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Chapter 161 – 170: My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 161

“Wife, don’t need it.” Chuck Cannon smiled and went to his mother’s hotel. How could he use

the money?

Chuck Cannon thought he would take Yvette Jordan directly to the top floor to see his mother.

Seeing your mother, this kind of belief that you are rich second generation, right? And it is still

super rich second generation, and Yvette Jordan is so beautiful, my mother will definitely like it

when she sees it.

“Husband, how about holding it?” Yvette Jordan is very serious. Although she is quite poor now,

but this is her company’s business, how can she let her husband pay for dinner?

What’s more, it’s not cheap to eat in a five-star hotel. Thousands of thousands are the norm.

What’s more, she has never been to a five-star hotel with Chuck Ce, and now wants to have a

good meal with him.

“Husband, I know you have money recently, but use mine. I am older than you. I must use mine

because I have to take good care of you.” Yvette Jordan continued.

Chuck Cannon was moved by this sentence. Yvette Jordan really said this when he was a child.

At that time, he was seven or eight years old, and he didn’t understand anything. However,

Chuck Cannon liked to hug her at night, and Yvette Jordan didn’t refuse. , Let Chuck Cannon

hug for so long.

But Chuck Cannon had no choice but to keep it and go downstairs with Yvette Jordan.

parking lot.

Two women, President Yan and President Cao, are waiting.

“You said they would really invite us to eat in a five-star hotel?” Mr. Cao was a little skeptical.

How did she say that when she came down, the consumption of five-star hotels was not cheap.

Yvette Jordan would be so generous ?

“It should be right, our two businesses are not small, please invite us to eat in a five-star hotel,

shouldn’t we?” President Yan shook his head, should this be okay?

“Yes, but invited Buick to invite us to eat in a five-star hotel, which is a bit pretending, but I like

it. You pretend to be your pretender, and I eat my food, there is no conflict.” Mr. Cao smiled.

“I wonder, they want us to introduce some customers, so they are so generous.”

“It’s okay to introduce customers. It’s just a matter of waiting for only one or two thousand. If

you eat five or six thousand, seven or eight thousand, you can introduce a few,”

“Hee hee, I think so too. Oh, I remembered it. I still have an old friend here. I simply asked her

to come over and eat.” Yan always thought of something.

Last time she promised a friend to invite her to dinner, and now it happens, anyway, go to a fivestar hotel to eat, call this friend and have face, why not do it?

“Will they agree with this? After all, if there is one more person, there will be hundreds or even

thousands.” President Cao hesitated.

“She doesn’t agree to try it? I don’t agree, I will leave immediately,” President Yan said with a

lip. “Anyway, just one more person, isn’t it just a pair of chopsticks, what’s the matter?”

“It’s nothing, but…”

“Don’t be it, I’ll just say it myself. I’m here. I don’t agree. Don’t tell me to introduce customers,

even if I don’t give her this business. I won’t do anything basic. Ah?” President Yan shook his

head, very serious.

“Well, shh, don’t say it first, they are here,” Cao said, and the two shut up.

At this time, Chuck Cannon and Yvette Jordan had come down. Chuck Cannon pressed the lock

and the door opened, and everyone sat up.

Chuck Cannon was going to drive, but General Yan, who was sitting in the back, said, “Wait

first, President Yvette, I just have a friend here. I told her to come over for dinner together,

should you be fine?”

Yvette Jordan was stunned, and Chuck Cannon was stunned.

“Mr. Yvette, anyway, my friend didn’t eat too much, but when he came, he just added a pair of

chopsticks.” President Yan continued, his tone was a little haughty, hum, you don’t agree, I will

get off now.

More than one person is unwilling. Such a person, she always does not want to deal with more,

too stingy.

Yvette Jordan smiled after being silent, “Yes, you can call your friends now,”

President Yan smiled, and was still reluctant to be a man, okay, our company employee training

is here for you.

She took out her mobile phone, found a number, and dialed it. It was quickly connected. “Hey,

Mr. Zheng, it’s me. I’m in the sea… No, no, I’ll invite you to dinner, just a few Friends together,

are you in the company? I’ll come over to pick you up, okay, okay, you’ll be downstairs in the

company in about ten minutes and wait, I’ll almost be there, um…”

When the phone hung up, Mr. Yan was satisfied, “Go and pick someone downstairs in R&F

Building, my friend is waiting there,”

Chuck Cannon nodded. He knew that there were many companies over there. If Mr. Yan said

that the person is also the boss of the company, that would be fine.

Soon the car arrived at R&F Building. President Yan called and asked where she was. Soon

Chuck Cannon saw a young woman with a charming charm coming here, but her eyes were a

little contemptuous, as if she looked down on the car.

President Yan got off the bus and greeted him. After the woman came in, she saw Chuck Cannon

and Yvette Jordan driving, frowning. “I said Lao Yan, where are you going to invite me to eat? I

don’t go anywhere. “

“Five-star hotel.” Yan said, and then nodded to Chuck Ce, Chuck Cannon nodded and drove

silently to his mother’s hotel.

“Five-star hotels are almost the same, but there are many fake five-star hotels now. You have to

be optimistic about Lao Yan. Don’t go to a fake five-star hotel to eat. The money is spent and the

food is not tasty. That’s not worth it.” This woman Said.

Chuck Cannon didn’t speak, and drove to his mother’s hotel.

“No, I must be the only one who eats in a five-star hotel, rest assured.” President Yan is satisfied,

because she has seen a building from afar, a very good building, should this be the hotel?

Unexpectedly, Yvette Jordan was quite generous.

“Almost coming soon?” Mr. Yan leaned over and signaled that he would eat here. After all, how

impressive was the building in front of him?

Mr. Cao was also very satisfied. She saw the name of this hotel.

President Zheng’s eyes flicked out, “Here? Barely, can I? I’ve been there a few times before, it’s

not bad.”

“It’s good if it’s good, OK, just here, just go in and park it.” Yan said.

Yvette Jordan looked at Chuck Cannon and was curious. Is this a hotel? Chuck Cannon shook

his head, “Not yet!”

“I haven’t arrived yet?” President Yan frowned. This hotel she took a fancy. There must be a face

in eating here. She could see that the eyes of General Zheng who she called were visible, and the

representative was also satisfied with it.

“Well, still a little ahead.” Chuck Cannon said.

“A little ahead? There are some garbage hotels in front,” said Mr. Zheng, disappointed. The food

here is delicious. She just heard that it was here. She was very satisfied, but she is not here now?

Do you go to the garbage hotel to eat? How ugly!

Mr. Yan is a little unhappy. Why doesn’t Chuck Cannon have any eyesight? Can’t you see that

you want to eat here? What a magnificent building, it’s great to take a few photos and send it to

your circle of friends.

“There are still good hotels in front.” Chuck Cannon said. Yvette Jordan had doubts in his eyes,

but it soon became apparent, which hotel?

“My friends have said that they are gone. Now you turn around and go to the restaurant you

passed by just now.” Mr. Yan told me that I felt very shameless. I went to a general hotel to eat.

Why did she ask her? lose face.

“There is a five-star hotel in front.” Chuck Cannon was helpless.

President Yan leaned back and murmured in his heart. I see where you found me a five-star


Don’t try to fool me with a garbage hotel!

President Zheng is also particularly unhappy. Where else is there a five-star hotel? Huh, eating a

meal is still deceiving, when you have no knowledge?

“Hey, there is a building in front of it that is so tall, it looks so impressive.” Mr. Cao, who hadn’t

said much, couldn’t help but speak.

President Yan and President Zheng looked out, their eyes brightened.

Both of them are knowledgeable. This building looks several times larger than the atmosphere

just passing by. The trouble is to eat here?

President Yan wondered, “Well, it’s good.”

Mr. Zheng was pleasantly surprised. She hadn’t been to this hotel yet. She was quite famous

some time ago. She always wanted to come here, but I heard that the consumption is not low, but

the food is delicious.

“Old Yan, is this?” President Zheng smiled, looking forward to his tone.

Mr. Yan was proud, feeling that the face was back, she nodded, “Yes, this is the place, drive in,

we will eat here.”

Chapter: 162

Chuck Cannon drove in. The security guard at the security booth was still puzzled first, but after

seeing Chuck Ce, he immediately came out respectfully and led Chuck Cannon in.

“This hotel has good service.”

President Zheng said that she could see the luxury of this hotel when the car came in.

Unexpectedly, her friend Mr. Yan actually invited herself to such a high-end place. According to

the standard, this hotel is super five-star, saying yes Six stars and seven stars are also possible.

“It’s not bad,” President Yan had a light on his face.

Chuck Cannon parked the car, and a few people got out and entered the restaurant in the hotel.

President Yan and the three of them walked in front. How to say President Yan treats guests, she

has to dress up in front and find a place to eat, she really feels that she has face.

Chuck Cannon and Yvette Jordan followed, and Yvette Jordan was a little worried. She came

here for dinner last time. However, when she checked out, someone wanted to give her a waiver.

She was thinking at the time that she should be a “local tyrant.”

But she didn’t accept it, and she paid for it and left.

Now, five people may have to eat tens of thousands. Yvette Jordan sighed, but that’s okay. He

hasn’t come here to eat with Chuck Ce. Although they are not alone, they are also very good.

Today it’s time for the two to relax.

“Her husband, I’m going to buy a bottle of red wine. The red wine here seems very expensive.”

Yvette Jordan said.

“No, just click inside.” Chuck Cannon shook his head, he said, what wine can’t drink?

“Yes, it’s very expensive to eat here, and the wine is expensive. Save a little. Husband, go ahead,

I’ll buy it when I go in,” Yvette Jordan said and walked to the tobacco hotel not far away.

Chuck Cannon had no choice but to walk in.

“Hello, how many are you?” the restaurant receptionist asked with a smile.

“Five.” President Yan said.

“Then please, do you have a reservation?” The receptionist walked in with Yan.

“No, you can open a private room for us!” There must be a private room in this place, otherwise

how can you have face?

She called her friends just to repay the humanity, and she still had a face-saving humanity.

“Sorry, today’s private room has been booked.” The reception apologized, and recently it was full

every day. There was no room for coming late.

