Chapter 157 – 158: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 157: A rescue

“Kris Chen?” Xuan Song said.

Xuan was very happy. But she immediately frowned and shouted, “Kris, just go and call Tianba Li.”

Kris is so strong that he can even kill a shark in the water. But there were so many people here that he was unable to defend.

Moreover, these people are Hu Li’s men.

Li’s family used to monopolize the underground forces of Westriver City, but a few years ago, the underground forces of Westriver City had two handles with the advent of Hu Li and Lin Li.

There is a river in the middle of Westriver City. Tianba occupies the east of the river while Hu occupies the west of the river.

The infighting between the two has now reached a fever pitch.

Hu has premeditated for a long time to hunt Xuan. Hu knew Tianba is arrogant and uninhibited, but Tianba’s wife Xuan is his soft spot. As soon as Hu caught Xuan, Tianbe would be obedient.

After seeing Kris rush over, Xuan stamped her feet in anxiety. “Kris, don’t come here. Go get Tianba.” Xuan said.

The situation was critical. Xuan was bound to be kidnapped by them before Tianba arrived.

Tianba is Kris’s brother, and Xuan is Tianba’s wife. If Kris cowered, he himself would look down up himself.

“Brothers, together up!”

A leader is a tall man who is hard-featured. His small triangular eyes flashed a fierce light. There was a murderous look all over his body, and he must have numerous killings.

Kris then knocked a big man off and rushed into the encircling circle.

The hard-featured man was stunned. Then he was ashamed into anger and said, “Go and kill him!”

As soon as he said that, people around him rushed to Kris.

“Bang! Bang! Bang!”

Baji Beng!

Within ten seconds, six or seven men beside Kris lay on the ground and groaned in pain.

According to the Master who taught Kris Baji Fist, Baji Fist is a combination of internal and external training. However, the methods of internal training have lost and the strength of Baji Fist is greatly reduced without Baji power.

But Kris is a practitioner in the later period of the acquired stage. It’s also a powerful blow when Kris attacked with Baji Fist and internal strength.

Those who were hit were unable to stand up.

However, no matter how strong Kris is, he was alone. Hu’s men are so many, and they all held baseball bats in their hands. A few others had sharp knives in their sleeves.

They all killed people before. After seeing their brothers were knocked down, they not only didn’t shrink but became even crazier. The knives in their sleeves slipped down, and they went to kill Kris.

Kris had tingling on his scalp. He dodged the attack, and the sharp edge of the blade fell less than five centimeters in front of him.


Kris kicked the sneak guy off and protected Xuan immediately.

“Crap, come on, chop him to death.” The hard-featured man said in anxiety. He had brought so many people with him, and if Xuan was rescued by Kris, Hu was bound to strip him of his skin.

“Bang! Bang! Bang!”

In the face of their crazy attack, Kris’s ability was not equal to his ambition. He was hit directly by the baseball bats. He even got hit on the head a few times, and his face was instantly red with blood.

“The dagger: Kill Qin!”

Kris said that silently and wanted to summon the dagger, but he felt a sharp pain in his back, and he couldn’t concentrate on summoning the dagger.

He had been cut in the back. The flesh of the wound had been opened, and the blood had gushed out.

“Kris, just go!” Xuan said.

Xuan’s vision was blurred by tears, and she said, “Let them get me. You just go!”

“No way!” Kris said severely. If Xuan was captured by them, how should Kris get alone with Tianba in the future?

“Go and get her,” the hard-featured man shouted.

At that time, there were so many people at the door of the Dynasty Hotel. The police would come soon after.

Upon hearing the command, Hu’s men turned to encircle Xuan.


Kris had lost too much blood, and he was exhausted. But he still braced himself up and pounced on Xuna to protect her.

Feeling the warm blood on her face, Xuan was moved but shocked. Why Kris protected me at such a moment? Wasn’t he afraid of death?

“Come on, get the guy away!” The hard-featured man said and stomped his feet in anger. “Fuck, you can’t even defeat Kris. You are good-for-nothing.” The hard-featured man thought.

“Bang! Bang! Bang!”

The baseball bats hit Kris like rainfalls.


Kris spouted a mouthful of blood, which splashed down on Xuan’s face.

“Kris, I beg you to go. Just leave me alone. I don’t want you to die.” Xuan said. Xuan’s tears mixed with Kris’s blood. And her arrogance lost completely.

“I won’t let them take you away even if I die!” Kris said. Kris held Xuan tightly and didn’t let her suffer any harm.

“FuXk, stop it!”

“Brother, together up! They are beating sub-branch leader!”

At that moment, an angry roar came from the door of the Dynasty Hotel. There were a hundred of big men who are in the early period of the acquire stage rushing out from the hotel’s lobby. They drank wine, and their faces were red, but they were furious.

