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Chapter 158: My Mysterious Husband

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 158 Tianye Mu, Little Sister, I Was Back (1)
“How did you fall into the pit?” Kerry Ye asked.

Venus Mu gathered her clothes together and said, “I stepped on a foot and fell off.”

She wouldn’t tell him it was because she was going to the bathroom. It was too humiliating.

“How about your feet and arms?.”

Venus said simply, “It’s not broken.”

Kerry looked at her face and wanted to teach her a lesson but he didn’t say those words finally, “Go back first, everyone is concerned about you. They are probably waiting.”

Venus nodded.

“Hold me. I’ll take you back, and it’s too slow to walk.”

Venus hugged him reluctantly and closed her eyes.

The wind whistled in her ears, she heard his words, “Here we are”, Venus opened her

eyes, and a hundred meters away was the place where she lived, and now the lights were

brightly lit.

“Let’s go,” Kerry wanted to hold her hand involuntarily, but was skillfully avoided by Venus.

“I’ll walk by myself.”

Kerri purple eyes turned blue, and that stuffy feeling in his heart came back.

Stepping closer to the villa, someone was the first to see them and shouted out excitedly, “Kerry and Venus are back.” Everyone looked at Venus concernedly, and a few people from the design department ran over. They looked at her in a mess, so they knew there had been an accident.

“Venus, you scared us to death, where did you go?”

Venus smiled weakly, “It’s fine, just fell into a pit.”

“Your voice is dumb and you still say it’s fine? Drink some water.” Meiling He opened a bottle of water to her.

Venus took it in her hand but didn’t drink it. There was too much pressure to drink water under the watchful eyes of so many people.

At this time, Kerry came over and hugged her waist and said, “Thank you all for your concern. Venus is tired, and I’ll take her to rest first. Everyone can move around on their own.”

“Okay ……”

Venus didn’t want to let him lose face in front of her colleagues, so she let him take her upstairs and then she picked his hand away until no one could see anymore.

“Venus, can’t you just enjoy a little bit that I’m being nice to you? Even a little bit?” Kerry was angry and miserable.

Venus opened the door and took off her shoes and walked to the bathroom, “It’s not that I can’t, it’s that I don’t need to. Kerry, I want to take a shower, don’t bother me.” After saying that, the bathroom door “slammed” shut.

Standing under the warm poncho. Venus’s tears rolled down instantly. Facing with Kerry and her colleagues, she was strong. But now, the strength completely held up to the end. She could release all the terror finally.

When she was waiting in the pit to be rescued, she was scared to death. She cheered herself up by singing and counting stars. Kerry came just in time finally, so she didn’t have to spend the night in the pit.

Kerry smoked on the balcony agonized and he didn’t know what to do next. He was afraid that Venus would hate him if he wanted to be close to her. But he would think about her all the time if he was away from her. He wanted to know what she was doing and it seemed that he would be secure to be with her.

In the evening, Venus came out of the bathroom and fell asleep on the bed. She had no food only drank a glass of water.

In her dream, the little white snake was circling around her feet, then climbed up her calves. Venus was so scared that she threw it away, but the little white snake found her again and again, and she couldn’t get rid of it.

A nightmare.

When Venus woke up in the morning, her head hurt and she was dizzy. Her nose was stuffed, and she couldn’t say a word.

Uh …… it seemed to have a cold.

Kerry was not in the room. Venus washed up and changed clothes downstairs. She saw many people in the lake rowing boat, and some of the people near the lake cheering up.

They would go home in the afternoon, so everyone was enjoying the last crazy fun.

“Venus, come here.” Xiaoli saw her and waved her hands excitedly, and when she got to her feet she took her arm and said, “Look, our design department is about to win.”

Venus followed her finger and there was a small boat that was indeed swinging ahead.

“It’s ……” Venus struggled to say, and she closed her mouth after just two words. it was too hoarse and her voice hurt.

“What’s wrong with your throat?” Xiaoli asked with concern.

Venus spread her hands helplessly, hoping she would understand.

“Your throat was injured, oh, I see, you must have shouted for help yesterday.” Xiaoli was smart for once.

Venus nodded gratefully.

“Then stop talking and drink more water. Ah -, our department has won.” Xiaoli jumped and shouted excitedly.

It turned out that this was several departments of the company competing in a rowing competition.

Five boats docked one after another. Venus was pulled by Xiaoli and ran over. The colleagues from the design department came down from the boats, and the last one was actually Kerry.

When he saw Venus, he smiled shallowly and jumped out of the boat and asked, “You are here. Have you eaten yet?”

Venus nodded. She didn’t eat actually. If she told him the truth, he would definitely drag her to dinner according to his current actions, so she didn’t want to.

