Chapter 159: My Mysterious Husband

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 159 Tianye’s tactics (1)
Taking a picture frame from the table, he carefully wiped the dust off. Then the smiling faces of his parents appeared little by little. At that time, he was still a high-school student and Venus Mu with pigtails just started middle school.

He remembered that it was his second year of high school, when he took the first place. As a reward, his father bought him this camera. It took him a long time to figure out the timed shooting function and it was the first photo taken by this camera.

Looking back now, it seemed like it happened yesterday.

He took out another thick photo album. Opening it, memories came back, in which were photos of him and Venus from childhood to adulthood. Every trip, every birthday, daily learning, playing and so on.

The little girl in the photos smiled so innocently and lovingly. Looking at her smiling face, Tianye Mu couldn’t help but smile.

Venus, wait for me, I would take you away.

Walking out of the small room, Tianye shouted, “Uncle Guo, please come up here.”

Uncle Guo ran up to the third floor, respectfully asking, “Young master, what do you want?”

Pointing at the stuff and said, “Find a few boxes and pack everything inside. Don’t damage anything.”

“Okay, Young master, I’ll do it right away.”

Changrui Mu ran into the villa in a panic. Before tidying up his tie, he saw his wife and daughter huddling in the sofa, as well as the man sitting there. His eyelids began to twitch.

With a flattering face, Changrui strode forward with concern, “Tianye, hi, you’re back.”

Tianye looked at his uncle who had put on more weight and smiled, “Uncle, a good life these days, right?”

Changrui pretended to be embarrassed and said, “Oh my, because of the company’s business, I have to go out to socialize every day.”

“Then I have to thank you for taking care of Mu’s Group for me?”

Changrui noticed the word “me”, thinking to himself, “For him? This bastard wants the company back as soon as he gets back? How can it be possible?

“We’re families. It’s something I should do.”

Tianye was smart and he knew what Changrui meant. After he cheated Venus and took the company from her, the condition of the company got worse and worse, but he gained a lot from it. He at least bought more than five mansions. Today, Tianye would let him pay for it.

“Since you said that we are families, let’s sign this contract.” Then he asked a bodyguard to pass the document to Changrui.

After opening it suspiciously and looking at it for less than a minute, Changrui angrily threw the contract on the table and began to show his true face, “Tianye, what do you mean?”

Tianye looked at him coldly, “What I mean has been written on this contract. I won’t take what belongs to you, but don’t touch a penny of what doesn’t belong to you.”

“Tianye, I’m still your uncle. How dare you talk to me like this.” Changrui was anxious. This document was a transfer of property rights, including all the shares he stole from Mu’s Group, as well as all the properties and luxury cars in his name. If he signed this document, it meant that he would go back a year ago, or even worse than a year ago. It’s easy to get used to a better life, but it’s hard to live a poor life.”

Hearing the word “uncle”, Tianye was pissed off, “Uncle? Now you remember you’re my uncle? When you married Venus to Kerry for personal gain, did you remember that you were her uncle?”

Changrui began to feel a little embarrassed as he slyly argued, “The company was hard to keep going at the time and it’s her own wish to marry him. How can you blame me?”

“If you guys hadn’t teamed up to trick her and force her, why would she, a college student, think about getting married?”

Changrui knew that the man in front of him was not easy to deal with, and there was no way for him if he kept arguing with him, so he had to compromise, “Tianye, we can discuss. You’ve just returned and it’s now warm to let me sign such a contract. Anyway, there was a share belonging to our family.”

“Uncle, look, what I’m making you give to me is the share that originally belonged to me and Venus. I haven’t touched a dime of your family’s, but as for the real estate and luxury cars, do you think they belong to you?”

When Xinyi Fang heard this, she immediately got to know to what kind of document it was, shouting at Changrui, “Changrui, you can’t sign it, it’s something that belongs to us, how can you give it to him?”

Tianye glanced at Xinyi and said with a smile, “Aunt, I advise you to consider your position, OK? Uncle had more than one mistress, two of whom are younger than your daughter…”

“Nonsense!” Xinyi interrupted him, whose expression becoming extremely ugly. She knew that her husband was cheating on her, but she believed that Changrui didn’t dare to do too much,

Tianye laughed, “What I’m saying is true. You can just let him tell you. As I know, one is pregnant. Don’t you know that uncle has dreamed of having a boy? Maybe the baby is a boy.”

