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Chapter 161 – 162: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 161: Jian Zhen yields to Kris

The woman, named Qingqing Ji, is a popular star in the entertainment industry.

The two women standing by her side were her assistants.

“Are you blind? Apologize to Qingqing, right now!” At this time, a female assistant next to Qingqing pointed to Kris’s nose and said so.

“Apologize right now! You don’t want your security guard job, right?” another female assistant glared at Kris….

Qingqing looked a little nervous because the party was about to start, and she was the first to perform on the stage.

But just as she was prepared to perform, she found that her jade hairpin was missing.

That was a valuable item, which cost her two million. It’s said that it was the favorite of a princess in the Qing Dynasty.

It was just a few minutes before the performance. She was looking around for the hairpin with her assistants in a hurry. However, not only did she failed to find the hairpin, but she ran into someone, which made her angrier

It’s the security guard’s fault. Was he deaf? Didn’t he hear the sound behind?

“Don’t you apologize right now?”

Qingqing scowled at Kris’s, and her voice was very cold.

“Sorry, I can’t understand you. It’s you three who ran into me. Why should I apologize to you?”

Kris’s laughed in his exasperation. He thought this lady looked beautiful, but she was the Apple of Sodom and was very unreasonable.

“How dare you? You cheeky, man! Do you really want to quit?” Qingqing said angrily.

“Are you blind? You don’t even know Qingqing!” the female assistant next to her stepped forward and pointed to Kris’s nose and said, “Offending her will bring you trouble.”

“Apologies, that’s it.” Another female assistant echoed.

Kris was amused by their ridiculous words. Although he knew that there were all kinds of rules in the entertainment industry, he didn’t expect to face such rules today.

“Ok, you tell me, what kind of identity is this lady, who is so powerful that I would be in trouble if I do not apologize to her? Just tell me.

“Oh, you stupid guy!” The assistant frowned and said, “Well, because of your stubbornness, I’ll let you know who she is. Listen carefully, the young lady beside me is Qingqing Ji, who is the famous popular star in the country, and also the queen of World Entertainment. If you don’t apologize to her, you would be fired at once!”

Kris was amused by the assistant’s pompous words. World Entertainment? Is it amazing? Your boss has also been under his foot.

“The queen of World Entertainment can be rude and unreasonable?” Kris’s sneered and said,” It’s you who hit me first. No matter what, you are unreasonable. How dare you to fuck with me here?”

Even if your boss was here, he dares not say such words to Kris, let alone an ordinary star. And at this time, there were many people in the corridor. Most of them knew Qingqing. They all shook their heads when they saw Kris’s obstinacy.

Didn’t he know who she was? Qingqing was the party guest. If Kris offended her, would he have a good ending?

Seeing that there were more and more people, Qingqing was so getting madder. She, a big star, was ridiculed by a security guard. It seemed that she would lose her face for this.

With a straight face, she fulminated, “You are just a security guard, who gave you the courage to talk back to me? It’s not too late for you to apologize to me now. Otherwise, you are done!”

There were so many people around that she couldn’t going too far and leave a rude impression on other people.

By listening to her words, others would definitely think it was Kris’s wrong. They all pointed at Kris, wondering what he would do next.

Seeing everyone standing by Qingqing’s side, two assistants were very complacent. Just when they wanted to speak, the bathroom door opened.

And then, Jian Zhen came out from it with two bodyguards.

Jian Zhen was wet through with foul sweat.

The two strong bodyguards, holding hands and limping behind Jian Zhen, looked extremely embarrassed.

“Mr. Zhen!”

As soon as Jian Zhen came out, Qingqing called him sweetly and rushed up to meet him.

As soon as she approached, she caught a whiff of foul sweat smell. She couldn’t help but cover her nose and said,” Mr. Zhen, there is a security guard here who was rude and did offend me. Please help me take care of his impoliteness!”

As she finished speaking, she took two steps backward quietly. The smell was so strong that she almost vomited.

“What? Which security guard is so bold as to offend you?” Jian Zhen was very angry before. Moreover, now he heard that a security guard is offending his company’s queen cow, he absolutely exploded with the rage.

Damn it. Qingqing is not only the queen of the company but also a money-tree cow. Although he is lustful, he also knows which is more important.

Besides, he has been dreaming of having sex with Qingqing, and just because of her identity, he cannot do it.

“Mr. Zhen, that’s him!” Qingqing pointed at Kris’s standing by her side.

Jian Zhen looked in the direction of her fingers, suddenly stunned.

What’s the hell? Isn’t this the jinx?

Jian Zhen’s forehead was sweating, and his throat was dry. He thought, damn it, he was almost killed in the bathroom by this guy just now, now he met him again. What lousy luck!

“Jian Zhen, how do you manage the entertainers of your company?” Kris’s looked at him and said slowly,” As a star, she doesn’t even have the most basic professional quality. She is not only rude and unreasonable but also try to oppress others with the so-called power. Such a star is tagged the “queen” of your company?”

