Chapter 163: My Mysterious Husband

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 163 Run away? I wish I killed him with my own hands (1)
Kerry looked at her pale face and he was a bit upset, “The doctor said that pregnancy vomiting is normal. No matter how much you vomit, you have to eat something.”

Venus was a little angry, “I don’t want to eat. After I eat, I want to vomit.”

“Venus ……”

She was so upset that she directly shouted at him, “Kerry, are you annoyed? Don’t you have to go to work? Can you stay away from me?”

She was already in a bad mood and she felt even worse when she saw him.

His temper was much better than before. He actually couldn’t get angry even though Venus was treating him like this. Instead, he felt that it was much better for her to shout it out than to be indifferent.

“I’m going to the company later.”

If he could, Kerry would like to stay at home with her every day so that he could still stop Tianye Mu from taking her away, but the business of the company really couldn’t be delayed any longer.

“Kerry, are you worried about my brother coming back.” Her tone was cynical and sarcastic.

Kerry raised his eyebrows at her and helped her slowly walk towards the sofa, “Even if he comes, so what? The Ye family isn’t something he can just come here whenever he wants.””

Venus sneered, “Oh, Kerry, don’t say it like that. Didn’t my brother come in the first two times?”

Kerry got angry, “Venus, I neglected in the first time. As for the second time, are you sure you want to mention it again?”

“So what if we talk about this? What can you do to me?” Venus was now completely unafraid of him because she was pregnant anyway. He could neither toss her on the bed, nor can he hit her. At most he shouted at her but that was no threat to her at all.

Kerry stared at her provocative eyes, itching with anger but no way. Now, he really couldn’t do anything to her.

“Venus, you’re just relying on the fact that I like you.” Kerry said in a low voice.

She was disdainful and sat down on the sofa, “Nah, I didn’t make you like me. You volunteered.”

Kerry felt that he was purely asking for it, knowing that nothing good would come out of her mouth but he still came up to ask questions.

“No matter what do you want to eat, just tell Mrs Qin. You need to eat a little at noon even if you don’t want to eat. Sleep when you’re sleepy. Don’t do the design now. It hurts your eyes too ……”

“I know.” Venus interrupted him. Why has Kerry become so long-winded? I could not get used to that.

Kerry was speechless, looked at her, turned around and left the villa. Before getting in the car, he didn’t forget to remind Henry, “Don’t let anyone go in the house while I’m gone, no matter who it is, alright?”

Henry bowed, “Got it, boss.”

“If anything happens to her, you should call me the first time.” Kerry instructed.

“Get it.” Henry responded and suddenly thought of something and he asked, “Master, what if Tianye comes to force his way in?”

Kerry had a cruel and cold light in his eyes, “Hard to break in? Then show no mercy.”


It seemed that this time Kerry was really on to Venus, and he used all means to keep her. It was just that Venus hadn’t fallen in love with him yet.


In the afternoon, Venus squinted for a short while and went downstairs to the living room. Finding no one there, she went to the landline and dialed the number she knew by heart.


On the fourth ring, the phone was answered.

“Hello?” Tianye’s voice came over.

Venus looked around and whispered, “Brother, it’s me.”

“Venus? Are you okay? Did Kerry give you a hard time when you got back?”

“No, he treats well to me.” Thinking of his instructions to Henry when he left, she said quickly, “Brother, you must not come to the villa to find me during this time. He will do anything to stop you. I don’t want you to get hurt for me.”

Since the day she separated from Tianye, her phone was confiscated by Kerry so she lost the contact with her brother. Today Kerry finally went to work so she had the opportunity to make this call.

Tianye had already thought of this result. After a moment of silence, he said, “Venus, your child ……”

“Brother, I really don’t want this child. But right now, I have no way to do the surgery so I can only take one step at a time.”

“Venus, don’t be so hasty to make a decision. Even if you give birth to this child, you may not be able to leave Kerry.”

To be honest, Tianye sincerely wanted her to keep this child because it was her first child. If she aborted it, he was afraid that it would be too harmful to her health.

“By the way, have you gone to the hospital for a checkup?” He asked with concern.

“I’ve been to the hospital. The doctor said I’m anemic, and I’ll have to go to hospital again after a week to look at some kind of fetal heart or something.”

