Chapter 159 – 160: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 159: Don’t Go

“Mr. Zhen, the party is about to start. Let’s go back to our seats.” A young woman in a low-cut dress beside Jian Zhen took his hand and said, affected.

“Honey, take it easy. Let me talk about some business first.” Jian patted the back of the woman’s hand and said. Then Jian took the wine cup and went over to Rui Liu, “Rui, can you oblige me with a cup of wine?” Jian said to Rui.

After saying that irrefutably, Jian put the wine cup in his hand in front of Rui.

Jian’s shifty eyes glanced at Rui unscrupulously. Jian ignored Kris Chen.

Jian thought Kris is a bodyguard, as Kris stood beside Rui motionless with sunglasses.

How could it possible for Rui to drink with Jian?

Rui was disgusted when she thought Jian spooned her last time. How could she possibly take a drink Jian’d had.

“Sorry, I’m allergic to alcohol,” Rui said coldly.

“Fuck, how can Rui turn me down in front of my female companion? Isn’t she embarrassing me?” Jian thought.

Jian put on a sullen face immediately and said somberly, “What are you pretending for? How many chaste women are there in the entertainment circle? Do you believe I will ask the paparazzi to follow you around the clock?”

“You…” Rui said with a shaking voice.

“Hum, I tell you, if you offend me, you’re not going to stay in this circle. Have you had a lot of announcements been canceled recently? Has no one wants you for commercials anymore? I tell you, these are the consequences of offending me.” Jian tilted his head back and said proudly.

Rui’s facial expression changed greatly, and her body couldn’t help trembling. “It turns out that you are behind the trick. You are shameless!” Rui said.

Kris frowned. No wonder Rui had been rehearsing dance in the company but hasn’t gone out for commercial performance and lucrative second careers. So that’s it.

Kris was surprised when Xue Mi told him that, but he had no time to find out the reason.

It turned out that it’s the wretched man was behind the trick.

After being scolded by Rui, Jian didn’t care but said proudly, “This is the darkness of showbiz. I tell you, if it’s not for your beauty, do you think you have the right to stand here and say that to me? Numerous women are crying out for getting into my bed. How precious you think yourself are? I put the words here today. I will cancel the ban on you if you drink the wine now and then apologize to me and be with me for some time. Otherwise…”

Jian made two hums, and the threatening meaning in his words was self-evident.

“You…” Rui said. Before Rui finished what she wanted to say, Kris stepped forward to push away Jian’s wine cup and said, “Didn’t you hear she said she is allergic to alcohol?”

Then Kris said to Rui, who was trembling with anger, “Don’t argue with a fool. If you win, people will say you bully a fool. If you lose, people will say you’re inferior to a fool.”

Jian was dumbfounded when his wine cup was pushed away. When he heard what Kris said, his small and triangle eyes were full of anger.

“Fuck, how can I be scolded by a bodyguard?” Jian thought.

Jian stared at Kris. Jian’s eyes are not big, but he kept them wide open, which looked like he was rolling his eyes. Kris couldn’t help laughing when he saw what Jian looked like.

“What the fuck are you laughing at? You are just a little bodyguard. Is this the place where you can come in? Get out of here!” Jian pointed to the exit of the studio hall and said harshly.

“Shut up, he is the president of our company!” Rui said with a sullen face.

“What? President?” Jian said.

Jian gave Kris a wry look and then laughed and said, “Do you have to wear sunglasses in the evening? Those who don’t know you will think you are blind. How dare a brat to talk to a senior like that? Who gave you the nerve?”

Kris frowned and didn’t say anything. He was about to leave with the two girls. It’s humiliating to quarrel with such a person in public.

“Stop! Do you have my permission to go?” Jian said and blocked the way of them. “Do you know the rules? You don’t even say hello to seniors. You are not giving me any face, are you?” Jian pointed to Kris’s nose and said.

The entertainment industry ranks according to seniority, and Jian is definitely a senior. Though Huanyu Group develops rapidly, it’s just a younger brother in Jian’s eyes.

Those who were invited to the Mid-Autumn Festival party are influential figures. And most of them are old-timers and big stars in the same industry. If Jian let them go like that, he couldn’t mix in this circle in the future.

“Boy, I tell you, don’t think I’m afraid of you as you are the President of Huanyu Group. You are a younger brother to me. I put the words here today. I will definitely bed Rui. If you are sensible, just send Rui to my bed obediently, or I will let your company shut down in a hundred ways.” Jian said proudly.

Kris put on a sullen face immediately. What Kris hates most in his life is a threat.

“Get your hand off!” Kris said coldly.

“What did you say? You are arrogant and disrespectful to seniors. Do you want to stay in this circle or not?” Jian said angrily.

Jian’s voice was so loud that it caught the eyes of the onlookers.

The Mid-Autumn Festival party was about to begin, and several Jiangnan TV hosts have been on stage with manuscripts.