“No private room? The five of us will spend a lot of money here, can’t we make a private room

out?” Yan said.

She also sees that the business here is very good, there must be no private rooms, but if she is

forced, she has to talk about it. What if she can make it? Doesn’t it seem that you have more


There were more apologies on the reception face, and I just wanted to say that there really

weren’t, but when she saw Chuck Cannon walking behind, she was stunned. This was the person

Betty had to receive personally. She remembered clearly.

Chuck Cannon nodded to her.

The reception immediately understood and smiled, “Yes, there is exactly, you please.”

Mr. Yan smiled inside, really! I seem to have good luck.

“Lao Yan, do you know the people here?” President Zheng was surprised. The reception just said

that there was no more, why did it suddenly happen again?

“Possibly! After all, you know, I know a lot of people.” Mr. Yan smiled. What knows people,

just because he said that five people will spend a lot of money, so this reception is a fun room.

The reception took a few people into a private room.

All three women were surprised, so luxurious, as if entering the presidential suite, this hotel is

really upscale!

President Zheng couldn’t wait to take a few photos and sent it to the circle of friends. She was the

boss of a small company, and she still cooperated with others. She hadn’t really been to such a

high-end place to eat. Of course she had to take a photo.

A few people sat down, President Yan gave Chuck Cannon a glance, “What about President


This is a superficial concern, she worried that Yvette Jordan slipped away.

“Buy something and come back immediately.” Chuck Cannon said.

“Well, let’s order! Don’t mention it!” President Yan put the menu in front of President Zheng.

The three women ordered food, Mr. Yan said, “Or order a bottle of wine bar, what kind of red

wine do you have here?”

When the reception was about to speak, Chuck Cannon shook his head, “I don’t need red wine,

she went to buy it.”

Reception stunned, buy? Why do you want to buy it? Drink the wine in the wine store casually.

President Yan whispered in his heart, this should be saved?

“Okay, I don’t need red wine anymore. Let’s serve it faster.” Mr. Yan lowered the menu.

The receptionist said a moment, and immediately went out with the menu. Chuck Cannon said

that he went out to see and followed him out, to see if Yvette Jordan had returned.

“Today you will let Lao Yan spend your money.” President Zheng took a few more photos, and

she was really happy.

“It’s okay, it should be.” President Yan is proud, and his face is very good today!

“By the way, who was the man who went out just now, and the woman?” President Zheng was

puzzled. President Cao knew her, but she had not seen Chuck Cannon and Yvette Jordan.

“Two ordinary friends, I came over to ask them something, and asked them to eat,” Yan said.

President Zheng nodded, it turned out to be rubbing rice! No wonder it’s a break Buick, hee hee,

wait for the dish to come up, you have to take a picture and send it to your circle of friends! After

all, this place is so high-end!

“Master, today the cook came with a wild yellow lip fish, would you like to steam it for you?”

The receptionist saw Chuck Cannon coming out, so he whispered.

Chuck Cannon shook his head. This kind of fish was tens of thousands of pounds. If he and

Yvette Jordan ate it together, it would be okay to do it, but it would not be worth it if there were

three of them. After all, the character of these three people The fish came up, but he and Yvette

Jordan could not hold a few chopsticks.

“No, you just follow the menu.” Chuck Cannon said.

“Yes.” The reception immediately went to the kitchen.

Chuck Cannon stepped aside and took out his mobile phone to call his mother, thinking that after

eating today, he would take Yvette Jordan directly to meet his mother. Anyway, it was his

daughter-in-law, and the two always had to meet.

But after connecting, my mother said she was not at the hotel at this time, Chuck Cannon was


“Cer, Betty and I are not there. We are investigating new acquisitions in the field, and we just

need to eat and go directly. Yes, the cook has a yellow lip fish today, I will call someone now.

Are you steamed, okay?” said the mother.

Chuck Cannon was a little disappointed, “Mom, no, I’m going to take my wife to see you.”

“No hurry, no hurry, is Yvette Jordan right? I know, no hurry, no hurry.”

Chuck Cannon was not very surprised. I am afraid that with his mother’s ability, Yvette Jordan

would have been investigated for a long time, otherwise Yvette Jordan would not be left beside


“Okay, mom, you continue.” Chuck Cannon was ready to hang up.

“Wait, Ceer, I’ll tell you something. I want to see how Yvette Jordan’s character is, whether it is a

gold girl, so don’t tell Yvette Jordan that I am back,” Mom said suddenly.

“Mother, Yvette Jordan is not a gold worshiper.” Chuck Cannon was anxious.

“Well, I think so too, but let me look at it first? When I see clearly, then you will bring her over

to see me, no hurry, no hurry.” Karen Lee here, looking at the monitoring screen Yvette Jordan

on the road.

“Are you the daughter of my enemies? It doesn’t look like it. After all, you can be arranged next

to Ce’er when you are several years old. How big is your parents’ heart? Ce’er is still simple, not

careful.” Karen Lee murmured Mumbling.

“Mom, what are you talking about? The voice is too quiet,”

“It’s okay, when I see Yvette Jordan clearly, I’ll let you take her to see me, rest assured.”

Chuck Cannon was really helpless, “Well, goodbye mom.”

“Well, you can eat whatever you want. The wine in the wine store is free to drink, but if you are

driving, you can’t drink.”

“it is good.”

When the phone hung up, Chuck Cannon saw Yvette Jordan coming, why did her mother think

that Yvette Jordan was a golden lady!

No, she is not. Chuck Cannon knows this. If it is, Yvette Jordan had already run away with the

second generation of Fu.

“Husband, who are you calling?” Yvette Jordan came over.

“It’s nothing.” Chuck Cannon shook his head. He also planned to take Yvette Jordan to the top

floor today, but his mother was not saying it anymore, and she said it again, waiting for her

mother to see Yvette Jordan.

“Well, let’s go in.” The two were ready to go in.

But the door opened, it was President Yan. She said, “Mr. Yvette, you have to settle the account

first. Let’s eat it again. Anyway, Mr. Cao and I decided to cooperate with your company.”

If you let General Manager Zheng see Yvette Jordan pay, how much facelessness? This forced

her to continue to pretend.

Chapter: 163

Of course, Chuck Cannon could see what she meant. He thought about it. The eight characters

hadn’t been written off yet. The woman just kept trying to force her, so how could she do it?

What if I don’t sign?

Chuck Cannon said, “Well, if you sign the contract first, the deposit is good,”

Chuck Cannon saw Yvette Jordan bring the contract over.

President Yan frowned, unhappy, why? I’m afraid I’ll eat the bad debts?


She said angrily, “Huh, what do you mean? Let you pay, you can just go and buy it. I’m afraid I

will eat and drink?”

Yvette Jordan sighed in his heart, “Don’t be angry, President Yan.”

“Why don’t I get angry? What did he say?” President Yan glared at Chuck Ce.

“Okay, okay, contract, I’ll sign it when I get it! Lest I say I’m eating and drinking.” Yan always

feels uncomfortable.

Yvette Jordan hesitated and told the truth, she heard General Manager Yan say Chuck Ce, she

suddenly didn’t want to sign, she didn’t want Chuck Cannon to be wronged with her.

“Wife, take out the contract,” Chuck Cannon said.

Yvette Jordan was silent, and Chuck Cannon smiled slightly at her.

Touched by her heart, she took out the contract, and President Yan signed it with a grunt, and

immediately transferred 30,000 to Yvette Jordan with WeChat.

“Is it all right now?” President Yan stared at Chuck Ce.

“OK, I’ll check out,” Chuck Cannon said and turned to the front desk.

Just talk to the front desk.

“Mr. Yvette, this is your husband? I advise you to switch to another one. You are too good to

talk now,” Mr. Yan said.

Yvette Jordan frowned.

After President Yan finished, he went in with satisfaction.

Chuck Cannon told the front desk and came back, Yvette Jordan whispered, “Her husband, is

there any grievance?”

Chuck Cannon smiled, what is wrong with him? Such a person like Mr. Yan, he can just call her

company to shut down. In Chuck Ce’s eyes, she is just a clown.

“It’s okay, go in for dinner.” Chuck Cannon said.

Yvette Jordan was particularly moved, he would not change her husband, unless Chuck Cannon

did not want to.

The two entered the private room, and Yvette Jordan opened the red wine she bought, which was

really virtuous, but why did her mother doubt her?

Chuck Cannon didn’t understand.

I just felt that I was lucky to meet Yvette Jordan. My mother should immediately see that Yvette

Jordan is a good girl.

The dishes soon came up, all of which were full of color and flavor. Chuck Cannon certainly

could not drink because of driving, but President Zheng always looked at Chuck Cannon and

Yvette Jordan with contempt.

Chuck Cannon whispered in his heart, and didn’t offend you. What do you think of me?

“Wow, the food here is really delicious. I’m full. I really want to drink another bowl of soup.”

Mr. Zheng pointed out.

There is a kind of seafood soup that is very delicious. Before she saw someone in the circle of

friends sending photos, she felt like wanting to drink just looking at the photos. She forgot to

order the food just now. It was hard to come by once, how can she let it go!

President Yan glanced at Yvette Jordan. Indeed, she also wanted to drink a bowl of soup, but she

just looked at the menu. The soup started from more than 500 yuan.

Expensive, seven or eight thousand, tens of thousands.

Yvette Jordan was helpless and nodded slightly.

President Yan smiled, and immediately asked the waiter to come in for some soup. After all,

President Cao has not signed yet!

After the waiter came in, the three women chose soup, and finally chose the seafood soup. One

thousand and eight, Yvette Jordan felt a little distressed in his heart, but fortunately, it was not

too expensive.

After Tang came up, Mr. Zheng took a photo and sent it to the circle of friends

After drinking a lot of soup, this is not bad.

Then the three women scooped the soup. Chuck Cannon was about to give Yvette Jordan a

spoon with the spoon, but President Zheng pouted, “This soup is not much.”

Means to drink less, two rubbing rice, still want to drink such expensive soup?

Chuck Cannon frowned, took the soup ladle, scooped up a bowl for Yvette Jordan, and then

prepared to taste it himself. The soup was indeed fresh.