“Thanks for your help, Kerry. When we get the bonus our department would treat you to dinner definitely.” Meiling came over. She was more lively and coquettish as a woman and less serious in the company.

“My pleasure.” Kerry smiled.

The losing team next to him was not convinced, “Kerry, you said that the top management is not involved in the competition obviously, but why are you still coming down personally?”

Kerry said with a very light smile, “The top management is not allowed to participate, but as a family member of an employee, that’s always okay.”

Lina echoed, “Yeah, Venus is from our department. She can’t attend, so it’s normal for Kerry to do it for her.”

The other groups were speechless.

Venus kept silent about this public show of affection, although she was disgusted.

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 158 Tianye Mu, Little Sister, I Was Back (2)
At lunch time, Kerry Ye bought a few packs of cold medicine and Pangdahai tablets. Venus Mu ate them consciously. She did not want to compete with her own body.

In the afternoon, everyone was reluctant but had to on the return journey.

Life was calm again, and John the Butler found that the relationship between Kerry and Venus seemed to be much better. Because Kerry rarely got angry and usually asked Venus what she wanted. Although Venus refused him indifferently most of the time, it didn’t seem to affect Kerry’s mood, and the atmosphere of life in the villa had reached an unprecedented harmony.

Just when everything was going on in a right direction, Venus received a good news. The news shattered the seemingly peaceful life of Kerry and Venus.

It was because the person she had been waiting for for a long time had appeared.

It started with the breakfast. Kerry and Venus were preparing to go to the office after eating as usual, Henry Zhang ran in in a hurry with a gift box in his hand.

“What’s going on?” Kerry asked.

Henry opened his mouth, and his eyes fell on Venus, not knowing whether he should say or not.

Kerry understood what he meant, but he thought that there was nothing to hide recently, so he said, “Don’t swallow, just say if you have something to say.”

Henry walked to him and handed him the gift box, saying with great difficulty, “This …… has just been placed by someone at the gatekeeper. You can see for yourself.”

Kerry put down the spoon in his hand, and proceeded to open the black gift box. He opened it, and inside was a pistol, with wear marks on the handle.

When Kerry saw this gun, he stood up violently from his chair, and his face became extremely cold.

Venus looked at it curiously. Wasn’t it just a gun? What’s all the fuss about? Is it from an enemy?

He was back, and this time it was the real him.

Only he would be so bold, so brazen, to deliver his message to him with his own hands, without any fear of his methods.

This gun used to be one of his favorites, given to Kevin, which was the same gun that disappeared after the firefight. Tianye Mu’s bullet went through Kevin’s right hand and Kevin fell off the cliff and disappeared without a trace.

It turned out that he took it ……

Tianye, you were back finally.

Kerry looked at Venus with a complicated gaze, and he was unsure if he should tell her this news, as he suddenly realized that one of the purposes of Tianye’s return this time was to take Venus away.

When Venus felt his gaze, she looked up suspiciously, “Why are you looking at me?”

Kerry closed the lid of the gift box and said under his breath, “No.”

He couldn’t let Tianye take Venus away.

Absolutely not.

Thinking about it, it was providence. At the beginning, he couldn’t wait to find out the clues of Tianye from Venus, and he was afraid that she would hide Tianye’s matter and not tell him. It was not even a year, but the two people’s roles have changed.

Kevin’s hand had recovered and his hatred for Tianye was not deep as before.

However, things didn’t go in his way. Kerry had just stuffed the note into his pocket when Venus’s phone rang.

It was an unfamiliar number.

“Hello, who is this?” Venus took a piece of bread, and there came a low, pleasant male voice, “Little sister.”

“Blah,” the bread fell from her fingers and dropped on the table.

Time seemed to freeze, Venus’s eyes were clouded with tears instantly. This voice she had thought about a thousand times in her dreams, and now it appeared clearly in her ears finally, but she couldn’t believe it.

“Venus, I am your brother.” Tianye’s voice crashed into her eardrums and into her heart.

Venus’s tears flowed down, and shouted excitedly with her trembling voice, “Brother-“

Brother, you were finally back. Did you know how hard I’ve been waiting for you?

The phone was taken away suddenly, then she heard Kerry’s cold voice.

“Tianye, long time no see.”

“Kerry, do you like the gift I gave you?” Tianye’s lazy voice drifted over.

“Just what I wanted.” Kerry’s hand stretched on the table, “Tianye, you, the shrinking turtle, are willing to show up finally. I thought you died in some corner.”

“Oh, Kerry, how dare I die if you haven’t died yet?”

