Chapter 162: The Rise Of A Poor Husband

Chapter 162 Ade Ward is my father!

Colin was indeed different. He looked young but he was bold!

During the period of taking over Marquis, Marquis had been making a great fortune!

The only bad thing was now Marquis was facing a serious crisis. They were being suppressed by six big groups at the same time and were slightly breathless.

The lawyer braced himself to continue, “So the chairman of Marquis Group is still Colin Ward.”

After the words were spoken, Adam broke out cold sweat excessively.

The directors didn’t react.

Fox glared angrily at Colin, “Colin, are you deceiving me?”

Colin finally spoke, “I promised to transfer all my shares to you because I wanted to save my wife. Why did you deceive me?”

Previously, he was having an uncertain hope that Fox really had something that could cure Doris. But two nights ago, Ramon told him that Walson returned to the country at ninth, while Doris was poisoned on fifth. So, this poison must have nothing to do with Walson.

One more thing, Fox and Ellie were capable of poisoning Doris, but this wasn’t their purpose. The person who poisoned Doris wants to kill him, not Doris.

Therefore, whether it’s Fox or Ellie, both of them wouldn’t have the antidote. So he also used tricks and went along with Fox’s request. At the same time, he could also obtain Lishi Company and gave it to Doris.

As for the shares, Abe left in a hurry that time and only appointed Colin to replace him as the chairman. The share transfer hasn’t proceeded, so 80% of the shares had always been under Abe’s name.

He was appointed as chairman by Abe since he’s Abe’s son. Nobody dared to say that was out of the line.

“I’m not!” Fox declined immediately.

Colin snorted coldly, “Either you deceive me or not, you know clearly.”

Fox’s eyes flashed and then he snapped, “No matter what, I’m not the chairman of Marquis, Colin!”

Nothing could stop him! Even without shares!

“You don’t even have shares and you still want to become the chairman of Marquis? Are you daydreaming?” Colin laughed at him mockingly.

“You also don’t have any shares, if you can do it why can’t I?” Fox asked rhetorically. He didn’t know the relationship between Abe and Colin. He only knew that Colin could be a chairman without any shares, then when Colin handed Marquis to him, he could also become the chairman without having any shares.

Cale also went along, “That’s right. If you can be a fucking chairman without any shares, why can’t Fox?”

The lawyers glanced at Fox, looking slightly ashamed.

The other directors shook their heads.

Nina was reacting happily then chuckled at Fox disdainfully.

Colin is Abe’s son, are you?

Colin looked at Fox and said loudly, “Because, Abe Ward is my father.”

That sentence made Fox and the people from Lishi stunned in their place.

Colin said again, “This company belongs to my father. Do you have any problem with my dad inheriting his chairman position to his son?”

“You….you….” Fox didn’t say a word.

Cale swallowed his saliva and didn’t dare to speak anymore.

The lawyer added again in time, “While the shareholder is still alive, the inheritor doesn’t have the right to dispose of the shares.”

In other words, Colin didn’t have the right to transfer the chairman position to another person, let alone the right to transfer the shares. So, Colin still remained as the chairman of Marquis.

Fox’s triumphant expression fell and his face turned as white as sheet.

He thought that Marquis was his and he could be as arrogant and arrogant as he wanted. However, everything was just a joke!

Colin looked at Fox and said coldly, “So, the one who has the right to sit here is still me. You and you are not in the fucking position to talk about me!”

Cale shrank behind the several Lishi employees.

Fox suddenly raised his head, “Colin, you are a cheater and the man who fools around outside. Do you still have the face to continue as the chairman of Marquis? As long as you remain in this position, you’ll only taint Marquis. Marquis will definitely crumble.”

When this was brought up, the directors suddenly remembered.

When the news broke out two days ago, they personally came to the company to ask for an explanation from the chairman before they’re equivocated by Nina, who said that the problem would be solved. But it’s been two days and the problem was still not resolved yet.

One of the directors boldly asked, “Chairman, we think that we need an explanation regarding this matter.”

Since there’s one, it became two, then three….

“That’s right, Chairman. What’s going on?”

“Chairman, if that’s true, it will have a great impact on Marquis.”


Seeing this, Fox finally looked slightly pleased. Since he couldn’t be the chairman of Marquis, then he would put the reputation of Marquis to shame and casually let Marquis collapse with a big blow.

Nina became worried as she heard this. She pressed her lips and thought of saying something.

Colin spoke first, “Oh, as the directors of Marquis, don’t everyone usually watch the news?”

“What do you mean?”

“I mean, you’d better watch the news now,” Colin said lightly.

Fox was taken aback upon hearing this and immediately said, “What the hell are you doing, Colin? Everyone has known about your news, why should we look at it again?”

“That’s right! Everyone in Tianbei City has known that the chairman of Marquis is a cheater and a man who fools around outside. What’s there to see again? “ Cale wasn’t afraid anymore now.

Colin sneered at him and said, “I’m not asking you to see the news from two days ago but today’s news.”

When he’s finished, the directors looked at each other, then took out their phones to read about it.

When Fox saw this, he was uncertain but he didn’t want to listen to Colin. So he just stood there without looking at his phone.

However, several of the people from Lishi took out their phone and looked through them.

And Nina also didn’t check the news either.

Although she’s very curious, she knew that the news from two days ago was fake, unless there’s another bad news that was released. But seeing Colin’s confidence, she didn’t worry that it would be bad news.

Just as she expected.

Adam shouted, “The rumor is dispelled. This man is not Chairman!”

At about 8 o’clock this morning, a report got a piece of information. The person in the picture was not the chairman of Marquis Group indeed but he is someone else. The reason why this picture was released was to frame the chairman of Marquis.

As for who framed the chairman, it was still unknown.

Then, the direction of the wind had changed.

People were outraged by the injustice for the chairman of Marquis one by one. Some people also commented on the internet that the person who framed the chairman had a wicked heart that they could take such a disgusting picture.

In short, the chairman of Marquis is innocent. He’s not a bastard who cheated on his marriage. He was still that young and promising chairman of Marquis.

The directors were relieved after seeing this. This incident was fake. Then Marquis wouldn’t be affected by it and the situation might get better.

Fox couldn’t believe it after he heard Adam’s word. He took Cale’s phone and looked at it.

“It’s… It’s impossible!”

“How could it be fake? This is obviously true!”

After hearing this, Colin asked him, “How do you know it’s true? Are you the one who took the picture?”

Fox was about to confront him when he suddenly realized that Colin was trying to get the words out, so he immediately avoided it, “Bullshit! How do I know what do you do all the time? I can only see that it was indeed you in the picture. He looks exactly like you. Then, is there anyone in Tianbei City that looks like you?”

After he spoke, everyone turned silent. Indeed, that person looked exactly like Colin.

Colin said slightly, “You are right. But, please open your eyes and look carefully, is there a mole on my face? Is there any invisible scar?”

When Colin looked for Ramon to deal with the picture, he especially put a mole in the picture, and also a very shallow scar. If someone didn’t take a closer look, he wouldn’t be able to find out.

The person that Ramon found was very skilled and he couldn’t tell that the picture was edited. He’s mixing the fake with the real one.

And last night, he especially instructed Ramon to give the information to the reporters in the morning and made sure that they publish it within one hour. So, after it was published, as they saw now, the chairman of Marquis Group was framed.

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