“Enough is enough, all bottomed out,” President Zheng pouted, the soup was so delicious, she

wanted to seize it.

Chuck Cannon was too lazy to care about her, scooped a little, and drank it himself. President

Zheng took a spoon and scooped a big bowl. He didn’t want Chuck Cannon and Yvette Jordan to

drink anymore.

Yvette Jordan didn’t mind, but Chuck Cannon minded, did you come here to eat and drink?

“Old Yan, don’t bring anyone to dinner next time. If you want to get the soup fine, how can you

be boring? When drinking water? Waste.” Mr. Zheng said strangely.

President Yan certainly knew what this sentence meant, and she could only laugh.

After everyone had finished the soup, everyone came out from the private room. Yan Zongzuo

went to check out in a pretentious manner. Chuck Cannon murmured. When he had just

consumed the soup, he had already come out to the front desk and said.

Chuck Cannon drove over to the parking lot.

“Old Yan, don’t leave today. We will come here again at night to eat the three of us,” said

Zheng. President Yan’s eyes jumped, came over at night to let himself pay? Of course she doesn’t

want to!

“There’s something else to wait for.”

“Okay, then.” Mr. Zheng was disappointed in his heart. They were both of you. I ate so much, or

you could come here to have a meal here at night. It was you!

Mr. Zheng is not happy!

“Oh, otherwise we still have to make a deal. I won’t take this car,” said Zheng.

President Yan hesitated, she had to go back to the company with Yvette Jordan, and President

Cao hadn’t signed a contract yet, so it wouldn’t work that way.

Yvette Jordan frowned. At this time, Chuck Cannon had already driven the car. President Zheng

directly said, “The two of you go back by yourself. Your car is uncomfortable.”

Chuck Cannon was speechless. He came out of the car. If Mr. Cao signed a contract, what did

Chuck Cannon do? Take Yvette Jordan directly back.

“Then what kind of car do you think is uncomfortable?” Chuck Cannon said.

“At least Mercedes-Benz BMW? Your car sits in the same way as a tractor. It’s noisy.” President

Zheng shook his head, really displeased, his own husband was Mercedes.

General Manager Yan and General Manager Cao think so.

Yvette Jordan was angry. Chuck Cannon drove the car clearly comfortable? How could there be

such a person?

“Husband, let’s go back,” Yvette Jordan didn’t want to sign a contract with President Cao, and

was particularly angry today.

“Why do you go back?” Chuck Cannon smiled, isn’t it Mercedes-Benz BMW? He just drove it

right now, and there is no car in the parking lot of this mom’s hotel? Drive casually, just now he

saw several cars, it should be his mother’s.

“Forget it, sit down and feel wronged, isn’t it coming soon?” President Yan said, she was still

satisfied today, she and President Cao sat in.

President Zheng pouted, “Okay, I’m too lazy to call a car, but such a car, I’m sitting today, and I

will never do it again!”

She said she was going to sit in.

Yvette Jordan sighed. She thought Chuck Cexin must have been aggrieved. Her husband was

really kind to herself.

Chuck Cannon was too lazy to bother with her and sat in to prepare for a drive, but at this time,

the reception of the restaurant ran out with a box in his hand. Chuck Cannon naturally stopped

after seeing it.

The receptionist ran to the window of the car and said, “This is what the manager ordered. This

is the old soup, you take it.”

Chuck Cannon was surprised, but then, the three women sitting behind froze, what?

Old fire soup? They just looked at the menu just now, but this old fire soup is more than five

thousand, and it is boiled with many kinds of precious herbs.

Actually send now?

Yvette Jordan was also surprised. What happened? This hotel manager knows Chuck Ce?

This box does have a special scent that makes people salivate.

“Do you need a car? The manager asked me to take the car key. This is BMW, Mercedes-Benz,

and Rolls-Royce. Which one do you choose?” The reception continued to smile and said that she

had received Betty’s phone number, especially in front of Yvette Jordan, can’t call Master Chuck


A few car keys in her hand, three women were dumbfounded, especially Mr. Zheng, what’s

going on? He has so many cars driving? ?

Rolls Royce, she has never sat.

President Yan and President Cao were surprised, what’s going on? Know this manager, so come

here for dinner? They regretted it and knew that they would order more dishes!

“No, the car is just enough.” Chuck Cannon shook his head, too lazy to drive other cars,

otherwise what to do with this Zelda’s Buick? You still have to come and drive by yourself.

“Hey, open Rolls-Royce, take me back, I haven’t sat yet!” Zheng said, can’t see it.

Chapter: 164

Mr. Zheng particularly expects that she has wanted to be a Rolls-Royce for a long time. In some

of her circle of friends, there are friends who show off riding luxury cars like Maybach, Porsche,

etc. She is thinking about when she can Sit once?

Now is an opportunity!

She was very happy today, because President Yan invited her to dinner, and it is still a high-end

hotel, the food is really delicious, but… as if she made a mistake, this reception is so kind to

Chuck Cannon , And I sent soup to drive, so who asked for this meal?

Mr. Zheng suddenly felt panic-burning, which is needless to say, it turned out that it was


At this moment, President Zheng felt particularly ashamed. Just now, he didn’t let people drink

soup. This… President Zheng wanted to find a hole in the ground.

She gave Mr. Yan an angry look, and Mr. Yan felt embarrassed. Where would she want Chuck

Cannon to be so powerful!

“Hey, open Rolls-Royce.” Mr. Zheng is particularly looking forward to taking photos in the

circle of friends today. He also has Rolls-Royce sitting.

The seafood soup she just posted in the circle of friends has already been particularly envious of

comments. Her vanity has been met with great satisfaction. If you wait for Rolls-Royce, then

others should not envy death!

She suddenly felt that her husband’s Mercedes-Benz was not too good, more than 300,000


“Sorry, I will only drive the tractor you said.” Chuck Cannon shook his head.

President Zheng was ashamed. “This car is not a tractor. Your car is very good. I just saw it

wrong. I heard that the Buick car has special materials, good chassis, stable, and special sound

insulation. Well, I can’t hear the sound outside… it’s not a tractor, it’s not, the car sits


Yvette Jordan glanced at her.

Chuck Cannon was too lazy to ignore her and said to the receptionist, “No, you can go back.”

“Well,” the receptionist smiled and nodded, then said, “The next time you come over to eat, you

must eat yellow-lip fish, especially delicious, this is what the manager said.”

This fish was mentioned by Betty last time, and his mother also mentioned it. Chuck Cannon

really wanted to eat it, but tens of thousands of dishes were really luxurious.

General Manager Yan and General Manager Cao were surprised, yellow-lip fish, of course they

had heard of it, but they had never eaten it.

Yvette Jordan was also stunned. How many people did Chuck Cannon know? Can yellow lip fish

be eaten casually?

Curious, Yvette Jordan is really too curious at this time, Chuck Cannon is not the second

generation of rich, she knows this clearly, but

“What? More than ten thousand pounds of yellow-lip fish?” Mr. Zheng’s chin is shocked. If this

is made in a circle of friends, other people don’t envy death?

“Hey, why didn’t you just order this? The yellow lip fish I heard is particularly delicious…I really

want to eat it.” President Zheng can’t wait to say that she wants to go in and eat now, more than

ten thousand pounds , Hee hee, will it be beauty?

Chuck Cannon glanced at her, “I ordered, will you give me something?”

Just a moment ago, Chuck Cannon drank a bowl of seafood soup, and she whispered that she had

bottomed out. At this point, tens of thousands of pieces of yellow-lip fish came up, and a pair of

chopsticks, it is estimated that President Zheng will occupy it. Order this dish for her alone?

Chuck Cannon can’t do it.

“I…” President Zheng blushed even more. Of course he knew what Chuck Ce’s words meant, and

he was even more ashamed. “If you order it, everyone will eat it together. You can definitely eat


“Well, I will order this dish next time,” Chuck Cannon said, bringing Yvette Jordan over to eat.

It’s just a pity that my mother is still seeing Yvette Jordan and can’t take Yvette Jordan up to find

her mother.

“Okay, you go slowly.”

Chuck Cannon drove out. When he was in the car, Mr. Cao could not wait to sign the contract,

and also transferred the money to Yvette Jordan on the spot. Yvette Jordan was at a loss. It

seemed that this time the credit was his husband Chuck Ce. …

When Mr. Zheng was sent downstairs to her company, both Mr. Yan and Mr. Cao got out of the

car. It seems that the three women have something to say and may stay here for a few days.

Chuck Cannon didn’t want to send them. , Naturally too lazy to take Yvette Jordan back.

The three women looked at the Buick car away at the same time.

“I really can’t see it. This person is so low-key. He opened a Buick and went to a five-star hotel.

He can eat yellow-lip fish. I heard that this kind of fish is to be booked. It is impossible to eat

anytime. And Rolls-Royce can be opened casually, which is not what the average person can

do…” Mr. Zheng suddenly envied Yvette Jordan, how to find a husband who drove more than

300,000 Mercedes-Benz by himself, and it was still in installments …

How good would it be to find such a husband? I go to a five-star hotel every day, but…

He is from another family, and at this age, although he thinks he can do with a good figure and a

big buttocks, he will not like himself if he is young and young.

Mr. Zheng is somewhat depressed.

“Yeah, this person is not simple, I guess it is a rich second generation.” General Manager Yan


President Cao also nodded, “I think so, I heard that the real rich second generation has a very

good self-cultivation, just now this guy is good, low-key.”

“Ah, I should have ordered the yellow-lip fish just now. It’s a pity. I haven’t eaten it. It’s edible

and I can sit on the Rolls-Royce, but,” President Zheng regretted it and felt regretful. Chuck

Cannon is more polite, then Chuck Cannon is happy, will he add a dish? For example, yellow-lip


She thought that, she was annoyed, “I said Lao Yan, are you the one? Who was the guest just

now? I thought people were ridiculous, and I was the one who did it for a long time. Just now

they looked at you, and they were just like watching stupid clowns. “

President Yan is embarrassed, President Cao is certainly not easy to speak.

“Xiao Zheng, don’t be angry. I invite you to dinner at night,” Yan always said in pain.

