Chapter 162: My Mysterious Husband

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 162 She Shouldn’t be Pregnant at this Time (1)
He quickly called to inform Kerry.

“Kerry, come to People’s Hospital. Your wife seems to have fainted. Tianye Mu has brought her to the hospital.” He said.

“Okay, I got it.” Kerry hung up the phone, his palms sweating, and then he asked Henry to drive him to the People’s Hospital.”

“What happened to her? Why did she pass out?” Kerry kept thinking about it in the car.

At the hospital, the doctor gave Venus a thorough examination, and then he said, “She’s pregnant.”

Tianye’s eyes widened and couldn’t believe what he heard.

“She’s been pregnant for over a month,” The doctor repeated. “You are her……”

“I’m her brother.” Tianye Mu said quickly.

“Your sister has severe anemia,” the doctor said. “A pregnant woman’s anemia will affect her child greatly, and the child will also be weak after birth.”

The doctor said a lot, but Tianye didn’t pay attention to what he said, only the phrase “she’s pregnant” was in his mind.

Looking at Venus who was still in a coma in the hospital bed, Tianye had mixed emotions. On one hand, he was angry that Kerry caused her anemia. On the other hand, he was sad that she was carrying Kerry’s child after escaping from Ye family.

Once she had a child, the Mu family and the Ye family were related, and Venus couldn’t completely cut ties with Kerry.

“She shouldn’t be pregnant at this time.” Tianye thought.

After waiting in the hospital room for more than ten minutes, Venus finally woke up.

And at this time, Kerry’s car also arrived at the downstairs of the hospital. Kerry unlocked the doors before the car came to a complete stop, and then ran to Third Brother who was leaning against his car smoking.

“Third Brother, where are they?” Kerry asked quickly.

He pointed to the emergency center and had a look at Kerry who was bearded and said, “They haven’t come out yet. Why do you look so haggard?”

“It’s a long story. I’ll talk to you later.” Kerry patted him on the shoulder and said. Then he ran to the emergency center.

“Where’s the fainted woman who was just brought in?” Kerry asked the nurse.

The young nurse was looking for medication as ordered by the doctor. “She’s staying in the emergency ward now. you can go find her there.” she said coldly.

After searching from ward to ward, he finally saw Tianye in the fourth ward. Through the doorway, he saw Venus lying on the hospital bed. Tianye was standing by the bed blocking his view, so he couldn’t see Venus’s face but only saw her legs.

Kerry tried to calm down and was about to push the door in. However he was shocked by the conversation between the two before he came in

“Brother, I’m really pregnant?” Venus was surprised and asked.

“The doctor said you’ve been pregnant for over a month.” Tianye sighed.

She was stunned and her brain went blank, not knowing what to say.

She hated Kerry, so she couldn’t give birth to his child.

Tianye looked at her sister in the daze. “The doctor said that you’re anemic. That’s why you fainted. But don’t worry. You can recover by eating some tonic food.”

Venus didn’t hear her brother’s words at all and was completely immersed in her own thoughts.

“No wonder my taste has become strange. I always want to eat spicy and sour food.” She said to herself. “I never realize that I’m pregnant.”

“I am leaving for France this afternoon and now I know I am pregnant. What a cruel twist of fate.” she thought.

“Venus, although I have a feud with Kerry, this is your first child. If you want to keep him, I will treat him as a member of the Mu family and raise him.”Tianye said.

Tianye didn’t say anything further at that point, but Venus understood what he meant. If she didn’t want this child, she would just abort it.

“Whatever you want to do, I’ll support your decision.”

Standing in the doorway, Kerry was happy that he had a child. But that didn’t last long before it was shattered by Venus’s words.

“I don’t want this child.” Venus said calmly.

“Why don’t you want it?” Tianye asked.

“The baby is supposed to be the fruit of love, but I don’t love Kerry and I never will. If the baby is born, I don’t want him to live with the resentment of his parents. Since I can’t give him love, I can’t let him come into this world. And I don’t want to be involved with Kerry for the rest of my life because of the baby. I’m really tired of that.” Venus touched her belly and said sadly.

Tianye sighed, “You’ve made your decisions?”

“Yes, I’m determined.” said Venus.

