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Chapter 160: My Mysterious Husband

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 160 Honey trap, I gotta go (1)
Kerry quickly pulled out his gun and pointed it at Tianye Mu’s head and said, “Get out of my house or I’ll shoot you dead.”

Venus Mu looked at him fiercely, “Kerry, if you want to kill my brother, kill me first.”

Kerry grand and didn’t look at her. He could imagine her expressions. He didn’t look because he didn’t want to feel worse.

In fact, the moment Kevin came back, there was no more hatred between him and Tianye. He had been trying to find him because Kevin was resentful. He was uncomfortable if he didn’t find him to get out of that anger.

Kill him? As long as he still liked Venus, he would never do it again.

He put out harsh words to force him to leave the Ye family and leave Venus.

Tianye was not scared because he was already used to these threats. He took a glance with disdain and mocked, “Kerry, do you think that this will make me afraid of you and your stupid men? These people are no match for me at all, and you’re underestimating me.”

Kerry knew that he was telling the truth. If he was determined to kill him, he would be able to escape from here even if more than a dozen people were trying to kill Tianye.

“Tianye, I know you’re powerful. But if you kill these people in front of you, do you think Venus will be happy?”

Venus looked at him. She pleaded with her eyes, “Brother, go first. Don’t kill for me.” Especially there were people who cared about her here.

Tianye took a deep breath and gazed at Venus for a moment. He compromised and said, “Okay, brother promises you. However, Kerry, the things you once did to Venus one day, I’ll return them to you double.”

Tianye was angry when he thought of the things he had investigated. He couldn’t believe that his little sister, who was doted on by her parents and himself, would be treated like badly in the Ye family. At that time, he could not wait to immediately take her away and kill Kerry.

Because when it came to the last thing Kerry wanted to face, Kerry’s purple eyes darkened a bit, but verbally he didn’t let it go, “Tianye, I will naturally bear the consequences of what I did. Now, either you get in the car and get out right away, or I’ll kill you right away.”

Tianye wasn’t an idiot. He came back anyway. Not today, there was still tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, one day he would succeed.

“Kerry, I’ll put my words here today. I’ll make sure you watch me take Venus out of here.” After saying his harsh words, Tianye looked at Venus and said gently, “My sister, you endure a few more days and you practice how to make noodles. I just smelled the noodles you made and it doesn’t seem to be very authentic. When you make the noodles authentic someday, brother will come and pick you up and leave.”

Although Venus wanted to leave the Ye family, at this point she did not want her brother hurt for her. She squeezed out a smile and she said, “Brother, it’s a deal?”

“Well, it’s a deal. When has my brother ever lied to you?” Undaunted by his threat, Tianye came over and rubbed Venus’s head, “Take care, all right?”

Venus’s nose was sore, but she was still smiling brightly, “Don’t worry, I’ll be fine.”

“Tianye, why don’t you get out?” Kerry said angrily. Does Tianye treat him like air? How could he say such a thing?

Tianye looked up at Kerry and the smile on his face immediately disappeared, “If you embarrass Venus again after I leave, I’ll make it hard for you to sleep and eat.”

“I won’t embarrass her.” Kerry promised him.

“It’s for the best.” Tianye said, pulling the door open and sitting in.

When the car started, Kerry waved his hand and let the bodyguards are out of the way. The car “whoosh” flied out.

When the car disappeared from sight, Kerry couldn’t hold on any longer and spat out blood, the color of his eyes changing a little.

John the Butler ran over to help him in panic, “Master, master, hold on. I’ll go find Dr. Han.”

“No, I’m fine. I don’t need to find him.” Kerry wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth, then put his arm over Venus’s shoulder and whispered to her, “Help me in.”

When Venus looked up at him, she reached out her hand on his waist to hold him in a complicated mood. She led him to the stairs.

Maybe it was because he had let his brother go, or maybe it was because deep down she didn’t want anyone to know his privacy.