Jian’s lungs were about to explode when he felt the eyes of people around. Some of them are Jian’s friends, and some are Jian’s enemies. He felt it’s a total disgrace that he was being scolded by a newcomer.

“I’ll give you another chance. You just need to bow to me and say, “Senior, I’m sorry,” and I’ll let you go.” Jian said. Although Jian was angry, he knew he was in the studio hall, and he didn’t fight Kris.

“You’re a fool,” Kris said.

After being provoked by the Jian repeatedly, Kris couldn’t bear it anymore and said that coldly.

“You’re courting your death,” Jian said.

Then Jian waved his hand, and two burly men walked over from the side.

The two men are the high-price bodyguard Jian hired. They are twins. The elder brother is Dazhuang, and the younger brother is Erzhuang. They are retired boxers.

As soon as the two brothers appeared, Jian was immediately full of confidence. Jian looked at Kris pompously and smiled evilly. “Boy, would you like to go to the bathroom with me and let me teach you the rules?” Jian said.

As soon as Jian said that, Kris smiled and said, “OK, I want to learn your rules.”

“Well, you have the guts. I’ll go first. Don’t keep me waiting too long,” Jian said with a wretched smile.

The Jian went to the restroom with the twins.

The onlookers shook their heads when they looked at Kris. Some of them are Jian’s friends, and some of them are Jian’s enemies.

Jian has been in the entertainment industry for decades, and he has numerous resources. How Kris, a newcomer, dares act rashly against him?

Isn’t Kris courting his death?

“Kris, don’t go,” Lei Du said.

Lei bit her lips and grabbed Kris’s arm, and shook her head. She knew Kris wanted to defend her against the injustice, but she knew something since she has been in the entertainment industry for so long.

Tianxia Entertainment is the elder brother in the entertainment circle, and Jian is not easy to deal with.

“Kris, don’t be impulsive. Jian has his men, and you will certainly suffer losses.” Lei said. Though Lei is an artist of Huanyu Group, she adjusted her mind immediately. When she saw Kris was going, she said; I spoke in the tone of a teacher commanding his students.

She has just entered the entertainment circle, and there are many things she didn’t know. But the two bodyguards are tall and muscular, how could Kris defeat them?

Kris patted the back of Rui’s hand said with a smile, “Take it easy. It’s OK.”

Then Kris said to Lei, “Don’t worry, Lei, I won’t fight with them.”

Rui was anxious and stamped her foot. “Kris, I won’t let you go, do you hear me?” Lei said.

Chapter 160: An outrageous woman

After Kris Chen arrived at the restroom, Jian Zhen’s two bodyguards gathered around him. “Boy, don’t say I didn’t give you a chance. If you can kneel down and give me three kowtows and say: Senior, I’m wrong. Maybe I’ll forgive you if I’m happy,” Jian said evilly.

Jian crossed his hands over his chest, and he looked very confident. Jian thought Kris would kowtow obediently as he is of high status in the entertainment circle.

“You’re right. There must be an apology!” Kris said.

“I don’t want your kowtowing. All you have to do is getting down on your knees and yell three times that I’m wrong, and I’ll be kind enough to forgive you. How about that?” Kris smiled and said.

What Kris said made Jian flew into a rage. “Fu**ck, you’re so cheeky. Give him a good beating.” Jian said.

As soon as Jian said that, Dazhuang and Erzhuang punched Kris in the face.

Although the two brothers are retired boxers, they showed many flaws. Ordinary people might be afraid of them, but Kris didn’t afraid of them at all.

Bang! Bang!

Kris threw two quick punches.


The two brothers shouted at the same time. They felt as if their fists were breaking.

Kris took Dragon and Tiger Pill, and he was very powerful. The two brothers together couldn’t match him in strength. Kris’s got a back injury, and it’s not good to get into a fight, so he used a little bit of Baji power. If you use the boundary of Internal Fist and External Fist, it belongs to inner strength.

Although Kris only used the inner strength to simulate the power of Baji Fist, the two brothers could not bear.

A single blow hurt their muscles and bones. They lost most of their fighting power in an instant. They just hold their hands and howled in pain.

“What? How could it possible?” Jian said.

Jian didn’t expect that the high-price bodyguards he hired couldn’t withstand a single blow. Jian was very shocked.

He stepped back and lost his balance. Then he slipped on his feet and fell into the urinal.

“Ah!” Jian cried out.

When he opened his mouth to shout, the disgusting liquid filled his mouth and made him cough.

The two brothers were furious. One of their hands was injured, but they could attack with another hand and feet.

The two brothers, roared angrily and kicked at Kris immediately.

Bang! Bang!”

Kris turned around sharply and kicked his feet straight into their knees.

“Plop! Plop!”