Go to the hospital? He quickly had a plan.

“Venus, let me know the day before you go to the hospital. I need to make arrangements.”

Venus was smart enough to think of that possibility at once. She had to lower her voice, “Brother, you mean …….”

“Well, you just need to tell me the time and place. I’ll take care of the rest. Do whatever you should do when you get to the hospital. Don’t let Kerry suspect.”

Venus was a bit excited, “Mm-hmm, got it brother.”

At this time, the sound of footsteps came from not far away. Venus quickly said, “Brother, I’m hanging up.” Then, she immediately hung up the phone. At the same time, Mrs Qin came over with a fruit plate in her hand.

Venus pretended to read a magazine at hand, but her heart was pounding.

“Young lady, you haven’t eaten much since lunch. You should eat some fruit.”

Without looking up, Venus said to Mrs Qin, “Mrs Qin, leave it there for now. I’ll eat it myself if I want to. You don’t have to take care of me.”

Mrs Qin put the fruit plate down and took a few steps outward. She turned around again and said, “Young lady, I have a few words to say.”

Venus raised her head to look at her gently and patted the sofa next to her to indicate her to sit down, “Mrs Qin, you can call me Venus. I’m not used to calling me young lady. You can just say what you have to say.”

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 163 Run away? I wish I killed him with my own hands (2)
Mrs Qin sat down in a proper manner and said sincerely, “Venus, don’t mind me being wordy. I watched him grow up. I’m sure you’ll find that he’s really good to you, even though he has a bad temper at times. Not to mention that you now have his child. Once a woman has a child, what she thinks for the rest of her life is her child. Of course, you may not have this feeling right now. When you child grows a little bit in your belly, your feeling will become more and more intense. In fact, what do women want in this life? Nothing more than a complete family, so ……”

“Mrs Qin, I understand what you mean. I will think about it.” Venus said honestly. She didn’t want to hurt her but she didn’t want to do what Mrs Qin said.

Mrs Qin was a bit agitated, “Will you really think about it?”

“Well, I will.”

“That’s good. I’ll go make dinner and you rest here.” Mrs Qin said what she wanted to say and she left with a smile on her face. At the same time, she was relieved, too.

In the past few days, morning sickness has become more and more serious. In every morning she wanted to vomit. She wasn’t fat before. She lost a lot of weight during her pregnancy and her chin has become pointy. Kerry grew more and more worried about her.

In this morning, Kerry took a breakfast with her and said, “Tomorrow morning, I go with you to the hospital. By the way, we can ask the doctor how to eat more. You eat that little bit of food every day and you throw them up. That’s not good.”

She said flatly but her heart was pounding and she thought she will go to the production inspection tomorrow. So today she needed to tell my brother as soon as possible so he can make early arrangements.

“Are we still going to the hospital that we have gone?” She asked normally.

Kerry saw that it was rare for her to care about anything related to the child and didn’t think much of it and answered, “Of course. What happened? Don’t you like that hospital?”

“No, I suddenly remembered that there’s a restaurant near that hospital and I want to eat hot and sour rice noodles in that restaurant tomorrow.” She made up a reason but there was indeed a restaurant near the hospital.

“Fine, I’ll take you to eat after the production inspection tomorrow.” Kerry was in a much better mood.


The next day, Henry drove Kerry and Venus to the hospital.

The doctor looked at the pattern on the B-ultrasound and said to them, “You see, this little black dot is the baby’s heart. He’s growing very well and looks like a strong little guy.”

She looked sideways at spot on the device. A strange emotion came over her heart. Was it her child?

Kerry carefully wiped the liquid off her belly, put down her clothes, and then lifted her up and bent down to help her put on her shoes. He had done all that naturally, while he had only done it once.

“Doctor, my wife has always been throwing up. Does she need to take any medication?” Kerry asked with concern.

The doctor casually said, “Morning sickness is normal. After this period of time, she will feel better. I do not advise to take medicine. She’d better to bear with it. Although morning sickness is unpleasant, you should still keep eating and eat something you like.”


When Kerry held her and they were waiting for the elevator together, a nurse ran over and said, “May I ask if the two of you are Kerry and Venus?”

“Yes. Anything is right?”

