Chapter 165 – 166: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 165: Learning skills from Master

Lin Li’s sexy body couldn’t stop trembling, her chest was undulating violently, and the big breasts were shaking.

That’s the obstacle-breaking pill! With only one, she would be able to break through the innate-power stage, and in her lifetime, she would have the opportunity to reach the return-to-nature stage and became a big practitioner.

This guy actually swallowed all the pills in his hand, leaving none for her.

Not long ago, Kris was promoted from the early period of the acquired stage to the acquired stage’s fulfilled period. Now since he had taken the obstacle-breaking pills, he would soon be promoted to the innate-power stage. If others knew that Kris had practiced for only more than two months and attained that, they will be amazed.

“I will kill you!”

Lin was mad and suddenly had a pistol in her hand. She walked over and pressed it against Kris’s head. With a finger slightly pressed, she was about to start the trigger.

“Kill me. If you kill me, never think about getting an obstacle-breaking pill in your lifetime, and you will never be able to break through the innate-power stage,” Kris said fearlessly and looked calmly.

Only he in this world can refine the obstacle-breaking pills. If she kills him, she will be trapped until death in the acquired stage’s fulfilled period.

“Do you think I do not dare?” Lin’s face was full of murderous look: “You have eaten all the obstacle-breaking pills, what else do I care about?” With that said, the finger on the trigger was released.


Hearing Lin’s words, Kris couldn’t help but shook his head and laughed: “Obstacle-breaking Pill is precious for you, but for me, I can have as many as I want!”

As soon as the words finished, the expression on Lin’s face froze.

What did you say?

I will have as many as I want!

Lin was amazed, and she looked at Kris incredulously: “What are you saying? You will have as many as you want?”

This is an obstacle-breaking pill; just one can make people promoted from mortal life, and it is a supreme pill for practitioners. In order to break through the bottleneck, countless senior elders of the six major schools died trying in the practice room.

I’m afraid Kris didn’t know how rare this pill is?

Is it possible that he said this deliberately for the sake of his life?

“Are you silly, bitch!” Kris was happy when he saw her shocked. He knew that for people like Lin, the obstacle-breaking pills were very attractive.

“I will not say such nonsense. I’m going out to buy medicine now. If you don’t trust me, you can send someone to follow me.” Then, he walked straight to the door.

Lin half-believed in, sending two confidants to follow Kris and drove him to the pharmacy to buy the medicinal materials needed for alchemy; Kris also bought a small pot for stewing Chinese medicine.

Kris returned about half an hour later. Lin smoked one cigarette after another, and Kris frowned. Why is this woman so addicted to smoking?

He walked over to extinguish the smoke in her hand: “Women had better smoke less.”

He opened the window to ventilate, then picked up the lady cigarette on the table and lit one for himself.

“What tricks are you playing?” Lin stared at him closely and was impatient.


He exhales a mouthful of smoke: “Alchemy!”

“Alchemy?” Lin did not believe it. Is this guy still an alchemist? How can that be true! With the Dharma ending period’s advent, the alchemist disappeared as early as hundreds of years ago.

“Of course!”

Kris was too lazy to explain to her; he went to the kitchen on the first floor and began to practice alchemy!

With the deepening of Kris’s cultivation and the increasing alchemy times, his time for refining pills has been greatly shortened. If we say he was on the beginner level before, he was now better off.

He should be respected as a “master” if it was hundreds of years ago.

Less than two hours later, the small pot used for stewing Chinese medicine made a muffled sound, and a fresh fragrance escaped.

The pills were okay. Kris walked over with a smile and opened the lid.

Three obstacle-breaking pills were lying quietly inside!

As soon as the lid was lifted, the fragrance of pills spread all over the room.

Lin, who had been silent on the side, was dumbfounded!

This… this guy turned out to be an alchemist, and he really succeeded in refining the obstacle-breaking pill!

God, there were actually alchemists in the Dharma ending period!

This time, Lin was completely stunned!

She had heard from her mentor before that alchemists were favorite by various major schools in ancient times, and even cults would not easily provoke an alchemist because of the serious consequence.

Moreover, as long as they were practitioners, they would inevitably encounter bottlenecks, and naturally, they will seek alchemists for help.

While she was stunned, Kris swallowed the two pills among the three in his hand.

The tremendous power of medicine was drawn away again, and he felt that the internal power in his body began to condense towards the public region; one trace, two traces, three traces… This internal power turned into genuine energy.

Suppose all his body’s internal power is turned into genuine energy. In that case, he will become a practitioner of the innate-power stage.

Kris was overjoyed, looked at Lin with a smile on his face.

“Yeah, why did you swallow two more? Aren’t you afraid of exploding due to the pills ?” Lin was anxious. Seeing that there was only one pill left in his hand, she pleaded: “Kris, please, give me this pill!”