These people are none other than the disciples of The Holy Dragon Cult.

They were drinking and waiting for Kris in the banquet hall, but Kris didn’t come up for a long time. Then the consigliere asked them to come down and have a look. They didn’t expect that their sub-branch leader was being beaten up by a group of people. They were very angry. How can such people attack their sub-branch leader?

“And who again dares to get in the way…”

Before the hard-featured man finished his words, he stopped. “Guys, get out of here. Tianba is coming!” he said to his men.

After seeing hundreds of people with a murderous look rushing over, he dared not to stay here and got in the car and fled hurriedly.

“Kris, are you OK?” Xiaolong Tan said. He rushed over in a panic, and the fan that had never left his hand was thrown aside by him.

“Kris, hold on, you mustn’t sleep!” Xuan said. Xuan’s makeup was messed by her tears.

“I’m fine,” Kris said. Kris got up from Xuan’s body with difficulty and sat on the ground. After seeing Xuan was covered with blood, Kris forced a smile and said, “Sister-in-law, you go back to find Tianba. I’m fine.”

As those people dared to hunt Xuan on the street, they are not ordinary people. Only when Xuan returned to the Li family would she be truly safe.

“No, I have to get you to the hospital!” Xuan said.

“It doesn’t matter. My brothers are here, and they will send me to the hospital.” Kris shook his head and said, pointing to the disciples of The Holy Dragon Cult.

As Kris insisted that, Xuan didn’t say anything more. She is of a decisive nature. Before leaving, she took a look at Kris, who was covered in blood and then left.

Xuan wouldn’t let that matter be that. She most revenges for Kris.

After Xuan left, Xiaolong took Kris to the hospital to deal with wounds immediately.

After seeing the corridor was full of big men dressed in black, the nurse was so nervous that her feet were shaking.

Oh my god, are these people belonging to the underworld? They are so scary!

In all her time as a nurse, she had never seen anything so frightening. Is the wounded young man inside their boss?

After a simple operation, both the doctors and nurses were in a state of prostration. They looked at each other with fear in their eyes.

Chapter 158: Meeting Jian Zhen ag ain

Early the next morning, Kris Chen was awakened by a knock on the door.

Then Xue Mi, dressed in business attire, pushed open the door and went to bed with her high-heeled shoes.

“President, yesterday Jiangnan TV sent an invitation. They hope we can attend a party tonight.” Xue said. Then she handed the invitation to Kris respectfully.

Kris didn’t reach his hand to take the invitation, and he had a drowsy look. “It’s not right to wake me up in such an early morning for such a thing,” Kris thought. “What party? Can’t you decide for yourself?” Kris said.

Xue’s heart hitched. She knew President was unhappy as she woke him up in the early morning. “I’m sorry, President. It was supposed to be a small thing, but the Mid-Autumn Festival party held by Jiangnan TV is huge. They invited a lot of big stars and noted public figures. As a leading enterprise of the entertainment industry in Westriver City, our company is the first one to receive the invitation.” Xue explained immediately.

Xue said a lot at a stretch, and then she paused to take a deep breath. “This time, Jiangnan TV invited Rui Liu and Lei Du by name. This is a good opportunity to expand our business, and the people at the top also want to see who is the President of our group,” Xue added.

When Xue said that, Kris caught on. With the current development momentum, Huanyu Group is definitely the No.1 in Westriver city and among the whole country’s top ten.

“As the President of Huanyu Group, I live a secluded life and keep a low profile. There are still many people in Huanyu Group who don’t know me, let alone anyone else.” Kris thought.

At the thought of that, Kris nodded and took the invitation. Then he looked at the trembling Xue and said, “OK, take it easy. You go to make arrangements and get me a suit for the party.”

“Yes, president,” Xue said. Then she walked quickly out of the ward as if she got an amnesty.

Kris touched his nose and wondered if he is so scary.

Kris is not only a practitioner in the later period of the acquires stage, but the President of Huanyu Group, the branch leader of The Sun-Moon Holy Cult, and the sub-branch leader of The Holy Dragon Cult. Kris is such an influential person now!

Kris’s power and strength have brought him much confidence. To put it bluntly, the legs of the timid persons would tremble unwillingly when Kris frowns.

That’s why Xue looked so scared, but no one realized that…

Jiangnan TV is located in the most prosperous area in the east of Westriver City.

At 7 p.m., a soft red carpet was laid out in front of the TV tower. Countless media were there waiting. After knowing their idols were coming to the party, many fans were waiting at the gate with a sign, which blocked the TV square.

Tonight is a visual feast and the carnival of fans.

