Chapter 157: My Mysterious Husband

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 157 Kerry Regretted it (1)
Venus Mu dressed up and went downstairs with Kerry Ye. There were a lot of people downstairs, and everyone was delighted. And they were ready to roast barbecue beside the lake with the help of chefs.

On the campfire, there was a baked sheep with golden oil, and its fragrance waft through the air pervading into everyone’s nose. Some colleagues were gathering to play cards. Some were fishing by the lake, and some were chatting.

When they appeared, everyone eyed on them. Several company managements boldly made fun of Kerry, “president. Ye, love is photogenic, so you need darkness to develop it. Right?”

Another vice president smiled meaningfully, “You don’t know that every man should marry. After all, happiness is not the only thing in life.”

“Haha… Well, maybe that’s the reason why I’m still single.”

Venus was a little embarrassment, as she didn’t expect these guys who were serious in the company. How could they become a joke player at the moment?

Kerry didn’t care about it. He punched the man standing before him on the shoulder and asked with a smile, “Are you ready?”

“Trust me! I must be the champion! president. Ye, I will take out the bonus from you!”

“Oh, my god! Can you take the first place with your weak body? I go to the gym every week. The bonus belongs to me!”

Confused about what they were talking about, Venus thought for a while. Then, she sat down and next to her colleagues in the design department.

“Well, our sleeping beauty has woken up,” Xiaoli said with a smile.

Lina followed Xiaoli’s words, frowning and saying, “Venus, what did you do with president Ye? You look so tired today.”

Venus’s face flushed, and she made an excuse, “Maybe I was too tired for this period and fell asleep on the bus.”

Hearing such words, everyone gazed at Venus with a smile, and Venus could see their joke on their faces. Suddenly, a young woman interrupted the silence, and she joked, “Venus, I have a request! If you want to sprinkle love with president. Ye these days, please post a public notice, so that we can be prepared in advance! Oh my dear, I’m fed up with your love! Especially when you were fell asleep, president. Ye held you gently as if cherishing the most precious treasure in the world. We were indulged in his love for you! Oh my, if you continue, how could I find a boyfriend in the future!”

Venus was stunned for a moment. Kerry held her gently? She was puzzled.

Lina explained to her, “Didn’t you fall asleep in the car this morning? President. Ye held you out of the car. Don’t you remember?”

Venus smiled embarrassingly as she really could not remember everything. if she was sober, she wouldn’t allow Kerry did so.

Xiaoli’s face was full of envy, “Venus, you’re so lucky. president. Ye is handsome and rich. What’s more, he gives you all his heart. Damn it! I guess I can’t find someone like him. I’d better marry an ordinary man, and live an ordinary life with him.”

Venus smiled helplessly. She sighed for a while and vented in her heart, “If you know the real situation of me in Ye’s family, I’m sure that you don’t want to marry Kerry at all.”

“It will be lucky to marry an ordinary man. I once believe that only admirable, vigorous love is true love, but now I think life should be plain and common.” Venus had a bit of melancholy. She was tired in such a condition.

“Don’t be depressed. Now you’re rich, so you can’t compete with us for the bonus, okay?”

Venus finally remembered what puzzled her, “What bonus?”

Lina’s eyes were bright, and her face was full of excitement, “Aren’t we going to climb the mountain tomorrow? However, climbing the mountain only is not meaningful. The company has set up an award to encourage everyone. Tomorrow, whoever first climbs to the top of the mountain will have a bonus, half of the second prize, and less the third. “

Well, what a rich company! Everyone had the chance to get the bonus. Venus murmured.

However, Venus knew herself. She didn’t like playing sports, and she was not good at climbing. Therefore, she wouldn’t get the prize.

“I’m useless at sports. I’ll cheer you on tomorrow.”

“Well… Okay. If I win the prize, I’ll invite everyone to dinner.”

As Lina’s words fell, a chef called, “Come here and enjoy the dinner!”

“Wow! We can taste the baked sheep!”

The barbecue, the beer, the bonfire, and the pretty songs, all of them were all just right. Venus didn’t know who gave her a can of beer. As soon as she opened it, someone took it away from her hand and replaced it with a baked prawn.