“What else do you eat? The fire is dead,” President Zheng was exasperated.

“What are you worried about? People will not have a bad impression on you. Just now, I also

saw Chuck Cannon lazy your hips…” Mr. Yan said.

After all, she knows clearly that President Zheng is super confident about her hips, and she

knows that President Zheng likes small fresh meat. The last few secretly went to the nightclub.

President Zheng ordered the small fresh meat, and went to the bathroom on the spot. Now…

Cao Zongzheng did it, did he? No, she was speechless and talking nonsense. She didn’t see

Chuck Ce’s eyes looking like this. Mr. Yan, she was talking nonsense.

“Really? But I’m more than thirty, and people may not even be in their early twenties. Will he

look at me? Why didn’t I find out?” Mr. Zheng wondered.

“Now young people like young women, okay? We understand much more than young girls. Last

time, our company also had a twenty-four university student who secretly said that I like me.”

Yan said, with a proud tone What’s wrong with the grade? Still like small fresh meat.

“But forget, what does his company do?” Zheng asked.

“Training company, if your employees want to train, you can go to him. When you ask him to

come out alone, he will definitely take you to the hotel we just ate, maybe you can order a yellow

lip fish for you. “

“Really? Well, I’ll go back and ask my husband.” Mr. Zheng felt that he had an idea. He really

wanted to go to that hotel. So expensive fish should be able to be groomed!

Chuck Cannon drove Yvette Jordan back, and the time was also in the afternoon. He actually

wanted to go to the boxing gym to see it. After all, he could learn as soon as possible.

On the way, Yvette Jordan didn’t ask anything else. What to say, she was really curious about

what Chuck Cannon encountered. After all, she and Chuck Cannon grew up together and were

fatherless and motherless. She was sure that Chuck Cannon was not a rich second. Generation,

but how did he know so many people?

“Wife, you take the company to drink this soup.” Chuck Cannon handed the soup to Yvette


Yvette Jordan shook his head, “Her husband, let’s drink together.”

Chuck Cannon smiled, Yvette Jordan opened the box, gave Chuck Cesheng a bowl, he also filled

a bowl, took a sip, and it was really delicious.

“My husband, without you today, I can’t make these two orders,” Yvette Jordant said seriously.

Chuck Cannon suddenly wanted to kiss her, but after thinking about it, Chuck Cannon said,

“That wife should not thank me? Promise me one thing?”

“Should, should, you say,” Yvette Jordan’s blushing heart accelerated, what is this for? Is it in the

parking lot? This… Yvette Jordan felt nervous when he thought about it, what if he was seen?

“Wife, this is what you said, I will take you to the 4s shop to see the car now, you are not

allowed to refuse.” Chuck Cannon said.

Chapter: 165

Yvette Jordan was particularly moved. Does Chuck Cannon want to buy a car for himself? However, how expensive it is to buy a car now!

She hesitated, “Husband, you…”

“You said it yourself, you must not refuse it,” Chuck Cannon said.

Yvette Jordan put the soup bowl in his hand, then reached over and hugged Chuck Ce, and

whispered, “Husband, you are so kind to me…”

Chuck Cannon smiled, Yvette Jordan was so pure, and so embracing himself, Chuck Cannon

didn’t even have any evil thoughts.

“Then you agreed?”

“Well, I promised, but I will decide what car to buy, otherwise I will not agree,”

“it is good.”

After the two had finished the soup, Chuck Cannon said to go now. Anyway, it was still early.

Chuck Cannon couldn’t wait to buy a car for Yvette Jordan. Maybe he also liked it, and he could

buy his third car!

“Is it good tomorrow? I will have a meeting in the company this afternoon.” Yvette Jordan

whispered, worried that it would dispel Chuck Ce’s mood.

“Tomorrow?” Chuck Cannon hesitated and promised Zelda to go home with her tomorrow. It

shouldn’t work tomorrow, the day after tomorrow.

“Have you a problem tomorrow? Well, the day after tomorrow,” Yvette Jordan said.

So empathetic, Chuck Cannon suddenly felt sorry for Yvette Jordan, and should not agree to

Zelda’s request, but Chuck Cannon was really bad at refusing, he had already started, and let

Zelda’s mother Liu Meili think that she was Zelda’s boyfriend Too.

Chuck Cannon sighed.

“Well, the day after tomorrow.”

Chuck Cannon said, anyway, I will go tomorrow. I will come back after dinner. If I don’t spend

the night, I should be able to come back all night.

“Okay, husband, then I’m going to the company,” Yvette Jordan opened the car door, waved to

Chuck Ce, and she returned to the company.

She sat down and looked at her cell phone and car. She screened 50,000 to 80,000 cars.

“Mercedes-Benz BMW can’t be watched. It’s too expensive. It’s better to buy a cheaper car. I’ll

make money later and buy it again. No, I’ll make money to buy one for my husband.”

Yvette Jordan watched it for a while, and took a fancy to more than 70,000 Volkswagens. This

car is ok. Yvette Jordan liked it at a glance. She was sure, she didn’t look at anything else, she

turned off her mobile phone, she thought sweet.

“Her husband, you buy me this time, I will buy you a BMW and a sports car next time,”

She thought so, looking forward to Chuck Cannon buying a car for her. The day after tomorrow,

hurry up, I can’t wait, my husband will buy a car for me…

Yvette Jordan was very happy. She could not help Chuck Cannon to show her immediately. At

this time, someone knocked on the door in the office, and Yvette Jordan said.

It was Queenie who opened the door. She had to come over and talk to Teacher Yvette, thank

you and thank you. After all, there was no farewell last night.

“Teacher Yvette,” Queenie walked in.

Yvette Jordan smiled, and Queenie looked good.

“Well, where did Chuck Cannon look for you?” Yvette Jordan wondered.

“It seems to be… I don’t remember.” Queenie thought about it and said, she really didn’t read it.

“It’s okay, I’ll see where you live in a few days.” Yvette Jordan would be relieved so much. She

was curious. Where did Chuck Cannon look for Queenie?

Chuck Cannon came out of the square and first went to the furniture city to order some simple

furniture for the house where Queenie lived. How could Queenie live there would not make her

too wronged.

A total of more than 30,000 yuan was spent, and there are still forty or fifty thousand yuan in the

card. When buying a car for Yvette Jordan the day after tomorrow, he must definitely call his

mother to make money.

Looking at more than three o’clock, Chuck Cannon simply used navigation to find the boxing

gym introduced by his mother. He was looking forward to it, but the result made Chuck Cannon

particularly surprised. Chuck Cannon thought it was in a large gym or there was Your own big


However, this boxing gym is particularly remote and the signboards are relatively old, but my

mother is definitely looking for it.

He walked into the boxing gym. There were many people practicing in the humble interior. All

of them were strong and tall. Chuck Cannon was a little dazed after seeing it. The room was full

of sandbags.

“Hey, who are you looking for?” A woman looked over, her voice blamed, and Chuck Cannon

walked over and said her name directly. The woman looked up and down at Chuck Ce, “You are

Chuck Ce?”

“Yes,” Chuck Cannon was particularly surprised. The woman in front of her had extremely short

hair, and her skin was a bit dark because of exercise. However, the facial features are pretty, and

she has a very good figure, especially the waist, which is very thin, but the legs, hands, and a

look Knowing that it is particularly explosive, this is a master.

“Come here,” the woman said, and Chuck Cannon walked aside. The woman squatted down, as

if wearing knee pads, and brought a circle of cloth to Chuck Ce, but there seemed to be iron

beads inside.

It’s a bit heavy, it should be leg training.

“It’s one kilogram, don’t take it down when you take it with you,” the woman said.

“Always carry?” Chuck Cete surprised.

“Yes, your mother usually brought thirty kilograms of things on her body, and never relaxed.”

The woman said.

Chuck Cannon was scared, could his mother bring such a heavy thing? Why didn’t I see it at all!

“Your mom studied a metal in Miguo State-owned Technology Company. It’s not big. It can also

be used as a wristband watch, but it’s very heavy. Your mom brought that metal,” the woman


Chuck Cannon was really shocked. His mother is also a boxing master? This… isn’t she a


Chuck Cannon is unimaginable. My mother has money and can still fight. This…

“Okay, let me tell you, at least three times a week, every half day, now teach you the most basic

boxing moves, and then you start to exercise, your physique looks okay, but does not resist

beating, you must exercise , “The woman is very serious.

Of course, Chuck Cannon did not have any objections. This is an opportunity to improve herself.

You must work hard. Then the woman began to teach Chuck Ce.

This woman is called Dragon King, a very man’s name. She personally taught Chuck Cannon to

make others in the boxing gym look envious.

Of course Chuck Cannon does not care about this, and works very hard, but the first day came, it

was a simple move, and then exercise. The Dragon King emphasized physical fitness, and Chuck

Cannon is currently not up to standard.

When it was more than eight o’clock in the evening, the Dragon King let Chuck Cannon go back

and sat in the car. Chuck Cannon was shaking all over, as if his limbs were not his own, so tired.

Chuck Cannon drove to pick up Yvette Jordan, and when he arrived at the square, Yvette Jordan

was surprised to see Chuck Ce’s soaked appearance. “Her husband, what’s wrong with you?”

“I’m learning boxing,” Chuck Cannon paralyzed in a car seat, feeling weak.

Yvette Jordan was shocked, boxing? She sat in the car, Chuck Cannon drove her back, Chuck

Cannon took a bath, and fell asleep on the sofa. It was so exhausting that Chuck Cannon didn’t

have any idea.

Yvette Jordan came out of the bathroom and looked at Chuck Ce, who was sleeping shirtless.

She walked over with a smile and covered Chuck Cannon with a quilt. “Husband, good night…”

Early the next morning, after Chuck Cannon sent Yvette Jordan to the square, Chuck Cannon

told her that he might come back later today because he was going home with Zelda.

Yvette Jordan thought that Chuck Cannon was going to learn boxing again, so let Chuck Cannon

pay attention and don’t hurt your body.

Chuck Cannon said a little guilty. After she joined the company, Chuck Cannon called Zelda.

Zelda said she was in the square. Chuck Cannon was surprised, and soon Zelda took the elevator.

