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Chapter 164: My Mysterious Husband

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 164 Pregnant Women Should Be Obedient (1)
Kerry Ye sat in the driver’s seat, started the car and turned the steer.

“Kerry, stop the car! You don’t care about my brother anymore? He’ll die! Stop the car.” Venus Mu tugged on Kerry’s arm with both hands.

Kerry didn’t make any response, just tossed her the phone that Tianye Mu had left in the car, “If you don’t want him to die, call 911.”

Yes, he was right. I should call 911

Venus almost dialed the three numbers with a trembling hand, and the call was quickly picked up.

“Hello? My brother is injured, very badly. Come quickly you guys. On the way to the airport ……” Mowgli’s voice was cryptic.

“Take it easy lady. Our ambulance will be there soon. how did your brother get injured?”

“He was stabbed by a knife. Please, come quickly. He had lost a lot of blood.”

“Okay, we’ll be right there.”

After hanging up the phone, Venus was still trembling. She couldn’t just watch her brother bleeding all over the place while she sat in the car farther and farther away from him.

“Kerry, will you stop the car and let me go down to see him?” Venus begged him.

Kerry was so overwhelmed by anger that he didn’t care what she was saying, and he only knew that he needed to take her back.

Venus shed floods of tears, “Kerry, I beg you. He is my brother, the only family I have left. You also have a brother, and will you see Kevin Ye die? Please! Can you drive the car back?”

Hearing the name Kevin, Kerry got even more angry, “It was your brother who contributed to Kevin’s disappearance and sorrows for so many years. This is his retribution.”

Seeing that her brother was about to disappear from sight, Venus was even more anxious and she said “Kerry, as long as the ambulance comes, I’ll go back with you, and I’ll give birth to the baby, okay?”

Kerry got astonished and slammed on the brakes, turning to stare into her teary eyes, “You swear?”

Venus quickly put up her palm, “I swear in the name of my parents that what I just said is all true.”

After looking at her coldly for a moment, Kerry turned around to drive in the direction of Tianye.

The wound was a little deep, so although Tianye tried several times but didn’t dare to pull out the knife. He was afraid of injuring some artery, then it would be bad if he didn’t stop the bleeding in time.

The road was full of cars, but none dared to stop beside him.

After sitting on the edge of the road for a few minutes to have a rest, he found his black Bentley back.

This silly girl must have begged Kerry.

As soon as the car came to a stop, Venus ran off the car and came to him, “Tianye, I have called 911, so the doctor will be here soon ……”

“Why are you crying?” Tianye could not bear to see her cry, since when she shed tears, his entire heart became soft, “Don’t worry. I’m resilient, and I wouldn’t die.”

“Look at all the blood you shed, and you still say such words?” Venus’s heart ached as she watched his wound bleeding. If it wasn’t for her, how could Tianye get hurt?

Kerry leaned against the front of the car and looked at Tianye coldly, sneering, “Tianye, I should have stabbed you in the heart with that knife just now. Let’s see if you are still so resilient?”

“Go ahead.” Tianye retorted. Looking at his purple eyes, he mocked, “Kerry, if it wasn’t for your special ability, I would have taken Venus away from the Ye family for the first time. Then, why would I still be here to bullshit with you?”

Kerry was choked up because he knew that what Tianye said was the truth.

“Kerry, you really should be glad that my sister is kind. If she hadn’t begged me, with the grudge between you and me, do you think I would have let you go without exposing it?” Tianye brought up this matter because he thought that after Venus was brought back, this guy could be a little sentimental and treat her a little better.

Looking at Venus, the hostility shown in his Kerry’s eyes dissipated a lot.

Ten some minutes later, the ambulance arrived with whistle screaming, a few nurses and doctors carried Tianye to the car, and although Venus also wanted to follow, but she was stopped by Kerry.

“Have you forgotten what you said?”

Venus froze. Yes, she had just said she’d go back with him when the ambulance arrived, but ……

“Huh? Aren’t you going to the hospital with me? Who will sign and will pay the fee then?” A doctor asked.