As soon as Venus finished, the door was pushed open with a loud slam, hitting the wall behind with a loud noise.

Tianye instinctively turned around and stood in front of Venus.

“How can you want to abort our child?” Kerry was on fire, looking at them angrily.

There wasn’t much change in Tianye’s expression. He had known that Kerry would find them soon since he realized someone was watching him.

“Kerry, you’ve found us so quickly.” Tianye smirked.

Kerry gave him a cold stare, shifted his gaze to the pale Venus. “This child is mine, you can’t abort it.”

Venus looked at him indifferently. “This child is also mine. I have the right to decide whether or not I want to have him. “

“No hospital would dare to perform this procedure on you without my permission.” Kerry clenched her fists, her haggard blue eyes bloodshot.

“I can abort him myself, like rolling down the stairs and causing a miscarriage.” said Venus coldly.

“Venus, you’re not allowed to do things like that.” Kerry punched the hospital bed heavily. He knew she would do what she said.

Tianye knew her sister was stubborn. Once she made her decision, no one could convince her to give up it.

“I can’t let her do something like this.” he thought in his mind.

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 162 She Shouldn’t be Pregnant at this Time (2)
“Come back to me. I won’t mind what you did before.” Kerry suppressed all anger, looking at Venus.

Venus turned her face away, not speaking. She didn’t want to go back to Ye family.

Tianye Mu stared at Kerry, crossing his arms. “Kerry, you can’t take my sister away.” said he.

“She’s my wife.” said Kerry.

If Kerry didn’t say that Venus was his wife, maybe Tianye wouldn’t be so angry. Since he did, it irritated Tianye.

“She is your wife? Are you worthy to be her husband? From the first day you married my sister, you never thought of her as your wife. You’ve been torturing her, and now you have the nerve to say that?”

Kerry was speechless after hearing Tianye’s scolding.

“I can understand you want to kill me to avenge Kevin, but this is a grudge between us, why did you involve my sister in this? After you marry her, you can snub her or use her as bait, but why did you insult her because of our feud?”

Listening to her brother’s words, Venus remembered her past in the Ye family and her tears rolled down her face.

She thought she was strong and could pretend that she was fine, but Tianye’s appearance broke her disguise. She knew that she just deliberately disguised herself to be strong so as not to be hurt even more.

From the moment she stepped into the Ye family, she had no one to rely on. Slowly she learned to bury all these grievances in her heart. She knew even if she said it, no one would care about what she said.

Now at last her brother was back. Only by his side could she become that little girl again and release all her grievances.

Kerry, who was raging, became silent now. He couldn’t retort what Tianye had said. Now Venus was crying. Every tear she was shedding now stabbed Kerry like a knife to his heart.

He wanted to go forward and wipe her tears with his hands, but he didn’t dare to take a step.

Tianye hugged her, patted her thin back and soothed, “Don’t cry. It’s all my fault. I shouldn’t have left you alone in Sky City.”

Venus’s cries grew louder and louder, as if she was about to cry out all the pain she had endured over the past year.

Kerry listened to her cries with pain in his heart. He had never seen Venus cry like this.

After several minutes of crying, Venus calmed down.

“Kerry, just go away. I won’t go back to you.” Venus said.

“Venus, I won’t let you leave. Now that you have my child, I can’t let you go.” Kerry paused, looked at Tianye, “I’m sorry. I was wrong before. I promise I’ll take care of her from now on.”

Tianye was stunned. He didn’t expect him to apologize. But his apologize was meaningless and couldn’t make up for what he had done to Venus.

“Brother, please take me away. I don’t want to see him again.”

Venus lifted the covers and got out of bed to put on her shoes. Kerry stepped over to block the door of the ward, “With me here, you can’t take Venus away.”

Tianye slowly rolled up his sleeves, “Kerry, are you sure you can stop me?” Then he was about to hit Kerry in the face, but Kerry dodged his fist swiftly and then the two men fought together.

Venus had just lowered her head to put on her shoes. When she looked up, the two men were already fighting.

Kerry and Tian were both experts in fighting and familiar with each other’s weaknesses, and in just a few minutes, they were both injured.

“Stop fighting, you guys stop it.” Venus shouted anxiously.