Today Zelda is very beautiful. The tight jeans outline a charming curve. Heels and casual suits

are really charming.

Zelda was upset last night, thinking that Chuck Cannon would be in trouble. She didn’t worry

until she received a call from Chuck Cannon just now.

Zelda sat in the car, and a scent came in. Chuck Cannon coughed. Isn’t it tempting for Zelda to

dress like this?

“Don’t mess around, you are exercising recently and you can’t give up your efforts,” Zelda said.

Chuck Cannon was speechless and asked where was her home? Zelda said it wasn’t too far away.

Chuck Cannon was relieved for an hour and a half. He was too far away. He could not buy

Yvette Jordan tomorrow.

Zelda saw Chuck Ce’s legs shaking, was this the consequence of last night…?

“Chuck Ce, you last night…” Zelda whispered, what could he do with Yvette Jordan?

Chuck Cannon understood and shook his head bitterly, “No, I went to learn boxing yesterday.”

“Boxing?” Zelda surprised. “What are you doing boxing?”

“It’s simple, I want to be the strongest man!” Chuck Ce’s eyes widened!

Chapter: 166

Zelda smiled, “The strongest man?”

Chuck Cannon blushed, this was his goal, but Zelda knew he was not strong, and Queenie


Chuck Cannon drove and didn’t want to continue talking, Zelda was serious, “Chuck Ce, be

more confident, in fact, you have too few contacts with women, so it was only at that time, I

believe that if you work hard, you will become the strongest man. ,”

Chuck Cannon was moved by Zelda’s encouragement.

“Thank you Zelda.” Chuck Cannon said.

“Thank me for what?” Zelda shook her head, but when Chuck Ce’s legs were shaking, she

laughed and asked, “Do you want me to drive?”

Chuck Cannon nodded. He squatted for a long time yesterday with heavy weights, which caused

his legs to stop listening and even numbness in some places. In this way, there should be great


The two got out of the car and changed places, but when Zelda just sat down, Chuck Cannon saw

his mobile phone in the chair, so he reached for it and Zelda just sat down…

Chuck Cannon felt that Zelda’s face was particularly red when she encountered cotton. She knew

that Chuck Cannon was not intentional…

“I’m sorry, sister Zelda,” Chuck Cannon withdrew his hand, which felt really indescribable.

“it’s okay no problem,”

Zelda’s accelerated heartbeat, she drove, but bit her lip and said, “I won’t help you recently,

because you are exercising, you can’t give up your efforts, but you can’t stand it, you can touch

me with your hand, I won’t mind …”

“No need.” Chuck Cannon quickly shook his head, and today I was particularly sorry for Yvette

Jordan. If you still touch Zelda, it would be too wrong.

“Okay,” Zelda sighed in a loss.

How to say it, Zelda knew that there would be no results, but she couldn’t help it. She felt that

Chuck Cannon had walked into her heart completely.

However, there should be no chance, but if Chuck Cannon is willing, if necessary, then she will

not refuse.

Thinking like this, Zelda felt even more lost in her heart. She stopped talking and drove to her


Yipintang is a very famous restaurant, famous for its large size, like a resort.

Here, there are many relatives of Liu Meili. She specially invited her. When her daughter Zelda

called yesterday, she said she could bring her boyfriend. She was very happy. She immediately

invited people from her family to come to dinner. Chuck Ce.

How to say, the two are living together, should consider getting married.

Her relatives are rich people, especially Zelda’s cousin, but the furniture city, has assets of tens of


“Auntie, this is my boyfriend…” introduced Liu Shiyu, Mo Zi’s sister.

Liu Meili was surprised. Liu Shiyu’s boyfriend was tall and handsome, and his temperament was

no ordinary family.

“Good,” Liu Meili smiled.

“Well, my boyfriend started his own business, and now the company’s market value is more than

300 million.” Liu Shiyu said.

“That’s so powerful?” Liu Meili was surprised. It’s not easy to start a business that can make the

company’s market value so large.

Liu Meili’s expression made her boyfriend Han Wenqing proud, and he enjoyed the surprise of


“Well, we are getting married next month.” Liu Shiyu smiled.

“Then congratulations,”

“Right, cousin, don’t you say she will bring her boyfriend over today?” Liu Shiyu was curious.

“Well, it will be brought over,”

“What did that cousin boyfriend do!”

“It is not clear what to do, but there is a square, he is a square owner,” Liu Meili said.

“Square boss?” Liu Shiyu was surprised. The husband her cousin was looking for was so



“That square is big?”

“Not too big.” Liu Meili said, Chuck Ce’s square is really not big, this is what she really thinks.

“It doesn’t matter how big it is, at least it’s over 100 million.”

“That’s not necessarily. If it’s not a large square, many bosses don’t make much money, and even

some people are losing money.” Han Wenqing shook his head.

Liu Meili shook her head and said it was not clear.

“Oh, I heard that someone in our city has opened a new square. It seems that it has been open for

half a year, and there are no people in it, let alone the shop is rented out. For half a year, twothirds of the shops are empty. The boss of this square will be dead.” Liu Shiyu also said.

This is true. She had a friend who opened a store in this square. They all said that the owner of

the square was going to run, and the salaries of the employees in the square could not be paid

out. It was very miserable.

“That’s not necessarily, I think Zelda’s boyfriend’s square is quite profitable,” said the young

woman in hot pants who had gone with Liu Meili before.

The young woman in skinny jeans also came over.

“Look, but only he knows whether he really makes money.” Liu Shiyu was unhappy. These two

young women didn’t like it very much, but they were Liu Meili’s girlfriends.

“You’ll see if you go and see for yourself.” said the young woman in tight jeans.

“So powerful, then I really want to see what my cousin boyfriend looks like,” Liu Shiyu pouted.

“Come on, Zelda is here.” said the hot young woman.

A few people looked over and found that Zelda was driving and Liu Shiyu pouted, “Well, this

seems to be the first car bought by cousin, there is no car, and you have to take someone else.

The square must be dead. It’s estimated to be closed,”

Chuck Cannon and Zelda came over.

Liu Meili was happy with her two girlfriends, but Liu Shiyu saw Chuck Cannon and she shook

her head.

Not as handsome as his boyfriend, and what’s wrong with this leg? It’s not easy to walk, is that

what happened last night?

It’s useless!

The man is so insane, what should I do in the future

Some other relatives also came over, saying today they came to check Zelda, but when they saw

Chuck Ce, they shook their heads.

First of all, there is no car. What is this for? And it’s not natural to walk, what was that last

night? Without money, and not strong in that respect, how can Zelda find such a boyfriend?

What kind of company employee might he be, with thousands of dollars in salary, he luckily met


This belongs to eating soft rice!

They were surprised and felt the need to remind Liu Meili or Zelda to reconsider.

“Chuck Ce, you are…” Liu Meili was shocked, and she was pleasantly surprised. Does Chuck

Ce’s soft legs mean that her daughter has good news recently?

Her two girlfriends also smiled.

“Mom, don’t think about it, Chuck Ce….” Zelda blushed. What expression did his mother have?

This is why Chuck Cannon exercised too much, okay!

“Mom is here, understand, understand… Ladies and gentlemen, this is your daughter’s boyfriend,

Chuck Ce!” Liu Meili smiled very happy.

But the frowning expression of basically all of her relatives puzzled her, what happened?

“Is this really Zelda’s boyfriend?” One of the relatives said, which is really not very good.

“Well.” Liu Meili nodded.

“Look, look, it’s not as good as Liu Shiyu’s boyfriend. You see that Liu Siyu’s boyfriend started a

company. The strength is very good, and Zelda’s is almost meaningless, but make it!”

“Can’t make up, how can life’s big events make up?” An aunt came over, “Zelda, what does your

boyfriend do?”

“Well, ask clearly, everyone asks clearly.” Other relatives also said, after all, they like Zelda,

can’t let Zelda jump into the fire pit, the people who obviously bring them are not worthy of

Zelda. .

As relatives, they must be reminded.

“He is still a student.” Zelda said, but his tone was confident.

“What? Student?”

“No wonder the cars are gone.”

“That won’t work. It’s too young. The purpose may not be pure!”

“I don’t think it’s too good.”

Liu Meili was not happy to hear, “Although my daughter’s boyfriend is studying, he has a


“Square? This is the second generation of rich?”

“It’s hard to see, will it be deceiving.”

“I think it may be that the square is not very easy to do now, and many of them are at a loss.

Zelda, what is the situation with your boyfriend’s square?” a relative asked.

“Very good.” Zelda said. She could see that there was a lot of people in the square recently,

which is a good sign.

“Good? That’s average,”

“It is estimated to be at a loss.”

Several relatives whispered about it, so there is a square at such a young age? Certainly not! All

relatives shook their heads, thinking that Liu Meili said so deliberately, just to find face for

Zelda’s boyfriend, but it also required people to believe. Seeing Chuck Ce’s appearance, they did

not believe that Chuck Cannon would have a square.

Chapter: 167

All relatives in their own family look down on Chuck Ce, which makes Liu Meili feel annoyed

and can’t look up. Why do these relatives think Chuck Cannon has no ability?

Everyone thinks Chuck Ce’s square is fake, will Chuck Ce’s square definitely lose money?

Liu Meili sighed and didn’t know how to explain it.

“Second Uncle, Third Uncle, don’t say that, Zelda’s boyfriend square is good.” Liu Meili shook

her head.

“Yeah, the three of us watched it last time. Although the square is not big, but it is very powerful

for a young man. Zelda boyfriend not only has a square, but also…” said the young woman in

tight jeans. Suddenly realized that it was too embarrassing to say the last thing that broke the

vase, so she shut up.

“What else?” a relative asked.

“Also, he is good anyway, a phone can solve many things,” the young woman in skinny jeans


“Solve many things? What did you solve?”

“Solve, solve…” The young woman in skinny jeans is no longer in support, should I say it, it’s too

embarrassing to say it.

The young woman in hot pants immediately pestered her, Liu Meili’s face was unnatural, and she

couldn’t say the last thing.

The three women did not speak.

Can’t tell?

These relatives shook their heads. At this time, it doesn’t matter who has any relationship. Call to

solve some trivial matters. What is this skill?