They went into the bedroom and Kerry fell on the bed, looking a little pale.

Venus rarely concerned and asked, “What’s wrong with you?”

Kerry closed his eyes, slowed down for a while, and said somewhat weakly, “Instant transfer, I’ve never used this function from such a distance.”

As soon as Venus heard this reason, she angrily sat on the sofa and whispered, “Don’t use it if you haven’t used it before.” There was one more thing she didn’t say, and that was what was he doing back here in such a hurry so that she hadn’t left in time.

If this had happened before, Venus would have died countless times at the hands of Ye Kerry. But now, Kerry only felt both heart-broken but lucky. He felt heart-broken because she couldn’t wait to run away from him. He felt lucky because he could instantly shift and was able to keep her at the critical moment.

But this time it was just luck, what about next time? What would it take for him to keep her as long as she wanted to leave himself and her brother wouldn’t agree to her staying?

She would stay only if she was willing to.

After a moment’s consideration, Kerry thought it was time to be honest with her for once. Even if it meant losing his dignity as a man, what was the harm? After all, he had trampled her dignity underfoot, and now he was giving it back to her.

He had to suffer the consequences of the sins he had done.

Retribution was nothing more than that.

Struggling to get up from the bed, Kerry looked straight into Venus’s eyes and said sincerely, “Venus, can you give me another chance, please?”

Venus was startled by his sudden attitude and words. Was the somewhat pitiful and wretched Kerry in front of her still the same person she knew?

He could actually use the word pitiful too.

Venus was speechless for a moment. Kerry walked over, kneeled on one knee on the carpet, held her small hands in both hands, and then said, “I apologize to you. It was all my fault before. I hurt you and mistreated you. From now on, I don’t care if I am the first man you ever slept with or not. I just want us to have a good life together, and I swear I’ll be good to you.” It would be impossible that Venus was indifferent to his words. Even if she was a little bit moved, it wouldn’t make her change her mind.

Her heart was already dead so no matter what sweet words or oaths could not awaken a dead heart?

Venus secretly sighed and looked indifferently into his violet eyes, ” Kerry, there are so many good girls in the world. They are lovely, kind and innocent. Why can’t you leave me.

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 160 Honey trap, I gotta go (2)
“That’s because I’m in love with you.” Kerry Ye said and her eyes were filled with love.

As if stung by a bee, Venus Mu recoiled backwards, looking at him in horror, “Kerry, are you crazy?”

“You’re right. I’m crazy. If I wasn’t crazy how could I love you?” Kerry became a little agitated.

“Kerry …… do you know what you’re talking about? You’d better calm down before talking to me.” Venus said and wanted to get up from the sofa but she was pressed tightly by Kerry.

“Venus, I’m very calm right now and I know what I’m talking about.” Kerry paused and continued, “I don’t want you to leave me, not just because you are my wife, but because I love you.”

The first time Kerry said such straightforward words to a woman. Her heart was in her throat. He said it with difficulty but he had to speak out.

Venus felt confused, “Kerry …… Don’t you think it’s ridiculous for you to say you love me? Shouldn’t you be in love with Xinyou Qiao? How could you fall in love with me?”

It was a complete accident for me and Xinyou. I just had a little crush on her, but I didn’t love her.” Kerry clarified for himself.

If there hadn’t been that hotel accident, he would never have liked a woman like Xinyou so there wouldn’t have been all sorts of misunderstandings and harm later on. There was no use in regretting it now.

“Aren’t you ashamed to say these things?”

“Venus, what can I do to make you forgive me?” Kerry never expected that he, as the CEO of Yehuang Group, would have to kneel down in front of a woman to beg her forgiveness.

However, love was so sudden and unexpected that he fell in love with her just when she hated him to death.

Venus shook her head, “Kerry, I told you that I won’t forgive you, no matter what.”