The more Tianye said, the more terrible Changrui looked, while the more annoyed Xinyi got. No matter how greedy a woman was for money, the family was something she valued most.

Looking at her husband’s unpredictable face, Xinyi jumped over and grabbed Changrui’ s collar, harshly questioning, “Is this true? Is it true?”

Changrui tried to comfort her, “Xinyi, can we talk about this later?”

Wanting to make things get worse, Tianye said, “Later on, when this boy is born, all those properties are probably going to be his. Aunt, what have you earned after so many years of hard work?”

“Shut up!” Changrui was furious and continued comforting his wife, “Don’t listen to his nonsense, he just wants to see us arguing…”

“Auntie, have a look at the photos.” Tianye gave a stack of photos to Xinyi. Xinyi temporarily let go of Changrui’ s collar and looked one by one. The photos showed that Changrui took different girls to upscale clubs and residential areas. Some pictures even showed that Changrui was helping a girl to the hospital, it was obvious from the pictures that the girl was pregnant, about five or six months.

Xinyi was shivering because of anger. She then threw the photos to Changrui, roaring, “Do you plan to kick me and Yiyao out of the house after the bitch delivered the baby?”

“Of course not. I love you and I won’t do that to you.”

Xinyi was so furious that she couldn’t listen to anything, “I see, for so many years, you’ve always disliked me for not giving you a son. I didn’t expect that you let another woman do this. Changrui, without me, what can you have today? I’m telling you, if you ever push me again, I’ll tell you all the shitty things you’ve done. If you don’t let me feel comfortable, I will definitely put you in the hell.”

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 159 Tianye’ s tactics (2)
Tianye Mu sat on the sofa, calmly watching the show. Anyway, he had so many ways to make Changrui Mu sign the contract. If these couldn’t work, he could use his gun.

“Pa!” Changrui slapped at Xinyi Fang, “Calm down!”

Xinyi covered her face, staring Changrui in surprise, unable to believe that this was the man she had lived with for almost thirty years. When Yiyao Mu saw her mother being beaten, she ran up to hug her mother’s shoulders, shouting at her father, “How dare you? You have so many mistresses and you dare to slap my mom?”

“Yiyao, let’s talk about this later, okay?” Changrui still loved his daughter. He gave her everything she wanted, that’s why she was so arrogant.

Yiyao was not a fool. After glaring at him, she took her mother to sit down.

Changrui was relived and turned to Tianye who was watching the show, saying, “I’m not going to sign this contract. Please leave.”

Tianye was still calm, “Uncle, let me remind you, on April 17th, you gave three million dollars to someone for the land in the west of the city, and on May 20th, in order to settle it down, what did you do with the son of the family who refused to move out? Kidnap or kill? And…”

“Shut up! You shut up!” Changrui’s face turned pale, “Do you have any evidence?” Changrui had done it very secretly, so how could he know it?

“Uncle, if you don’t want others to know, don’t do it. Do you think I am that kind of person who talks without evidence?” Tianye took out a pen from his pocket and threw it in front of him, “I advise you to sign it, so that although you don’t have the money, you can still live like a normal person. Otherwise, for all the things you’ve done, it’s enough for you to stay in jail for a while.”

Changrui sat on the sofa, silent. He knew he couldn’t win him.

“Uncle, I call you uncle now because you’re my father’s brother, so don’t force me to do more.” Tianye continued to push him.

After pondering for a long time, he finally compromised, “Tianye, I can sign this contract, but I have a request, can I be allowed to continue to work in the company?”

“No way.” Tianye refused without any hesitation, “I will hire a professional one to manage the company. As for you, I will leave a little bit shares for you and you only need to get dividends every year. Don’t worry, as long as your family get more frugal and Mu’s Group doesn’t go bankrupt, the money is enough for your family to the day you die.”

Changrui knew he was over. He now acted as if his soul had been sucked out of his body. He slumped on the sofa, with blank eyes.

“Jail, or a peaceful life? Depend on you.”

After comparing the two options for a long time, Changrui picked up the pen.

As long as he was still alive, it was possible to regain these things, but once he was in prison, nothing could be possible.

“Dad, do you want us to live back in that little house again? I don’t want to.” Yiyao’ s expression was a little crazy. If she lost the wealth, then how would she buy nice clothes and jewelry? How could she get to upper class parties in City A?