“You can’t drink the beer!” Kerry stopped Venus, “what else would you like to eat? I’ll bake you some more.”

Venus looked up at him in surprise, and her eyes were full of doubts, “You baked the shrimp for me?”

“Take it easy. I’m good at It.” Kerry explained.

“Well, I’m afraid you’ll poison me.” Venus blurted out.

Kerry felt offended. He bowed his head and took a bite on the shrimp and swallowed it into his stomach. “Then I’ll die with you.”

“So what? I don’t want to die with you.” Venus murmured. Kerry got angry and glared at her. Then he turned around to the barbecue again.

Seeing that Kerry leave there, Venus sighed again, and then, she tasted the baked shrimp. It was tasty! Venus never thought Kerry was a good chief, thinking of that, she gazed at the figure in the smoke and shadow. She felt so much confused than before.

“Kerry, I really can’t understand you. What do you want to do? Do you fall in love with me? No, I don’t believe it! How could it be true?! It’s not your style at all. Or… You’re planning something else to use me?” Venus whispered in her heart.

But at next, Venus received a steady stream of crispy bones, scallops, potato chips, and corn baked by Kerry, until she topped him.

“You surprised me! How do you know that?” Venus prayed that she wouldn’t suffer from diarrhea at night.

Kerry replied with a little proud, “I’m practicing what I only just learned.”

“What? Do you test me as a mouse? “

Kerry shook the lamb chops in his hand. “I’m with you.”

“I don’t need it,” Venus replied coldly.

Kerry was stunned for a while when he heard Venus’s words. At that moment, Kerry felt the lamb chops in his mouth suddenly became tasteless, and the noise around him seemed to gradually far away. He was silent and tangled for a long time. After a deep breath, Kerry made up his mind, “Venus, I hurt you so before. I misunderstand you and treat you badly. I apologize for cheating you with the identity of Xiaozi. I am stupid. But now, I fall in love with you. I want to live forever with you. May you forgive me?”

Venus was shocked and speechless by Kerry’s words. Was he still the Kerry she knew? Kerry apologized to her?

“Kerry, did you barbecue your brain? Do you know what you’re talking about? “

“Venus, I know what I’m talking about, and you don’t have to doubt my heart,” Kerry spoke seriously.

Venus thought it was funny and ridiculous, “Really? Kerry, didn’t you give your heart to Xinyou Qiao? Now, how can you fall in love with me?” My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 157 Kerry Regretted It (2)
“Venus, can we stop mention about Xinyou? I used to do a lot of stupid things because I trusted her so much, but now that she’s gone and there’s no one to stand between us, shouldn’t we get back to normal life?”

Venus almost laughed out, “Kerry, once our marriage started, it is in an unusual state. You found my brother for revenge, I did it to save Mu’s Group, and now you’re telling me to go back to normal life? Excuse me, we don’t have normal life at all.”

Kerry was dumbfounded by Venus’s words, the stone in his heart became heavier and heavier, “Venus, we can start from now, without Xinyou or Hao, just the two of us.”

Venus sneered at him, “Kerry, even if we start from now, my first time isn’t yours, don’t you really care about that?”

A glimpse of struggle appeared in Kerry’s blue eyes, “I do hate dissolute woman, but I will try to accept, so I also hope ……”

“So, you want me to forgive you for what you’ve done, right?” Venus mockingly said, “Kerry, I can tell you right now that I don’t need your forgiveness, and I won’t forgive you too. To live a normal life? Don’t say nonsense, okay? Do you think I will live with someone who have tried to kill me three or four times? Kerry, I am not a three-year-old child. Do not use carrot-and-stick approach.”

Venus was a little agitated and said in a rush manner.

“Venus, I admit my fault ……” Kerry tried to calm her down for they had attracted the eyes of many employees.

“Kerry, whether you apologize or not is your business, whether I accept it or not is my business.” Venus got up from her chair, seeing that Kerry still tried to follow, she pointed at him and said, “Stop, I want to stay alone.”

Watching her figure disappear into the crowd, Kerry threw the muttonchops into the trash can.

Did he regret? If regret can be described as raindrops, then when he came to know the truth of some things, it was drizzle. Now it’s not an exaggeration to describe it as a downpour.

