be over. “Colin said lightly, “it will be solved one day later.”

Nina really wanted to ask how, but when she saw the tired look and the light slap mark on his face, she closed her mouth.

Colin lit a cigarette.

Which one was more important, Doris and his virginity?

Actually, he didn’t even have to choose.

Perhaps those who had been in the business world for a long time would choose to be innocent for benefits, but not him.

Doris was more important than anything else, even his own life!

It was time to get off work. Colin was about to go home when Ramon Chen called, “Boss, someone is following us.”

Colin frowned, “I see.”

After hanging up the phone, Colin drove around a long circle before returning home.

In a villa of Jing City, Viola Harris, who was lying on the bed, took a look at Abe Ward, who was reading a book, “have you heard about our son?”

“Yeah.”Abe nodded.

“What do you think?”Viola asked.

Abe frowned slightly and said, “he’s too emotional.”

“Are you talking about your daughter-in-law?”

Abe nodded and said, “the problem the Marquis is facing now is very serious, but he doesn’t pay much attention to it and allowed such a scandal to happen. It’s really…”

Viola frowned slightly, “then you…”

“I won’t help him. If he can’t even solve these problems, then he doesn’t deserve my efforts.”Abe said ruthlessly.

Viola sighed a little.

In the villa, Ellie Ye lay on the bed, tossing and turning, unable to fall asleep. Thinking of the indifferent look of Doris today, she was unwilling and jealous. Why was Doris so confident that Colin would not fall in love with other women?

It was just that she was more beautiful than her, but in terms of career prospects, Ellie was the best choice. She could use her connections, or even Yeshi Company, to help the Marquis Group to go up to the next level.

But Doris couldn’t give Colin anything.

The more she thought about it, the angrier she felt, but she couldn’t find a way to vent her anger.

Finally, she felt a little better when she remembered that Fox Lee had just reported to her. Fox would go to find Colin tomorrow and threaten Colin with Doris for the Marquis.

When Colin lost everything, she would help him again. By then would be grateful to her and would find she was the best one to be his wife!

In the morning, not long after Colin arrived at his office, Flora called him and asked him to come with his BMW.

Colin asked, “anything else? Such as gold necklace, ring, and so on?”

Flora rolled her eyes, “just come.”

After hanging up the phone, Colin drove to the place Flora told him.

Flora was standing at the door of the hair salon. In front of her stood three people. One was a woman with waved hair, and the other two were men.

One of the men was in his thirties. He was not tall and had an ordinary appearance; while the other one was rough and tall, with developed muscles and great strength.

In addition, there were also several onlookers around.

Akimbo, the woman pointed at Flora’s nose and cursed, “you shameless woman! How dare you come to our shop! Shameless bitch!”

With a straight face, Flora said, “I’m here to tell you that I don’t like your husband at all. I’m afraid only a blind woman like you can choose such a man!”

“You!” what the waved-hair woman hated most was that others said she married such a man.

His husband was the short man standing next to her, called Johnny Meng, who was timid.

No woman liked such a man.

The waved-hair woman married him just because she wanted his money. Otherwise, she would not marry such a man as well.

Johnny stood there without saying anything. He was a coward.

But the tall man was angry, “what do you say? My sister is not blind! She likes my brother-in-law’s money! Or why do you think she would marry him?!”

The people around them tried hard not to laugh out loud.

Johnny’s face turned livid, but he said nothing.

The woman slapped the strong man on the arm and said, “what are you talking about? Shut up! “

Hearing this, the tall and strong man looked at the woman and said, “sister, I didn’t say anything wrong.”

“Just shut up!”The woman glared at the man and then turned to look at Flora, “listen, you bitch! I think you’re nothing but a gold digger! Stop seducing him in his office again!”

As soon as she finished her words, everyone around looked at Flora with disdain.

At this time, Flora spotted Colin’s car.

Then Flora smiled confidently and said, “alright, just open your eyes and see if I need to seduce your man!”

After saying that, Flora walked towards the BMW.

Everyone looked over.

“BMW? And it seems to be customized.”

“Yes, it should be a customized one.”

“The starting price of this car is at least two million!”

“Look, someone got off the car.”

Colin was wearing the suit that he wore at work. In fact, it wasn’t expensive, but these people stood far away and couldn’t tell what brand it was.

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