He was stabbed once again. With every breath he could feel the pain. He eased his breath and said, “All right. You do not have to forgive me but can you stay? Just like now, you do what you like. You can do whatever you want as long as you stay, please?”

Venus wanted to refuse but as if his eyes were magical, she was unable to open her mouth.

The air was almost frozen.

Time passed by minute by minute. Kerry waited for a long time, but Venus didn’t even nod her head or shake her head to say no. Did this mean he still had a chance?


After Tianye made a scene, the security of the Ye family villa had become even stricter. With every incoming and outgoing vehicle being carefully checked, the windows of the car need to be rolled down even every time Kerry went out.

As for the sudden appearance of Kerry, John the Butler strictly ordered everyone present not to divulge a word.

The company’s bidding was underway. The last bid was scheduled for 9 a.m. today. Kerry would be in presence and Mu’s Group would send Tianye.

When leaving, Kerry stopped Henry and said, “No one can go in my office when I’m not here. Venus must wait for my return even if she wants to go anywhere.”

“Yes, Master.”

When Kerry arrived at the bidding venue, he met Tianye at the door, dressed in a suit and tie. He was followed by his newly hired manager team who looked very impressive. They walked towards him, which made him feel very oppressive.

Kerry stood on the steps looking down at him. “Tianye, I didn’t expect to see you so soon.”

“Yeah, I didn’t think of that either.” Tianye was confused as he stared at his blue pupils.

That day after he left from the Ye family villa, he had people bring in all his pictures over the past year. And he had clearly blue pupils. Why he had purple pupils that day? And Venus didn’t seem surprised. What secret was he hiding?

“Mr. Mu, we’re sure to win this piece of land today. I advise you Mu family to focus on your own food processing. Why dabble in real estate?” Kerry scoffed as he headed in.

Tianye walked alongside him with a cocky tone, “Because you Yehuang Group participated in the bidding. I’m just here to play. It doesn’t matter if we lose, in case we win, it’s fine to make you angry.”

Kerry had been in the mall business for years. This was the first time he has heard such a capricious reason for bidding. He was really …… so angry.

The bidding went on for a whole day. The door of the conference room “popped” opened. Kerry with a gloomy face leading out, the company’s vice president and a few senior executives were following behind and they seemed be in bad mood.

On the other hand, Tianye was smiling.

“Tianye, is there necessary be so happy for you to win a small bid?” A foreign handsome man with yellow hair and blue eyes and a high nose behind him asked him. This handsome man was the general manager of Mu’s Group and he had been hired at a high salary.

Tianye hugged the foreign handsome man’s shoulder and smiled smugly when he saw his exasperated figure, “You don’t understand, I just want him to know that our Mu family is not something he can bully.”

Over here, a few people returned to the company and entered the conference room. The vice president of Yehuang Group slammed the documents on the table in anger. He was about to explode with anger because he had been busy for almost two to three months, but it was actually snatched away by Tianye, who had only done it for more than a week.

“There’s definitely something wrong here. How could the bid reserve price of Mu’s Group be so close to the government budget, with only a double-digit difference. It’s simply impossible.”

Kerry was sitting in his chair smoking a cigarette and he also thought it was impossible, but that was how it turned out.

“Also, why would Mu’s Group be so clear about our bid and almost every sentence revolved our weaknesses. If was it possible that they knew the contents of our bid in advance?” The Vice President’s words were like a bomb, and everyone suddenly thought of someone and looked at Kerry, who was sitting at the head.

Kerry took a puff of smoke, scanned the crowd and indifferently and calmly said, “You guys do not have to look at me. I tell you clearly that the person you are thinking of now would never do such a thing. I’m not going to say anything about it. There was no denying that our bid was not as perfect as Mu’s Group’s. It is just a piece of land. What we need to do now is to learn from the experience, not to pass the buck. You are all seasoned employers and I think you are able to do that.”

The crowd lowered their heads at his words.

