Chapter 163 – 164: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 163: Kris was kidnapped

“You, you are talking nonsense.” The slim guy glared at Kris Chen angrily. He said while pointing to him, “My vase is genuine Ru Kiln vase of Song Dynasty. Even the expert of the Cultural Relics Bureau identified it is real. Why you talk rubbish here?”


Kris went forward and squatted. Then he picked up a piece of porcelain and sneered, “You are good at making fake ones. But it could only deceive ordinary people. It’s not easy to cheat me.”

Then he turned to the staff of the Cultural Relics Bureau and said, “Your authentication is right. It’s a Ru Kiln vase of the Song Dynasty. But it is only for its appearance. It’s actually a fake one. If you don’t believe, I could teach you how to identify it.”

Zhengtao Zhu froze for a few seconds, then he laughed while shaking his head. As the specially-invited expert, it’s funny that he needed a twenty-something young man to teach him how to identify an antique.

His colleagues might laugh uproariously if they heard it.

But he was interested in it, so he smiled and said: “Okay, teach me.”


Kris nodded and said, “Your analysis just now was right. It’s a Ru Kiln vase of the Song Dynasty. It’s worth four or five million dollars. But the prerequisite is it is real. ”

“Oh? ” Zhengtao moved a little and said, “You said it’s a Ru Kiln vase of Song Dynasty just now. But now why you say it is not real?”

“Yes, young man. It’s a contradiction.”

“Yeah, young guy. Don’t talk rubbish. The expert of the Cultural Relics Bureau said it was real. Why bother you to identify it again?”

“I guess you want to get the girl for she’s pretty.”

People surrounded began to look at Kris and Qiaoqiao Liu with in-explicit eyes as the words fell.

Qiaoqiao’s face blushed with embarrassment.

Was he loving me in secret?

Qiaoqiao thought.

Kris didn’t reply but squatted. He pointed to a piece of China on the ground and said, “Ru kiln ranked the first among Five major Kilns: Ru, official, Ge, Jun, and Ding Kilns. It was appraised as the Top Kiln in China’s history. Its shape is ancient but generous. It was glazed with agate with a unique color. Thus it’s said, “It could be handed down with agate as its glaze.” It’s glaze changed as the light changes. It was like the sun shining after the heavy rain. Its adobe was thick, and its sound was like clime stone, which was resonant but not harsh. The surface of the kiln has tiny fissures like cicada’s wings characterized by pear peel, crab claw, and sesame flower. It’s called by the world that it is better than jade. ”

Kris said lightly after introducing the history and characters of Ru kiln, “The China is mellow and full in surface but rough inside. And the broken area is yellowing.”

Some people surrounded squatted and picked one piece of China and observed it. It was exactly what Kris said.

Kris shook his head, and he put the vase down. Then he said, “Obviously the vase was put together by some broken pieces of China. The pieces of genuine Ru kiln of the Song Dynasty put together would worth some money. But you just used several real pieces, others are made by modern technology.”

Then Kris paused a second and said, “You are so selfish that the piece you used worth four or five dollars at most. But you asked three million dollars. Is that Jing Liang who gave you the courage?”


The vase was put together by pieces.

People were shocked, hearing what Kris said.

Zhengtao squatted and observed each piece of China carefully. His heart did a flip. It was fake.

The specially-invited expert of the Cultural Relics Bureau of Sichuang Province misjudged it today.

Oh my god, the young man was so smart. And his strength was supreme as the specially-invited expert of the Cultural Relic Bureau at the age of thirty-five. Though he was not as good as the patriarch of Xu Family, but he was almost the same excellent as him.

Putting the piece of China down, Zhengtao stood up and bent to Qiaoqiao. Then he apologized, “I’m sorry, little girl. I almost bring big trouble to you.”

“It’s okay. ”Qiaoqiao waved her hands and shook her head.

After Zhengtao apologized to Qiaoqiao, he took out a name card from the pocket of his jacket. He went to Kris and said politely, “I’m Zhengtao Zhu, the specially-invited expert of the Cultural Relics Bureau. You have great learning and sharp eyes that made me admire. This is my name card. Come to my place if you have time. We can talk while having tea.”