The nurse said calmly, “Our doctor said she forgot to tell you something and asked you to come back to her office.”

Kerry did not suspect because this little girl came from the direction they came from. He bowed his head to Venus, “Let’s go.”

She looked at the little girl’s face with her remaining eyes. She was keenly aware that the nurse had blinked at her. Her heart pounded and she calmly said to Kerry, “You go over. I’m too lazy to move, I’ll wait for you here.”

Kerry looked at the people coming and going and he was a little worried.

To cancel his worry, Venus pointed to the seat two meters away and said, “I’ll sit there and wait for you. Is Henry here with me as well?”

Kerry didn’t want her to feel tried either and turned to Henry, “Take care of her. I’ll be right back.”


The nurse led Kerry towards the director’s office and opened the door to invite him to enter. The nurse then quickly disappeared into the corridor around the corner.

“Doctor, is there anything else?”

The doctor looked up in surprise, “I’ve got nothing to say.”

“You let …… “He suddenly realized there were something wrong, pulling the door open and rushing through the crowd to the elevator.

When he got near the elevator, he did not see Venus. Henry was attacked, lying on the floor unconsciously. Many people were watching.

A few minutes ago.

She was resting on her seat. Her gaze seemed casual but she looked around her nervously.

Would her brother come in person? What if Henry found out?

Just thinking about it, a doctor in a white coat with a mask came over. She was too familiar with her brother so she immediately recognized he was her brother only looking at his footsteps.

“Henry, has Kerry been busy lately?” She looked up and asked him to catch his attention.

“Master is quite busy.” Henry said respectfully, feeling a bit strange that Venus initiatively asked about the master’s business.

“It was a bother for you to bring us to the hospital.” She had no words to say.

“You are so polite, it’s my jo…… uh ……”

Before he finished, Henry was struck hard on the back of the head. His eyes went black and he fell to the ground in public.

“Go.” Tianye tugged her arm and strode towards the elevator. Just then, the elevator door opened and there was only one person inside.

The crowd who were waiting for the elevator saw this sudden scene. No one dared to take the elevator with them. They all wanted to avoid them.

Soon after the elevator door closed, Kerry ran over.

“Henry!” Kerry shook his brain and shouted but Henry did not respond. Kerry didn’t dare to wait any longer and turned to the person next to him and asked, “Where is the woman sitting here?”

Everyone was afraid of getting in trouble so no one answered him. Then a little girl in the crowd spoke up and said, “Just went down in this elevator.”

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 163 Run away? I wish I killed him with my own hands (3)
Kerry looked at the floor of the elevator. He was in the fifth floor, but now the elevator was on the first floor.

It was too crowded, so Kerry ran to the next staircase and closed the stairway door on his way out.

He now prayed in his mind that Venus wouldn’t get hurt.

Suddenly his blue eyes instantly turned purple. Now he was standing on the fifth floor, but a few seconds later he appeared at the safe exit on the first floor. A man holding a child had just come down from the second floor, and was surprised to see a man suddenly appear in front of him and then disappear. “There was a man here just now. How come he suddenly disappeared? Was I hallucinating?”

After Kerry reached the first floor, he ran to the hospital door quickly. He wasn’t sure who had taken Venus, but his instincts told him that it was Tianye who took Venus away, for Venus didn’t scream for help and she had been taken in such a short time.

“Tianye Mu, you really are my mortal enemy.” Kerry said to himself.

Suddenly, a black Bentley drove past him. Kerry recognized the black Bentley as Tianye’s car, so he didn’t hesitate to chase after it.

There was a lot of traffic in front of the hospital, and the car was stuck in traffic after it drove up there, so Kerry had no trouble catching up to the car.

He stood in front of the Bentley and roared, “Get out of the car!”

The driver also looked angry. He opened the door and shouted, “What’s wrong with you?”

Kerry strode forward and dragged the driver out of the car. However he did not find Venus in the car.

Kerry grabbed him by the collar. “Where’s Tianye Mu?” he snapped.

“Who is Tianye Mu? I don’t know. Let go of me now.” the driver threatened. “I need to call the police.”

Kerry threw him into the car and stomped on his chest, “Tell me, where is Tianye Mu?”

“Are you insane? I really don’t know him.” said the driver.