“What? You are doomed. How dare you talk nonsense. I’m afraid you are…”

“Shut up!” Jian Zhen interrupted and bellowed. He glared at her and said,” No one will regard you as dumb if you stop speaking now!”

Qingqing was startled by him. She had never seen Jian Zhen so angry, nor had he talked to her in such a tone.

She was scared to speak now. Blinking big eyes, biting red lips, she felt very hurt.

Shit! This is not the time to give me those puppy-dog eyes. Jian Zhen knows her character too well.

Qingqing became famous when she was young. She was also the queen of World Entertainment, so she has developed an authoritarian characteristic over time. She was always lofty and arrogant when talking.

If not for the sake of money, he would have used coercive means. She was just an actress. If really being provoked, he would shut her out from the entertainment industry at once.

He walked up to her with a cold look and slapped her in the face,” Open your eyes and have a look. This is the boss of Huanyu Group, Mr. Chen. Apologize to Mr. Chen right now.”

Qingqing was stunned by the sudden slap. But the next minute, she realized that the man wearing sunglasses in front of her was not a security guard, but a big boss she couldn’t afford to offend.

She had been in the entertainment industry for so long that she absolutely knew the consequences of offending a big boss.

She was afraid. She didn’t want to be driven out of the stage. She wanted to keep being popular.

Thinking of it, she quickly went to Kris, lowering her arrogant head, and said in fear,” Mr. … Mr. Chen, it’s my fault. I was blind just now. I was impolite to you first. Please forgive my stupidity.”

As soon as she said this, the crowd burst into an uproar.

Those who had pointed to Kris’s kept silent. It turned out that she was on the wrong side first.

However, the crowd felt more surprised at Kris. Who was this man? Can he make Jian Zhen speak up for him? This was definitely a piece of big news.

As for Qingqing, although she is a popular star, in some people’s eyes, she is just an actress. Her boss has already yielded to Kris. She, just an employee, if not yielding, her career would be jeopardized for sure.

“Well, good!” Kris’s looked at Jian Zhen and nodded with satisfaction. Meanwhile, he didn’t even look at Qingqing. In his eyes, Qingqing is just a little star.

If he wanted to, he could make her disappear from the acting business immediately.

Seeing the Kris had left, Jian Zhen gnashed his teeth and said, “I am vowing to take revenge on Kris, or I would not live!”

Chapter 162: A Ru Klin Vase

Kris Chen had no mood to watch the show anymore after the disturbance of the two people.

He left Jiangnan TV Tower after texting Rui Liu.

Westriver City is very beautiful at night, with bright lights and flows of traffic. Walking beside the West River, feeling the cool river wind, Kris felt much better.

Kris walked along the river. With a couple minutes’ walk, he arrived at the most lively place in Westriver City, the Night Market.

Unlike bustling pedestrian streets, the night market was crowded with people. Both sides of the road were filled with stalls.

The street was thronged with young lovers and pretty girls.

This is a favorite place for students from Westriver City University.

At this moment, the crowd that was walking slowly suddenly stopped. Not far in front, many people stood there. A painful and distressed voice of a man spread over, “Oh, my treasure! you smashed it!”

In the crowd, a ponytail girl in a white T-shirt and short skirt stood in the circle of people astonished. Her big eyes were filled with panic.

Kris pushed his way to take a look, and he found a thin man was looking at a pile of debris on the ground, wailing, “My treasure! It is a Ru Kiln vase from the Song Dynasty (960BC—1279BC)!”


A Ru Kiln vase from the Song Dynasty?

Wasn’t that an antique?

Hearing the vendor’s words, the people around gasped. How much would it worth?

The girl in the crowd was so confused that her face turned pale. She said to the man, “I’m sorry, Sir. I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to…”

“There’s no use saying sorry. This is a treasure handed down from my ancestors. My grandfather told me to take care of the vase before he dies. If it isn’t for my wife’s disease, I will not try to sell it!” the thin man wiped his tears with his hands, “I don’t care, you must compensate me …”

“Okay, I will make compensation. How much…” Qiaoqiao Zhang said hastily.

Hearing Qiaoqiao’s words, the lean man stopped crying, held out three fingers, and said, “Four hundred thousand dollars!”


The words provoked an uproar in the crowd. Four hundred thousand dollars! It’s a big buck! It was surprising a small vase should be so valuable!

Qiaoqiao’s face froze. She thought that she heard wrong and asked subconsciously, “What… What did you say?”

“Four hundred thousand dollars. Not a penny less!” Said the lean man in a heavier tone.

This time Qiaoqiao was completely flustered. Three million dollars! She could not earn so much money even she has worked for twenty years.

She was an ordinary student at Westriver City University. She came from a poor family, so she frequently goes to the night market to buy for some small things from the stalls to sell in order to earn some living expenses.

There were eighty to one hundred stalls like this in the night market. She thought the vase was beautiful, so she picked it up to have a look. But who knows this vase would be so slippery like there was oil on its surface. Accidentally, she broke the vase.