Changrui stared at her, “Do you fucking want me to go to jail?”

Yiyao was shocked by him and quickly stopped, for Changrui had never looked at her like this.

Helpless and angry, he signed his name on the contract. Then he threw the pen away, leaning on the sofa and said, “Well, now, you win.”

Tianye picked up the contract, checking it and handed it to his bodyguard. He then stood up to straighten his clothes and said, “Wouldn’t it have been better if you had done this earlier? If you did, I wouldn’t tell aunt the shitty things you’ve done.”

Changrui stared up at him with fierce eyes.

“My lawyer will come to negotiate with you tomorrow. Uncle, you’d better prepare all the information in advance.” Tianye laughed and looked around the villa, “You have two days to move out of here, this is my home and it’s bad enough to become like this, so I don’t want it to get worse.”

Taking a few steps, he suddenly remembered something and said to Xinyi, “Auntie, I kindly remind you, your husband has another little daughter, just born. Maybe he wants a son too much, so that’s why he found another one.”

“Ah! Changrui, fuck you!”

Behind him came Xinyi’ s piercing screams, Tianye was in a good mood to leave the villa. After this, he believed that Changrui would give up messing with him.

Now, Kerry Ye, it’s your turn.

In the past two days, Kerry followed Venus like a shadow. Except going to the toilet and taking a bath separately, Venus was almost out of sight.

Despite this, Kerry was still worried that if he blinked, Tianye would take Venus away. After all, Tianye was very tough.

Originally, Venus was not qualified to attend the company’ s high-level meeting, but she was still dragged into the room by Kerry, who even sat next to him.

“Aren’t you afraid that I’ll eavesdrop on company secrets?” Venus asked before entering the conference room.

Kerry looked indifferent, “But you won’t tell anyone.”

Venus gritted her teeth.

Seeing this scene, the management looked at each other. This couple was really sweet.

Venus had to pretend to ignore all the curious gazes and concentrate on her design draft.

Halfway through the meeting, Venus, who always didn’t care the company business suddenly stopped her pencil and listened carefully, for she heard “Mu’s Group”.

The vice president said, “The piece of land that we are bidding, originally had almost belonged to us, but I don’t know what happened, Mu’s Group suddenly powerfully stepped in, whose bid is quite beautiful, as good as ours.”

Kerry glanced at Venus and asked the vice president, “Can that messy Mu’s Group do this?”

The vice president also looked at Venus, unsure if he should continue.

“It’s okay, go ahead.” Kerry spoke up.

“We got the news that yesterday, a very famous international team of professional managers began to work with Mu’s Group and now all the operations and management are under this team. This bid is done by them.”

Kerry’s face turned sullen. Tianye was still as powerful as before, which he did admire. Why could Changrui listen to him?

Venus showed joy when she heard this. This must be done by his brother. In the end, Tianye was still omnipotent.

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 159 Tianye’ s tactics (3)
“Where is your boss Changrui?”

“I heard that he was fired by Tianye and didn’t hold any position in the company.”

Kerry sneered, Tianye was really an indifferently man. Others took care of the company for him, as soon as he came back, he drove people away.

The vice president saw that Kerry didn’t speak, and asked carefully, “Mr. Ye, what should we do now?”

Kerry raised his eyebrows, “Of course we endeavor to make our bid perfect, so that the they can’t pick out any flaws. The emergence of a strong rival is also a good thing for us, and besides, we don’t know the result yet, so what? You want to submit before the war even starts?”

“Of course not.” The vice president smiled and thought in his mind, “You treat your wife so nice, what if you want to take this land to please her? It was better to ask more.

After walking out of the conference room, all the executives had left, Venus was still very excited, Kerry asked very unhappily, “Are you very happy now?”

Venus said directly, “Yes, I am happy, the Mu family’s company is back in my brother’s hands, why shouldn’t I be happy?”

Kerry stared at her face and snorted, then returning to the CEO’s office.

He had an intuition that after cleaning up Changrui’s family, Tianye would come to find himself.

After dinner, Venus felt that she had eaten too much so she took a walk in the garden to consume food, her appetite was exceptionally good these days.

Before taking a few steps, she heard the familiar sound of footsteps behind her and lamented in her heart, couldn’t she be left alone for a while?

“I see your taste has improved a lot these days, you actually eat two bowls of rice at night.” Kerry chatted with her.

