Chapter 159: The Rise Of A Poor Husband

Chapter 159 The chairman of Marquis had changed!

“Hmph!” Fox sneered at him, “I’ll just let you be arrogant for another and won’t argue with you!”

After finished saying, Fox left the office.

Nina asked after seeing Fox left, “What’s going on, chairman?”

Colin rubbed his eyebrows, “As you can see, starting tomorrow, Marquis will switch ownership.”

Nina was shocked, her eyes widened, her red lips agape, “How could it turn this way?

Colin didn’t explain as he let Nina draft the transfer contract.


After leaving Marquis, Fox called Ellie, “Ms. Eliie, everything is going well. I’ll go there in the afternoon to sign the contract with the lawyer.”

Ellie breathed a sigh of relief, “Very good. Make sure everything goes well in the afternoon. After you sign the contract, show it to me.”

“Okay, Ms. Ellie” Fox nodded in agreement.

After hanging up the phone, Fox smiled triumphantly, “Starting tomorrow, Marquis will be mine. I am indeed the youngest and most promising talent in Tianbei City! Colin is nothing!”

In the mansion, after Ellie hung up the phone, a pale and ill-looking man came out from the shadow, “This time, Fox won’t mess it up again, right Miss?”

Ellie snorted coldly, “If he messes up again, Lishi will be his grave!”

The man nodded, “But, Miss, do you think there will be a problem since Colin agrees so quickly?”

Ellie was silent for a moment, “There shouldn’t be. Colin cares about Doris the most. It’s normal for him to give up Marquis for Doris.”

“Is it normal?” The man doubted. Roughly speaking, a career is the most important thing in a man’s mind but Colin gave up everything he has for a woman. It’s doesn’t look normal.”

Ellie chuckled, “You don’t understand him. He will do it.”

She still remembered the previous cooperation between Yeshi Company and Colin. He gave up the ten-billion project only for his assistant. Let alone this time, it was the wife he cared about the most.

The ill-looking man didn’t say anything else.


Colin gave a phone call to Doris in the afternoon. He asked her about her condition at home and made sure that everything was fine before bringing down his worry about the company matter.

Actually, there’s nothing to be taken care of anymore. The only thing that he needed to deal with was the transfer of his company shares this afternoon.

Soon, it was three o’clock in the afternoon.

Fox didn’t only bring two lawyers but also a few of his trusted subordinates and came together to Marquis.

Nina’s expression was bad as she led the seven to eight people into the meeting room.

Colin was already sitting on the main seat. He sneered quietly after seeing a few more people. He really wouldn’t miss any moment where he could show off his power!

Because it was only signing the contract and not yet officially announced, so there’s only Colin and Nina, as well as the people that Fox brought. As for the other directors of Marquis, after the contract is signed, he would call for the board of directors and notifies them.

When Fox came in and saw Colin, he arrogantly said, “Colin, aren’t you embarrassed sitting in that place? Shouldn’t you sit at the side obediently?”

Marquis would be in Fox’s hand soon, so he’s very arrogant and had forgotten what had happened between them before. Even if he remembers, he would still be arrogant.

Colin frowned. When he’s about to speak, Nina spoke, “Fox, he’s still the chairman of Marquis now, so he’s the one who should sit there. You’re the one who should sit by the side.”

After she spoke, Colin was slightly surprised. This was the first time he saw Nina lose herself. Perhaps, it because the chairman of Marquis that’s about to change had affected her greatly!

At this moment, one of the men with the sneaky look stood up and said, “You’re just a mere assistant. How dare you speak that way? Who gave you the courage to do so? Do you have the right to interrupt here?”

There’s another one, who also stood up and said, “That’s right. This Marquis will soon belong to the Lee family. You’re just a mere assistant. Why are you so arrogant? After tomorrow, you still have to be Fox’s assistant!”

Nina was completely furious. She’s trying to confront them but couldn’t say a word.

Colin slammed the table and stood up, “Are you going to sign? If you’re not signing, quickly get out!”

Fox calmly said, “Of course we’ll sign. Why won’t we? Bring the share transfer contract out! We’ll sign immediately.”

After that, Fox looked at those two people, “Know your place!”

Both of them shut up.

Colin glanced at Nina and Nina brought the contract out and placed it in front of Fox.

Fox took the contract and looked at it. He suddenly realized, aside from the share transfer, there’s another condition. This condition was directed at him.

As the condition of the exchange, Fox had to put Lishi Company under Colin’s name.

Fox was taken aback for a while before looking up at Colin, “Colin, do you want Lishi Company?”

“That’s right,” Colin admitted.

“After giving you Marquis, I won’t have anything left. I still need to support my wife. Demanding Lishi Company won’t be too much, right?”

After he spoke, the sneaky looking man said, “Fox, you can’t give it to him! Lishi Company is the family business of the Lee family. How can you give it to an outsider?”

“That’s right. Lishi Company is a business that the Lee family owns. Won’t it be a joke if you give it to an outsider?”

“Shut up!” Fox glared at them.

Both of them were his trusted subordinates. They are the cousins of the Lee family. They wanted to get more profits by saying that.

And Fox had his own thoughts. The Lishi Company had been declining now. Even with the 100-million-project from Yeshi Company, it could hardly recover.

It was still uncertain whether the Lishi Company could recover or not. But he’s certain that Marquis would be his tomorrow. With a group as large as Marquis, it would still operate normally even after facing so many problems. It’s obvious that their foundation is solid.

Moreover, with Ms. Ellie there, after he got Marquis, he believed that those problems would be settled. Then he should throw away Lishi Company, this burden, which would be a good choice.

After being silent for a minute, Fox said lightly, “Okay, I’ll give Lishi Company to you.”

Colin nodded, “If there’s no problem, sign then!”

Fox snorted and handed the contract to his lawyers, “Check if there’s any problem with the contract!”

Both the lawyers received it and looked at the contract quietly.

After more than ten minutes, the lawyers returned the contract to Fox.

“There’s no problem with the contract.”

Fox was satisfied. He quickly took the pen and signed his name, then handed it to Colin, “Sign it.”

Colin glanced at Fox and snorted, then signed without hesitation.

There were two sets of the contract, one for each of them.

Nina, who stood behind Colin, after watching the final agreement, was completely confused. Before she had time to react, the chairman of Marquis had changed.

What should she do?

She didn’t need to think to understand the meaning of Fox’s gaze. She didn’t want to!

Then does she need to resign?

No, didn’t Colin demand for the Lishi Company? She would follow Colin to Lishi Company and return as his assistant.

Fox laughed out loud as he looked at the contract, “Haha… Colin, this is a big deal. Shouldn’t the other directors of Marquis be notified?”

“Nine o’clock tomorrow morning, at the meeting room,” Colin replied lightly. His expression didn’t look good.

Fox felt completely refreshed when he saw Colin that way. Previously, it was Colin who always beat him up or embarrassed him. Now, it’s his turn!

Fox provocatively glanced at Colin and left Marquis with his people.

There were only Colin and Nina left in the meeting room.

Colin was sitting there and didn’t budge.

Nina was also silent.

After a few minutes, Nina suddenly spoke, “Chairman, I’ll go wherever you’ll go.”

Colin looked at her in surprise and said, “No need to.”

“Chairman…” Nina was about to say something, but Colin interrupted her.

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