The two brothers fell to their knees and hit the hard ground. A piercing pain spread through their body, and they couldn’t fight any longer.

Rui Liu and Lei Du hid outside the door. They were very worried when they heard the screams of the restroom.

But that’s a gents, and they are stars. If they enter the gents rashly and be seen by others, it will be exposed the next day, which will be a huge blow to their career.

But Kris is their classmate and boss. It doesn’t make any sense if they leave him alone.

“Rui, why don’t we go in there?” Lei said. As Kris’s teacher, the first thing Lei thought was to rush in and save Kris when he was in danger.

“But, teacher, this is a gents.” Rui said. Rui bit her lips and was hesitated. Her debut time is longer than Lei, so she considered more.

“Forget it. Anyway, Kris made me a star. It’s nothing big if it’s exposed,” Rui thought.

Having made up her mind, Rui took a deep breath and said to Lei, “Get out of the way, teacher.”



Rui kicked open the door of the restroom before Lei knew it.

Regardless of surprise, Lei took Rui to go in.

“Kris, don’t be afraid, I’m coming to save you…” Lei said.

Before she finished what she wanted to say, Lei and Rui were stunned by what they saw.

The two bodyguards lay on the ground, embracing their legs and wailing. Jian was even worse. He fell into the urinal, and he was soaked with urine.

To their blush, Kris was untying his belt and took out his dick to pee…


Lei and Rui let out a scream and hurried out of the restroom, clutching their hot faces.

It’s so embarrassing! He’s peeing. Is that a man’s dick? It’s so big and ugly…

Their hearts were still fluttering with fear when they thought of what they saw.

That’s so scary. Is there any woman who can feel up to it? Won’t she be killed?

Kris looked at the back of the two women in astonishment. He stunned for a moment and then smirked. “The two women care about me much,” Kris thought.

After urinating, Kris shook his dick and immediately pulled up his pants. Jian vomited violently in the urinal. Kris took a look at him and said, “How did you fall into the urinal so carelessly? I pissed on you. Well, here’s a piece of paper for you to wipe.”

Then Kris threw a packet of paper to Jian.

“Cough! Cough!”

Jian placed his hands on the wall and vomited violently. He looked at Kris with resentment and said, “You’re finished. I must kill you.”

Jian is the President of Tianxia Entertainment. He’s a revered figure in the entertainment industry, and he is an absolute senior. Whoever meets him will greet him, respectively. But he was bullied by a newcomer.

Jian couldn’t let Kris bully him like that. He must destroy Huanyu Group and kill Kris.

“If you don’t want to wipe your face with the paper, I’ll help you do it,” Kris said.


Kris kicked Jian in the buttocks and sent him into the urine again.

“Give you a good wash!” Kris said.

As soon as Jian raised his head, Kris stamped his head down. Then Jian raised his head again, and Kris stepped on it again…

“Cough! Cough!”

“Cough! Cough!”

Jian took several mouthfuls of piss, and he felt his viscera was about to spit out by himself.

But Kris didn’t want to let Jian off.

After being choked several times, Jian felt his brain began to suffocate, and a sense of near-death fear welled up in his heart. “This guy really wants to kill me,” Jian thought.

Jian was afraid. “Kris is a hot-headed young man. If I do choke to death in the urinal, my reputation will be ruined. I’m definitely going to be the jokes of the entertainment circle.” Jian thought.

Jian had a quick mind. “Why don’t I admit being defeated and fix him when I get out of here,” Jian thought.

At the thought of that, Jian said immediately, “Bro, I beg you, please let me go. I’m wrong. Please let me go. I’m choking to death. I dare not do that again. I dare not do that again…”

Even though Kris said that, he couldn’t quench his hatred for Kris.


After seeing Jian admitted being defeated, Kris snorted and withdrew his foot.

Then Kris took a tissue out of his pocket and wiped the urine off his shoes, and walked out of the restroom.

Kris headed for the studio hall. Three women trotted over from the side in a hurry after walking a few steps and bumped into Kris’s back.


The three women bumped into the wound in Kris’s back, and he gasped in pain.

“Fuck, how can they bump me when the road is so wide?” Kris thought.

Kris looked back and saw three women standing behind him, and the women in the middle is a stunning beauty.

She wore a bright red evening dress that showed off her curvy figure. Her plump breasts, deep furrows, and delicate collarbones make you want to bury your face in them and feel the tenderness.

She is very beautiful. Her lashes are long and thick, her eyes are big, her nose is high, and her mouth is small. The only thing that ruins her beauty is that her hair looked messy.

The woman looks familiar. She seems to be a star. She should also be here to take part in the Mid-Autumn Festival party.

“Are you sick? Don’t hang out when you walk so slowly.”

Before Kris could react, the woman pointed to Kris’s nose and shouted out.


“What’s going on? I just walk. You bumped into me from behind and blamed me for walking slowly?” Kris thought.

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