Chapter 161: My Mysterious Husband

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 161 Venus was Pregnant (1)
The stairs to the villa’s roof were on the third floor. Now the villa was quiet, and Venus came to the third floor and followed the narrow stairs up to the roof.

The breeze was cool. Her trench coat rustled in the wind.

It was less than three minutes before her appointment with her brother. Venus suddenly remembered the night when she was in a bad mood and Xiaozi took her to the roof.

Suddenly, the sound of a plane roaring came from the distance. Venus turned back excitedly. A helicopter was rapidly approaching the villa with a man hanging below. The time was exactly ten o’clock at night.

The roar broke the silence of the night. These bodyguards of Ye’s family in charge of the patrol saw the helicopter and was stunned for a few seconds. After confirming that the helicopter was coming towards the direction of the villa, they immediately informed Henry Zhang.

John, the butler, was still awake. He also heard the noise and ran out of the villa to look at it. He was shocked. “Why is Venus on the roof? “

“Half an hour before, Mr. Ye happily picked a bottle of wine from the cellar. He told me that Venus wanted to drink wine. But why is she here on the roof when she should be drinking with Mr. Ye?” John thought of something, and then hurried upstairs.

He pushed open Venus’s bedroom door, only to find Kerry on the floor with a towel tied around his mouth. He was unconscious.

John knew at first glance that Kerry had been drugged, and he untied the towel, shaking him by the head and shouting, “Wake up, Sir. Please wake up.”

Outside, Henry and his men with guns in their hands were gathered below the villa. They were ready to shoot the helicopter at any moment.

“No shooting without orders.” Henry shouted. He knew that person was Venus. Kerry loved her very much now. He definitely would chop off the hand of anyone who hurt her.

“But if I don’t stop her, she is going to be taken away by the helicopter. What the hell is the boss doing?” Henry thought.

Down the stairs, Henry ran fast all the way to the entrance at the top of the stairs, but he found the door locked by Venus. He banged on the door several times, but he didn’t open it.

John was going crazy. No matter how much he shook Kerry, he couldn’t wake up, so he ran into the bathroom to get a tub of cold water and splashed it in Kerry’s face.

Finally, Kerry woke up and opened his eyes. He vaguely saw John standing anxiously in front of him.

“Sir, Venus is about to be taken away.” John said loudly in his ear.

Kerry sobered up a little at the sound of Venus’s name.

“John, help me up,” Kerry said weakly, unable to use any strength.

John was busy helping him up off the floor.

“What’s going on out there?” Kerry shook his head.

“Henry is outside with bodyguards waiting for your instructions. Venus is on the roof now. She’s waiting for a helicopter to take her away.”

“Help me to the balcony.” Kerry said, “Tell them not to shoot her.”

“Yes, sir.” John helped Kerry onto the couch on the balcony and turned to go downstairs.

The helicopter was getting closer and closer. Venus could even see Tianye Mu’s face clearly. The huge wind was blowing her long hair around. She was even about to lose her footing, “Brother-“

The moment Henry broke through the door, Tianye grabbed Venus in his arms and took her away from the Ye villa.

On the balcony, Kerry looked at them in the air, seething with anger.

“Venus, no matter how far you flee, I’ll get you back one day as long as you’re still alive.” Kerry swore.

Venus hugged her brother’s waist tightly and looked back at the Ye family villa that was getting farther and farther away from her with a faint sadness.

From the first day she arrived here, Venus had fantasized about the day her brother would take her away, and now her wish finally come true.

She had the most painful memories here. She never wanted to come back or see Kerry again.

The helicopter didn’t stop in Sky City and flew overnight to the adjoining S province, landing in a beautiful town.


When Venus left the Ye house, she was happy. It was almost midnight, but Venus was too excited to sleep.

“Brother, that maid from the Ye villa is your people?” she asked.

“No. Actually, I don’t know her.” said Tianye.


“But why did she listen to your order?”

“Everyone has weakness, and if you find their weakness, you can get them to work for you.” Tianye said ambiguously. He didn’t want Venus to know too much.

“If I hadn’t asked Kerry to drink the medicine, then wouldn’t it be too dangerous for you to appear at the villa?”

Tianye smiled, “I am fully prepared. If all the plans had failed, then you wouldn’t have shown up on the roof, and naturally I wouldn’t have appeared.”