Kerry smiled coldly, “Tianye, is it time to settle the old problems between us?”

“Feel free to accompany me, but before that, I will take Venus away.”

Kerry looked at Venus, who was already in tears, and spoke in a cold tone, “That depends on whether you have the ability to do that.”

“Fine, then we’ll see what happens. But I’m warning you, if you hurt my sister, I don’t mind sending a bomb to your Yehuang Group. You know, I’m a man of my word.”

“I won’t hurt her.” Now, how could he be willing to hurt her?

“Okay, I’ll trust you for once.” After saying that, Tianye hung up the phone.

Kerry threw the phone on the table. Venus took it over to see that the other side had already hung up, and then it was already off when she dialed.

“What did my brother say?” Venus asked anxiously.

“Nothing.” Kerry looked at her quietly.

Venus couldn’t believe him and she was extremely excited, “You guys have been talking for so long, how come you didn’t say anything?”

Kerry pressed her shoulders and tried to calm her down, “Venus, do you think I would have told you even if we had said something?”

Venus stiffened, then her senses came back to her head. Yeah, was she stupid? How did Kerry tell her about the conversation? But based on what he just said unilaterally, Tianye should have made some kind of agreement with him.

Is Tianye coming to take her away?

The hope buried deeply in her heart was ignited with a bang.

It must be like this, Tianye loved her so much. If he knew her situation, he would come and take her away definitely.

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 158 Tianye Mu, Little Sister, I Was Back (3)
In case of the sudden appearance of Tianye Mu, he had to keep Venus with him at all times.

“Time to work.” Kerry said indifferently.

Venus had calmed down by now. She nodded and walked towards the villa door with her bag.

Along the way, both of them had their own minds. It was so quiet that the air seemed to be frozen.

In the elevator, Kerry pushed the button of his own floor. When Venus was also going to push the button of the 8th floor where the design department located, her wrist was held by him.

“You don’t need to go to the design department today.” He said seriously.

“Then where am I going to work?” Venus was surprised.

Kerry looked at the rising numbers of floor, “You work in my office from today.”

“I don’t want to!” Venus refused without hesitation.

Kerry looked down into her angry eyes and said word for word, “Objection overruled. Unless, you want to be placed under house arrest again.”

Venus’s tone softened as she remembered her once dark days, “Many of my drafts are still in the design department…”

“I’ll have them moved to my office.”

Venus had no choice but to accept it, but she was even more certain that Kerry had made this decision just because of her brother.

As long as she could successfully leave Kerry, who was a scum, what was the harm in compromising a little now?

At the office, Kerry instructed Secretary Liu to bring in a desk and a chair and place them in a light place by the window.

“Mr. Ye, this is all of Venus’s stuff in the design department.” Secretary Liu held a large stack of design drafts in hands, with a small pot of cactus at the top.

Venus hurried up to get the cactus because she was afraid of stabbing Secretary Liu’s fair face.

Kerry pointed to the temporary office not far from her and said, “Just put it on the table and let Venus sort it out herself.”

“Thank you so much. I’m sorry to bother you.” Venus said repeatedly.

Secretary Liu said politely, “It’s my job. If you need anything else, just let me know.”

“Okay, thank you.”

Hearing the news, staff who did not know all of the facts said that it must be because Kerry loved his wife so much that he wanted to see her all the time.

As a result, Kerry’s image as a good man and husband once again became a topic the staff could chat about in tea rooms and dining table.

Venus sat in front of her new desk all morning and she was very uncomfortable.

That’s because managers came in one by one every half an hour on average and their eyes kept looking over at her. After meeting her gaze, they would smile an awkward smile to her. She didn’t know whether they really wanted to report the work or to confirm what had happened.

In fact, they had nothing to be embarrassed about; it’s her who would really have this feeling.

She planned to finish revising a pair of designs. However, thanks to them, the efficiency directly reduced to a negative number and nothing had been done all morning.

Finally getting through their visit, Venus irritably threw down her pen, “I’m off duty and going to have my meal.”

“Wait, I’ll go with you.” Kerry turned off his computer.

“I want to eat alone.” Venus said quite seriously.

Kerry ignored her words, “You can pretend I don’t exist. Let’s go.”

As he said so, what else could Venus reply? She could just have a lunch with him.

They went to a nearby Chinese restaurant. Kerry took the menu and asked, “What would you like to eat?”

“Tofu, pickled fish, sweet and sour pork loin.” Venus didn’t know why and she especially wanted to eat food with strong flavors these days.

Kerry frowned, “I thought you didn’t like spicy food?”

“I just want to eat.”

Kerry said to the waiter, “Shrimp corn and red date and yam soup. Besides, Mapo Tofu should be cooked with less pepper, and I’d like to have a box of yogurt, please.”