Of course, besides regret, Kerry also felt a sense of guilt. In these days he always thought back to the past few days, it seemed that every time something happened, she would defend herself, but he never listened, and also blamed her.

He fell in love with her after she had completely disappointed.

It was God’s punishment for him, to punish his foolishness and ignorance and also for the mistakes he had made.

How could he win her back?

This was even harder than negotiating a large order.

Kerry sit on the chair and was very sad.

At night, Venus strictly warned Kerry not to touch her, or else went out to find another place to sleep, so the night was very quiet.

The next day, after eating breakfast around ten o’clock, everyone was arranged orderly at the foot of the mountain, waiting for an order to began the race.

“Let’s go.” Kerry shouted, and everyone went straight to the mountain like a wild horse.

Kerry walked with the crowd for less than ten meters before the phone rang, it was from a very important foreign partner. After answering the phone he caught up with Venus and said, “I have an important video conference now, so I won’t go climbing, the terrain in this area is quite complicated, so don’t leave the group, be careful.”

Venus didn’t want to talk to him and waved her hand to show that she knew.

Kerry looked at her helplessly, explained to Secretary Liu, and then returned to work at the lake villa.

Without Kerry, Venus became more relaxed, after knowing his thought last night, Venus didn’t sleep well, there was no way for her to forgive him.

The mountain road was paved with masonry and was flat in the beginning, but in the middle it became a real mountain road that was very steep, and everyone had slowed down.

Venus knew she couldn’t earn the 20,000 yuan, so she climbed slowly, enjoying the mountain scenery along the way.

When she reached halfway up the mountain, she sat down on a rock to have a rest and looked back at the road she had walked. A sense of accomplishment rose up. No wonder many people like the outdoor sports, this feeling was really good.

Most of her colleagues had already climbed to the top, and only a small portion were resting like her.

“Venus, do you want some water?” Secretary Liu suddenly appeared and handed her a bottle of water.

Venus smiled gratefully, “I take water in my bag, thank you.”

“Don’t be so polite, Mr. Ye asked to me to take care of you when he left.”

Venus was speechless, “Secretary Liu, since we’re out to play, there’s no rule, just play by yourself, you don’t need to take care of me.”

“This ……”

“I’m fine, I’ll take a break again, you can go with others.” Venus didn’t want to drag others down, and she didn’t want to be in the shadow of Kerry as well.

Secretary Liu saw that she was embarrassed and didn’t force her, “Then you can walk slowly, and call me immediately if you need anything.”

“I know.”

Venus took a break and continued to climb, but suddenly she wanted to go to the toilet and didn’t know where to find one. She thought to find a place where people couldn’t see to solve the problem.

Her footsteps got slower and slower, and eventually she just sat down on the earth and waited for everyone to walk by.

“Stop again Venus, you seem not to have a strong body .” A colleague came over and laughed.

Venus smiled at him, “I will exercise as soon as I go back.”

“Continue Venus.”

“Uh-huh, you go first, I’ll take a break again.”

Sending off the last of her colleagues, Venus was busy drilling into the woods halfway up the mountain that she had already aimed for.

After solving the physiological problem, Venus was much more relaxed, tidying up her clothes and pants to walk on the main road again. But before she left the grove, she saw a small white snake hanging over the branch in front of her eyes, spitting out tongue and staring at her with dark eyes.

“Ah-“Venus screamed out of breath, snake was the animal that she hate most.

Shivering nervously, Venus was so scared that she was about to cry. After staring at the little white snake for a few seconds, she wanted to leave from the side, but she didn’t stand firmly and fell on the ground. While she was grunting and rolling down, she grabbed a branch half way, but helplessly she was too heavy, so the branch was broken and she continued to roll down.

“Thud-” the body finally landed heavily on the ground, Venus caressed her painful buttocks and stood up to take a look, it was a nearly two meters deep pit, about one and a half meters in diameter. There were long weeds growing inside the pit, so Venus didn’t break her legs and arms when she fell, but this pit emitted a strong fishy smell, it was very unpleasant.

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 157 Kerry Regretted It (3)
Venus looked around the pit, there were a lot of scratch marks by animals along the edge, it must be an abandoned trap, as the weeds in the pit were a foot tall and the trapper didn’t clean it.