Kerry had a look at the Tianye who was still conscious and said coldly, “Let him sign it himself. As for paying the fee,” Kerry took out a card from his wallet and gave it to the doctor, “There is 50,000 in it. Is that enough?”

For all the years the doctor had been working, it was the first time for him to have such an experience, so he wondered if he should take the card or not.

“If it’s not enough, someone will be in charge of this in the hospital afterwards.” Kerry inserted the card into the doctor’s jacket pocket and dragged the extremely reluctant Venus back to the car.

“Don’t talk and don’t beg me, Venus. This is the maximum I can do for Tianye.” Kerry started the car and spoke coldly.

Venus gripped on the window and looked at the direction that the ambulance was leaving. After shedding tears, she said “Kerry, do I need to thank you for not killing me?”

“No, it’s a good deal to exchange Tianye for the life of my child.”

Venus was speechless.

After all the mess in the morning, Venus went straight into the bedroom when she had returned to the Mu’s villa.

At this moment, she didn’t have any strength to face Kerry anymore and only wanted to quietly pray that everything went well with her brother’s surgery.

She really didn’t dare to imagine how she was going to live if something happened to her brother.

Going downstairs, Kerry ordered John to go to the hospital. When he arrived home, remembered that Henry Zhang was still unconscious, not knowing how was he now.

“Drive this car to the hospital by the way and find Henry, and he knows how to handle it.” After calculating the time, the Mu family should be in the hospital.

“Got it, Sir.” John was a little surprised. He drove a Cayenne there but back with a Bentley? What’s more, the car wasn’t his, so what happened in the meantime?

Kerry finished giving the orders and headed upstairs. Instead of entering Venus’s bedroom, he walked to the room where Kevin used to live.

Right now, what he needed the most was a rest, because he was almost at his limit to hold on till now.

So as soon as he saw the bed, he fell onto it.

Tianye was still in the hospital, and no one should come to cause trouble.


In the hospital.

Three hours later, Tianye’s surgery was completed. Although the wound was deep, but it was lucky that it didn’t extend to the vital organs, so the surgery went smoothly.

After the anaesthetic had dissipated, Tianye lay on the bed and wonder.

Kerry was different from the others. What should he do to save his sister?

Break in his door?

No. That would be too noisy, and it wouldn’t be good for the Mu family if the police were included.

It was really annoying.

Sometimes, Tianye thought that he could simply do nothing and spill Kerry’s secret, so that he would be busy with the public voice and thus relax his vigilance towards Venus. In this way, he would have a bigger chance of success.

But since he had already promised Venus, how could he break his promise?

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 164 Pregnant Women Should Be Obedient (2)
Suddenly he thought of Venus’s child. What if this child inherited Kerry’s special ability in the future, wouldn’t that be awesome in the future?

Why does the thought of it excite him so much?

During dinner time.

Venus came downstairs with a heavy heart and saw Kerry sitting in the living room just hung up the phone. She quickly walked over and asked him, “Kerry, how is my brother?”

Kerry rubbed his temples and said in a cold voice, “Didn’t Tianye say that? He’s resilient and won’t die.”

“So, that means my brother is fine?” Venus was greatly relieved and secretly prayed in her heart: mom and dad, you must bless Tianye in heaven to recover as soon as possible.

Kerry was a bit upset.

“Is he awake now? Can I talk to him on the phone?” Venus was very excited.

Kerry looked at her and coldly refused, “Yes, but there is no need to call.”

“No, it’s very necessary. I need to know if he’s healthy so that I can feel good and my baby can grow up healthily if I feel good.” Venus understood that she was being a bit unreasonable, but if she didn’t, how was she going to get there?

The first time Kerry heard the word “baby” from her, his heart surged a wave of warmth. He stared at her for a moment, took out his cell phone to call Tianye, and opened the speaker.

“Hello? Tianye, it’s Weiwei. How are you? How’s the operation going? Does the wound hurt?” Venus eagerly asked incessantly, which made Kerry frown.

It suddenly came to Tianye that why would Kerry call him.

“Venus, don’t worry. The surgery went well, and I’ll be discharged after a few days in the hospital.” Tianye’s voice carried a sense of exhaustion.