Kris took over the card and nodded with a smile.

And the people surrounded realized the slim man was a liar. They prized that Kris was so great that even the expert gave him a card. And some despised the slim guy and began to censure him.

“You are such a liar. The vase is fake.”

“You are so evil that you dare to deceive a little girl. You are lunatic.”

Qiaoqiao couldn’t help but cry. She was like dreaming. She thought she was going to have a debt of three million dollars in the future. But now it was changed by the unknown man.

At present, her gratitude showed between lines.

The slim guy got furious, seeing his lie was exposed. He abused Kris harshly while pointing at him. “F**ck you, who are you? I tell you my vase is real, and it was broken by the girl. You want to save her? Then give me the money.”

Then he pulled out a kitchen knife.

Each time he put a kitchen knife on his booth. He wanted to run after being defrauded? How could that happen?

He observed Kris and no obvious logo on Kris’ clothes.

So he deemed all Kris’ clothes were goods of an inferior brand. So he believed Kris was just a loser. He scorned Kris.

The knife in the slim guy’s hand was as long as the arm, so the people around stepped back for several steps, afraid of hurting them. He was not kidding.

Kris knew he burst with anger and shame.

“Okay, wait here. I will call my friend and ask her to send me money.” Kris smiled and took out his phone. He made a call.

“Aha, good job.” The slim guy was happy to see that. So he became even more aggressive. But then he wondered how could this poor guy have so much money with no good brands for his clothes.

He wanted to say something, but the phone got through.

Kris pressed the speaker and said loudly, “Captain Yu, are you busy now?”

“Why call me at this time?” Lan Yu answered slightly on the phone.

Shit, the woman was so gentle when she had something to beg me. She even fawned and kissed me. Now she was so cold.

No way.

Captain Yu? Which one?

The slim guy stopped for a second and pointed to Kris with the knife, “Fuck you, you dare to call the police.”

“Officer Yu, come here quickly. Someone is threatening me with a knife. I’m afraid of it.” Kris shouted.

“What? Where are you now? I’m coming.”

Fuck, would that be the vileplume of Westriver City? The slim guy was in a panic.

He knew who the person was on the phone. It’s the vileplume.

He was a recidivist. He would be punished seriously, even though he would not die.

Fuck, the guy knew Lan.

“Bloke, wait for me. I will not spare you.” The slim guy ran away hastily. He even forgot the goods on his stall.

“Okay, it’s all right now.”

Kris smiled and said to Lan, seeing the slim man ran away, “Sleep early, bye.”

“Doo, doo, doo,” Lan clenched teeth hearing the busy tone. The bad guy just wants to tease her to call her?

The people around scattered after that. Qiaoqiao bowed to Kris with gratitude and said, “Big bro, thank you so much. I don’t know what to do without you.”

She was despair at that time, and Kris was like a prince who came from heaven and saved her.

“Nothing, I just did what I shall do,” Kris smiled without any intention to praise himself.

“Thank you. I would be cheated without your help. ” Qiaoqiao said with a red face. “Big bro, Can I treat you a meal another day for you did such a big favor to me? I’m going back dorm now because it’s going to close. Can you give me your WeChat?”

It’s the first time Qiaoqiao asked a boy for his Wechat (an app, like Line), which made her shy.

The girl was so pure and innocent.

Kris smiled and added her Wechat. Qiaoqiao left because she needed to go back dorm.

What happened tonight full of complications. Kris touched his belly that he suddenly remembered he had not yet had dinner.

It already past ten now. The night market was already closed, and only a few people left there. He wanted to take out his phone to call a taxi. But as he took out the phone, he felt some people coming to him.

He wasn’t able to turn around that his mouth and nose were muffled. Immediately he felt dizzy and lost his consciousness.

Chapter 164: Looking for death

Kris Chen was splashed with tea by others and woke up.

He was tied up into a meat zongzi (a traditional food that Chinese normally eat on Dragon Boat’s Festival), thrown onto the sofa. He was quite dizzy and couldn’t see people clearly.

It took a while for him to recover.