Millions of fans helped up their idol’s poster and shouted crazily at the fans as they walked down the red carpet. Millions of magnesium lights flashed, and the stars walked into the building with smiles on their faces.

One car after another stopped. At 7:40 p.m., a Lincoln Limousine pulled up to the end of the carpet, and a security guard respectfully opened the door.

Then the security guard carefully greeted the guests in the car.

Two beautiful girls got out of the car hand in hand. They are Rui Liu and Lei Du.

“Ah! It’s Rui!”

“Lei, I love you!”

As soon as the two girls appeared, the atmosphere reached a climax, and the screams and cheers resounded the whole square. Some male fans were even excited to coma when they saw their goddesses.

“Click! Click!”

Millions of flashbulbs burst out. The reporters didn’t skimp on their own tape and took pictures crazily.

Rui is the hottest star in the country, and she can manage such a scene with ease. But Lei was excited, and her hands were shaking. It’s the scene she’s been dreaming about, and she’s finally walking the red carpet.

Rui seemed to feel Lei’s nervousness, and she squeezed Lei’s hand gently. Lei also knew she was too nervous, and she smiled to ease the tension.

They two are top beauties, and they were indescribable charming, and sexy when they wore custom-made dresses.

Rui is sexy and sweet. She wore a pink evening dress that showed off her tall figure. Her slender feet were wrapped in diamond-encrusted heels, which added to the charm of her slender, attractive thighs.

Lei is the most popular mature woman. She is mature and plump, like a juicy peach. She was in a rose-red dress with red lips. No words could describe her sex appeal and charm.

The bookish air on her body lets people can’t help but fantasize and want to conquer her.

It can be said that as soon as she debuted, she became the object of numerous male fantasies.

When everyone was taking photos crazily, a young man in a black Chinese tunic suit got off the bus.

The young man is tall, and his hair was carefully combed. Judging by the shape of his face, he should be a handsome guy.

Of course, it would be better if he could take off his sunglasses. But the sunglasses added some mystery to him.

He’s Kris.

His Chinese tunic suit was handcrafted by the Italian Master Firenze and made of the world’s best cashmere. It feels indescribable comfortable.

However, Kris was still not used to it. After wearing casual clothes for a long time, he was a little uncomfortable to wear such formal clothes at once.

Of course, someone said he was feigned as he wore sunglasses at night.

Kris was not feigned. He just didn’t want to be recognized by others.

As soon as he got off the car, Rui and Lei went to him. They hold one of Kris’s arms, respectively. Kris could feel their soft breasts through clothing.

“Oh, no, my goddess!”

Countless male fans let out a moan of pain.

They felt their hearts were going to break that their goddess, the man in her arms, with a smile.

“Click! Click!”

The magnesium light was more intense. Kris thought that if nothing else, he would be the headlines of entertainment. The title might be “The popular stars walked the red carpet with a mysterious man.”

There would be a picture too. Kris felt it’s lucky that he wore sunglasses, or his identity would be exposed.

The red carpet is only a few hundred meters long. Kris heard countless scolds of envy and jealousy when he was walking the red carpet. “Fuck, who is this guy? He is being held by two goddesses.”

“I’m so envious. If only I were the red carpet! Then I can be stepped on the foot by the goddess…”

In the voice of curse and envy, the three came to the studio hall.

At that moment, the studio hall was almost full. Those who were invited here are all influential persons. The people of the lowest rank are third-tier stars.

As the hottest women in the country, Rui and Lei are the focus wherever they go naturally.

The Mid-Autumn Festival party began at 8 p. m., so during that period, there were many people sat together in twos and threes to talk.

Rui and Lei received a lot of business cards when they walked around the whole studio hall. But they had no bags, so they gave all the cards to Kris, whose pockets were now full of cards.

Many people regarded Kris as an assistant, and they didn’t pay any attention to him. But Kris was happy and comfortable.

“Let’s go to find our seats,” Kris said.

As invited guests, the TV station arranged their seats. They just needed to be seated.

“Oh, what a coincidence! Isn’t this Rui Liu?”

When Kris took the two girls to find their own seats, a strange voice came from the side.

Kris looked in the direction where the voice came and was amused by the man’s appearance.

Ha, ha, isn’t this guy wretched?

He has thievish-looking. He has a big mouth, flat nose, and protruding ears. His yellow teeth can make people vomit the rice they ate before today.

He is the President of Tianxia Entertainment Jian Zhen. Last time he wanted to have sex with Rui, but he was slapped by Rui. He used his interpersonal relationships to put a ban on Rui.

“After all these days, the woman must have relented, right?” Jian thought.

Jian licked his tongue wretchedly when he saw Rui. He couldn’t wait to enjoy her beauty…

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