At best it was a fluke to know a few people.

Alas, why is Zelda in such a good condition that he will find such a boyfriend?

They feel so pity.

Isn’t this a flower on cow dung?

“Are there any squares,” a relative asked. Liu Meili and three people are so supportive. Who still

believes this?

“Yes, there is.” Liu Meili said quickly.

“Beautiful, everyone is a relative, and it is all for the sake of Zelda, there is no need to engage in

that set.” A relative sighed and shook his head.

Everyone is a family, so why lie for face?

Now that you can’t get around with this lie now?

Everyone sighed, and felt that Chuck Cannon was even more disagreeable. This was totally Gao

Pan, which let others know that he had such a relative, and his face was not bright.

Liu Meili is in a hurry, why is it getting worse?

“My daughter’s boyfriend really has a square. He is next to several schools. I went to…”

“Come on, beautiful, don’t say that, he has a square!”

“Yeah, don’t say it, we all believe it.”

Several relatives sighed and shook their heads. Where is this letter? This is totally catered to


Liu Meili was even more anxious, and her two girlfriends were helpless.

The whole atmosphere became awkward.

After Liu Shiyu and her boyfriend Han Wenqing looked at each other, he smiled and Han

Wenqing was proud.

Zelda felt even more sorry for Chuck Ce. Today she brought Chuck Cannon here to fill the

scene. She did not expect her family of relatives to look down on Chuck Cannon so much.

Zelda looked at Chuck Ce, showing an apologetic expression, and felt distressed in his heart.

This boy, who was a freshman, was so despised by his relatives.

Chuck Cannon doesn’t matter. Anyway, after lunch, his job of pretending to be Zelda’s boyfriend

is finished, and he can go back today. After all, Chuck Cannon himself can’t wait to buy a car for

Yvette Jordan tomorrow.

“Come on, don’t talk about it. You already know Zelda’s boyfriend. Let’s eat, everyone is

hungry.” A relative suggested that he had no interest in talking about Chuck Cannon anyway.

“Well, it’s boring, eat, eat.”

Other relatives also said that Liu Meili sighed and arranged for the relatives to sit down for


“Chuck Ce, let’s eat.” Zelda whispered, she all embraced Chuck Cannon to comfort him a bit,

how to say she was ten years older than Chuck Ce.

I think it should be done, but there are too many people. Why is she so embarrassed?

“Well.” Chuck Cannon nodded, not counting it in the morning, but now it is indeed hungry.

Everyone is seated.

Zelda whispered to her mother, what about father? Why is dad not here when it is so important

today? Liu Meili said that there are important business to talk about temporarily.

Zelda exclaimed.

The dishes came up quickly, Chuck Cannon looked quite appetizing and was ready to eat.

At this time, Liu Shiyu said, “Wenqing had a friend from a French winery who gave him three

bottles of Lafite from 1982. Today’s special situation, I took a bottle. Several uncles and aunts

have to try it. “

Han Wenqing took out the wine in the bag, the packaging is exquisite, and it has a very sense of

the age. Before opening the wine bottle, a kind of wine scent will be released. This is really Rafi

in 1982!

“Wow, I’m blessed today,”

“Wow, I want to drink this wine for too long. I usually drink some fake, authentic French

wineries, absolutely authentic!”

“Shi Yu, your boyfriend is really good, has the ability!”

Several relatives were immediately excited, Liu Shiyu smiled, Han Wenqing opened the bottle

with a smile, and with a bang, the fragrance came out.

“Aunts and uncles, wait a minute to wake up and wake up, so it tastes better.” Han Wenqing said.

The relatives present can’t wait, this authentic Rafi is hard to drink.

When the wine was awake, Han Wenqing poured wine for everyone with a smile. When he

reached Zelda, Han Wenqing said, “Drink it, this wine is very good,”

“Thank you, I will have to drive while I can’t drink.” Zelda shook his head.

“Well, then your boyfriend can drink a little, such wine is not often drinkable,” Han Wenqing

looked at Chuck Cannon and said that he had poured a little to the glass in front of Chuck Ce.

Zelda frowned, how could this sentence be so twisted?

“This wine is really thick and good wine!” said a relative.

“Wenqing, thanks, let me drink such a good wine today.”

A few relatives were particularly happy and felt that it was good to come here, with good wine.

Liu Meili felt that she couldn’t lift her head and was messed up today. She thought about

introducing Chuck Ce. But she didn’t expect her relatives to look down on Chuck Ce. Now her

limelight has been robbed by Liu Shiyu’s boyfriend.

She was a little ashamed and bowed her head to eat silently.

Her two girlfriends are even harder to say.

“Come on, Chuck Ce, let’s have a drink!” Han Wenqing raised his glass.

Chuck Cannon nodded and the two clink glasses.

“How is it?” Han Wenqing asked with a smile.

“It’s delicious, sweet.” Chuck Cannon said, he had a good drink before, just drank a little last

time, but this wine is very delicious, Chuck Cannon doesn’t want to deny it.

The relatives on the table laughed, all ridiculously.

Will you drink? Rafi in 1982, did you drink it and said it was sweet?

Han Wenqing smiled, but also felt pride in himself, this wine was wasted for him.

“Since it feels sweet, then drink more.” Han Wenqing said.

Several relatives shook their heads and looked down on Chuck Cannon even more. They didn’t

even know how to drink red wine, or the square owner? Who believes this?

Sure enough, it was just for the sake of face, it must be a student, a student with little money.

Liu Meili blushed, “Everyone eats food, otherwise it will be cold,”

“By the way, Chuck Ce, what is the name of your square? I still know a lot of square owners.

You said that I should know,” Liu Shiyu’s boyfriend Han Wenqing continued, and the relatives

on the table appreciated him. , He felt very cool.

“Small Square, you don’t know what you said,” Chuck Cannon shook his head, eating, just

wanting to finish eating quickly.

“You said I would know, everyone is a family, let’s talk about it, we will go to your square to

play it!” Han Wenqing continued, unfortunately other relatives, I can’t tell the lie?

Both Liu Meili and her two girlfriends looked at Chuck Ce, and everyone else looked at Chuck

Ce. They couldn’t tell it, because they lied.

“City Square.” Chuck Cannon said.

“The City Square in Haishi?” Han Wenqing suddenly smiled, a little weird.

Other relatives are curious, what’s wrong?

“Yes.” Chuck Cannon nodded.

“I happen to know the boss of this square. I went there once last year, but the boss doesn’t seem

to be you. Wang Hao, Wang Hao is the boss of the city square!” Han Wenqing said with a smile,

it was a coincidence, it was a lie. Speaking of things you know, this is bad luck for you!

“What? It’s really not his.”

“Ah, is it necessary to lie?”

“Now young people, their mouths are full of lies!”

Relatives on the table sighed and shook their heads, even feeling a little angry. Why did a liar eat

with them?

Chapter: 168

Han Wenqing’s words are very clear. The boss of the city square is not Chuck Ce, but Wang


Relatives on the table had a lot of discussions and looked down on Chuck Cannon even more.

Liu Meili froze with her two girlfriends. Isn’t the square owner Chuck Ce?

This should not be possible, but Han Wenqing’s words are not wrong, so what is going on?

“Then your news is too ill-informed, Chuck Cannon has turned the city square down long ago,”

Zelda was angry, but the boss in front of the square said it personally. She was also surprised

when she heard it, but now she believes it completely Too.

“is it?”

Han Wenqing smiled, “Although the city square is not big, but the land is still very expensive,

and the whole turn down, it is impossible without six or seven billion!”

“Sixty-seven million? So expensive!”

“That’s absolutely impossible for him. Where does he look like he can pay so much money?”

“Alas, this cowhide must be blown at least to make people believe it. It is blown out now, it’s


Several relatives sighed and sneered, especially the last sentence, which made Liu Meili feel

embarrassed. What is going on?

Isn’t the city square Chuck Ce?

Her two girlfriends were even more surprised, “No, are there any misunderstandings?”

“I think so, Chuck Cannon should be the owner of the square. Otherwise, how could he solve the

problem of breaking the vase last time?”

The two girlfriends said that Liu Meili felt better, which may be misunderstood.

They looked at Chuck Ce.

“Zelda, can you explain it? The city square can be followed by ordinary people? Six to seven

billion is not a small number. For too many people, it is an astronomical number that is difficult

to reach in a lifetime, I think Isn’t Chuck Cannon wrong? He just drank too much and said the

name of his square is wrong. You let him think about it again…think clearly and say it again.”

Han Wenqing laughed deeper, his tone was Mocked.

Zelda was particularly angry. Wasn’t it obvious that Chuck Cefa was bragging about drinking?

“What else do you think? The square is his.” Zelda was serious.

Han Wenqing twitched his lips, which was a disdain.

“Zelda, stop talking.” A relative shook his head.

“We all know your boyfriend, don’t talk about it, it’s really boring to talk about it, but uncle,

some words today have to talk about, young people down to earth, don’t talk nonsense all day,

such people, no Worth trusting for life, think about it!”

“Yes, if Wen Qing didn’t know many people, knowing what the boss of this square has other

people, we may have been deceived by him. In front of our elders, we still talk so much, and we

can usually imagine it. Alas, I don’t want to sit down with him for dinner.”

The relatives present were all disappointed. Zelda was particularly wronged. Why didn’t you

believe it? The owner of the square was really Chuck Ce.

“Zelda, let me introduce you to a good one, and it is divided now! He, we don’t like it, we are so

deceiving, and we can’t keep cheating you all day long, you will be very painful.” Another

relative said .

“Auntie.” Zelda’s eyes were red and angry.

She saw disappointment on her mother Liu Meili’s face. Indeed, Liu Meili was disappointed.

Chuck Cannon didn’t say anything to make her doubt, she was disappointed.

Even her two girlfriends wondered what was going on?

Zelda felt pain in his heart, and felt sorry for Chuck Cannon today. He must have been wronged

in his heart!

Zelda stood up and bit her lip, not wanting to let the aggrieved tears flow out, “Chuck Ce, let’s


“Zelda, let him go by himself, we are all a family, all right!”

“Yes, let him go. The person who opened his mouth is a lie. Don’t stay here.”