When he regained his c onsciousness. The first thing he saw was a woman’s legs, long and beautiful.

When Kris looked up and saw the owner of those beautiful legs. He was freezing and shocked. How could it be her? Isn’t this Lin Li, Hu Li’s sister?

So she’s the one who caught me?

But what for? Kris was shocked and puzzled.

Seeing Kris was awake, Lin Li shook the glass in her hand and got up from the boss’s chair, with one arm around her chest, and those huge things seemed to jump out of her clothes.

“Miss Li…What do you want to…”

Lin Li splashed her red wine on Kris’s face before he finished his sentence, and she looked down from above at Kris, who couldn’t move and said, “if you dare to look at me like that again, I’ll have your eyes gouged out.”

Damn, what’s wrong with her? Not to mention that she caught me and tied me up for no reason, but it’s really impolite to splash red wine directly. Kris thought.

After being choked with two mouthfuls of wine, Kris said with anger, “You’ve gone overboard, Miss Li. I saved you when you were hit by the evil spirit at Chen’s house. I was your savior that way. Now you tie me and splash wine on me, honestly speaking, you’re way out of line!”

“Well, let’s talk about this. You did save me, but I have let my brother send you a Build-up Pill. Otherwise, you won’t achieve to be a Practitioner.” Lin Li sneered and said, “So we don’t owe each other.”

“Fine, you have a point.” Kris shook his head with profound resignation. He had eaten Dragon and Tiger pill and was half a Practitioner. Even if he didn’t have a Build-up Pill, he would become a Practitioner sooner or later. And in the Book of Medicine, Build-up Pill was not high-ranking at all, it took little time to make it.

He pondered for a while and said, “If so, then why do you catch me?”

“Don’t pretend to be dumb anymore!” Lin Li said with cold face, “ Not long ago, I have sent my brother to catch Xuan Song, Tianba Li’s wife. Didn’t you save her? You’re so great and bold, even dare to intervene in the dispute between my family and Li’s family. Are you a coward for ambition?”

Kris suddenly realized the whole thing.

He couldn’t help smiling, watched Lin Li and said, “Tianba Li is my good bro, and his wife is just like my sister in law, so I can’t overlook…”

Before he finished speaking, Lin Li had squeezed his neck.

“Ahem! Have you lost your mind? Stop…”

Kris felt that he couldn’t breathe. This woman was truly merciless, and Kris was angry at first, but now, he was rather furious, like burning with anger.

“Please stop! You’re trying to strangle me…”

Kris’s face became extremely red. If his hands and feet hadn’t been tied up, he must crush the woman firmly under him.

“Well!” Li let go of her hands, stood up, and looked at Kris with an indifferent and cold face, “ It’s all because you meddle in others’ business. You hurt many of my brothers and made Tianba Li revenge, which resulted in the huge loss of our Li’s family. I’ll show you today, the outcome of meddling.”

After saying that, she walked into the office room’s lounge and with a steel whip in her hand when she came out.

The flesh would definitely be split, hit by that whip.

Kris gasped when he saw this. Lin was going to kill him!

He shouted loudly, “Lin, are you mad? This’s gonna kill me!”

“You deserve that. If you’re not dead, then it’s your lucky destiny!” Lin Li sneered, “Don’t you want to be a hero? Let me help you!”

After saying that, the steel whip in her hand flew to Kris instantly.

“Crack!” Kris’s clothes split immediately, and the stab wound on his back was also pulled open, and the blood was emerging from his wound in a second.


It was so painful that he kept gasping with cold air. An extreme pain passed from the back to the whole body, and the anger in his heart was about to gush out, with a furious growl, “Enough! Lin!”

“What? You couldn’t bear it for one whip?” Lin Li said jokingly, “I thought that you’re tough bones, now this was truly out of my expectation.”

Kris had constantly been hurting during this time, especially the stab wound on his back, which must be pulled open more. He took a deep breath and stared at Lin Li with red eyes, “I can leave alone the business between you and Li’s family, but you can’t judge Dashen’s family, for it’s beyond The moral.”

Never harm your family. It was immoral for Lin Li to catch Tianba Li’s wife.