This was the pill she had always dreamed of; now it was in front of her, but she can only see but can’t eat. This feeling really drove her crazy.


Nonsense. Kris had taken the dragon and tiger pill, and his body’s veins had been widened a lot, far beyond ordinary people.

It was enough for ordinary people to take one obstacle-breaking pill, but it was not until he took four or five pills in succession, the internal energy in the body began to convert. This showed that his internal energy storage was five times that of ordinary practitioners. How rich his internal energy was!

“Why should I give it to you?” Kris smiled and said: “You know the value of Obstacle-Breaking Pill; although it is nothing to me, not everyone can get it.”

Kris now completely grasped Lin’s key points. The woman was determined to break through the innate-power stage, and the obstacle-breaking pill in his hand was her only hope.

Hearing that, Lin was upset. She bit her lip and lowered her eyebrows: “Kris, I beg you, please give me this pill, I… I know I was wrong. I bit the hands feeding me. I shouldn’t whip you…”

Saying this, she looked up at Kris charmingly and said, “Or, you whip me for return?”

As she turned her back, her hands were resting on the desk in the office, her hips were curled up; she turned back, biting her lips and looked at Kris with a sorrow expression: “You…please be gentle!”


Kris coughed twice and suddenly felt hot below; Lin was born beautiful, plus she was a practitioner, the figure was extremely good.

She had a perfect figure!And the narrow waist, if from behind…

He took a deep breath and pressed down the heat in his heart. He was breaking through the innate-power stage, and he would be left crying if he went mad.

He turned around and did not look at Lin; he threw the pill in his hand to her: “Here!”

Lin had fast fingers and caught the pill. She was ecstatic and swallowed the pill without thinking.

The pill melted into a liquid in her mouth, and the majestic power instantly diffused.

The body’s internal energy instantly started to move, she knew that this was a sign of a breakthrough.

This pill was really magic!

At this moment, she completely believed that Kris was the alchemy master and was very powerful.

She thought that in ancient times, the alchemy master had many followers, and she still needed to break through the return-to-nature stage to become the true big practitioner; it was said that if people broke through the return-to-nature stage, their lifetime would extend to 200 years, although she did not know whether it was true, the people all said like that, it should be true.

Who can refuse to have a life span of two hundred years?

Thinking of this, Lin knelt in front of Kris and kowtowed respectfully for three times.

The big breasts were trembling, which was very attractive.

This woman was definitely the one with the biggest breasts among the women Kris knew!

After Lin finished kowtowing, Kris pretended to be puzzled and asked: “Miss Li, what are you doing? I can’t afford it!”

“Master, please accept my salute!”

Lin bit her lips and looked at Kris firmly: “Please accept me as a disciple, I want to practice alchemy with you!”

Chapter 166: Childe Shen

What did you say?

Be my disciple?

The secret of alchemy can not be disclosed to others at will.

In addition, he and Lin Li were neither relatives nor friends, and she threatened him just now, so he didn’t even think about it, so he shook his heads and refused: “Sorry, Miss Li, I’m not skilled, stop thinking about that; I don’t want to mislead you!”

Kris’s words made Lin feel disappointed. She quickly held his hand and begged eagerly: “Master, please, accept me as a disciple! I will listen to you about everything in the future!”

Compared with being a disciple of Kris, the noble alchemist, face, dignity, pride were worth nothing.

Once she mastered to refine the obstacle-breaking pill, the bottleneck for her promotion would be broken.

The Li family can also attain a new peak under her leadership.

“No!” Kris shook his head.

“I beg you, Master, for the sake of my sincerity, please accept me!”

Lin knelt on the ground and kept on shaking Kris, begging with a soft voice.

Kris looked down, there was a deep cleavage appearing in his eyes.

Fuck, this girl actually seduced him in order to make him acknowledge her as a disciple!

The most annoying thing for him is to be in a tangle. It seemed if he didn’t agree with her, she would never end begging.

“Okay, stop shaking, my head is dizzy!” Kris pulled his hand back and said seriously: “I will think about it!”

“Ah! Master, you promised to accept me as a disciple?” Lin stood up ecstatically, holding Kris’s arm, her amazingly soft breasts rubbing Kris through thin clothes.

It made Kris hot.

“Okay, I will go first!” Kris silently pulled a hand out: “Can I go now?”

Lin was stunned for a while, and then bowed slightly and said, “Yes, Master, of course, you can go! I will send you back now!”

“No need, I will go by myself!” Saying that, Kris strode out of the office!

That night, Kris was sleepless. Lin called over every a few minutes and asked him if he had decided to accept her as a disciple.