Several relatives said.

Chuck Cannon looked up and saw Zelda wronged. He suddenly wanted to comfort her. What

does this woman who has helped herself twice look like in her heart?

Chuck Cannon didn’t know herself, anyway, seeing her crying at this time, Chuck Cannon

wanted to comfort her.

This may be because my brother comforts my sister!

“It’s okay, I haven’t finished this meal yet!” Chuck Cannon said, holding her hand and let her sit


Zelda’s tears came out, mainly because I was sorry for Chuck Ce. It should have been a good

meal, but actually got the situation now.

At this moment, Zelda decided that if Chuck Cannon made any request at this time, she would

agree, as long as he mentions…all, she would agree!

“How about, you still have a face sitting here?” Han Wenqing smiled, and a man running a train

full of mouths was not worthy of his smile.

“I haven’t finished my meal yet, I’m hungry, I want to add a dish.” Chuck Cannon said, took out

his mobile phone and made a phone call, “Sister Li, I eat at Yipintang and want to eat the dishes

you said yesterday, I can eat Here?…Well, did that dish? Well, well, it’s just as good as a total of

fifteen people. Well, then I’ll wait for you.”

The phone hung up.

Chuck Cannon put away his phone.

The relatives on the table frowned, adding vegetables? Call for takeaway? This is Yipintang, but

it’s a luxury resort, but takeaways are not available!

Still talking nonsense!

“Wait, I added a dish and delivered it within 20 minutes.” Chuck Cannon said.

“Yeah.” Zelda bit her lip and nodded.

“Auntie, wait a minute, this dish is very good!” Chuck Cannon said to Liu Meili and the three of


The three of them nodded with sighs.

“Add food? Don’t be so troublesome, what do you want to eat, I invite you, but you have to go to

another table to eat.” Han Wenqing said.

“You may not be able to order the food I added,” Chuck Cannon said.

“Can’t call it? What a joke, did you eat anything in this class? You said!” Han Wenqing sneered.

There are so many dishes in Huaxia, what dishes does he have that can’t be called?

“Forget it, isn’t it a waste of money to invite him to dinner?” Liu Shiyu pulled his boyfriend.

She can be seen as the boyfriend of Zelda. She doesn’t have the ability to pretend to force her.

She said the name of a square. It wasn’t for a long time. What more food do she say now? She

can’t stand it anymore, how could she eat with such a person?

“Just lose it and feed the dog!” Han Wenqing sneered. “Say, don’t you say anything you added,

roast chicken or duck…”

“My name was steamed yellow-lip fish just now, but…” Chuck Cannon said.

“What? Steamed yellow-lip fish?” Han Wenqing disdains. He must know the yellow-lip fish.

This is really priceless. It’s more than ten thousand pounds, and you can’t buy it. Just call this


“This kid is talking again!”

“Yeah, I grew up so much, I have heard of yellow-lipped fish, but I have never eaten it. This dish

costs 10,000 or 20,000 yuan, and it doesn’t cost us a catty. With so many of us, each one of us

has no chopsticks. “

“Alas, how did Zelda find such a boyfriend, opening his mouth is a lie!”

A few relatives are disgusted, think, if you add vegetables, just add them. What else do you say

about yellow-lip fish? You tell others to believe this lie!

Liu Meili and the three of them were surprised. How could Zelda not know the yellow lip fish

when he was a restaurant? How did Chuck Cannon get it?

“How did you get this dish?” Han Wenqing said, he can get it, but it’s too far. It takes two hours

to come here, let alone say it.

“Just call,” Chuck Cannon said.

“Haha! Are you kidding me? Well, if you take a step back 10,000 steps, you can get it, but it will

take a few hours to ship it. Do you let us wait for you for a few hours?” Han Wenqing disdain.

“Within twenty minutes.” Chuck Cannon said.

“It’s nonsense!”

A relative yelled, “This is Yipintang. The whole resort is Yipintang. It is a mountainous area that

has been developed. It will take you more than 30 minutes to drive here. Why do you call it in 20


Chuck Cannon glanced at him, “Uncle, right? It’s very simple, there is more than one kind of

transportation in the world.”

“It’s more than a vehicle, but you’re talking about bicycles? Electric cars?” Han Wenqing


Liu Meili blushed and felt ashamed, she sighed, how could it be like this today!


“No.” Chuck Cannon shook his head.

“No? Then tell me what tools are there?” Han Wenqing laughed and mocked, but at this time, a

roaring sound suddenly came from the far side, like thunder, and quickly spread. Over here.

The relatives on the table froze, and some other people who ate nearby also froze, looking out


“Look! What is this!”

Someone’s fingers were stunned, because in the distance, a black spot flew towards here.

Chapter: 169

The entire Yipintang guests were stunned, all staring at the distant horizon, someone took out

their mobile phones to shoot.

“Oh my god!”

“This, this is a helicopter!”

“Really, this roar is so amazing!”

“How come a helicopter suddenly came to Yipintang.”

“It is estimated that the big boss came to eat.”

These people argued that after the black spot appeared, they never looked away again.


It seemed that the wind was about to rise all around. This was the sound of a helicopter. The

huge propeller was spinning. The huge and luxurious fuselage was full of luxury. It came quickly

from far and near.

The wind blew, and the lawn in the distance seemed to surrender, close to the body, and greet the

arrival of this helicopter!

The huge body shocked all the people I saw, and all the people I saw were stunned.

“This is, whose plane is this?”

“I don’t know, but I know that the cheapest such helicopters cost US$10 to US$20 million, US

dollars, my goodness!

“What? So expensive?” Someone was shocked.

“More than this, I know this helicopter, this is a R&D and production of a company in Europe,

this is Rolls-Royce in the air, the cost of a minimum of 40 million US dollars!” This person was

particularly shocked when he said this sentence. !

“Yeah, I see it too. Which big boss is here?”

The whole Yipintang was shocked. Where did they see this kind of scene, which is not seen in

the movie?

Yipintang consumption is considered the best, but I have never heard of such a rich boss coming

here to spend!

Who is it?

The helicopter landed, the violent propeller stopped, and it was quiet. As long as the people who

witnessed this scene were all stunned, silent!

The hatch opened, and a few people came down. The four of them wore black suits, carrying a

large suitcase, and walked neatly towards a place.

“What is this for? What is in the box?”

“Who knows this, but no boss came down from it, what does that mean?”

When everyone was puzzled, they saw these four people carrying boxes and walked into the

pavilion, in front of a dining table.

Respectfully, unanimously, “Young Master! We have delivered what you want!”

The sound is as loud as Hong Zhong!

Make everyone stunned, what? Master? ?


“I haven’t seen it, but the helicopters are all dispatched. Can such a person be known to us?”

These people shook their heads, the tone was still shocked!

On the table, all relatives of Zelda looked silly.

They were just surprised whose helicopter came over? However, these people came down, and

actually came to Chuck Ce, called young master? ?

Liu Meili was dumbfounded, what’s going on?

Her two girlfriends also saw their jaws fall off. Isn’t Chuck Cannon only one square?

Zelda has been stunned. At this time, she has too many questions. Chuck Ce, what is your

background? ?

Liu Shiyu and Han Wenqing stared at each other as if they were bronze bells. They were most


Han Wenqing, in particular, was completely dumbfounded. What other means of transportation

did he say… this? ?

“This is what I mean by transportation.” Chuck Cannon looked at Han Wenqing.

Han Wenqing was completely speechless. He felt as if he had eaten a bitter lotus and was

speechless. He raised his hand and shivered, “You, how did you get the helicopter?”

He knows that this helicopter is only available in private order. Forty or fifty million yuan, more

than his entire net worth. This shock and shock to him is undoubtedly a row of mountains and


“Just call,” Chuck Cannon said.

Han Wenqing was dumbfounded, just a phone call? So simple?

The relatives on the table were completely dumbfounded and could call the helicopter over a

phone. This is, is it true that he is the square owner?

But Han Wenqing didn’t say that, did he? The owner of the city square has other people!

“You, the square is not yours, how could you call the helicopter to come?” Han Wenqing first


“I will inform you when I take the square?” Chuck Cannon calmly.


Han Wenqing calmed down, as if he had been punched in the face, blushing and ashamed!

Liu Shiyu looked at Chuck Cannon indifferently. Could it be that he is really the boss of the


“Lying trough, hang up! Is this the guy who owns this helicopter?”

“Sure, everyone who came down called him Master! This must be the second generation of super


“Dare you call him that?”

The people who saw this scene in Yipintang seemed to have a dream. Is it true that they are

eating in the same place with such a rich person today?

“Master, the cook who made this dish hasn’t come yet, he should be coming soon,” one of them

said respectfully.

Chuck Cannon nodded, “Open me and see.”


Four people opened the box, there were many ice cubes, there was a fish with arm length, the

scales were all pale gold, and it looked like five or six pounds!

“Fuck! Yellow-lipped fish, five or six pounds of yellow-lipped fish! My mother, this one is at

least seven or eighty thousand!”

“Mom, so expensive? Is a fish so expensive?”

Others were shocked.

The relatives on the table were completely dumbfounded, Liu Mei was at a loss, really a yellowlip fish.

“Yes, I’m blessed. I’m blessed today. I haven’t eaten yellow-lip fish in my life!”

“Haha, this is all thanks to Zelda’s boyfriend!”

“Without him, I have never seen a yellow-lip fish!”

Relatives laughed and liked Chuck Ce. At such a moment, Chuck Ce’s impression in their hearts

changed, and it was difficult to change it.

Liu Meili is happy, this son-in-law is really good!

Han Wenqing was terrified. He really called for a yellow-lip fish!

“What’s this?” Zelda pointed at a box next to the yellow-lip fish suspiciously.

“This fish gelatin, the fish belly of the yellow-lip fish, has been stored in the fish gelatin after

decades of natural drying,” one of them said.

Zelda froze, “Fish glue? Here, how much is this?”

“Just three catties.”

“Zelda, you are so surprised, is this fish glue expensive?” a relative asked.