“Okay, please wait a moment.”

When the waiter left, the two of them fell silent again. Venus carefully studied the exquisite patterns on the dishes, while Kerry gazed at her face with a sore and swollen heart.

“Venus.” Kerry couldn’t help but call her name.

Venus looked up at him in confusion.

Kerry tightened hand on his knee, “If I’ll always be Xiaozi from now on, will you still hate me so much?”

Mavis’s eyelids jumped. What did he mean?

“I will because Kerry is actually Xiaozi. You are not separate.”

Kerry’s eyes were tinted with a strong sense of disappointment. She was right. How could he always be Xiaozi? He was Xiaozi only when he used his special function. He wouldn’t be allowed to have that kind of change in reality, not to mention maintaining that state for long,.

Perhaps, Hao Nangong would make troubles with this.

Kerry sighed grudgingly, looking at her, “It seems that you’re not going to forgive me for the rest of your life.”

Venus turned her head and looked at the traffic outside, “Kerry, you are living such an unrestrained, arrogant and supercilious life. You don’t need my forgiveness at all.”

“No, I used to think like that, but now ……” Kerry paused, “I regret what I did and want to make amends, but you won’t give me the chance.”

Venus sneered, “Not everything can go with the wind. The scars left on the body can recover, but the scars imprinted on the heart can never disappear.”

Kerry was speechless.

Once the orders were delivered, Venus didn’t talk to him anymore but busying herself eating.

Kerry was not in the mood to eat more and just serve her food.

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 158 Tianye Mu, Little Sister, I Was Back (4)
When Kerry watched her expression change, he was getting uneasy.

In the afternoon, the visit finally came to an end, but Venus was drowsy in her chair. Then she fell asleep on the table.

Kerry picked her up and then put her on the bed in the lounge. Her face was pink from the sun and her lips were inviting.

Kerry leaned over and kissed her on the forehead and whispered, “Venus, I won’t let you leave me, even if you hate me for the rest of your life.”


At the Mu family villa, three black Maybachs were parked at the entrance. A man got down from the car, tall and strong. His eyes were sharp and seemingly hid endless anger.

He squinted up at the beautiful villa and smirked. Then he instructed his bodyguards to knock on the door.

As soon as the door was opened, the butler was stunned when he saw Tianye Mu.

“Guo, long time no see.” Tianye smiled and said.

Before Guo could speak, he was moved away by two bodyguards holding his arms.

Tianye strode in and soon came to the living room of the villa.

Xinyi Fang turned back when she heard loud noises and almost dropped the vase in her hand, “Tianye Mu, you’re still alive”

“Aunt, long time no see.” Tianye stepped towards her. Xinyi Fang was so scared that she took several steps backwards.

“Why did you …… you come back?” Xinyi’s face was pale and her voice was trembling.

Tianye sat on the sofa, crossing his legs and smiling, “This is my home, why can’t I come back?”

“I don’t mean that, I mean ……” she stammered.


The reason why Xinyi dared to let Venus marry Kerry was that Tinye was already gone. They all thought that Tianye had been killed and didn’t expect him to come back.

Tianye looked around the living room. The place where he used to put the family photos now had a pot of flowers on it, and he knew his family photos would have been thrown away by his aunt long ago.

“You don’t seem happy when I’m back?” he said coldly.

Xinyi waved her hand, “No, I’m quite happy.”

“Really?” Tianye said deliberately.

“Move a chair for my aunt. It’s a bit rude to have an elder stand and talk.” He said to his bodyguards.

“Yes, boss.”

The bodyguard brought over a chair and placed it in front of Xinyi and said in a cold voice, “Sit.”

Xinyi sat on it warily, nervous.

“Aunt, where is my sister?” Tianye asked on purpose. He pretended not to know anything.

Xinyi’s forehead began to sweat, “She …… is married.”

“Louder!” Mutino yelled.

“Venus get married.” Xinyi said with a trembling voice.

“She is married?” Tianye was surprised, “She’s still in school, why does she get married?”

Xinyi wiped away her cold sweat, not daring to look at him. “I don’t know. One day she came back and said that she wanted to get married, so we agreed.”

“Who does she marry?”

“Kerry Yi”

Tianye stared at her for a moment and continued to ask, “Isn’t her boyfriend Zihang Lyu? Why does she marry Kerry?”

Fanny didn’t dare to look up, “I don’t know.”

“Then tell me, does she marry Kerry out of her own will?”

Xinyi nodded nervously, “Yes, we didn’t force her.”

“Don’t lie to me. Does she marry Kerry of her own will?” Tianye’s tone carried a great amount of anger.