Venus looked at his brother adoringly, “But the medicine you gave me was really powerful. I was worried about what if Kerry hadn’t fainted after drinking it.”

“Even an elephant would be unconscious after drinking it,” Tianye said. “But I didn’t expect Kerry to wake up so quickly and show up on the balcony.”

This should have been a mistake on Tianye’s plan. If Kerry had let his men shoot them, he and Venus might not have been able to leave safely.

“Kerry still has affection for Venus,” Tianye thought.

He suddenly thought of something and became serious, “Venus, what’s wrong with Kerry?”

“What do you mean?” Venus was confused.

“He suddenly appeared at the villa that day, and his eyes are purple.” This matter troubled Tianye for days, and he couldn’t figure it out.

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 161 Venus was Pregnant (2)
Venus was stunned. She hadn’t expected her brother to ask about it. She was hesitant to tell his brother. It was, after all, Kerry Ye’s privacy.

“What’s wrong? Is there something you can’t tell me yet?” Tianye Mu was even more curious.

Venus was silent for a moment and said seriously, “Brother, this is Kerry’s secret. You need promised me you’ll never tell anyone about it. Although I hate him, I don’t want anyone to threaten him with this.”

“What is it?” Tianye asked again.

“You have to promise me or I won’t tell you.”

Tianye had no choice but to promise, “Okay I promise you I will never tell anyone.”

Venus briefly recounted Kerry’s supernormal capabilities. Then Tianye had an extremely surprised expression on his face.

“Instant transfer and flying? How is that possible?”

Tianye was surprised. He couldn’t believe what Venus said, “Are there really superpowers in the world?” he said to himself.

“As for what other superpowers he has, I don’t know,” Venus said.

Tianye took a while before he came back to himself and said something that made Venus laugh, “Fortunately, the drug you were given is a highly concentrated, otherwise if he were to instantly transfer to our helicopter, then my plan would be a complete failure.”

Venus nodded, “That’s quite possible.”

“I can’t figure out how …… could this ……”

Venus understood his feelings well. She said, “Take your time thinking about it. I’m so sleepy. I’m going to bed. Where’s my bedroom?”

“The first room on the left of the second floor.” Tianye replied woodenly.

“Okay, brother, good night.”

This night Tianye Mu tossed and turned. First he was amazed at Kerry’s superpowers, then he envied him and finally he wondered how he would deal with Kerry later.

Next day, Venus didn’t wake up until about ten o’clock in the morning.

It was too dark last night and she didn’t see her surroundings. Now that she pushed open the window and looked around.

“It’s beautiful.” she exclaimed.

There is a clear river in the near distance, in which there are more than ten ducks feeding in the water. A dozen willow trees are planted beside the stream, their long branches hanging down into the water and swinging out. Also a huge garden is nearby with a myriad of unknown flowers.

The two-story building she lived in was built in the middle of the garden. Opening the door, she took a step forward and saw a path paved with green bricks. Following the path forward, she saw a vegetable garden, which also had eggplant, cucumbers, tomatoes and other kinds of vegetables.

“Brother, what are you doing here?” Venus immediately saw Tianye working inside the garden with his sleeves rolled up.

He looked back at her and continued working, “I hang the tomatoes by their vines so they won’t fall to the ground.”.”

Venus looked at her brother incredulously, “Brother, when do you learn these skills?”

“Now you adore me?” Tianye said happily.

“As the heir of Mu’s Group, I don’t think you knew how to grow vegetables.”

Tianye said with a light smile, “Actually, this place is for my retirement. I used to think that when I am old and can’t work anymore, I will give the company to my children, and then come here to plant vegetables, and raise a few little pigs.”

Venus yearned for this life in her heart as she listened to his words. She had always thought of her brother as a very ambitious man, and she never thought he would enjoy this kind of leisurely life.

“And who takes care of it here.”

“I hire an old farmer and his wife. They went home yesterday.” He finished tying one vine and replaced it with another, “We’ll have to cook for ourselves for a few days. You know how to cook, right?”

Venus assured, “Yes, I can cook. I took long lessons specifically from Mrs. Qin.”

“That’s good. If you feel too free, you can go around the area. The view is nice.”

“Could you walk around with me this afternoon?” said Venus.

