Chapter 158: The Rise Of A Poor Husband

Chapter 158 I have the right to throw you out of Marquis

Colin’s eyes turned cold and he glanced over. The tall and big man instinctively took a step back, straightened his back, and said, “You’re a bastard who sleeps around with women! Perhaps you’ve slept with this woman countless times. It’s very possible for her to seduce my brother-in-law. Why should we apologize?”

“Don’t think just because you have money, you can do whatever you like. If this is leaked out, you fucking won’t be able to handle it!”


Colin raised his hand and slapped that man.

Flora looked at Colin with a complicated gaze. It would be a lie if she didn’t get angry after someone accused her that way. She wasn’t a good-tempered person and had gotten herself ready to slap that man but Colin was faster than her.

Then, Colin said with his cold voice, “Shut your damn mouth up! I am me and she’s her. If you fucking know nothing, just shut up! If you can only use your mouth to defame a woman’s innocence, then you’re not a fucking man!”

The tall and big man held his face, looking dazed. As soon as he reacted, he rolled his sleeves, planning to fight, “You fucking dare to hit me! Do you think you’re that great because you’re the chairman of Marquis? I have to beat you up today!”

Colin was terrified seeing him getting ready to beat him up, but his face remained calm, “Hit me then. If you dare to hit me today, I’ll guarantee that you’ll stay in jail for the rest of your life!”

That big man’s hand was immediately held by the curly woman and Johnny.

Both of them were still reasonable. Their opponent is the chairman of Marquis Group. If the fight really happened, their family would be done for.

The big man was indeed angry. But after he heard that he would stay in jail for the rest of his life, he took that chance to let himself be stopped by the other two.

The curly woman’s expression changed completely and said with a smile, “Uhm, don’t be angry. I’ll definitely go and apologize tomorrow. I’ll apologize in front of the company workers.”

Johnny nodded, “Right, don’t be angry. We’ll apologize. We’ll definitely apologize.”

Colin looked at Johnny, then suddenly said, “A man should behave like a man. Loving your wife and be afraid of your wife is a completely different concept. Think about it carefully.”

After the words were said, Flora looked at the three of them triumphantly, “Let’s go!”

Colin and Flora turned around and left in that two million BMW.

In the car, he didn’t take a breath, “This job is really tiring.”

Flora glared at Colin, “Why are you even tired? You’re just standing there and bluff a while. Then it’s done. How tiring is it?”

“As a girl, you can’t be so rude,” Colin said with a smile.

Flora put her hands on her hips, “So what if I’m rude? Just take care of yourself! You don’t even feel embarrassed about what they said!”

Colin drove obediently and asked Flora, “Where are you going? You don’t need to go to the company anymore, right??”

“Anywhere but the company,” Flora replied irritably.

After a while, Flora asked, “Don’t you need to clarify the news yesterday? Otherwise, Doris will be at a disadvantage since she’ll be pointed out by people.”

In fact, it’s not just for Doris but also Colin. After the clarification, nobody would say that to him anymore. When he goes out to meet people, nobody would see him with a strange gaze anymore.

Colin nodded, “I’ll clarify.”

Half an hour later, they arrived at Flora’s residence downstairs.

Before getting off of the car, Colin said, “After she apologizes tomorrow, just resign!”

“What?” Flora rolled her eyes at him,” After I resign, where can I work? I’m not someone as rich as you!”

“I mean, I was thinking of giving a company for Doris. You should go there and help her.” Colin said with a smile.

So, it’s for Doris.

“I understand. I’ll consider it,” Flora said impatiently before she got off the car.

After Flora got off the car and watched Colin’s car went away, she still stood there. After a long time, Flora sighed, “Sigh! Such a blockhead!”

Just forget it. She didn’t believe that she wouldn’t meet a man better than Colin.

Flora didn’t know when her heart was swayed. Maybe that time when Colin once acted like a hero. Perhaps, it was when she knew that Colin would be willing to die for Doris. Or maybe, when she found out about Colin’s real identity.

Colin might look foolish. But for a woman, there couldn’t be any better man than Colin. As long as a woman understood him, she believed that only a few of them that wouldn’t be swayed.

But she knew, Colin only had Doris in his heart. Moreover, she’s Doris’s best friend. As a good friend, she couldn’t do this. So, she wouldn’t think much from now on. For her, Colin’s just her best friend’s husband.

After Colin arrived at Marquis, before sitting any longer, Fox came looking for him.

“The chairman of Marquis has a different office indeed.”

Colin was expressionless, “Sit”

Fox naturally sat down, looking as casual and as arrogant as if he’s in his own office.

After Fox sat down, he looked directly at Colin, “How is it? What’s the result of your consideration?”

Colin slightly raised his eyes, “I’ve considered it. Let the lawyer come this afternoon!”

“Haha..” Fox smiled triumphantly, “Colin, Colin, I don’t know what else to say about you. You’re so foolish. Because of a woman, you are willing to hand Marquis over to me. But, I appreciate your stupidity!”

“What?” Nina who stood quietly by the side was shocked.

Colin shook his head slightly at her and said to Fox, “You can go and find a lawyer now. When you come in the afternoon, I’ll draft a transfer contract for you and you can just sign by then.”

Fox stood up, “You’re sensible. I’ll arrive at Marquis on time at three.”

After speaking, Fox was about to go out, but he saw Nina slightly.

Today Nina dressed quite simply but elegant. She wore a white business suit, which looked fresh. Fox laughed, “Assistant White, starting from tomorrow, you’re my Assistant White, hahaha….”

“You!” Nina was irritated seeing Fox who was so flirty, she’s taken aback that she couldn’t say a word.

Colin frowned slightly, “Are you leaving or not? As long as I’m still the chairman of Marquis, I still have the right to throw you out of Marquis!”

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