But these two hated each other, and there was tremendous anger in their hearts, so neither had any intention of stopping the fight.

The doctors and nurses had already heard the sounds of the fight over here, but none of them came over, instead Kerry’s good friend, Third Brother and Henry Zhang came over.

“The fight IS so intense.” Third Brother leaned against the door and watched them fighting. Henry, however, was very nervous, “Why don’t you help Mr. Ye? I’m worried that he will be in danger.”

“Don’t worry. Even if he’s injured, he’ll only break a leg or an arm at most. He’ll recover after a few days.” Third Brother said calmly.

Kerry hadn’t slept well for a few days, and his strength was no match for Tianye’s, so in the end Kerry was trampled underfoot by Tianye. Their fight was over.

“Today, I just teach you a lesson. I will look for you later.” Tianye wiped off the blood from the corner of his mouth.

Venus saw the two men finally stop and ran to her brother in a hurry, “Brother, your arm ……”

Tianye looked down at his arm. There was a cut on it.

“It’s fine, don’t worry.” Tianno held Venus’s wrist and said, “Let’s go.”

At the door, Third Brother didn’t give way at all.

Tianye knew Third Brother. What he didn’t expect was that he was Kerry friend. If he had known this, he wouldn’t have been able to stay in S Province.

“You want to leave? But I won’t agree.” Third Brother looked at Tianye indifferently.

“This is our family matter. I hope you don’t interfere.” Tianye said quite politely.

Third Brother looked at Kerry who stood up and said, “He’s my friend, so his business is my business. I have to be in charge of this.”

“You and I don’t have any grudges. Do you have to do this?” Tianye took a breath and said.

“I don’t want to target you either. I have an idea that will solve your problem.” said Third Brother.

“What’s it?”

“You let Kerry take your sister back, and I’ll also let you go back to Sky City.”

“What if I don’t agree?” Tianye was furious.

“Then you stay in S Province and never want to leave here.” Third brother said casually.

“Brother, I’m going back with Kerry.” Venus suddenly spoke up. She knew that Third Brother was more powerful than both her brother and Kerry. She couldn’t let brother stay in S Province. It was too dangerous for him.

“Venus, no, you can’t come back to him.” Venus said loudly.

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 162 She Shouldn’t be Pregnant at this Time (3)
Venus smiled with amusement, “Brother, I’m fine. Anyway, now that I’m pregnant, he won’t treat me badly.” As she spoke, Venus’s hand slipped into her brother’s and gave him a gentle squeeze.

Tianye Mu and Venus had grown up together, so naturally he understood what she meant. Just as the Chinese saying goes, “So long as green hills remain, there will never be a shortage of firewood (While there is life, there is hope.).” However, he just couldn’t bear it.

After planning for so long, they was about to reach their final goal, but now the situation was back to the beginning, or even worse.

“Brother, you should come visit me often at Ye’s house when you’re free.” Venus pretended to act in pettish and shook his arm.

After enduring for a while, Tianye finally surrendered and exhorted her, “Don’t do anything silly when you go back, okay?”

Venus nodded, “Okay.”

Then, Venus left the ward without looking back, and Henry hurriedly followed her.

Kerry covered his chest and came over, “Third brother ……”

“Alright, hurry up to go after her. No need to say polite things.” Third Brother stared at Tianye, “I haven’t seen him for a long time. Let’s chat a little longer.”

Knowing that his brother was helping him keep Tianye on the wrad, Kerry nodded gratefully, and sidled out to chase after Venus.


In Sky City, Ye’s villa.

Venus’s return had greatly relieved John the Butler and Mrs. Qin who could not imagine how long Kerry could go on like this without sleep if Venus did not come back.

“Young Master, what’s wrong with you?” John the Butler anxiously asked him and was ready to call Dr. Han.

Kerry shook his aching arm, “I’m fine,” and then said to Mrs Qin, “Mrs Qin, do some dishes that can enrich the blood and that are suitable for pregnant women recently.

Mrs. Qin looked at Kerry in surprise, “Young Master, do you mean, Young Mistress…”

“Well, she’s pregnant.” Kerry looked up at the figure that disappeared on the second floor with a shallow smile, “But the doctor said she’s a bit anemic. Do you know what kind of food can nourish the blood?”