Venus said, “I will eat more when i feel happy.”

Kerry felt that he was purely making trouble for himself, knowing that she couldn’t say what she wanted to hear, but he still asked her. And ever since he realized that he liked her, he had only tolerated any of her actions and couldn’t do anything to hurt her, not even saying a heavy word.

Venus also realized that. So she talked whatever she liked regardless of his feelings.

Venus felt very relieved every time when she saw Kerry’s doting face.


Weekend, sunny.

Kerry had a leisure time, so he set up a fishing rod and reading a book while fishing by the lake beside the villa, suddenly his phone rang.

“Who are you?” Kerry’s voice was cool and his eyes moved away from the book.

“Kerry, let’s have a talk.” Tianye said directly.

Kerry answered, “Where?”

“See you an hour later at the In Boxing Gym.”


Hanging up the phone, Kerry looked gloomy, did Tianye want to solve the problem by violence. Whatever he did, he would accept.

But this time, he couldn’t bring Venus with him.

“John, where is the Young Miss?” Kerry asked as he approached the villa and told him to prepare the car.

John said gently, “Young Miss is learning cooking from Mrs Qin.”

Hearing this, Kerry felt warm in his heart and stood not far from the kitchen, looking at Venus and then said to John, “I’ll be out for few hours, and while I am leaving, the security of the villa should be strengthened.”

“Yes, Young Master.”

The In boxing gym was located in the center of town, and it would take at least forty minutes to get there from the villa without traffic jams.

The black Cayenne exited the villa and blended into the traffic, another black Cayenne with the same license plate turned a corner and slowly drove onto the road leading to the villa.

Few minutes later, the security guard saw the boss’s car come back, quickly opened the gate to let the car in, and muttering in his heart, the boss must forget something.

The black Cayenne drove smoothly into the garage, and when it was parked, a man came down from above, it was Tianye.

Quickly, he disappeared into the corner of the garage.

In the kitchen, Venus had been learning how to make noodles with black bean sauce all morning, and finally she made it.

Why did she learn this? It’s simple, because Tianye liked to eat.

When Tianye was studying in the capital, he was fond of the noodles with black bean sauce. After returning to Sky City, he ate in many shops but still couldn’t find a delicious one and he even wanted to open one himself. Finally, he had no choice but to eat those plain noodles.

A few days ago, she got her brother’s message and suddenly remembered it. Coincidentally Mrs Qin was a northern people who can make noodles with black bean sauce. Thus she spent a weekend to learn so that when she and brother left here, she could cook for him.

Rubbing her sore shoulders, Venus went upstairs to her bedroom and when she closed the door, she was surprised.

A man beside the window was holding her design seriously. After hearing the noise, he slowly raised his head with a gentle smile and said, “Sister, when can you design a set of clothes for your brother.”

Venus’s eyes instantly moistened, and her voice became trembling, “As long as you are satisfied, I can make it for you anytime.”

“It is hard to make me satisfied.” He teased.

Venus couldn’t hold back any longer as she ran over into his arms, “Brother, you come to find me, I know you’d be fine, you’ll definitely come back to find me.”

Tianye patted her back and said, “Alright, don’t cry …… Venus, there was a smell of noodles on you. Am I too eager to eat it?”

The warm atmosphere of the sibling reunion was completely broken by Tianye’s words, Venus broke into a smile and left from his arms, wiping her tears and said, “I was just learning how to make noodles with black bean sauce, of course you smell it.”

Tianye nodded his head in delight and teased, “The princess learn to cook now.”

“You’ve been making fun of me since you got back!” Venus looked at Tianye seriously and said, “Brother, you looks thinner.”

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 159 Tianye’ s tactics (4)
“Don’t you think I’m more handsome when I’m thin?” Tianye Mu smiled.

Venus laughed. Then she looked at his leg and asked with concern, “Have you been injured abroad? I asked uncle about you, and he said you were injured in America.”

“How can you believe what uncle said? He’s been lying to you. Don’t worry, I’m fine.” Tianye was afraid Kerry would come back and quickly asked Venus, “If I asked you to come with me now, would you leave here?”

“Of course, I’ve always wanted to get out of here.” Venus said without slightest hesitation. She had been waiting for this moment all the time. “Can you take me now?”

Tianye had thought that if Venus had the slightest hesitation he would reconsider his decisions. But he hadn’t expected her to agree to leave here without the slightest hesitation and she seemed very excited about it.