“Aunt, this yellow-lipped fish glue has been stored for decades, at least 300,000 pounds, that is

to say, 900,000 here, plus this yellow-lip fish, Chuck Cannon gave We added more than one

million dishes.” Zelda couldn’t suppress his surprise.

too expensive!

“Ah? My mother, so expensive?”

Relatives on the seat were dumbfounded again, and they added more food for one million? ?

Han Wenqing’s face was pale, he thought that the red wine he brought was enough to make him

have a face, but the dishes added by others, he can buy him several bottles…

He felt particularly ashamed!

“Zelda, is this true?” Liu Meili shivered, and her two girlfriends were shocked. Yujiao, so

expensive, beauty…

“Well, how could I make a mistake in the restaurant?” Zelda shook her head, she looked at

Chuck Ce, “Chuck Ce, your dish is too expensive.”

“It’s not expensive, it’s not expensive, everyone should have a good meal,” Chuck Cannon said.

“Master, the chef who made these two dishes is here,” one of them said.

All relatives on the table looked at it.

At this time, the onlookers discussed again, because a Mercedes-Benz opened outside and the

door opened, and a man wearing a chef’s clothes ran over in a hurry.

“This is, this is the kitchen king for the people!”

“It’s really him, why is he here? Is it cooking for this young master?”

“Sure, but I have heard that Chef Wang cooks a dish, that is, an egg fried rice will cost 10,000

bowls, and you can’t eat it if you have money. Now come here, how much money do you have to

pay to come over! “

These people have been completely shocked, how could they think that Chef King will appear


The boss of Yipintang was shocked. He just heard that there was a helicopter, so he came out,

but when he saw the chef king, he must find the past to greet him. The chef king arrived, this is

affirmation of him!

“Chef, I…” The boss walked over to greet him.

The chef king shook his head, “Boss Tan, I’m sorry. I’m in a hurry. I have something to tell me

later. Also, I’ll use your kitchen later!”

He said that he had crossed over to the boss. The boss of Yipintang was dumbfounded. Is

something wrong? ? what’s up? Also use the kitchen?

Under the attention of everyone in the audience, Chef Wang walked up to Chuck Ce, “Sorry, the

traffic jam was late, how do you prepare me for these two dishes?”

Chapter: 170

“How do you want to eat? Auntie? What do you mean?” Chuck Cannon looked at Liu Meili.

The relatives on the table have been stunned for a long time, even the kitchen king, even the

kitchen king is coming. Who is Zelda’s boyfriend?

They are silent! It was completely shocked by a series of things today.

Han Wenqing’s face was even paler, the kind of powerless white, he thought he was rich enough,

he could get such a big yellow lip fish, but he could not get the helicopter to send the yellow lip


What’s more, there is more than 900,000 pieces of fish glue, as well as the chef king who came

over to cook, this…

He can’t do it at all. In such a moment, Han Wenqing smiled bitterly in his heart. What was he in

front of such a person? Not shit!

Liu Meili was somewhat flattered, and the envious eyes in her relatives made her happy. She

talked intermittently, “Chuck Ce, you, you have decided.”

“What about the two aunts?” Chuck Cannon looked at the young women in tight jeans and hot


The two of them were stunned, and soon recovered, and quickly said, “You, you have decided,

listen to you.”

“Hey, Chuck Ce, do you have a face-lifting? Do it according to the method of face-lifting, such

an expensive fish glue, I have never eaten it…” The young woman in tight jeans looked forward.

Chuck Cannon smiled and then asked the chef king, “Is it possible?”

“Yes,” the chef nodded.

“That Chuck Ce, can you give me a little bit, I want to give my daughter a little bit, just a little

bit,” the young woman in hot pants came over and looked forward to Chuck Ce.

The two women are still good today, Chuck Cannon nodded, “Okay, wait for the chef king to

leave you some.”

“Thank you.” The young hot pants surprised.

Other relatives on the table were envious. Three pounds of fish glue was more than 900,000. Just

one or two or two was more than 100,000.

Chef Wang asked others, Chuck Cannon said whatever you want. Anyway, the materials have

already been delivered. There is certainly no problem with the cooking skills of his chef Wang,

just wait.

“Yes, then wait.” The chef nodded. The four men with ingredients followed the chef to the

kitchen of Yipintang.

“Wait a minute,” Chuck Cannon said.

“Okay, okay, Chuck Ce, you are amazing! I have heard of fish glue, but I have never eaten it,

thank you.”

“Yeah, I haven’t eaten such expensive things in my life, it’s all up to you!”

Relatives on the table have greatly changed Chuck Ce. Helicopters sent millions of ingredients

over, and let the chef king come to cook. Is this what ordinary people can do?

square? What if they are not the square owner? Don’t even think about a square!

Chuck Cannon smiled and shook his head. Zelda looked at the man sitting next to him. He had a

sweet feeling in his heart. He seemed to really like him…

Liu Meili was so happy. The relatives’ admiration gave her a bright face. She really felt that her

daughter’s vision was so good this time.

Liu Shiyu stared blankly at Chuck Ce, and then looked at her boyfriend next to her. She suddenly

felt that the gap was too big. She sighed, how could she find a boyfriend who is not such a

person? One million for a meal, which really shocked her. You know that the most expensive

meal that Han Wenqing took her to eat was only more than two thousand. It can’t be compared


I didn’t expect that my cousin was so lucky, and found such a rich boyfriend, Liu Shiyu sighed,

she looked at Han Wenqing around him, his face was ugly, she was even more unhappy, hum,

bring a bottle of red wine, why not Bring a little more?

“Oh, when are you going to get married!”

“I think it will be better soon. Zelda’s boyfriend is good, very good. Get married early!”

Relatives began to say this. Zelda blushed and bowed her head to not speak. She looked at Chuck

Cannon secretly, but found that his smile was a little stiff. Zelda lost her heart and sighed.

The dishes are up.

The scent made the nearby guests salivate, and some people even came to take pictures and ate

for more than an hour. All the dishes were finished. This was made by the chef king. It was


“Today’s food is so delicious, I will never forget it in my life.”

“Yeah, the fish glue just slipped and slipped. It was absolutely beautiful after eating.”

“By the way, Chuck Ce, your square is in the sea market, then I have time to play with it.”

Several relatives admired, staring at Chuck Ce, as if still wanting to have dinner…

Of course, Liu Meili made a few words of courtesy and was ready to leave at checkout, but the

boss of Yipintang came over in person and said that he was exempt from the bill.

The relatives on the table were even more surprised. Even the boss came out in person. Chuck

Ce’s face was too big!

Han Wenqing felt that he could not lift his head. The boss of Yipintang was also very rich. He

came out like this, and he was very kind to Chuck Cannon throughout the journey, just like

babies are kind to old people…

“That master, let’s go back first.” One of them said.

Chuck Cannon nodded, and the four of them took the helicopter to leave under the watch of other

guests. The chef came over and said a few words to Chuck Ce, asking how was the dish just

now? Chuck Cannon thought it was particularly delicious. Chef Wang smiled and said that he

needed any instructions at any time, and gave Chuck Cannon a business card.

Chuck Cannon put it away, thinking that there must be a chance to use it.

Everyone came out of Yipintang, and other relatives left enviously.

Liu Meili and her two girlfriends pulled Chuck Cannon and Zelda.

“Sometimes come back. Don’t go back tonight. Tomorrow. Let’s go tomorrow.” Liu Meili held

Zelda, what a joke? Just leave after eating? Where does this seem to go home? It’s like this

before you get married. Will you come back after getting married? ?

“Mom, there is still something over there in my restaurant, and there is something over Chuck

Cannon Square. I have to go back today.” Zelda said, but she agreed to go back to Chuck Cannon

today. How can she say something?

“Both of you are bosses. Is there anything you need to deal with in person? You can’t say

anything today! You must go home!” Liu Meili looked serious.

“Yeah, don’t leave today. It’s not a matter of urgency for the restaurant square.” Her two

girlfriends also catered.

Zelda was very helpless. She looked at Chuck Cannon and felt very embarrassed. Chuck Cannon

thought about it. Forget it, Liu Meili and the three of them would definitely not let themselves

leave. They stayed for one night today and went back tomorrow morning. Buy a car for Yvette


“Okay, auntie, we won’t go back today.” Chuck Cannon said.

Zelda accident, not going back? “Chuck Ce, you…”

She was touched suddenly. Chuck Cannon didn’t embarrass herself, so to say so?

“It’s okay, go back tomorrow.” Chuck Cannon smiled.

“Well.” Zelda lowered his head, happy in his heart.

“Well, let’s go home!” Liu Meili smiled.

Or Zelda drove, Chuck Cannon was sitting, and after arriving home, Liu Meili said, “Tonight

you will live in the room where Zelda lived.”

Chuck Cannon was embarrassed, and Zelda also felt embarrassed. How did the two sleep? When

Zelda just came, he thought that his mother would definitely do this, but now she really does.

“You two go in, Zelda, you take Chuck Cannon in to see what you need, and tell me now, I’ll buy

it,” Liu Meili urged.

The two girlfriends also said, “Go, drive for so long, and get tired, go to bed early.”

Zelda bit his lip, Chuck Cannon didn’t matter anyway, anyway, sleeping in a room, it wouldn’t be

over without doing that kind of thing? Chuck Cannon and Yvette Jordan have been like this for

so long.

“En.” Chuck Cannon nodded.

Zelda’s face was even redder, did he really agree? Then at night…

The two entered the room and had to say that the room where the woman had lived was fragrant,

the door was closed, and the room was very quiet, with only the sound of two people’s


“Chuck Ce” Zelda whispered.

“Sister Zelda, I’m sleeping on the floor today, don’t worry,” Chuck Cannon said, anyway, it’s fine

to sleep on the ground in this weather, and there are blankets on the ground, so it’s comfortable to

fall asleep.

“Don’t you sleep on the bed, I sleep on the ground.” Zelda shook his head, how could Chuck

Cannon sleep on the ground? What if I catch a cold? Then she will be distressed.

“Sister Zelda, don’t argue with me,” Chuck Cannon laughed and sat directly on the ground,

letting a woman sleep on the ground, Chuck Cannon could not do it.

Zelda bit her lip, “Actually, you also sleep in bed, I don’t mind at all, just to see you… think about


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