Venus was extremely concerned, “I’m sorry, Tianye, since I can’t go to the hospital to take care of you while you’re in the hospital.”

“No worry. Just taking care of yourself is the biggest thanks to me.” Tianye said with a doting smile.

“Sure, Tianye. I will take care of myself, and don’t worry.”

The more Kerry listened, the more he felt bad. His wife was obedient to another man, but always cold as ice to him. Even though this man was her own brother, he still found it hard to accept.

He quickly took the phone and hung it up, and said to Venus who was still confused, “Okay. Now you know he’s fine. Let’s eat.”

Venus kept the pose she just spoke for two seconds, and though, “Kerry, you are such a cruel man.

After snorting, she jogged towards the dining room and smelled a sour and spicy scent.

“Mrs Qin, what are you doing?” Venus asked aloud, feeling much better.

Mrs Qin turned around, chuckled and said, “Sir said you want to eat hot and sour rice noodles, but the ones make outside aren’t healthy, so he asked me to cook for you.”

“You know how to make hot and sour rice noodles?” Venus was amazed, feeling Mrs Qin really could do anything, and there was no meal that couldn’t be made if she was told.

“Sure. Easy job.” Mrs Qin poured a spoon of simmering chicken soup into the powder that had more than a dozen of spices in it, then handed a pair of chopsticks to her and said, “Here. Have a taste.”

Venus took up the chopstick and blew on it, and stuffed the noodles into her mouth. The fragrant and spicy taste filled her entire mouth, making her want to eat some more. She couldn’t help but take a few more bites before saying, “It’s delicious, and even better than the ones made by restaurants outside.”

“Oh, it’s good if you like it. You haven’t had so much for the past few days, so eat more if you like it.”

At this time, Kerry also came over, “Mrs Qin, make me a bowl as well.”

“No!” Venus said very domineeringly, “These are all mine, and there is no share for you.”

Kerry looked at the angry Venus, and suddenly found her so cute, and speechlessly said, “Well, well, they are all yours and I won’t grab them.”

Perhaps the taste of hot and spicy rice noodles was right for her appetite, so after eating a big bowl of it, Venus actually didn’t have the urge to vomit. In response, Kerry said to Mrs Qin: “Make some relatively sour food these days. I think she does like it.”

Mrs Qin secretly laughed and said, “Maybe Venus bears a boy.”

Kerry was joyous and said, “Whether it’s a son or a daughter, I will like it.”

If it was a son, he would let him learn horse riding and go to the best school, and if it was a daughter, it would better look like Venus. He would definitely raise her as a princess and give her the most perfect father’s love.

Life returned to normal.

Kerry went to work every day and Venus stayed at home. In fact, he would prefer to bring her to the company, but the thought of the traffic jam and all kinds of computer radiation make him give up the idea.

At the CEO Office in Yehuang Company.

Secretary Liu came in with an invitation, “Kerry, Fengshang Magazine has an annual fashion award ceremony in the afternoon after tomorrow, and you are invited to attend.”

“It’s only in October, and they’re already doing the annual awards. So fast. Just put it away, and I’ll check my schedule.”


Back at home, Venus lay dazing on the sofa, and when she heard his footsteps, she just simply gave him a glance and didn’t greet him.

Kerry took off his suit and threw it on the corner of the sofa, sat next to her and asked, “What happened? Not feeling well?”

“Just bored.” Venus was cold, and said after a pause, “Kerry, I’ll go to work tomorrow. It’s too boring to stay at home all day.”

Every day she ate or slept, or sat and stared, and no one talked to her. She wasn’t allowed to go out. It was okay to live like this for a day, but after several days, she was almost finished counting how many flowers blooming in the garden.

“You are not suitable for work right now.” Kerry comforted her.

Venus violently sat up from the sofa, which frightened Kerry, so he quickly hold on for fear that she might fall down.

“Who said it’s not suitable? Aren’t there several colleagues in the company who are pregnant still working? Why is it okay for others but not for me?” Venus was furious. If she stayed like this, she would go crazy sooner or later since she was completely like a bird in a cage now.

“You won’t let me go out and you won’t let me go to work? I’m just going back and forth in this big villa every day, and my good mood will wear down little by little.”

