Chapter 157: The Rise Of A Poor Husband

Chapter 157 Apologize to her

“What’s the situation?” Colin asked.

Flora stood next to Colin with a smile on her lips and explained the matter briefly in a low voice.

Johnny turned out to be Flora’s boss. Both of them usually often contacted each other because of works. But when Johnny’s wife found out, she thought that Flora seduced her husband.

Not only that, she even went to the company and caused a commotion. She cursed at Flora, saying that she’s a vixen, shameless, and cursed out everything. Moreover, she also said that Flora did it for her husband’s money.

Flora was very angry. No matter how blind she was, she would never fell for someone as short and dark as him. Moreover, how could such a man be compared to Colin?

Judging by their identity, Colin is the chairman of Marquis Group, while Johnny is only a manager in a small company.

Judging by their appearance, Colin is obviously much more handsome than Johnny.

Judging by their personality, one of them is willing to risk his life for his wife, while the other one is a coward and timid man. Their differences were too much.

Colin understood, he nodded and said, “Let me handle this.”

He’s familiar with it since he already spent a long time bragging at Flora’s house.

Flora planned to warn him, but after thinking about it, she decided not to say anything. After all, Colin wouldn’t be bad at it.

When both of them were in the crowd, Colin put the most arrogant expression, “Are you the three brats that bullied Flora?”

“Three brats?”

The surrounding people looked at the three of them.

Before Colin arrived, they didn’t feel anything wrong. But when Colin arrived in a two million BMW, they’re quite similar when compared.

The curly woman was stunned by Colin. She was dumbfounded before returned to her senses and said loudly, “Who are you? You’re here to act pretentious right?”

This was actually true. Colin came to act pretentious.

“I’m here to be pretentious, right? Why don’t you show me? Can you buy a two-million BMW?” Colin casually said.

The woman was speechless.

Johnny is a mere manager. How much money could he have? Two million was similar to his salary for several years.

Flora raised her chin after seeing her humiliated, “Have you seen how does a rich man look? You still dare to say that I seduced your husband, do you think I’m stupid?”

“That’s right. I usually spent several million. Other things aside, I can pick any villas I want at Lanbo Port. A few units are nothing. Luxury cars, of course, I have them. I drive the cheapest one today only to show you.” Colin was so arrogant when he spoke. If it was added with a gold necklace and a golden ring, the effect would be more obvious.

“Lanbo Port villas?”

“It costs several million a unit!”

“He’s fucking rich!”

At this time, Johnny who was attacked finally spoke, “Flora, you also know that my wife was just joking. She didn’t mean it. Don’t take it seriously. We are colleagues. We need to be good-natured when we meet again, right?”

Johnny had been in the company for so long. He was honest but he’s not stupid. This man was extravagant, so he mustn’t be someone ordinary and he couldn’t be offended.

“What are you talking about?” The curly woman was ignorant, “She has been seducing you every day at the company and yet you still defend her? Are you planning to divorce me? Huh?”

“You are such an ungrateful man. I’ve really misjudged you. You really have an affair outside!”

The woman was complaining in tears.

However, after the surrounding people met Colin, who the hell would’ve still believed this woman’s words?

Flora sneered at her, “I think you’re the one that was blinded by your husband’s money and blamed it on me. You are the shameless one and also came to the company to mess with me. Aren’t you embarrassed?”

Colin nodded, agreed with her, and continued to act pretentious, “Don’t be afraid, Flora. If you can’t tolerate this injustice, you don’t need to come to the company anymore. I’ll give you a company. You can have fun with it.”

Everyone’s mouth was agape.

Is he fucking real or not?

He will give her company to have fun?

Flora was stunned. Although Colin was just casually saying it, he still could do so, but it was impossible.

However, Colin’s tone when he spoke to her just now, made her heart pounding fiercely. If any man said such words, which women would be indifferent about it?

The curly woman couldn’t help but swallow her saliva. When he brought up about Lanbo Port just now, she had been anxious. And now, he’s talking about a company, how rich is he?

If being compared to her husband’s little money, perhaps, it wasn’t comparable enough to be his changes.

At this time, Colin said again, “However, you must apologize to Flora! Otherwise, I’ll make your company go bankrupt immediately!”

Johnny was surprised upon hearing it, “No, this is just a misunderstanding. Big brother, it’s okay if we solve the misunderstanding clearly, right? There’s no need to bother the company.”

Colin snorted, “No! You must apologize!”

The curly woman hesitated. If she didn’t apologize, her husband would be unemployed. The only money that she was interested in would be gone. How would she live the days?

At this moment, the tall and big man who hadn’t spoken stretched his hand and pulled his sister behind him, “What apologize? You fucking spoke so much, have you been practicing it?”

“I think this woman invite you to act, right? if you’re that capable, everyone should’ve known you, right? Just ask the surrounding, is there anyone who fucking knows you?”

When the words were said, everyone thought that it made sense, it slightly felt like an act.

Then, the crowd stared at Colin, they didn’t feel familiar at first. But the more they looked at him, the more they felt familiar.

“Why do I feel like I’ve seen him somewhere?”

“Me too, he looks really familiar!”

“Ah! I remember. Isn’t he the protagonist in the news yesterday?”

“The chairman of Marquis Group!”

“That’s right. it’s him!”

At that time, everyone had a different expression.

Seeing the endless astonishment from the crowd, Colin and Flora put on the sunglasses at the same time.

Colin was helpless and speechless.

Flora suddenly felt embarrassed. The news yesterday wasn’t very good. Now that she brought him here to cause a mess, it’s reckoned that this matter had to be settled.

The curly woman and the others were dumbfounded, as it’s hard to believe their ears.

This man is indeed the chairman of Marquis Group!

When they took a closer look, he fucking is!

Almost everyone in Tianbei City knew about the news yesterday. They had also seen the picture and now when they saw the real person, they immediately recalled it.

At this moment, there was a strange atmosphere at the small square in front of the hair salon.

Colin broke the atmosphere, “Are you still saying that I’m acting? If you’re capable to act like this, I’ll immediately give you ten million!”

It didn’t matter if he’s found out and despised by the others. He could still clarify the news anyway. His purpose now is to let them know that he’s rich and they are not!

The crowd exclaimed, “Fuck!”

It’s ten million!

He’s fucking rich!

Flora suddenly regretted it and felt a bit guilty. If it wasn’t for her who pulled him into this, he wouldn’t have been recognized by anyone and be seen with such a strange gaze by so many people.

The tall and strong man suppressed his expression and became speechless.

Colin snorted coldly, “I’ve said that you must apologize to her. Otherwise, I’ll do what I said just now.”

Under the circumstances where everyone knew his identity, anyone would’ve known the weight of his words.

Johnny was anxious, “Why haven’t you apologized to her yet?”

The curly woman bit her lip. When she was just about to speak, Colin said, “I want you to apologize to her at the company tomorrow. You must apologize in front of the workers!”

“Don’t be insatiable!” The tall man yelled.

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