“Alright, it’s been a hard time for everyone. Go home and have a good rest.”

Kerry got up and walked to the office. He didn’t doubt Venus because they had been together these days. There was no chance for her to steal their bid. Not to mention, with his understanding of Tianye, he would not let Venus risked doing this kind of thing.

From this, the team of professional managers hired by Tianye this time was really great.

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 160 Honey trap, I gotta go (3)
In the CEO’s office, Venus Mu was carefully drawing a design. The drawing was a men’s trench coat. She had been in charge of women’s clothing design ever since she had been hired. She had designed men’s clothing at school, but now she was almost forgetting about it.

She heard the door ring. Venus knew it was Kerry Ye coming back just by hearing the footsteps, and she looked up at his expression and found he was not happy.


“Off duty, go home.” Kerry came over. Venus closed the design. Privately, she did not want him to know about it so as not to make troubles again.

Venus packed her bag and asked him intentionally, “What’s wrong? You don’t look happy.”

Kerry had a look at her, “Are you concerned about me? Or do you care about the outcome of today’s bid?”

Venus almost laughed out, biting her lip and said, “You don’t have to say anything, I know.”

He looked so bad so he must have lost the bid, which meant that his brother had won?

“Venus, are you so happy that I lost?” Kerry held her waist and questioned her in a low voice, but he was not angry.

If she could be happy about this, I actually didn’t lose very badly.

Venus looked up at him. There was overwhelming joy in her bright eyes, “Our Mu family won. Of course I’m happy.”

Kerry looked at her. He wanted to kiss her, and directly lowered his head to kiss her lips……

His kiss was so gentle as if he tasted the most delicious pastry. She almost sank unconsciously into it.

She pushed him away with both hands and her face hot and red, “Let’s go. I’m hungry.”

When Kerry turned on, she refused him. He bit on her earlobe and said in a horny tone, “See how I’ll fix you at night.”

However, it was this night that Tianye Mu fulfilled his promise of that day.

As usual, Kerry and Venus returned home after dinner. Venus was nestled in the living room’s sofa watching TV, when her phone suddenly rang.

Picking it up, she sat up on the couch.

At 10 pm, go up to the roof of the villa and I’ll pick you up. Also, someone will give you sleeping pills and try to let Kerry drink it.

It was from an unfamiliar number. Venus moodily read the text message twice, and then deleted the message.

“Read what? You are so happy?” Kerry walked up to her at some point.

Venus stopped smiling, calmly locked her phone screen and said, “I just saw an interesting new.”

Kerry didn’t notice that something was wrong and sat down next to her, reaching out and circling her into his arms. They were watching TV together.

It was more than eight o’clock in the evening. There was still more than an hour to go before our appointed time. Venus was staring at the TV screen, but her brain was thinking how to make Kerry drink down the sleeping pills later?

And who would give themselves sleeping pills?

Ten minutes and twenty minutes passed. Kerry seemed to have come specifically to watch TV with her. And once he sat down, he did not want to leave. With every minute that passed, Venus become more and more anxious. If he didn’t leave here, how could she get medicine?

“Are you so free tonight?” Venus asked him. According to daily habits, Kerry would be busy in the study room for more than an hour every night.

Kerry tangled his fingers in her long hair and said drearily, “I’m not in a good mood and don’t want to work.”

He pretended to be fine in front of his employees during the day. But it was still a little hard when he has nothing to do. After all, this project was important to the company’s development.

“Then …… I’ll drink with you.”

Kerry was stunned and his eyes fell on her face and he said in surprise, “Are you serious?”

Venus tried to make herself look normal, “Really, drink with you as a celebration for the Mu family.”

I knew him too well. This was the only way to dispel his doubts.

“I know your intentions weren’t that simple,” Kerry pinched her nose affectionately and said with a sigh, “Forget it, having you with me is better than drinking by yourself.”

Venus saw that he didn’t suspect anything and secretly exhaled, “Yes. Although we have different purposes, we can still drink together.”