He was able to cope at first, but he was really annoyed at the end, shouting at the phone: “If you bother me and call again, I will never accept you as my disciple!”

After Kris roared, the whole world was quiet. In fact, Lin really did not call him again.

He could finally sleep peacefully.


On the other side, the Shepherd’s Bar!

This was a newly opened bar in Westriver City. The bar was in downtown, a very good location. The interior decoration was also very luxurious. It had become one of the favorite nightclubs of the rich second generation of Westriver City as soon as it opened.

Mary drove to the door of the Shepherd’s Bar, parked her car, and stood waiting at the door.

“Childe Shen” in the live broadcast room invited her here, so she came here today.

This was the first time she met a fan, but meeting in the bar, she felt a little uneasy.

But she also thought, these days, “Childe Shen” spent a lot of money on her. It seemed that there was nothing wrong with agreeing to his request to meet here.

She comforted herself like this, and as a result, she really felt better.

Today, she was specially dressed; she was born beautiful, after slight make-up, she looked even more beautiful.

Wearing a slim long dress, her figure was perfect. Although she was not wearing a heavenly city on her neck, she was still wearing a Cartier diamond necklace.

She was taking a pink handbag in her hand, standing in front of the bar and waiting, attracting many people to look back.

They lurked in the nightclubs all year round, and the women they saw there were either playgirls or ordinary-looking women with heavy makeup; the fresh and refined woman like Mary was really rare to see.

Feeling the eyes of the people around her, Mary felt uncomfortable.

Why hasn’t “Childe Shen” come yet?

At this time, a Ferrari stopped in front of Mary.

Then the door opened, and a handsome young man got out of the car.

His hair was carefully combed, wearing a light blue suit, a handkerchief in the pocket on his chest, and a Patek Philippe watch in his hand.

Coupled with the flamboyant Ferrari, he was extremely eye-catching.

The girls who came here to play, in addition to past time, more for catching idiots.

This man can afford a Ferrari and looked handsome. He was the perfect lover in their minds.

Mary glanced at him, but slightly, then she looked away.

At this time, the young man went straight to Mary, reached out to his hand, and said with a smile: “Hello Miss Su, my name is Lang Shen, you can also call me “Childe Shen”, Lang said intentionally.

Mary was stunned. She didn’t expect this gentleman to be the “Childe Shen” she had been waiting for. After came to sense, she was nervous and shook his hand: “Hello, I am Mary, very nice to meet you!”

The first time to meet a fan, Mary was very nervous, especially since this fan was still young, handsome, and rich.

Although she had met many handsome talents from other families when she was in the Su family before, they had never made her nervous. She didn’t know why she felt inexplicably nervous when she saw this Lang.

Lang was indeed a gentleman, gently holding her fingertips, and then released her hand. This small detail made Mary’s impression of him better.

At this time, Lang opened the car door and took out a beautiful gift box from the car: “I have always liked Miss Su’s live broadcast. It is my honor that you come to the appointment today. This is my little gift, I hope you can accept it.”

Saying that, he opened the box.

At the moment when the box opened, the passing girls stopped involuntarily.

Looking at the shiny diamond earrings inside the box, they couldn’t help but be envious.

God, these diamond earrings were too shiny, I am afraid that no woman can resist its temptation?

“This…this is too expensive…”

Mary was stunned completely. She never thought when she and Lang met for the first time, he actually gave her such a precious gift.

You had to know that she and Kris had been married for almost three years, but he had never given her a snood.

Compared between the two, Mary felt this Lang was too generous and romantic.

“No, this gift is too expensive, I… I can’t accept it!” Mary pressed down her affection and whispered.

“What!” Lang smiled and said: “I was thinking when I watched your live broadcast before, if you are matched with a pair of earrings, you will be much more beautiful. Would you please fulfill my wish?”

With that, Lang picked up the earrings, walked to Mary’s side, and gently put the earrings on her ears.

He was so close that Mary was not used to it, but when Liang put the earring on her ear, she was moved.

Unprecedented warmth flooded in her heart.

“Thank you… Thank you!” At this moment, Mary actually felt like crying.

Thinking of what happened to her since she married Kris, she felt aggrieved and wanted to cry.

But in front of Lang, she could not cry.

After wearing the earrings, Lang smiled: “There is no need to thank me. I still want to thank you for you have fulfilled my wish.”

After he finished saying, he looked Mary up and down: “Well, you are really very beautiful. If you wear the earrings to do broadcast live, you will definitely amaze many people.”

Lang’s words made Mary blush, she was very nervous in her heart, and her palms were sweating slightly.

“Come on, let’s go inside and have a drink. I’ve already booked a box.”

“Hmm!” Mary’s head was dizzy now, without refusing, she followed him in.

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