Tianye nodded.

“Thank you, brother.” Venus said happily, “Now do you need my help?”

Tianye Mu pointed to the ball of string in the ground and said, “You bring me that. I want you to cut it for me.”

Over here Venus and Tianye were happily doing farm work, while in Sky City, once Kerry was recovered, he ordered everyone to go find Venus. Kerry barged right into Mu Group’s headquarters.

“Mr. Ye, do you have an appointment?” A girl at Mu’s Group asked.

“I’m here to see Tianye Mu. I need an appointment?” Kerry said coldly.

The little girl shivered, not daring to stop him.

Kerry took the elevator to the top floor. Three secretaries stood at the door. One of them said to Kerry,”Mr. Ye, Mr. Mu isn’t here.”

Kerry knew that Tianye wasn’t in the company. He wasn’t looking for Tianye, but Tianye’s newly hired general manager. He knew that this general manager in charge of Mu’s Group was definitely connected to Tianye.

“I’m looking for the general manager.” said Kerry.

“Hello, Mr. Ye.” The three secretaries turned their heads, the newly appointed general manager standing behind them and said.

Kerry strode over and pulled out a gun to his chest, “Where is Tianye Mu?”

He threw his hands up. “How am I supposed to know where he is?”

“Tell me where he is, or I’ll shoot you through the heart.” said Kerry relentlessly.

“I really don’t know where he is, even if you shoot me.” the man said innocently.

Kerry gritted his teeth, “I didn’t expect you to be so loyal to Tianye Mu.”

“Mr. Ye, I’m just making money for him. We aren’t as close as you think.”

Kerry stared into his eyes, thinking he wasn’t lying. Then Kerry left. Kerry had run to all the places where Tianye could stay, but he couldn’t find him. This situation was just like when Hao Nangong had taken Venus.

The only difference was that Venus voluntarily followed Tianye Mu. He was more powerful than Hao Nangong. It would be easy for him to take Venus out of the country.

“Maybe Tianye Mu isn’t in Sky City anymore.” Henry said, “He knows we’ll look for him, so I guess he won’t stay here.”

“You’re right. His helicopter can’t fly very far. The most likely places for him to land are the three cities around Sky City.” Kerry said, “You let our men keep an eye out for those places, but tell them not to go to S Province.

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 161 Venus was Pregnant (3)
Henry looked up at him and said, “Yes.”

You were right, that guy was in S province. They couldn’t enter even if they wanted to. He disliked others entering his territory without his permission.

When Henry left, Kerry stood in front of the villa for a long time and took out his phone.

“Third Elder Brother, I need your help.”

“We are brothers, don’t be too rigid. What do you want me to do?”

“I want you to find two people in S Province, one of whom you know.” Kerry said very directly.

“Who is it?” Third Elder Brother asked casually.

Kerry took a deep breath, “One is Tianye, the other one is my wife, Venus.”

“Fuck up.” Third Elder Brother cursed, ” Kerry, you are too ……”

Kerry laughed bitterly, “Third Elder Brother, don’t laugh at me, when we find them, let’s drink together.”

“Alright, I don’t want to hear these false words, I promise, as long as they are in S Province, I will find them.”

“Thank you, Third Elder Brother.” Kerry said sincerely.

“Waiting for my news.”

Kerry got to know Third Elder Brother in American when he was doing business in Wall Street. He had a powerful background and was clear and good at fighting, so he became the leading person in S province as soon as he returned.

Maybe it was for their past friendship, Third Elder Brother treated him nice. Whenever Kerry had time, they would have a drink together reminiscing about all the crazy things they did on Wall Street. But Kerry seldom asked for help, and this time he had no choice.


In order to find Venus, Kerry hadn’t gone to work for three days in a row. He ate less and slept few, and sometimes in the mid-night he would drive to the one that was related to Tianye.

Although he understood that it was impossible for Changrui Mu’s family to know their locations, he still went to look for him.

Perhaps, Changrui knew something about the Mu family’s old houses.

“Is Tianye missing? Really?” Changrui couldn’t hide his joy. Then, it was possible for him to control Mu’s Group again.

Kerry stared at him indifferently, “What other old mansions does your family have? Where are they?”

“This …… ” Changrui swallowed and gulped, he wanted Tianye to disappear forever.

