Chapter 161: The Rise Of A Poor Husband

Chapter 161 Chairman Colin Ward’s share in Marquis is zero

Nina woke up the next morning and went to the office.

As soon as she arrived at the office, she received a phone call from her mom.

“It’s been so long, Nina. Chairman Ward has calmed down, right? Try to persuade him again, Tint could do anything. Just let him arrange for it.”

Nina frowned, “Mom, the chairman….”

“Hey Nina, he’s the only son in our family. if he’s doesn’t have a promising future, what can he do in the future? Go and talk to him again, Nina. Chairman cares so much about you, he definitely will listen….”

Nina’s gaze turned cold and hung up the phone.

Her mother didn’t only call once or twice. Every time she called, she didn’t ask how her daughter was doing alone there, but she kept urging her to ask for a position in Marquis for her brother.

Even after what happened last time, they still regarded her as a tool that could benefit her younger brother and bring future for him, not as their biological daughter.

Nina irritably threw her cellphone on her working desk. Today she’s leaving Marquis. When they knew about it later, would they still act this way?

Nina sneered unconsciously when she thought about it.

At nine o’clock, in the meeting room at Marquis Group.

The directors had filled the conference table with Colin sitting in the center at the main seat. Nina was sitting next to him.

Fox still brought those people that he brought along yesterday.

All the directors frowned when they saw Fox. Why is Fox here and even brought so many people?

As soon as Fox walked in, he saw Colin who was still sitting on the main seat, and frowned.

The man with the sneaky eyes that came yesterday, Cale Hao, immediately understood when he saw Fox frowned. He immediately came out and shouted at Colin, “Starting from today, you shouldn’t have the right to sit there anymore, right? Won’t you quickly stand up now and let Fox sit there?”

Nina frowned and looked at Cale, “Whether he has the right to sit there or not, it’s not the place for someone who is nobody like you, to interfere!”

Cale glanced at Nina, “What the hell are you? You’re just a mere secretary, how dare you talk like that? I see that you’re lack training. After Fox becomes the chairman, he’ll train you well.”

Colin’s eyes became colder upon hearing those words, “This is Marquis. If you still use dirty language, I’ll immediately let someone kick you out!”

“Just look at you, you’re nothing today and you still dare to kick me out. Are you dreaming?” Cale was ignorant. The contract had been signed yesterday. Colin wasn’t the chairman of Marquis anymore. Now he just needs to announce it to everyone.

The directors were confused when they saw this. What’s the meaning of this?

Colin isn’t the chairman of Marquis Group anymore?

Colin sneered, “Fine, come on. Please let the lawyer announce the contract to everyone. Everyone should listen to it carefully and attentively.”

The directors looked at each other. What does this mean?

What contract?

Did Marquis and Lishi have a partnership?

It’s not right. Didn’t that person say earlier that Colin is nobody starting today?

What is going on?

The crowd suppressed their curiosity while looking at the lawyers in the suit.

Seeing this, the lawyers looked at Fox.

Fox nodded and said proudly, “Come, announce it to everyone. This will be a major event in Marquis’s history.”

Then, the lawyers walked to the center on the other side under Fox’s hint and began to announce the contract.

“According to the share transfer contract that was signed by Chairman Ward and Chairman Lee yesterday, Chairman Ward has transferred all of his shares that he owns in Marquis to Chairman Lee, Fox Lee.”


The directors were shocked.

“What has happened?”

“How could it turn out this way?”

“Is Marquis going to have a different chairman?”

“I remember that the chairman has 80% of the shares.”


Fox laughed when he heard the discussion, “Colin, you have 80% of the shares! You’re not bad, kid!”

“However, those shares are mine now!”

Colin was silent.

The lawyer continued, “In addition, Chairman Lee has transferred all the business of Lishi Company under Chairman Colin Ward’s name. Colin Ward is now the chairman of Lishi Company and has the complete ownership and disposal rights of Lishi Company.”

Fox nodded and said as if he’s doing charity, “I also won’t let you go with nothing. You can keep Lishi Company and pass your day smoothly! Hahaha….”

Colin remained calm.

Nina lowered her head upon hearing that. She already knew the result yesterday but when it’s announced now, it was still unacceptable.

The same went for the directors.

The chairman wanted to take over the Lishi Company?

No, what about Marquis?

At this time, the directors exchanged their gazes. Even after the Marquis changed its chairman, the most important thing was their own profits. They were surprised and shocked just now but it wasn’t as important as their own interest.

Adam was the most obvious one.

“Chairman Lee, come here. Please sit down.”

As Adam said it, he pulled a chair and put it opposite Colin which was also the main seat.

When Fox met Adam’s behavior, he’s full of himself and satisfied, “Right, I believe that I believe that Director Moore will develop Marquis better in the future.”

“it will be Chairman Lee’s blessing then!” Adam smiled with flattery.

Nina frowned upon seeing this and looked at Colin.

Colin just sneered and still said nothing.

At this time, the lawyer said to Colin, “Please bring out the documents regarding the shares of Marquis, Chairman Ward. We need to verify and notarize it.”

Colin looked at Nina, “Give it to him.”

Nina hesitated for a while before giving the documents to the lawyers.

She didn’t intend to give them but it seemed useless. The transfer contract had been signed. They were just going to confirm the shareholder.

The lawyer opened the documents and checked them carefully.

Fox was high-spirited and vigorous. His plump face was full of pride. He looked at Colin like looking at a stray dog.

Cale and the others from Lishi pretty much had the same expression. They were all Fox’s trusted subordinates. Fox would definitely arrange several important positions for them. They felt excited as they thought about it.

However, the lawyers turned stiff after checking it, “Chairman Lee….”

Fox didn’t notice their expression and said, “You can just notarize it!”

The lawyer hesitated for a moment before reading it out, “Chairman Colin Ward’s share in Marquis is…. zero.”

“Huh…Huh? What?” Fox thought it was 80% and never thought that anything could go wrong. So he nodded subconsciously before realizing something wrong after he nodded.

Cale was also dumbfounded, “Did you make a mistake?”

The directors were silent.

Adam suddenly paused and looked carefully at Colin.

Colin’s mouth twitched and he still silent.

Nina blinked as she thought she had heard wrong.

The lawyer couldn’t help but say it again, “Chairman Colin Ward’s share in Marquis is zero and 80% of the shares are under the name of Abe Ward.”

As Fox heard the words, it’s like he’s struck by lightning.

The people from Lishi were also dumbfounded.

The directors had heard clearly now and quietly let a sigh of relief at the same time. If Fox really became the chairman of Marquis, looking from his previous style, perhaps Marquis would be ruined by him.

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