Chapter 163: The Rise Of A Poor Husband

Chapter 163 She is different

The other directors observed him secretly, and it was true!

Colin’s face was very clean. He didn’t only have no moles but also have no scars.

“Now, I think everything is clear. Please take your men and get out of Marquis immediately!”

Upon hearing this, Adam immediately changed his expression, “Right, you have to get out of Marquis immediately. Marquis doesn’t welcome you!”

Colin glanced at Adam silently.

Adam noticed Colin’s gaze and was so scared. Who knew that Fox was so useless? After making such a fuss, he was just a fucking joke in the end!

Fox and the people from Lishi looked really ugly.

“Lawyer, Lishi Company….”

Fox intended to say that since the chairman of Marquis was still Colin, then Lishi Company still belongs to Fox.

“The contract has been signed. It is authentic and effective.”

In other words, the chairman of Marquis was still Colin but the Lishi Company didn’t belong to the Lee family anymore but belongs to Colin.

Fox and the people from Lishi were like getting thunder out of a blue sky.

Not only they didn’t get Marquis, but they also lost Lishi Company!

Then, wouldn’t they have anything left?

“No, this won’t work! Colin is still the chairman of Marquis, then I’m also still the chairman of Lishi Company!” Fox shouted.

Colin sneered, “Fox, you’ve signed the contract, do you want to deny it? Then we can just go with the legal procedures.”

A true and effective contract possessed legal power. If Fox wanted to go back on his words, he should file the lawsuit and there’s also no possibility to win.

Fox’s chest kept undulating, as he’s panicked.

If the Lee family lost Lishi Company, how would this big family live?

He didn’t need to think about it. He would definitely be blamed by his grandpa, his father, and every member of the Lee family when he returned. Even he could be kicked out from the Lee family.

As he thought of this, Fox became more panicked, and his breathing became faster.

At this moment, Colin said again, “Fox, you’re too foolish that I didn’t need to use my brain to defeat you completely.”

“Moreover, you can only blame yourself for this outcome.”

Colin was feeling pleased right now. He still couldn’t forget the time when Fox made Doris fainted. It’s not that he didn’t want to deal with Fox, it’s just that he didn’t have the time to do it. But when he deliberately came to offer himself, how could he refuse it?

“You!” Fox pointed at Colin. Before he could continue his words, his eyes went dark, as he was dizzy from anger.

“Fox,” Cale hurriedly came forward and held Fox.

Colin sneered at him when he saw this, “You couldn’t even endure this, and yet you want to fight me?”

When the directors saw this side of Colin, everyone was completely frightened. The chairman is indeed young but he had tricks and subtle thinking. They had to consider him and at the same time, they had to verify their approach towards the chairman of Marquis.

Adam was frightened by this side of Colin. He was being an opportunist just now and took both sides. Colin would definitely deal with him. He is really over!

Colin didn’t pay attention to anyone and said to Cale, “Now, take Fox and leave Marquis.”

Seeing this, the people from Lishi held the fat Fox and intended to leave dejectedly.

At this moment, Colin suddenly said, “Wait!”

Those people stopped, “You can go, Fox stays.”

“It’s….not right?” Cale said in a low voice.

Colin gave a stern gaze and Cale was shivering with fear, “Right, it’s right. We’ll leave right away.”

Cale and several people from Lishi, as well as both the lawyers left.

Leaving Fox all alone lying on the ground.

Seeing this, Adam immediately asked to kiss up to him, “Chairman, what should we do with Fox?”

Colin didn’t answer but said to the directors, “You guys can continue your work.”

Upon hearing this, the directors immediately stood up and took their leave to continue their job.

Adam kept looking back as he walked away, but Colin didn’t respond.

Is the chairman going to settle the account with him? Or he’s planning to let him go?

After everyone left, only Colin and Nina were left in the meeting room, and there was also Fox who was lying on the floor.

“Chairman, Fox, he….”

“Let’s wait for him to wake up.” Colin said lightly, “Go and bring the documents to the meeting room.”

Nina nodded in a daze and stepped out of the meeting room.

Colin sneered as he looked at Fox, who was lying on the floor. He previously thought of letting Fox leave with them, but Colin felt it’s too convenient for him.

At Lishi Company, Fox had made Doris fainted.

In the mansion, Fox gave a phone call to Doris and caused her to faint again.

And this time, if it weren’t for Fox to publish those photos, Ellie wouldn’t go to Doris and said the things that upset her. She also wouldn’t know about those things.

She also wouldn’t faint and caused her body became weaker!

So, he wouldn’t let Fox leave so easily.

Colin took out his phone and gave a phone call to Bald Liu.

“When he comes out of Marquis later, you should follow him first and see where he’s going. After he comes out, look for an abandoned place and paralyze him.”

“No problem!” Bald replied, then asked, “To what extent?”

“Break his legs,” Colin said in a deep voice. This way he could only lie on the bed forever and let’s see if he could still come and irritate Doris.

After hanging up the phone, Colin snorted, “This is my present for you, Fox. You have to enjoy it well!”

Nina came in with the document shortly and Colin said, “Is the piece of land at the Southern suburbs about to be auctioned?”

Nina nodded, “It was supposed to be the day after tomorrow. But just now I heard that it was being postponed. The specific date will be notified.”

Colin frowned, “Who is controlling this auction?”

“It should be the government.”

Colin nodded, “I understand. You can continue with your work. I’ll call you if I need anything.”

Upon hearing this Nina planned to speak, “Are you prepared to do this since the beginning, Chairman? Why…”

Why didn’t he tell her? He made her worried all night and even planned to resign today.

“This is my own problem. There’s no need to involve you in this. Since the beginning, they planned to make me suffer.”

Nina nodded but still felt slightly disappointed.

Colin added, “Actually, you’re the only one that I can trust in this company. Continue with your work!”

Nina nodded in a daze and walked out.

She was very excited. She turned out to be the only person that gained the chairman’s trust in the company. Did this mean that she’s different?

When Nina was thinking about this, her phone rang.

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