Forget it, it’s better to call for help first.

Venus looked up and she was stunned, her bag was left somewhere and nowhere to be found when she rolled down here, and all her food, water and cell phone were in that bag.

When people fall on evil days, they would choke when drink water. Why could she see a snake when she wanted to find a toilet, if she should have known that she would only fishing by the lake.

“Someone! Help! Me!” Venus shouted towards the sky, but her yell quickly disappeared into the wind.

“Help me, someone help!”

Venus kept shouting, yet the only thing that answered her was the wind. She tried to climb up from the edge of the pit to see if she could do it, but she failed every time.

After struggled for a while, Venus decided to reserve some energy, her colleagues were still climbing the mountain now, and when they had had enough fun and go down the mountain after a few hours, maybe someone would hear her call then.

It’s just Venus always felt a chill down her spine being alone in a place like this, and wondered how many lives this pit had taken. Also, praying those animals that live in the woods would never visit her, even if they did nothing, she would still be frightened.


Three or four hours later, most workers of the company finally reached the top of the mountain, the sun was not dazzling as it was cloudy.

Many people shouted loudly at the top, as if to shout out all the pressure in their hearts.

The first place was finally gained by a young man from the sales department, it seemed that do regular exercise would help you gain a healthier body than those who didn’t exercise.

At 3,00 p.m., Secretary Liu began to count noses, and one person was missing, excluding Kerry who did not go to the mountain, of course.

“Let’s all check each other and see who isn’t here yet?”

A few people from the design department looked at each other, and finally noticed that one person wasn’t here.

“Secretary Liu, Venus is not here.” Meiling He said worriedly.

Secretary Liu’s eyelids jumped, his heart swelled with uncertain, “Call her, ask her where she is.”

Meiling He nodded and called Venus hastily, yet the phone ringing for a long time with no answer, she called again and still no answer.

“Those who up the hill later, who met Venus on the road?” Secretary Liu asked aloud.

“Oh, I saw her, and I asked her whether she wanted to climb with me, but she said she was taking a break.”

“I saw her too, she was sitting on a rock and said she needed to get some exercise.”

Secretary Liu panicked, “What time was it when you saw her, approximately, and where?”

“About twelve o’clock, just halfway up the hill.”

Three hours had passed since twelve o’clock, she couldn’t be in any danger, please.

“What now?” Meiling He’s face turned pale, she didn’t want any accidents happen to Venus.

Secretary Liu considered for a moment and said, “I’ll call President. Ye to inform him. Don’t call Venus yet, in case her phone is running out of battery, that’s trouble.”


Colleagues began to whisper, Secretary Liu said seriously, “It’s not early now, everyone go down the mountain immediately, remember to go in pairs, look for Venus on the way back, maybe she’s asleep somewhere, remember not to walk alone.”

“Okay ……”

At the villa, Kerry finished a lengthy meeting and started to write a work plan.

The phone rang suddenly, breaking the silence in the room.

“What?” He clicked the answer button casually.

Secretary Liu’s anxious voice came over, “Mr. Ye, something bad happened, Venus is missing.”

“What did you say?” Kerry stood up from his office chair shockingly, “What happened exactly.”

After Secretary Liu explained the situation briefly and how it’s handled permanently, Kerry said, “Let your colleagues pay attention to their own safety, don’t walk around on the mountain, I will contact a professional rescue team to find her immediately.”

“Yes, Mr. Ye.”

Hanging up the phone, Kerry realized that his heart was thumping heavily, Venus, you mustn’t have an accident, you haven’t forgiven me yet, how could you leave me now?

After forcing himself to calm down, Kerry made some phone calls, then found the villa manager for some life-saving equipment, and headed towards the mountain.

The temperature in the mountain plummeted, and by four o’clock it was dewy. Venus was so boring that she made a cushion with weeds. Actually, she was afraid that something had hidden in those weeds, so it’s better for her to cut those weeds first other than being scared all the time. She felt safer when the ground was clean.

She was thinking about when her colleagues would go down the hill while stretched her chin, and suddenly she heard a vague call in the air drifting over along with the sound.

“Venus, Venus!”