“It seemed that she didn’t have the slightest attachment to Kerry and Ye family.” Tianye thought.

“Venus, aren’t you going to pack your things?” Tianye asked.

“There is nothing that needs to be packed. I don’t want to take everything here with me. The most valuable thing to me is these designs of mine.” Venus said.

For Venus, if she left here, her life was a new beginning. She didn’t want to have anything to do with Kerry, or take anything of his.

“Okay, let’s get out of here now.” Then Tianye dialed the phone and said, “Drive the car to the villa.”

After he saw from the window that the car was parked outside the villa’s entrance, Tianye took Venus’ hand and said, “Let’s go.”

Venus nodded heavily.

John had just finished assigning tasks to the bodyguards. He approached the villa now and saw Kerry’s car parked in front of the door. He thought it was a little strange, “Mr. Ye said he was going out for a couple of hours. Why does he come back so soon?”

The closer he got to the car, the more confused he became. “This car is the same as the Mr. Ye’s car, but it looks a little newer.”

Suddenly he felt it was suspicious. He walked over to the car and knocked on the window. There was obviously someone in the driver’s seat, but he didn’t roll down the window.

“Henry, There is something wrong.” John called to Henry and said seriously.

Just then, a man came out of the villa, followed by Venus.

Upon seeing the Tianye, John was startled. As Kerry’s butler, he certainly knew Tianye and knew why he came here.

“Tianye, how dare you come here?” John yelled out as he reached into his pants pocket and expertly dialed Kerry’s phone number.

Tianye didn’t want to waste time with him, pulled out his gun and pointed it at John, saying, “Get out of the way!”

“Brother, don’t hurt John. He’s good to me.” Venus anxiously whispered to Tianye.

Tianye patted her hand to show he knew that. Actually he just wanted to scare John.

At that moment, hearing John’s shout, these bodyguards who were patrolling the area quickly ran towards John.

Tianye moved swiftly and opened the back door of the car and said to Venus, “Get in the car.”

“Venus, please don’t leave here.” John shouted.

“John, since I came to the villa, you and Mrs. Qin have been very kind to me, I appreciate that, but I can’t stay here.” Venus looked at John and said seriously.

“Venus, Mr. Ye really falls in love with you. Can’t you give him a chance?” John was anxious and he wanted to stall for time.

Seeing that the bodyguards were running towards here, Venus didn’t want to waste any time and didn’t reply. She was about to get in the car when her hand was grabbed. Suddenly she was yanked back so hard that her forehead touched a man’s chest.

“Do you think you can leave here?” Kerry said suddenly.

Venus looked up. Kerry’s angry purple eyes stared at her. Her waist was then grabbed by him.

Kerry’s sudden appearance stunned everyone here for several seconds, especially Tianye.

“I’ve tricked Kerry into leaving the Ye family. Why does he suddenly appear now?” Tianye was puzzled.

And he clearly remembered that Kerry had blue eyes, so he didn’t understand why they become purple eyes.

Two minutes ago, Kerry’s car was just driving into the center of the city when he suddenly received a call from John. He thought something was wrong at the villa.

When he heard Venus’ words over John’s phone, he panicked and realized that it was Tianye’s scheme.

He knew that Venus would disappear from his life if Tianye took her away today, so he couldn’t let that happen.

However, it would be too late to drive back now, so he used his superpowers to move to the Ye villa in an instant. Usually he only used Instant Transfer in a limited area, and using it from such a distance made him a little weak.

Kerry stared at Tianye, his voice cold, “Where do you want to take my wife, Tianye?”

Tianye suppressed his shock and sneered. “I’ve come to take my sister. I don’t think I need your permission.”

“She’s my wife now.” Kerry then gripped Venus’ hand harder, causing her to shout in pain.

“Kerry, you let her go first.” Tianye shouted.

By this time the villa’s bodyguards had surrounded the place, and Tianye had no chance to leave with Venus. That was when Kerry’s grip on Venus’s hand loosened a little.

“Tianye, you’d become a coward now. You tricked me into leaving my home and then ran into my house sneakily. That’s not your style of doing things.” Kerry said sarcastically.

Tianye laughed indifferently, “That shows you’re stupid. I didn’t have to waste manpower when I could get what I wanted with less effort. What a pity, I almost succeeded.”

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