Chapter 164: The Rise Of A Poor Husband

Chapter 164 I said roll not walk


Vanessa complained on the phone, “Didn’t you resign today? Why does it take so long? Is your company’s resignation procedure this slow? It’s not efficient at all!”

“I’m…not resigning anymore. The chairman isn’t changed.”

Nina talked about the sequence of the context roughly.

Vanessa exclaimed, “Wow, the chairman is incredible! He’s a genius!”

When Nina heard Vanessa praised Colin, she felt proud, as if she’s the one that was praised. Then she gladly told everything from the time she met Colin until now.

After listening to it, Vanessa commented, “He’s indeed not a simple character. If I have a chance, I’d like to get to know him.”

When Nina was about to speak, Vanessa sighed again, “Hey! I’m the only one who looks for a job, then. I’m such a poor child!”

“Hehe….” Nina chuckled, “You’re so good and yet you’re worried that you won’t find a job? I believe if you apply at any hospital, they will rush to get you.”

“Tch, this is home, it’s different from abroad. Forget it, let’s not talk about it anymore. I’ll just print my resume.”

An hour later, Fox woke up.

He hurriedly opened his eyes and looked around. His mind recalled the things that happened earlier. He stood up with the support of his hand and saw Colin who was sitting not far.

Fox was surprised. Did he pass out just now?

Why was he still at Marquis after he woke up?

Why didn’t anyone take him away?

Why were there only him and Colin in the meeting room?

What happened afterward?

“Colin!” Fox was nervous but he pretended to be calm and called out loudly.

Colin looked at Fox calmly as he leaned back on the chair, and said lightly, “Do you know why you’re left alone?”

“What do you want to do? Let me tell you, illegal detention is violating the law!”

Colin sneered at him, “I’m not as stupid as you and have to do everything by yourself. Even pigs are smarter than you!”

“Colin! Did you just call me a pig?” Fox widened his eyes, “Are you any better? You’re just relying on your identity as the chairman of Marquis Group. If you’re not a chairman, you are fucking nothing!”

“Oh, you’re talking about if, but unfortunately, there’s no if.” Colin replied lightly.

Fox was choked but he held it.

Colin said again, “If you want to get out of Marquis, do as what I say.”

“What is it?” Fox was taken aback.

Colin stood up, “Roll out starting from the meeting room door.”

“Remember, I said roll not walk.”

“You’re such a bully, Colin!”

Colin suddenly slammed the table and said angrily, “I’m such a bully? You fucking caused Doris fainted three times. I haven’t gotten even with you yet. You’re the one who came, then published those pictures, also threatened me to give you Marquis. Who’s the real bully now?”

“If today the transfer was successful after you became the chairman of Marquis, would you let me go easily?”

Fox was terrified by Colin’s sudden rage and unable to deny what he just said.


Fox was still stubborn, “Did I have anything to do with Doris being unconscious? She’s the weak one and you’re blaming it on me?”

Colin was lazy to talk more with Fox, “You only have one option. Roll out from here.”

Seeing that Colin was alone, Fox didn’t intend to roll out. What could Colin do to him?

“I won’t roll out. I want to walk instead. What can you do?” Fox snorted, turned around, and walked out of the meeting room.

As soon as he opened the door, he was facing Gerd, who was 1.9 m tall and muscular.

Fox was frightened at once, that he took a few steps back.

“Let…Let me tell you. You’d better stop messing around…. Otherwise….. I’ll report you at the police station!”

Colin didn’t care, “You can report it. I think you’ll be detained for deliberately spreading groundless rumors and vicious competition. Or do you think I’ll be detained for asking you to roll out?”

“You are shameless!” Fox was so angry that he scolded using disgraceful words.

Colin suddenly felt bored, “I don’t want to waste my time. I’ll give you three seconds. If you still haven’t rolled out, I’ll let him beat you until you roll.”

Upon hearing this, Fox looked at Gerd who was big and terrified at once. He would just roll!

So Colin and Gerd watched as Fox lied on the ground and rolled out of the meeting room slowly.

“Watch him. If he stopped halfway, just slap him. If he dares to stand up, kick him out immediately.”

Fox who was in front, heard Colin’s instruction to Gerd and he trembled. He still thought to use the chance to stand up in the elevator. In the end, Colin prevented him to do so.

So two minutes later, an interesting scene appeared in the Marquis hall.

A fat man was rolling on the ground like a ball.

The big and tall Gerd followed behind him.

The crowd was standing in a distance and deliberately gave the way.

“Who is that?”

“Looks like someone from Lishi Company.”

“The latest news is the chairman’s affair is fake and Fox was using this matter to threaten the chairman to give him Marquis.”


“I just heard about the information, it’s probably true. Anyway, he wanted to be our chairman, but our chairman turned him over, so he’s still our chairman and even got Lishi Company.”

“Wow! Our chairman is really great!”

“Isn’t he? He’s young and rich and every woman’s dream.”


As Fox heard about people’s discussion, his face turned red. He had to endure the humiliation and kept on rolling.

After coming out of Marquis’s entrance, Fox was allowed to stand up.

Fox didn’t dare to stay any longer and walked away desperately.

In the office, Colin gave Ramon a call, “Follow Fox.”

At the same time, Bald Liu also moved quietly.

This was double assurance. If Ramon couldn’t keep up with Fox, then Bald may still do so.

After more than an hour later, Fox arrived at Ellie’s house, and told everything to Ellie, before saying angrily, “Colin, this dog, is sinister and cunning, and he’s not a human being! He fucking made me rolled out of Marquis and being laughed along the way!”

“Ms. Ellie, you have to help me take back Lishi Company. Otherwise, the Lee family might really be over!” In the end, Fox let out a plea.

However, after Ellie finished listening, she raised her hand and slapped Fox.


“You’re such an idiot!”

“You can’t do anything right!”

“When I gave you the photo, I want you to go to Colin and threatened him to give you Marquis. But you? You made a noise, published it directly, and made a commotion.”

“I thought with using Doris as a bargaining chip, you could deal with it, but did you deal with the things?”

“I’m really blind to use such an idiot pawn like you!”

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