Xinyi suddenly didn’t dare to speak.

At this time, Yiyao Mu ran down from upstairs and yelled at him, “Tianye Mu, what are you? How dare you speak to my mother like that?”

Tianye tilted his head and laughed. Xinyi pulled on Yiyao’s arm to motion her to shut her mouth, but her daughter wouldn’t listen to her.

“Are you kidding me? Is this your home?”Tianye joked, “Xinyi Fang, how did you teach your daughter to be like this? I guess the ancestors of the Mu family will be angry enough to crawl out of their graves when they know your daughter is like this.”

Yiyao’s eyes were red with anger, “Tianye Mu, this is my home now, get out of here!”

“Your home?” Tianye mocked, “Yiyao Mu, it seems you just grow body, but have no brains.”

“Now I live here with my mom and dad, and this is my home. Even if you come back, we won’t give it back to you.” Yiyao was used to living in a big villa. There was no way she would return to apartment.

“Yiyao!” Fang Xinyi snapped coldly.

“Mom, why are you so afraid of him? He doesn’t dare to hurt us.” Yiyao pulled her mother’s hand and said angrily.

“Yeah, you’re right. I won’t hurt you.” Tianye smiled. “But maybe I’ll kill you.”

“Call your father and tell him to come back now.” he shouted suddenly.

“My dad is busy. He doesn’t have time.” As soon as Yiyao’s finished, a gunshot rang out. The vase next to her hand was shattered, and the freshly arranged flowers scattered all over the floor.

When she saw this, Yiyao hugged her mother tightly and looked at him with a frightened look.

Tianye played with the pistol and looked at them with an evil smile, “Can you call your father now?”

“Don’t threaten me. I’m not afraid of you.” Yiyao was still tough.

Another shot flew past her arm and hurt her arm. It didn’t bleed, but it made Yiyao completely freaked out.

“Call your father,” Tianye continued.

“Ok, I’ll call your uncle right now. Please don’t hurt us.” Xinyi was scared and begged.

She trembled and pulled out her cell phone, dialed Changrui Mu’s number, and the phone rang for a while before he answered it.

“What’up? I’m talking business.”

“Changrui, come back quickly.”

“I’m busy. If you have something, I’ll go back tonight and then we’ll discuss it.” Changrui was impatient. Then the sound of toast was heard inside the phone.

Xinyi knew he was out drinking again and said angrily, “Tianye Mu is back. He is now waiting for you at home.”

Changrui Mu apparently didn’t hear her words. He asked again, “Who’s waiting for me at home?”

“Tianye Mu.” Xinyi said disappointedly. “He’s back.”

Changrui was so stunned that his phone fell to the floor. Apparently he hadn’t expected that Tianye was still alive and back.

After Xinyi hung up the phone, Tianye continued to ask, “Did Venus marry Kerry out of her own will? Don’t lie to me or I’m not sure if my next bullet will shoot through your heart.”

“At that time, after you disappeared suddenly, the Mu family’s company had financial problems. In order to save the company, we had no choice but to let Venus marry Kerry. Venus agreed at that time, you can ask her. And after she gets married, Kerry is very good to her.” Xinyi said nervously.

“In other words, you sold my sister for the company?” Tianye’s tone became cold and his eyes were full of anger.

Yiyao remembered that Venus slapped her last time in public, so she glared at Tianye, saying, “Venus is lucky to marry Kerry, why wouldn’t she want to marry him?”

“You shut up!” Tianye pointed his gun at her, “If you say one more word, believe or not, I’ll kill you.”

According to his investigation, Venus and Zihang Lyu broke up. Yiyao should be responsible for this. So Tianye hated her very much.

Yiyao was so frightened that she stood behind her mother and never dared to speak again.

Tianye got up and walked around the villa. Apart from the exterior of this house being what it used to be, the furnishings inside had changed. His mother’s favorite pale yellow curtains, his father’s collection of stone sculptures, and the Venus’s piano that had been placed in the corner were all gone.

“Where are my family pictures?” Tianye asked.

“It’s kept in the small room on the third floor.” Xinyi said. Now she was glad that she stopped her daughter to burn all the photos in the villa when they just moved in. Otherwise, Tianye would be mad now.

“Keep an eye on the two of them,” Tianye said to his bodyguards. And then went up to the third floor himself.

The cabin was unlocked. There was a thick layer of dust and the roof was covered in cobwebs.

There was only a table and a cot inside, and the table was littered with various picture frames and photo albums. A few cardboard boxes were stacked on the bed. He opened the cardboard box, and inside were strange stones and stone sculptures that his father had collected.

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