Kerry looked at her anxious face and started to waver his mind, “Let me think about it.”

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 164 Pregnant Women Should Be Obedient (3)
“Okay, take your time to think about it.” Venus didn’t bother to talk to him, fell back and lay dazing on the sofa again.

The atmosphere was tense. Kerry remembered the invitation brought by Secretary Liu in the morning, and came to an idea, “There is an award ceremony in the day after tomorrow. Do you want to go?”

“No!” Weiwei spoke without thinking and asked again when she realized, “Which one did you say?”

“Fengshang Magazine, the magazine that did the last interview for you.”

Mavis got a little interested, “Are there going to be a lot of celebrities there?”

Kerry didn’t know much about this and said ambiguously, “Maybe. After all, if any celebrity can be on the cover of their magazine, it’s a matter of pride for them.”

“That’s fine, I’ll go.” Venus said excitedly, just thinking of seeing beauties and handsome men. As she grew up, except for seeing a concert of Jay Chou from afar, she had never seen a celebrity in person, and was curious to know if they were as glorious in private as they were in front of camera.

She was in a good mood, and Kerry’s mood was also much better, “That’s good, I’ll arrange it.”

The main thing was to prevent Tianye from making any more trick.

In the evening, Venus leaned on the bed to read a book, Kerry came over after taking a shower and directly removed her hand, saying, “Reading a book at night hurts your eyes.”

Venus let go her hands and stared at him, “Please, it’s only nine o’clock. Can you sleep now?”

Kerry lifted the blanket and sat in, and said seemingly casually, “I’ll read for you.”

What ……

Venus was stunned. Kerry, so …… considerate you are?

She slept into the blanket in silence. Could she say no?

Seeing that she didn’t refuse, Kerry gently smiled, looking at the title White Night Journey …… It was a very good book, but reading it at night would be……

“Wait a moment, and I’ll go to the study to find another book, since this book is not suitable for pregnant women to read.”

Not waiting for her to refuse, Kerry got out of bed and went outside, and when he came back in, he had a book of A Brief History of the Modern World in his hand.

Venus stared at it, “You’re going to give me a history lesson?” And it was even a brief history of the …… world? It would be nice if she could get the history of her country right, okay?

When she was still at school, apart from not doing good in chemistry and physics, she was bad at history, and she definitely fell asleep in less than five minutes when she was in history class.

“Don’t you like this book? I’ll get an economics or architecture book?” Kerry teased her.

“Forget it. It’s all the same.” Venus gave up resisting. Economics and architecture? She’d rather learn history since at least she could understand it.

The deep voice rung up in the room which showed the charm of a gentleman. He read well, clearly spitting out words. However, Venus really had no talent in this area and had long been immune to his voice, so before he finished the preface, Venus fell asleep.

The steady breathing sound gradually rung up, and Kerry stopped, lowered his eyes to look at her face. It was fair with pink. For these days, she didn’t vomit for so many times as before, and ate more, so she looked much better.

Putting the book gently on the table, Kerry lay under the blanket, looking at her from sideways.

Since the day he knew she was pregnant, he hadn’t touched her, and sometimes when he really wanted to hug her, he could only carefully hug her waist while she was asleep.

Of course, if she was awake, he would never be allowed to do that.

With the sweet scent of a woman flowing in his nose, Kerry rubbed her waist for a while, and then secretly sighed. He got up and went into the bathroom.

It was such a suffering.

But he loved the feeling again, and as long as she was within his reach, there was no harm in putting up with it for a year. He didn’t want to endure the great pains of missing her a while ago when she was taken away by Tianye.


Fengshang Fashion Magazine was an internationally famous fashion magazine and one of the top magazines that celebrities strived to get in. Therefore. in that afternoon there would be countless celebrities.

Due to her pregnancy, Venus only wore a simple and elegant white fitting dress with a light pink coat outside. Kerry did not let her wear makeup or high heels, but instead a pair of white canvas sneakers.

“Kerry, at least let me wear lipstick.” Venus said very dissatisfiedly before she set off. What if she encountered her idol? Did she have to go to him for an autograph without makeup?