Mrs. Qin patted her chest excitedly, “Of course, I know. When your mother conceived you, she was also a bit anemic. It was me who took care of her diet. Don’t worry; I’ll take care of it.”

“That’s good. I’ll go ask the doctor about what else I should pay attention to.” Kerry left the villa with quick footsteps.

When hearing the good news from Mrs. Qin, John the Butler was even more excited than she was, and kept saying, “The Ye’s family will have a little young master! The Ye’s family will have a little young master!”

“What if it’s not a boy?” Mrs. Qin looked at him, and seemed to be dissatisfied with his preference for boys.

“It’s good too if it’s a baby girl.” John the Butler said cheerfully and then sighed, “What this family needs most is vitality.”

Feeling the same, Mrs. Qin said with folded arms, “You should sometimes advise Young Master to be kinder to Young Mistress. He would not have come to this if he had restrained his temper in the past.”

“It’s all Xinyou Qiao’s fault! Let’s forget it. Young Master has been quite nice to Young Mistress lately, hasn’t he?”

Mrs. Qin smiled a happy smile, “Yes, it’s a lot better.”

Outside the villa, Kerry called Dr. Han, “Do you know a good gynecologist?”

Dr. Han was so smart that he just asked, “Is your wife pregnant?”

Kerry said, “Yes.”

“Oh, well, I have a senior sister who is now the head of the obstetrics and gynecology department of the city hospital. She is experienced and skilled. I’ll give you her phone number. If you have any problems, you can go directly to her.”

“Okay, thanks.”

That Kerry had actually said “thank you” to him really surprised Dr. Han. Was this still the same Kerry he knew?

Kerry called and told Venus’s situation to the doctor as soon as he received the phone number sent by Dr. Han. She replied, “Extra attention must be paid to pregnant women with anemia. Well, you need to bring her to the hospital to do a detailed examination, so I can know the index of her physical condition. Also, the mood of the pregnant woman is very important. Let her not be nervous and keep cheerful. The first trimester is a critical period. The fetus has not yet stable, so you should forbid intercourse. As for other things, let’s wait until the checkup is done.”

Kerry hung up the phone with a heavy heart.

She didn’t want this baby. How could he ensure that she would have a happy pregnancy?

Jesus, wasn’t that a great challenge for him?

In the bedroom on the second floor.

Venus returned to this familiar room, and couldn’t help but smile bitterly. A few days ago, she had vowed to Kerry that she would never see him again. Just only a few days later, she was found pregnant. Could it be that she would never be able to escape from him in this life?

Lying on her side on the bed, she was swept over by a sense of exhaustion. She closed her eyes, but feeling wide-awake.

The sound of footsteps from far and near stopped. The edge of the bed sank a little; then, a blanket gently covered her body.

Kerry looked at her lovingly and went to the bathroom.

The past few days were spent to look for her, so he didn’t wash his face and shave carefully, let alone have a shower. Only when his heart had finally settled could he smell his stench of sweat.

After a thorough bath, Kerry lay next to her and very wanted to reach out to hug her. But he was afraid that her struggle might hurt the baby, so his extended hand finally fell on her long black hair.

Even if she kept turning her back to him like this, it was enough as long as she stayed with him.

Perhaps it was because he had been strained for too long. After relaxing all at once, Kerry fell into a deep sleep in just three or four minutes.

Hearing his light snores, Venus turned over to look at him.

Kerry had really lost a lot of weight. The outline of his jaw was getting more angular, and there were dark circles around his eyes.

He was supposed to be awake for many days.

Otherwise, he wouldn’t snore. He did not do so even when he was drunk.

Kerry, if you had treated me this way from the beginning, I would have probably been touched by you and fallen in love with you. But now, it was too late.

Now that our lot was over, why were you still bothering me?

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 162 She Shouldn’t be Pregnant at This Time (4)
Actually, she was wrong. Their fates were still related to each other, for she was now carrying his child.

At the hospital, she said she was going to fall down the stairs and cause a miscarriage, and those were all things she said on purpose when she was angry. She was not stupid enough to do something life-threatening.

Now she had been hesitant to abort the baby.