Venus was so excited that she was busy shouting to that direction, “I’m here, I’m here, help me!”

Unfortunately, she was downwind, and her voice soon dissipated along with the wind, so others didn’t even hear her cries for help.

“Venus, Venus!”

“I’m here! Can you hear me? Help!”

Venus was so anxious that she was shouting so hard until she felt her throat had break, couldn’t they hear her?

“Help! Hey! I’m here!” Venus kept shouting as she knew it was where the closest to her colleagues, once they hadn’t found her, they would continue to walk down the hill, the hope of saving her from the pit was slim.

Sure enough, after a few minutes, the voices calling for her spread away.

“Hey! I’m here, don’t go.” Venus shouted as she leaned to the edge of the pit, but it still had no effect.

Soon, the mountain turned silent again, and only the sound remained was the wind.

“Hey… Don’t go… “

Venus’s throat was a little hoarse and sore, and after not drinking water for nearly a day and shouting for a long time, it’s not surprise that her throat was hurt.

Sitting back in the weed cushion, Venus was tired and hungry.

Darkness shrouded the mountains so fast, and night began to fall after the fog.

Venus prayed again and again, God please bless me, please let me be found. I didn’t want to spend a night here.

A rustling noise came from the other side of the pit, and Venus looked up to see a snow-white rabbit looking at her, and after a few seconds of looking at each other, the rabbit squeaked and ran away.

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 157 Kerry Regretted It (4)
Was the rabbit making fun of him?

(Perspective changes)

Kerry Ye searched for a long time near the place where Venus Mu disappeared, but he couldn’t find anything. He made several phone calls until the phone powered off. It should be out of battery.

Kerry continued to expand the search scope, and finally found her bag on a branch in the dark, and her mobile phone was lying in it.

Kerry felt his heart was choked, and he held the corner of the bag tightly. Worry was flooding into his hear. He couldn’t help wondering why her bag was hanging in such a place with no road? Would she be a hostage?

At the thought of the possibility, Kerry was urgent to find Venus.

It soon became dark. Many people were searching Venus, but they entered the mountain like a drop of water into the sea and disappeared.

Outside the villa, all the colleagues were not in the mood to enjoy the carnival. They were worried about Venus as well.

“Why don’t we take action to search for her? We can’t just wait.” Xiaoli, who was a close friend of Venus in the design department, suggested. She stayed with Venus before climbing the mountain. But, she thought Venus walked slowly, so she walked away. If she knew Venus would get lost, she wouldn’t leave her. Xiaoli cried.

“Yes, president. He! We should take action. Venus is from our department…”

“No!” Secretary Liu interrupted their proposal, “if it’s daytime, we can, but now it’s dark! We don’t have the experience of searching and rescuing. If we walked into the mountain, we were troubling them. President. Ye told that he would not let his staff take risks.”

“But…” Xiaoli’s tears were coming down.

“Secretary Liu is right. If we can’t help them, we can’t make trouble.” Meiling He interrupted Secretary Liu, and comforted the staff, “don’t worry, they have been in the mountain for more than two hours, maybe they have found Venus.”

As time passed by, Venus could hear some slight sound coming around, and her fear increased. What had run past? Venus was scared.

“Oh, my god! It won’t be a wolf or a wild dog? Besides, will Xiaobai come here…” Venus murmured.

The more she thought about it, the more terrifying she was. So, Venus hugged her shoulder and comforted herself, “Don’t think about it. It will be OK. If there is any wolf, someone will catch them to the zoo.”

At the time, a shadow was cast on the wall of the pit by moonlight. Venus was so scared that she didn’t dare to move. What? Venus could see the long tail with two ears from the shadow. She couldn’t help thinking it was a wolf.

Venus suddenly recalled something she watched form the Animal World (An animal program). It said that once you met these super hunters such as lions, leopards, and tigers, you could not use your back to them, because they would feel that you were easy to be hunted. On the contrary, if you stared at them fiercely, you may still have a chance to survive.

Thinking of that, Venus took a deep breath, clenched her teeth, suddenly turned around, and glared at the long tail monster above. Its green eyes were scared of her. However, it was not a super hunter.

She breathed a long sigh of relief. It turned out to be a wild cat.