“No, you’re fine like this.” Kerry didn’t give her the chance, directly shoving her into the passenger side.

Well …… was there a need to say such words?

The Fengshang award ceremony was located in the largest theater in Sky City. After signing the sign-in book, Kerry took Venus’s hand and went straight into the inner arena, and just after finding his and Venus’s names in the front row, he encountered an acquaintance he hadn’t seen for a long time.

“Kerry and Venus, I didn’t expect to run into you here so coincidentally.”

When Kerry heard this voice, the shallow smile on his face instantly disappeared and was replaced with a distant expression, “Hao Nangong, it is indeed a coincidence.”

Hao Nangong looked at Kerry, remembering what happened last time, and couldn’t help but express a little fear, so he looked at Venus instead.

“Venus, long time no see.” Hao Nangong’s eyes flashed with a touch of surprise: the women who came today were all wearing exquisite makeup, being either elegant or noble, but she didn’t wear any makeup, as if she was a lotus, just standing there emitting an enchanting smell.


Hao Nangong heard the flames in his heart rekindled.

After being frightened by Kerry’s ruthlessness last time, Hao Nangong had decided to give up on Venus. When he really faced death, he realized that women and everything else were just void. However, now, he couldn’t help but want her again, even if just a kiss and sex would be enough.

Venus had already lost any feeling for Hao Nangong, and if he didn’t appear in front of her today, she might never think of this person in her life.

“Hao Nangong, hello.” Venus greeted politely.

But Hao Nangong deliberately started the conversation, “Venus, anyway, we also had a good memory. It would be too sad to greet me like a stranger.”

As soon as he said, Kerry’s face became gloomy again. He really had the gut to say that.

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 164 Pregnant Women Should Be Obedient (4)
Venus Mu’s heart was trained by Kerry Ye to be extremely strong, and was even more unconcerned about such words, saying with an expressionless face, “You remembered Hao Nangong? It’s not a good thing to be self-centered.”

Hao Nangong quirked his eyebrows, ” Venus, when did you become such a tough woman? A girl is still more inviting to be gentle, for this, I think Kerry has the most experience.”

Kerry hadn’t answered, Venus smiled and said, ” Hao Nangong is right, a girl has to be gentle, but I’m about to be a mother, it doesn’t matter if I’m gentle or not.” So, Hao Nangong, I’m about to be a mother, so you don’t have to miss me anymore.

Hao Nangong was suddenly panicked, “You …… are pregnant?”

Kerry was very satisfied with Venus’s words and put his big hand around her waist and said, “Yes, when the time comes, the child’s full moon wine will be appreciated by Hao Nangong.”

Hao Nangong’s hand in his trouser pocket clenched tightly and said with a smile “Yes, I will be there then.” After biting his teeth and saying this, he turned around and walked away.

Leaving two people behind, Venus said with a slight worry, “He mustn’t play any more trick, I’m in this situation ……”

Before she finished speaking, Kerry interrupted her, “Don’t think too much, you just need to take care of the child, I’m here for the rest, don’t worry, I won’t let him approach you within one meter.”

Kerry gloomily looked at Hao Nangong’s figure in the distance. It seemed that last time, the lesson he gave wasn’t enough, or did he forget the pain after he healed his wounds?

It was just that Kerry didn’t expect that another person was also sitting behind him as a guest in a place he couldn’t see.


After the small accident, the outside star red carpet was also finished, people were coming in one after another, and the hall that was wide just now would soon be a little crowded.

Venus stalked her neck and kept looking back, wow, there really were a lot of stars, so handsome, so beautiful.

“What are you looking at?” Kerry didn’t understand this flirtatious mood of hers.

“Look at the handsome guy.” Venus said without thinking, and saw someone’s unpleasant look when she happened to see her idol.

My God, Venus’s breath was fast, idol was more handsome and taller than on TV magazine, in dark red set suit with a small bow tie. He was simply handsome, and he smiled so warmly, which made Venus feel the whole sky clear.

Kerry couldn’t look at her anymore, and directly broke her face, forcing her to look at herself, “Venus, put away your drool.”