And Kerry slept for a long time. When he woke up, it was dawn outside. He got out of bed, put on his nightgown and went downstairs

“Where’s Venus?” when he saw John, he asked.

“She is sitting in the garden.” John was surprised to see him come downstairs in his nightgown.

Kerry ran past him like wind. He was relieved when he saw Venus sitting in the garden.

Venus heard his footsteps and turned to look over at him. “Why does he run out looking for me in a nightgown? He is worried about me running away again?” she thought.

Without her brother coming to her rescue, she would be brought back by the bodyguards as soon as she got ten meters closer to the gate.

“Are you putting me under house arrest?” Venus stared at him.

Kerry walked over and sat down. “I won’t do that if you are willing to stay by my side.”

Venus smiled coldly. “I’ll get out of here sooner or later.”

“I want to talk to you about other things” said Kerry.

Venus shrugged, “What do you want to talk about?”

“Our child.” Kerr said after a pause, “Venus, I know you hate me, but the child is innocent. He’s my child, and also yours. Please don’t abort it.”

Venus was speechless. This was her first child, and she was reluctant to abort him.

“I swear I will love you and him.” Kerry said sincerely.

“Do I have any other choice now?” Venus thought for a long moment and then said,

“I hope you’re keeping the baby out of your own will.”

“What if I have to abort the baby?”

“Venus, there’s no way I’m going to let that happen.” Kerry’s tone became cold

“Since you never listen to me, don’t ask my opinion.” Venus stood up and walked towards the villa. “We’ll never be on the same page.”


The next day, Kerry took Venus to the hospital for a checkup. He held her hand the whole time, walked her to draw blood. He would shield her in his arms when people were around so she wouldn’t be bumped into.

However, Venus didn’t show much emotion, and just cooperated with him.

The head of the obstetrics and gynecology department took just one look at the lab sheet and said, “The hemoglobin is a little low. I’ll prescribe some medication, go back and take it on time.”

The head of the obstetrics and gynecology department took just one look at the physical examination report and said, “Your hemoglobin is a little low. I’ll prescribe some medicine for you. Remember to take it on time.”

Then the director looked at Venus as she handed her the prescription. “Remember to keep a good mood. It will help your child’s health.”

“Thank you.” Venus finally spoke up.

“Remember to take good rest.” the doctor said, “When is your last period?”

Venus frowned. Her periods had never been normal, sometimes 28 days, sometimes 35, so this time she was so late with her period and she didn’t take it seriously.

And Kerry told the doctor the date of her period calmly.

“You haven’t remembered it as well as your husband.” The doctor laughed, and then she said to Venus, “By now, you’re forty-five days pregnant, so come to the hospital for an ultrasound in a week’s time.”

Returning to the villa after the checkup, Kerry went into his study. He hadn’t been to the office for a few days. His desk was full of papers.

Downstairs, Venus was watching TV. Mrs. Qin came over to sit beside her. “Venus, are you still angry with Mr. Ye?”

Venus nodded.

Mrs. Qin sighed. “It’s true that Mr. Ye was mean to you before, but He really cares about you now. He hasn’t slept well the past few days you’ve been away. As soon as he heard something about you, he ran out to look for you even in the middle of the night. I’ve spent most of my life at Ye’s house and I’ve never seen him care so much about someone.”

Venus listened to her talk indifferently, as if she were listening to other story.

“Mrs. Qin, are you here to put in a good word for Kerry?”

“No. I just think it’s a fate for you guys to be together. Why don’t you give him a chance?”

“Mrs. Qin, the porridge is burnt.” said Venus suddenly.

“Oops, I forgot about that.” Mrs. Qin hurried to the kitchen.

Venus’s gaze moved to the TV. “You all let me give Kerry a chance, but no one gives me a chance.”

She felt nauseous as soon as she took a bite of her evening meal and then ran to the nearest bathroom. She lay on the toilet and threw up all the food she had eaten for lunch today.

Kerry patted her back lightly. After she was done throwing up, he took a glass of water for her to rinse her mouth.

By the next morning, she still had no appetite. When she smelled the food, she ran to the bathroom and vomited.

“Carrying a baby is so hard.” she said weakly as she held onto the sink.

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