Kerry knew his purpose and said directly, “As long as you tell me some useful information, I could let you in charge of get Mu’s Group.”

“Really? Are you telling the truth?”

Kerry sneered, “Changrui, do you have any other choice?”

Since Tianye drove their family out of Mu’s Group, Changrui’s life was extremely embarrassed, his mistress would come for him frequently, Xinyi Fang was very angry and threw a divorce agreement and took Yiyao Mu back to her mother’s home.

Thus Changrui entertained the hatred for Tianye. Now, a chance was lying before his eyes, he would seize it even there was only a glimmer of hope, because this was the last chance.

Kerry looked at Changrui indifferently, he was just tempting the old fox, as for the Mu’s Group, he would think about later.

Changrui pondered a while and said, “I know that the Mu family does have a few old houses, but they are all in the suburbs and haven’t been lived in for a long time, I don’t know ……”

“Give me the address.”

With some addresses written by Changrui, Kerry drove from the southeast to the northwest of Sky City the whole day, only to see a few dilapidated old houses with a rusty iron lock hanging from the gate, a thick layer of dust falling underneath the door, and no signs of people.

Where could they go?

Third Elder Brother didn’t bring any news either , did they really leave the country?

At noon, a table was set up in a small courtyard with birdsong and flowers. Tianye sat on a small bench looking at his phone with all kinds of messages from Sky City.

“The authentic fried noodles are coming.” Venus came over with a large bowl, and Tianye put his phone in his pocket silently.

“Well, let me have a look.” Tianye took the large bowl, smelled it, and gave her a thumbs up, “Not bad, it’s delicious even if you smell it.”

Venus sat on the small stool next to him with her hand stretching her chin. She said eagerly, “Hurry up and taste it, I spend the whole morning doing it.”

Tianye stirred the noodles and took a bite, after tasting it carefully, he praised, “The taste of the fried sauce is good, and the noodles are great, I will give you ten points.”

“Such a high score?”

“The meal cooked by my princess, even if it’s not delicious, I will give ten points.”

Venus smiled and turned into the kitchen to serve herself a bowl.

They finished their meal and lay down under the vine to rest.

Considering the news he had just received, Tianye thought it was better to send Venus out as soon as possible, lest Kerry would come for her again.

“Venus, which country do you want to go to?” Tianye asked.

Venus was stunned, knowing that her brother was arranging her accommodation, she said without hesitation, “France. Few days ago, I was chosen as the exchange student at the school, but at the time, I wanted to find you first, so I refused.”

Venus didn’t say the real reason, she was afraid that her brother would feel guilty.

“Well, I will send you to France in these two days.”

“So soon?” Venus was surprised.

Tianye looked at her in confusion, “Fast? Do you want to stay here for a few more days?”

Venus shook her head, “No, we’ve only met few days, I don’t want to leave you.”

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 161 Venus was pregnant (4)
Tianye caressed her head and smiled gently, “You are such a fool, when I handled all the things here, I’ll come over to see you.”

“Fine, then you have to keep your word.”

“Definitely.” Tianye looked at Venus who was still like a little girl, thinking of those experiences she had, his heart ached and said, “Venus, I am sorry, I promised that I would take care of you when our parents died. I failed to do that.”

Venus was afraid of his guilt, and said, “Brother, please don’t say that, you are more important than anything else, I am fine now.”

Seeing that she didn’t want to bring up the subject, Tianye said along with her, “Yes, my sister is so famous now that she’s in the style magazine, she really make credits for our family.”

“You see it? Where do you see it?” Venus asked happily, She shoot that magazine for him to see, and she is successful.

“The circulation of Style is so large, when I am eating in the United States, there just happened to be a copy on the table of the restaurant, I flip it open and i am surprised, that is my sister.” It was because of that magazine that he gradually asked something about her, and finally made up his mind to come back immediately.

Venus turned her head to look at Tianye and asked him, “Brother, I want to ask you some questions, you’ve been in the United States ……”

“Venus, the past have already gone, you just need to remember that no matter where we are in the future, we will be safe and sound.” Tainye didn’t want to tell her about the cruel life, she was an angel and belonged to heaven, it was enough to let him bear the things of hell alone.

Venus nodded her head heavily, “I know.”