Kerry kicked him hard and then headed to his own car.

When the driver watched him walk away, he dialed Tianye’s number, “Boss, he did fall for it, but he’s gone now.”

As Kerry went after the black Bentley, an ordinary black Volkswagen slowly pulled out of the hospital and drove in the opposite direction from the Bentley.

“Brother, will Kerry spot us?” Venus looked worriedly out the window of the car.

Tianye Mu was driving the car, and now he took off his mask, “Don’t worry. My men just lured him away.”

“Brother, when did you get to the hospital?” Venus asked excitedly.

“I came here early. Wait for you on that floor.” Tianye said this and had a good look at his sister from the rearview mirror, “I didn’t expect you to be so smart.”

Venus proudly patted her chest, “Yeah, I’m experienced in running away.”

Hearing her words, Tianye was a little sad. He blamed himself for not being able to protect his sister and keeping her on the run.

“Brother, where are we going now?” Venus asked.

“Airport.” said Tianye.

Due to the lesson learned from the last time, Tianye couldn’t leave her in Sky City or the surrounding area. The only way they could get rid of Kerry was to send her out of the country as soon as possible.

Venus remained calm. She would do whatever her brother arranged. But there was one thing she thought she should tell his brother.

“I want to give birth to this child.” said she.

Tianye was a little surprised, “Why do you change your mind?”

Venus stroked her abdomen. Even though it was flat now, she knew her baby was growing inside there.

“Today I went to do prenatal exams. The doctor said the baby has a fetal heart, so I can’t abort him. It’s my baby and I can’t kill him myself.”

Tianye smiled happily, “So, what about Kerry?”

Venus snorted, “It’s my child. I’ll raise him on my own, and if he needs a father, I think I’ll find someone better suited to be his father than Kerry.”

“Yeah, you’re quite right. I support your decision,” Tianye said. “Don’t forget. I’m his uncle.”

“Thank you, brother.” Venus said.

“I’ll be good to him.” said Tianye.

In the hospital parking lot, Kerry sat in his car. His face went white.

He only used his superpower to move from one place to another. and they were definite places. Now he was going to use instant transfer to a specific person. He had never done it before. He didn’t know if it would work, or what the dangers were.


Venus and her brother were now chatting merrily in the car on the way to the airport.

“Brother, are we still going to France?” Venus put her arm on the chair in front of him and asked.

“France isn’t safe. I’m sending you to another place.”

“Where?” Venus had just finished speaking when Kerry suddenly appeared in the chair next to her. She was so scared that she almost jumped up from her seat.

As soon as Tianye reacted, a dagger was placed on his neck.

“Stop the car!” Kerry growled.

“Kerry?” Tianye couldn’t believe how he suddenly appeared in his car.

“Pull over!” Kerry said again.

“Kerry, calm down.” Venus said.

Kerry stared hard at Tianye and didn’t turn back, “I’m very calm. Don’t challenge my patience. Just stop the car.

“What if I say no?” said Tianye. He didn’t intend to stop the car.

“Fine, then the three of us will die together.” Then he slowly cut Tianye’s neck with his dagger. Tianye’s neck started to bleed.

“Kerry, please don’t hurt my brother.” Venus begged.

Kerry seemed to be mad. “I really want to kill him now!” he said coldly.

“Kerry, stop it.” shrieked Venus. “Please, don’t hurt my brother, please…”

However, Kerry wouldn’t listen to Venus. He cut Tianye’s neck a little deeper.

“He’s a mad now.” Tianye said. “He won’t listen to you.”

“Brother, pull over” Venus began to beg her brother.

Tianye was reluctant.

“Brother, please pull over, he’s crazy. He’s really going to kill you.” said Venus.

Tianye had no other choice. He had to slam on the brakes and pull over to the side of the road.

“Get off.” Kerry bellowed.

The moment Tianye opened the door with his left hand he used his right hand to grab the dagger from Kerry’s hand. However, Kerry was faster than him and stabbed the dagger right into his shoulder, and suddenly he lost a lot of money.

Then Kerr opened the car door and kicked him off.

“Brother ….” Venus was about to open the door anxiously, but the door was locked.

“Let me out.” Venus cried out of anger. When she saw Tianye falling on the ground covered in blood, her heart tightened.

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