“That seems reasonable,” Kerry got up and was about to ask John the Butler to go to the wine cellar to get wine, but Venus held him back, “I like to drink something sweet. Don’t let John get the wrong one. I’ll go take off my makeup first. I used the computer all day, so I feel my face is greasy.”

Kerry ruffled her hair and said, “Then I’ll go pick it out.”

This was the best. Venus nodded her head and Kerry leaned over and kissed her on the lips, saying softly, “I’ll come to the bedroom to find you later.”

Venus blushed and got up and walked towards the stairs. In a corner he couldn’t see, her expression shifted instantly.

Where the hell was the person my brother had arranged? Would he come to pick me up?

Time was running out……

Going up to the second floor, she saw with her remaining light that Kerry had disappeared. She anxiously hovered around the bedroom door. Where was that man? Please hurried and came to pick me up.

At that moment, a maid came up. And Venus took a glance at her as if it was the girl Venus scared off earlier by pretending to be crazy.

Was it her?

Venus pretended to stretch at the door, but her eyes were on her footsteps. The maid didn’t look up. She just quickly slipped a small vial she held in her hand into Venus’s hand and walked forward without stopping her footsteps.

Not daring to delay for a second, Venus turned around and entered the room.

Her heart beat faster. Venus ran into the bathroom to calm down and looked down at the pill bottle in her hand, which only had a little bit of transparent liquid.

Was this a sleeping pill?

Weren’t sleeping pills white pills? Why was this liquid?

Never mind. She couldn’t worry about it. She trusted that her brother wouldn’t lie to her.

She started to take off her makeup. As for how to make him take sleeping pills, she just depended on what would happen.

Venus’s makeup was actually very simple. In addition to daily skin care, she just wore some foundation and lipstick, and then drew an eyebrow. She basically did not wear eyeliner and eye-shadow.

So it was quick to take off her makeup.

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 160 Honey trap, I gotta go (4)
Looking at the fresh woman in the mirror, she had a bold idea. She wished she could make it, but if she couldn’t, then it didn’t matter.

She was going to be ravaged by him tonight.

Kerry Ye pushed open the bedroom door with a bottle of wine and two glasses, and stopped as he passed by the dressing room.

The professional outfit that Venus Mu had just worn had been changed, and she was wearing a silky black nightgown, but it was short, only covering her thigh…

Sensing his gaze, she awkwardly readjusted her clothes and said aggrievedly, “My other pajamas haven’t been washed.”

“This one is very good…good.” Kerry shook the bottle in his hand and said, “I’ve brought the wine. Let’s go to the balcony.”

“OK.” Venus walked out of the dressing room, calm on the surface, but inside she was growling. Why was this nightgown so short? She originally just wanted to try it on and change it if it didn’t fit, but he coincidentally came in.

It was already close to 9:30 and she didn’t have much time left.

“Mom and Dad, bless your daughter to succeed this time.”

Sitting on the sofa, she folded her legs together to avoid exposing too much. Kerry was pouring the wine and he suppressed himself hard.

“How is Kevin doing in Europe?” Venus brought up a topic. Ever since he left, Venus had heard nothing from him.

Kerry smiled and handed the wine to Venus, “Good. He is studying architecture in UK.”

“Architecture? Does he like it?” Venus was a little surprised.

“Yeah, I didn’t think of that either, I actually wanted him to study economics, but he said he wanted to be an architect.”

Venus shook the red wine in her hand. The rich aroma puffed into her nose.

Kerry stared at her and said gently, “This bottle I chose is the sweetest wine in the cellar. Try it.

Venus took a sip and said with a little surprise, “It is so sweet. I never know wine could be so sweet.”

“If you like, I’ll order more next time.”

Since the day Kerry confessed his feelings, his consideration became normal to Venus. At first, Venus found it’ s difficult to accept, but after a while, she was used it. She was not touched or disliked, who just saw it as a daily routine.