One day had past, Kerry who was already in extreme anxiety, ate only two bites of meal and threw his chopsticks on the table.

At that moment, the phone rang, he looked at it, his whole body tensed up.

It was Third Elder Brother.

He took a deep breath and nervously pressing the answer button, “Third Elder Brother.”

“Kerry, my people found Tainye at the edge of S Province and Sky City. What should I do? Do you want me to take these two people back?”

Kerry violently stood up from his chair and said moodily as he strode towards the garage, “No, you just keep need to keep an eye on them for me.”

“That’s easy, don’t worry, they won’t be lost in my place.”

“Thank you Third Elder Brother, I’ll leave for S Province now.”

Hanging up the phone, Kerry’s hands were trembling, He finally found them.

Venus, It is hard to find you.

In these days, he couldn’t sleep and eat well. Every time when he wants to sleep, her resolute departure and the words of farewell would appeared in his mind.

But, Venus, it’s hard to find someone I like in my life, how can I just let you go?

“Young Master, I’ll drive.” Henry kindly advised him because he was in a bad state, “You haven’t slept for few days, since Young Miss has news now, don’t be so anxious, sleep in the back seat for a while.”

He didn’t feel sleepy at all when there was no news about Venus. Now he had news, his heart was finally relieved and fatigue instantly swept over him.

Kerry nodded and got into the back seat, “If there is any news from Third Elder Brother, wake me up immediately.”

“Got it, young master.” Henry got into the driver’s seat, and the car started instantly, heading straight to S Province.

In the small countryside, Venus was organizing the photos that Tianye had moved from home, the flight was in the afternoon, and she would take some to France.

“How’s the luggage packing?” Tianye leaned on the door and asked.

Without looking back, Venus squatted on the floor and asked, “I don’t have any luggage, I can buy some there. I’ll pick a few pictures.”

“Then we’ll leave when you’re done.”

Mowgli was confused, “Huh? Isn’t the flight at 5:00 p.m.? Should we to leave so early?”

Tianye’s expression was calm as he said, “I’m afraid of the traffic jam, it’s still a long way to the airport.”

“Oh, okay, I’ll be pack them immediately.”

Tianye went downstairs, what he didn’t tell Venus was that he smelled danger around him, it was the feeling of being surrounded by a group of people.

Although he didn’t see anyone, his intuition was always sharp.

Just as he walked two steps, he heard a “thud” behind him, he quickly turned around and ran up only to see Venus fall softly to the ground unconsciously.

“Venus” Tianye hugged her and called out urgently, yet Venus didn’t respond.

“Don’t be afraid, I will take you to the hospital.” Tianye picked her up and rushing downstairs.

The car sped on the road, it would take at least an hour to drive from the hospital here, and Tianye was so anxious looking at his sleeping sister that he didn’t even notice the few cars following behind him.

At the same time, Kerry’s car had just left Sky City, driving into S province.

At this time, the phone rang.

Not waiting for Henry to wake him up, Kerry subconsciously opened his eyes to see that it was from Third Elder Brother, and his entire body was instantly awake.

“What’s happening?”

“Tianye bring your wife out from where she’s staying, but it seems like they were not going in the direction of the airport, but to the city, I don’t know there destination, I’m following behind.”

Kerry was surprised, “Third Elder Brother, you went there yourself?”

“This is my sister-in-law, of course I’m going there myself. I’ve been free lately and this is just my leisure activity.”

Kerry didn’t know what else to say but thanks.

“Where are you now?” Third Elder Brother asked.

Kerry looked out of the car, “We are entering S Province and will be in C city soon.”

“Good, keep in touch.”

Third Elder Brother numbly hung up the phone, as he found that Tianye’s car was trying to get rid of him.

Tianye was a nice opponent, he found them in such a short time.

But it’s a fantasy to get rid of him in S Province.

After furiously racing for a few blocks, Tianye found that he simply couldn’t shake off the tail behind him.

Venus’s life was more important at the moment. Even if they were found, he believed that he could protect his sister.

Seeing the sign of the hospital from afar, Tianye’s anxiety was easing.

The Third Elder Brother was very confused to saw Tianye’s car driving into the People’s Hospital. Does Venus get sick?

Soon, he saw Tianye carrying Venus out of the car and running into the emergency center.

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