She could not even afford four thousand dollars, not to mention four hundred thousand.

Her face turned pale in fear, and she kept bowing to apologize. “I’m sorry,” she said. “I didn’t mean to. ..”

“If an apology works, what are the police for?” the skinny man stood up with a sinister look in his eyes. “Look at the dress you are wearing. It must be the latest from Dior. And the white shoes on your feet are from Versace. What you are wearing costs, nearly fourteen thousand dollars. Giving out four hundred thousand dollars is not hard for you. Give me the money!”


What was the girl wearing costs of nearly fourteen thousand dollars?

Many people around looked up and down on Qiaqiao and found that what the vendor said was true. It was indeed the latest Dior T-shirt and Versace’s white shoes.

“It seems you are from a rich family. Why do you come to the night market since you are so rich?”

“Yes. It’s an unalterable principle to compensate him since you broke his hereditary treasure.”

Qiaqiao was about to cry. What the hell is this! “What I’m wearing were all high imitations from Alibaba (an e-commerce platform in China). The clothes cost only 3 dollars. I bought one and got one free. The white shoes spent only fourteen…”

“Who believes that! Don’t talk nonsense!” before she could even finish, the skinny man abruptly her, “do you really think you can make things up because you are wealthy? I’m telling you that I don’t care which family you are from, as long as you broke something, you’ll have to pay for it. Give me the money!”

“He’s right. How can the girl be so wicked at such a young age?”

“Look at her skin, it’s so tender and bright, which can even reflect light. She must have used high-grade skincare products. Don’t pretend to be poo!”

A twenty-year-old woman with dull skin said evilly.

Criticized by the public, Qiaoqiao could not resist but squatted down on the ground and started crying.

This time, an elder couldn’t stand it any longer, pointing at the pile of debris on the ground and said, “Aren’t you guys ashamed of so many people bullying a little girl? Besides, he just talked with his mouth, we don’t know whether it’s true. Is there anything to prove it?”

His words made the public calm down. A boy wearing glasses said, “The elder was right, how can you prove that this vase is true?”

The man was not flustered being asked. He was psychologically strong as a professional fraud and fake Master.

His vase was not real, but it was not all fake. Half of it was real Ru Klin porcelain pieces he bought, and the other half was fake.

That is to say, this vase really does not worth much money, it could not even compare to crafts from Jingdezhen City.

“It’s reasonable that you don’t believe it. So is there any expert? You can authenticate my vase!” The lean man looked around and said unperturbed.

Seeing him being confident, the people around him did not speak. And they already believed in him.

Just then, a man in his thirties pushed his way out of the crowd and said, “I’m from the Cultural Heritage Bureau of Westriver City. Let me have a look!”

He also took out his work card when he was speaking. People took a look, it was really a card of the Bureau of Cultural Heritage.

This is an expert. People held their breath when he appeared, watching he squatted on the ground to identify without a blink.

He took a magnifying glass out of his pocket, put on his white gloves, and then picked up a fragment and looked at it.

Seeing at his posture, everybody nodded. He acted like a profession. After he looked at several pieces in succession, the man put down the pieces in his hand, nodded, and said, “Yes, this is indeed a Vase from the Song Dynasty.”

Hearing the man’s words, the lean man looked pleased and said, “I said it was true, and my grandfather told me that it was a treasure came out from the Imperial Palace of Song Dynasty, four hundred thousand dollars was a conservative price!”

I see.

Everyone nodded. Some people thought that the vendor was blackmailing the girl. They did not expect that he had a reduced price. They didn’t know the vendor had such a kind heart..

“Yes, since the Song Dynasty, Ru Klin porcelains had been exclusively supplied to the royal family. In Caltex’s auction this year, a two-ear vase from the Song Dynasty Ru Klin sold out for one million dollars. Although this vase is not as good as that one, it can still worth six hundred to seven hundred million dollars.” the man stood up, took off his white gloves, and said with emotion.

What, this vase could worth six hundred to seven hundred million dollars! Dear lord, it could compare to the price of a villa.

People were shocked, looking at Qiaoqiao with sympathy.

Crying and Wiping tears, Qiaoqiao stamped her feet in anxious and said, “What I’m wearing are really high imitations. I am an ordinary college student. I frequently come here to buy some things which costs several dollars for sale. I don’t have Four hundred thousand dollars!”

She was afraid that the thin man wouldn’t believe it, so she put her student card out in a hurry. The man didn’t even looked at it, pushed away from her hand, pointed at her in a cold face, and said, “Don’t do tricks. You may not have enough money, but you can call your parents. They must have money.. Call your parents for the money!”

Qiaqiao felt that her world was collapsing. Her family was poor, how can they take out so much money. It won’t be enough even she sold herself.

Kris looked aside and laughed. He could not help shaking his head. He squeezed into the crowd saying, “That’s enough. Using a fake vase misshapen to blackmail four hundred thousand dollars from a young lady? Aren’t you afraid of the wrath of heaven?”

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