Chapter 16: The necklace – Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

All her dignity and pride have been shattered at this moment. Her face was flushed because she was kneeling before the man she despised most before. If she could get back to the past, she would never provoke Kris Chen again! However, this is time she’s never gonna get back.

“Well, that’s good.” Kris smiled and said, “Every time you see me after today, you should call me like that. Do you understand?”

“Yes… Yes, I do!” Mina Li nodded.

“Besides, you should shut your mouth from now on, I don’t want Mary to know my real identity.” Kris looked down at her and said, “Can you?”

“Of…Of course.” Mina looked up at Kris and said, “Dad, don’t worry, I will never tell others about this.”

Kris nodded with satisfaction, indicating that they could go out now.

When others have left the room, Heqiu Zhao bowed to Kris and said with an ashamed expression, “Young Master, it’s all my fault. I’m so rude that I offended you…”

“It’s none of your business.” Kris waved his hand and said.

Then, Youming Zhou, Guobang Liu, Liren Zhang, and Lei Shi, who were standing aside, also bowed reverently to Kris as Youming Zhou did.

“Young master, we’re just nobody years ago.” Liren Zhang stepped forward and said, “If it weren’t for you, we wouldn’t be where we are today. We have prepared a present for you to thank you.”

Then she took out a box.

After five years, Liren Zhang has become the chief executive of a cosmetic company from a saleswoman on the street. And now, the cosmetic company she’s in charge of has been very famous.

Kris still remembered the day when he met this girl years ago. She had picked up his purse and waited for him all afternoon just to give it back to Kris.

There was a large amount of money in the purse for a saleswoman. But instead of keeping it for herself, she returned it.

Kris still remembered the way she stood in the sun, teetering. All kind-hearted people deserve rewards. In order to reward her for her integrity, Kris directly gave her a check of 500,000 dollars to start her own business.

It’s been five years.

Liren opened the box and took out a pair of rings and two pairs of bracelets. This is… This is the finest blood jade! Though Kris has seen much jade of high equality, he was surprised at this one.

Seeing the expression on Kris’s face, Guobang smiled and said, “We didn’t go to your wedding that day. These rings and bracelets are our wedding gifts for you. One is for you, the other is for your wife. This pair of rings and bracelets were all made from the finest blood jade, I hope you’ll like it!”

When Guobang finished speaking, Lei Shi took out another box and stepped forward. He said, “Young Master, your birthday is in three days. Here is the birthday present for you.”

Kris opened the box and found a scroll inside. This painting made him even more surprised. This is… Tong Pak Fu’s painting…Companions In Spring Mountain?

Isn’t this painting in the museum? Why is it here?

“We know that young master likes Tong Pak Fu’s calligraphy and paintings best. This “Companions In Spring Mountain” painting is our birthday gift for you.” Guobang looks honest and straightforward, so does his smile.

Speaking of Tong Pak Fu, most people are familiar with him, but does “Companions In Spring Mountain” sound very strange?

This painting also has another name, which is the renowned “Spring Days In Mountain”!

Kris took an in-depth look at them and said. “Thank you for doing this for me. I like this painting very much.” He had just taken over the business of Huanyu Group, and he was so busy that he even forgot his birthday.

Coincidentally, the old lady’s birthday is also three days later.

No one remembered his birthday, and even if they remember, they don’t care.

Everyone is trying to flatter the old lady desperately on her birthday so as to get more family property from her.

It’s been a few years, Kris never expected anyone would remember his birthday, which made him really happy.

Meanwhile, at a private cafe in Westriver City. Mingdong Wei and Mary sat across the table from each other. Only a few people knew the news of his bankruptcy until now Mary also hasn’t realized that Mingdong has gone bankrupt.

“Mary, I’ve considered it carefully.” Mingdong stared at Mary with great affection and said, “Three days later, on grandma’s birthday, I will propose to you in front of all the family members.”

“It’s… It’s inappropriate…” Mary frowned and said: “After all, I’m not divorced now.”

Kris is a failure, but during these two years, he really took good care of Mary. Even if she was in a bad mood and scolded him without reason, he would not argue.

After living with him for so long, even he’s a dog, she’ll have feelings for him, not alone he’s a living person. Besides, recently, it was Kris who has stood up for her and saved her from being ridiculed.

In addition, Kris has borrowed eight million dollars to solve the crisis of the company. Last time in the Dynasty Hotel, if it wasn’t for Kris to take out the money he had saved over the years, she would certainly never be able to raise her head in front of the Su Family.

“You’re so kind that you care about so many things.” Mingdong’s eyes stared at Mary gently: “Mary, he is nothing, he can’t give you the life you want, he will also not help with your company! You rest assured, on grandma’s birthday, I will prepare a gift for grandma, I believe she will like my gift as soon as she saw it. At that time, I will ask grandma to let us get married!”

Su Family’s rule is very strict, as the woman in charge, the old lady, reigned supreme in the family.

If she really likes Mingdong, maybe she will force Mary to divorce with Kris.

However, Mary didn’t want to get divorced, she is not a cold-blooded animal, they’ve married for two years, she can’t say she doesn’t have any feelings for Kris.

“Well, there’s something I’d like to ask you.” Mary suddenly began to talk.

“What is it?”

“That necklace called ‘Endless Love’, isn’t it the gift you gave me?” Mary asked after taking a sip of her coffee.

“Mary, you reminded me. I’m furious about that.” Mingdong said: “Although the necklace I gave you was a forgery, but labor and material expenses have cost me 500,000 dollars. That bastard just smashed it on the floor, and when I got back home, it had been broken.”

Hearing Mingdong’s complaint, Mary bit her lips and asked again, “I mean, isn’t the genuine one from you?”


Mingdong stood still for a moment and then focused his eyes on Mary’s white jade-like neck.

He found that she was wearing a necklace around her neck, exactly the fake necklace ‘Endless Love’ he gave her.

Is she wearing a forgery?

Mingdong stared at it carefully and opened his mouth wide.

No, it’s not a forgery. It’s… It’s absolutely right. The necklace he spent 500,000 dollars was totally different from the one Mary’s wearing now.

Mary was born to be a beauty, now with the decoration of “Endless Love”, she looked even more beautiful and charming. Mingdong could not help swallowing saliva.

She’s so beautiful!

Mary is so rash. This necklace is worth 100 million dollars.

Is she not afraid of being robbed if she wears them out?

“Didn’t you give it to me?” Mary asked again. She really didn’t know who would give her such an expensive gift except for Mingdong.

She knew clearly that although there are a lot of men pursuing her, and all of them are rich, but taking out a hundred million dollars to buy a necklace for her is absolutely impossible.

Although Mingdong’s not that smart, but he can read her face.

If he didn’t guess wrong, the necklace was a gift from someone else. But Mary didn’t know who he is.

Haha, it’s really interesting.

He wondered which fool is so silly that he gave the gift without leaving his name!

“Since he won’t come out and admit it, I’ll take your place!” Mingdong thought. Mingdong couldn’t be happier for taking this big advantage.

He scratched his head and pretended to be embarrassed. “Now, I have to tell you, Mary. It is the gift I gave you!”

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