“The moral?” Lin Li laughed. And she was even laughed by a live-in son-in-law,” Have you got an idea of The moral? The moral is that winners are always the king, while losers are forever losers. Now you seemed to mess it up. How dare you even say that?”

And then, she changed his face instantly, and the steel whip flew to Kris again.


The steel whip made a loud noise. Workers at the office door couldn’t help shivering after hearing that sound.

Crack! Crack! Crack!

Lin Li whipped Kris more than ten times in a row, but every whip was merciless and violent, which made Kris injured and bloody.

“You’re a crazy woman, crazy, crazy…”

Kris’s face was so pale, and he came out in cold sweat constantly. His blood had soaked the clothes thoroughly, and even the leather sofa was covered with blood.

Lin Li seemed a little tired, and the crazy woman rubbed her wist, kind of out of puff, with her huge chest up and down. But Kris was not interested to see that, now he even had the thought to kill her.

After a short rest, Lin seemed to have no intention to continue. She left the steel whip on the office desk, leaned against the desk, picked up a female cigarette, and smoked it.


She slowly exhaled a puff of smoke slowly, which was not acrid but with a light smell of mint.

“I know that you have sold an Obstacle-Breaking Pill to my brother the last time. Let’s see. I’ll let you go as long as you give me another one.”

Hearing her words, Kris couldn’t stop sneering in his heart. If he had known this earlier, he wouldn’t save her or even sell Obstacle-Breaking Pill to Hu Li, no matter what.”

“Well, you want Obstacle-Breaking Pill? No problem.” Kris said hypocritically, “ I got that. I’ll give you but untie me first.”

Lin Li was overjoyed, but showed no expression on her face. She smoked the cigarette thoroughly in her hand and then walked towards Kris and untied him.

Being hit like this, Kris had no power to fight, so Lin Li didn’t worry. He would play tricks at all.

“Hurry, give me that Obstacle-Breaking Pill!” Lin Li said impatiently.

Kris glanced at her and then activated his joints, uttering faintly, “Do you have a medical kit? I need to bandage my wound.”

Damn, this woman was truly merciless, leaving so many injuries on him. He could die of bleeding without staunching the blood.


Lin Li pointed to Kris Chen and saw his pale face. Then she curled her mouth, walk into the lounge reluctantly, came out with a medical kit, and threw it onto the ground, “Five minutes to deal with that.”

Kris opened the medical kit with a stolid face and began to clean and bandage his wound.

“Have you finished yet?” Lin Li said impatiently.

Having the bandage tied, Kris took out the Obstacle-Breaking Pill that he had made and refined before. He lifted the oil paper, with Obstacle-Breaking Pill lying quietly in his palm.

Lin Li stood up from the boss chair in an instant, and her eyes became rather hot and violent, “Give me that pill!”, she said.

Both she and Hu Li, had paused in the fulfilled period of The acquired stage for many years, and she was even longer than Hu Li, and she thought that she couldn’t manage to achieve The innate-power stage.

But two months ago, Hu Li bought an Obstacle-Breaking Pill and succeeded in achieving The innate-power stage, which gave her hope.

These two months, she had called all her connections to find Obstacle-Breaking Pill, but it was a pity that they find little clues.

But just a couple of days ago, when he got an Obstacle-Breaking Pill sold by the Dingding auction, she was very regretful. She should have participated in that auction if she knew it.

As long as she could achieve the innate-power stage, let alone five billion and five hundred million, she wouldn’t hesitate to pay ten billion, or even twenty billion, just for that pill.

She would be no one just like ants if she can’t achieve The innate-power stage. And the Practitioner achieving that stage could live to be 100, and it was said that the chief Practitioner who was in the fulfilled period of that stage could live to be 120.

What made her shock was that Kris Chen had that many Obstacle-Breaking Pills, the magical pill that none of the six major schools have.

She made it!

Thinking about that, Lin Li stretched out her hand without hesitation.

When she was about to grab the pills, Kris dodged her. And then swallowed the pills in his hand hastily.

The pills melted as he swallowed, and became liquid, flowing into his stomach.

“Kris, you…you’re looking for death!”

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