The little wildcat visited the edge of the pit gracefully for a moment. It seemed that the cat didn’t find anything fun, so the cat walked away.

A waning moon was shining, and a hushed sense of growing life filled the air. Venus sat in the pit with her legs in her arms to enjoy the moon.

She didn’t know why, but Kerry’s face covered her mind. In her mind, he was good at everything, but why didn’t he found the pit? Venus still felt nervous to stay at the pit for a night. She didn’t want to accompany the animals to stay in the wild, though she loved them.

Venus took a deep breath and cried with her last strength, “Help! Help! Please! Can anybody hear me?! I’m here! Help!”

Outside the pit, after exchanging information with others, Kerry searched the place where he found the bag for a long time. He found that the weeds on the ground seemed to have been crushed. So he looked down along the trace and suddenly heard a voice.

“I’m here. Help!!”

Her voice was hoarse, but Kerry thought it was the sweetest voice in the world. With great joy in his heart, Kerry immediately followed the direction of the sound. The voice was getting closer and closer.

Venus yelled for a while and tired, so she began to sing to scatter her dread, although she was not a good singer.

“Twinkle, twinkle, little star. How I wonder what you are. Up above the world so high. Like a diamond in the sky… Twinkle, twinkle, little star… “

When Kerry came to the pit, he saw Venus didn’t get hurt, and he put a stone in his heart. Venus was singing louder. From her voice, Kerry knew Venus was fine.

“Did someone tell you that you are not good at singing? You scared the stars away.”

Hearing the voice, Venus raised her head in surprise, and Kerry’s face appeared in her sight.

“He finds me!!” Venus shouted in her heart.

When Kerry didn’t find Venus, he was so anxious that he almost went crazy. However, at the moment, he squatted down and joked, “Venus, what are you doing in the pit?”

Venus pointed to the moon in the sky, “I’m enjoying the moon here! What? Can I?”

“Well? Does the moon on the pit looks beautiful than on the ground?” Under the moonlight, Venus’s hair was disordered. Her face was dirty, and her clothes were torn. But Kerry thought she was so pretty.

Sure enough, it was called “beauty is in the eye of the beholder”. Venus was embarrassed, but Kerry still thought she was the most beautiful girl in the world.

Venus raised her neck and said with a hoarse voice, “Yes! There’s another taste of watching the moon in the pit. You don’t know it.”

“Is it? I’ll try it.” As the words fell, Kerry jumped down and stood beside Venus. Then he looked at the moon, “Well, it’s more attractive here.”

Venus froze, subconsciously asked, “Why do you jump down?”

“Enjoy the moon,” Kerry spoke seriously.

“How can we get up if you come down?” Venus said anxiously. Seeing a smile on his face, Venus slapped her forehead. She forgot that he was not only Kerry but also Xiaozi. The pit was difficult for her, but it was nothing for Xiaozi.

Sitting in the pit, Kerry stared at Venus, and he plucked some weeds from her hair, “Do you want to stay here and enjoy the moon? Or would you like to go back to the villa watching the moon reflected on the lake?”

“Well, I think the latter is better.”

“Well, I’ll try to take you back.”

Venus glared at Kerry, and her voice was full of anger, “if you’re not willing to do it, I can wait for other people to save me out.”

Kerry sighed in his heart, put away his smiley face, and comforted Venus in a soft voice, “You are my wife. How can I leave you now? Well, I’m just kidding. Don’t be angry.”

Venus bit her lip and said nothing.

Actually, Venus didn’t want to have more communication with Kerry. If so, she would have more reasons to hate him. But, it seemed that something was different.

Kerry saved her life, although the favor could not offset the things that he did before. Venus gazed at the moon in the sky, and she felt Kerry was touched her heart to some degree.

Kerry didn’t know what she was thinking. He thought he said something wrong, so he also kept silent. Without waiting for Venus to prepare, Kerry’s eyes suddenly turned purple, holding her waist and going out of the pit.

At the pit, Kerry did not find Venus was shaking, and her body was cold as if she was frozen in the snow. Kerry hurriedly took out a shock suit from the bag and handed it to Venus, and then he made a call, “Captain Wang, I found her. I’m sorry to trouble you so!”

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