“It’s hard to see my idol, so of course I want to see more.”

Kerry was puzzled, “Idol?”

“Just like the stars, you wouldn’t even know that?” Venus unconsciously scoffed, seeing Kerry’s unpleasant face, adding fuel to the fire, “Oh, I forgot. You’re an old man, so of course you don’t understand this.

“Venus, I am twenty-nine years old this year. Make it clear, how am I an old man?” Kerry questioned in a low voice, with a strong sense of dissatisfaction.

“But, I’m twenty-two this year.”

Kerry was speechless. Was she mocking him to be a cradle robber? Didn’t she know that there were countless women in society lining up to snatch him up, but she was so offended that she was actually committing a flirtation with a star.

He restrained and said evilly, “If you are obedient and stay by my side this afternoon, I’ll go and ask for your idol’s autograph for you.” It’s just a star. It’s impossible to do anything with him anyway.

Venus’s eyes lit up, “I want an autograph and also an photo with him.”

“Venus! Don’t you get an inch.”

“Just one!” Venus held up a finger, her bright eyes with a hint of request. She was like a finch, feathers tickling him.

It was hard for Kerry to resist, “Fine, but you’re not allowed to turn your head to look again.”

“Okay, no more looking.” Venus sneered, and her mind was full of the way how she should smile when she took a photo with her idol later? What pose should she take? Did she need to talk?

“Venus, are you nervous?” Kerry found that the hand he was holding was trembling. They weren’t for chill but for happiness.

Venus took a deep breath to regulate her mood and calmed down a bit before asking, “Don’t you have a favorite idol?”

Kerry replied in a cold voice, “No, I only believe in power and money.”

What ……

Well, she shouldn’t have asked that.

The flashbulbs all focused on the stage, so the two people ended the conversation. After a lengthy summary was the awarding ceremony, innovative entrepreneurs of the year, breaking-through entrepreneur of the year, absolutely attractive stars, etc. ……

Venus was happy, since these people were usually only shown on TV, but she didn’t expect to see them all here today.

“Kerry, why did you come here today?” Venus asked him in a whisper, He didn’t receive the award, nor present the award except for having business dealings with Fengshang Magazine, but he could send a vice president here.

Kerry looked at her red face and said, “Didn’t you say it was too boring? I’ll accompany you out for a walk.”

Venus’s heart was touched and looked at his deep blue eyes, which seemed to have a starry sky in them.

“Oh, thank you then.” Venus pretended to be calm after saying that and turned her head to look at the spotlight. God, Kerry shouldn’t be in a state of flirting girls all the time, okay? She didn’t even want to be flirted by him.

The famous host said excitedly with the card, “Finally, let’s see which one will be this year’s cover of the year. I’m so excited because he is also an actor that I personally love and he’s been a huge hit on screen this year ……”

Venus listened to the host’s overflowing words, and thought was he talking about her own idol as he boasted the characteristics of a beauty and a deep and low voice?

As soon as this thought came up, the host said, “Let’s congratulate, The Person of the Year for Fengshang Magazine, Jiakai Wang”

“Woo!” Venus couldn’t help but shout out, then applauded aloud.

She was so happy, even happier than if she had taken the first place.

Jiakai came up to the stage very elegantly, received the award to look at it, and started his speech.

Venus was totally a crazy fan now. She had not nowadays come close to see her idols ever. He was really full of elegance.

“Venus, wipe your vanilla.” Kerry was very annoyed.

Venus did not react, and really wiped the corners of her mouth with her hand. Kerry who stood beside her directly burst out laughter. He was a little regretful, because he should not have brought her to such a place, which completely unleashed her nymphomaniac nature.

After the end of the award, Venus’s attention was all on her idol, urging Kerry to get an autograph, “You just said it. Go quickly, or he will be leaving later.”

Kerry was speechless, “Wait here, and I’ll go over and ask.”


Kerry walked over quickly. Jiakai was chatting with his peers, saw him coming over and stopped the conversation.

“Hello Jiakai, I’m Kerry from the Yehuang Group.”

Jiakai shook his hand and smiled warmly, “Hello, I’ve heard a lot about you.”

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