“Kerry, don’t be so nice to me.” Venus casually stretched one hand on the sofa, with the straps on her shoulders slipping, but she didn’t notice it, “I will never change what I’ve decided. You’d better not waste time on me.”

Kerry hesitated for a moment, he suddenly put down the wine cup in his hands, got up and took a step to her, directly pressing her down on the sofa, with one hand pulling her thin strap slowly down, and said in a low voice, “OK, I am also very stubborn, then we two might bet that in the end, who will be the winner? “

Venus turned her head away, while moving backwards a little bit, “Kerry, sit back…Please…”

Kerry bit her dodging lips and the aroma of red wine fixed with Venus’ s body fragrance instantly ignited the fire in his heart. He wanted her.

Venus swiftly took out the small pill bottle that she had already hidden and removed the lid with her thumb and poured the liquid into his glass while Kerry was so drawn to her. Then she shove the small bottle into the back of the couch.

Seeing that she was about to be naked, Venus quickly covered both hands to block her chest, blushing, “Kerry, I…we drink first, okay? I don’t want it…now…”

Kerry gasped for breath, “But I can’t wait.”

Venus clearly felt his heat and became even more anxious, “Kerry, didn’t you say you would be nice to me? Can’t even you wait for a while?”

Kerry stopped his moving hand. After taking a deep breath, he left and sat paralyzed on the sofa, helplessly saying, “Venus, you’re driving me crazy.”

Venus tidied up her clothes as she aimed at the glass of wine on the table and said, “You made the promise. I didn’t force you.”

“Alright, alright. It’s my fault.” Kerry laughed bitterly as he finally extended his hand to the glass of wine and drank it all.

Venus was relieved that he finally drank it. She then carefully observed his changes.

The medicine gave a quick result and within two minutes, Kerry began to feel dizzy.

“What’s going on? It’s only one glass, so I can’t get drunk.”

“Kerry, are you okay?” Venus pretended to be concerned and asked.

Kerry pressed his temples, “I’m fine.”

When he saw double, he found that he was not drunk, but drugged.

The only people there were him and Venus, so…

Pouncing over to her and clutching her slender shoulders, he asked incredulously, “You…you drugged me?”

Venus was terrified, but now it’s not the time to be so. It would soon be ten o’clock and after this opportunity, it would be harder for Tianye to take her away next time.

Exerting all her strength t to push him away, she didn’t expect to directly push him to the ground. Then it’s the time for her to run away.

“Venus, don’t go.” Kerry shouted, trying to get up from the ground, but his limbs were soft like cotton and he couldn’t use any strength at all. It was hard to stretch his arms, and the next second, he fell down on the floor.

Watching his actions while quickly changing clothes and pants, she was in a hurry. She also didn’t expect her brother to give such a powerful medicine, which was even more awesome than the poison in the martial arts film.

All the documents and cell phones were in the bag, and Venus grabbed the bag and ran towards the door in strides.

Venus, don’t go.” Kerry called out sadly.

Venus stiffened and turned to look at him. Five seconds later, she ran to the bathroom, coming out with a towel in her hand.

“Kerry, I’m sorry.” Venus said, crouching down in front of him and tied a death knot at the back of his head by strangling his mouth with the towel.

At the moment, Kerry was like a fish on a case, unable to resist, even though he was being slaughtered by Venus. The drowsiness also came to him.

Kerry grabbed her hands weakly at the last time, with not only anger in his eyes, but also begging.

“Kerry, from now on, let’ s never see each other again. Bye. What you’ve done to me in the past, I won’t care, for I today also do this to you.” After saying that, Venus pushed his hands away and left without looking back, with no joy or sorrow inside.

“Venus! Venus!” Kerry called out in his heart over and over again, wishing he could catch her back and handcuff her. However, all he could do was to watch her open the door, walk out, and then, disappear…

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