Chapter 160: The Rise Of A Poor Husband

Chapter 160 A homeless dog

Colin said lightly, “I have nothing left. It’s useless for you to follow me.”

“Don’t you still have Lishi Company?” Nina replied

Colin shook his head, “I prepared Lishi Company for Doris.”

It turned out that he never considered himself. He had always been thinking about Doris all along.

Nina was upset suddenly. Why couldn’t Colin think of himself?

Then again, what rights did she have to talk to Colin?

Thinking about this, Nina’s eyes turned red. She turned her body as she didn’t want Colin to find out, and said, “Then I’ll resign tomorrow.”

After speaking, Nina walked out of the meeting room.

Colin sighed helplessly.

When it was the time to get off work, Nina returned to her rental housing in distraction. She took a bath in a daze, ordered takeaway, and simply ate something.

Then she didn’t know what she should do. Usually, when she returned home, she would check Colin’s schedule and important meetings for tomorrow, or deal with some urgent documents. When she had nothing to do, she could also take a look at the company report.

But now, what else could she do?

Just when she was in a daze, there was a knock on the door.

Nina wondered, who would come so late?

It’s not right. There weren’t many people that knew about this place. Aside from her family, only a few of her friends knew about this. It’s been so late, her family couldn’t have come here and look for her. As for her friends, before they came they would let her know.

Nina’s heart was pounding and she’s bewildered. She slowly approached the door and asked, “Who’s it?”

A clear and melodious female voice came from the door, “Nina, it’s me! Open the door!”


Nina was dumbfounded, “Vanessa?”

Nina opened the door as she spoke, “It’s you!”

Vanessa smiled and came in with a suitcase, “Who else could it be?”

After speaking, Vanessa gave Nina a big hug.

Vanessa Liu was Nina’s high school best friend. She had studied oriental medicine since she was young with her master. After graduated, she studied abroad and studied medicine. She mastered both oriental and medical studies and also had excellent medical skills.

And Vanessa looked clever and cute. She also has a good figure, has a cheerful and generous personality, which is very attractive.

Nina closed the door conveniently, “You don’t even tell me you’re coming back.”

“Hey, don’t you find this pleasantly surprising?” Vanessa smiled and put her suitcase aside, then sat in the living room.

Nina said lightly as she walked over, “I’m not pleased. I’m just surprised.”

Vanessa looked up, “Do you think that I’m a bad person who comes to rob you?”

“Otherwise?” Nina rolled her eyes, “Who would’ve come looking for me in the middle of the night, without notifying me?”

“I’m the only one, right?” Vanessa chuckled.

Nina was helpless, “Fine. Have you had your dinner?”

“I’ve eaten a bit on the plane.” Vanessa replied, “I don’t want to eat right now. I’ll take a bath first. I’ve been on the plane for too long and I’m tired now.”

“Then take a shower and go to sleep! Let’s talk again tomorrow.” Nina said.

Vanessa nodded, opened her suitcase, took her pajamas, and went to the bathroom.

When Vanessa came out, she saw Nina was already lying on the bed and was slightly surprised, “Ms. Nina White, isn’t it inappropriate for you to sleep so early?”

“What’s inappropriate about it?” Nina replied.

“Aren’t you a workaholic before? You should’ve been busy now! Is today miraculous? Aren’t you busy?”

Nina was silent upon hearing this.

Vanessa paused for a moment as she felt something was wrong. She asked half-jokingly, “What’s the matter? Did you lose your job?”

After that, Nina turned her head to look at her, “I didn’t lose my job, but soon I will. I’ll resign tomorrow.”

“Resign? Aren’t you the assistant of Marquis’s chairman? There’s only a chairman above you. Why would you resign from such a good job?”

“Besides, if you quit your job, can you find a better job?”

Nina thought for a while, she couldn’t, so she shook her head.

“That’s it!” Vanessa was puzzled, “No, why do you want to resign?”

Nina sighed when she heard those words and said, “The chairman of Marquis will change tomorrow.”


Nina looked at her, “So, I’m going to resign.”

“It’s because of this?” Vanessa was surprised as she didn’t know what to say.

Seeing this, Nina explained to her.

After finished listening, Vanessa slammed the mattress angrily, “God damn bastard! Such a chairman will be over sooner or later!”

Nina shrugged helplessly, “I’ve personally seen them signed the contract today and it will be announced officially tomorrow at the board of directors.”

Vanessa couldn’t help but sigh,” Such big companies are pandemonium. There’s never a day to rest and doing everything to the utmost. Does anything matter now?”

“I don’t know….” Nina shrugged.

Vanessa immediately let out a smile, “Then after you resign, we’ll be jobless together. Let’s find a job together!”

“Forget it! I’m totally different from you!” Nina shook her head.

One of them was studying medicine while the other one was an ordinary clerk. There’s no connection.

“It seems so…” Vanessa smiled.


At the mansion, Ellie looked at the contract that Fox brought and slightly frowned, “Did you give Lishi Company to Colin?”

“Right, Lishi has funds from your project now. Since I give it to Colin, you can withdraw anytime. The business in Lishi could hardly recover. If I give it to him, he also could hardly go anywhere.”

Ellie was silent. This contract was indeed okay, aside from Colin’s condition.

Why did Colin want Lishi Company?

Is it possible that there’s hope for Lishi to recover?

After thinking for a while, Ellie still couldn’t understand what Colin planned to do. She subconsciously looked for a reason, perhaps it’s just to support his income for the time being.

Ellie handed the contract to Fox, “You’re doing great this time. Let him have the Lishi Company, no problem. After he takes over, I’ll withdraw the project.”

“Okay, Ms. Ellie.” Fox chuckled when he received the contract.

Fox left the mansion.

Ellie sat alone in the living room and sneered. Fox thought that he would own Marquis, which was just a dream. Her purpose is to destroy Marquis. Now, it’s only the change of the chairman.

She’s the only one that knew the reason for it. She just didn’t want to be engaged with Colin while Fox was doing everything that she wanted. Moreover, now Fox didn’t have Lishi Company anymore and Marquis would also fall in the future, he would finally realize the meaning of a homeless dog!

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