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Chapter 165: My Mysterious Husband

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 165 Venus is mine, the harsh fight (1)
“Well, she’s my wife,” Kerry pointed to Venus who was beside him. “She’s your super fan and would like to take a photo with you. Is that OK?”

“It’s my pleasure.” Jiakai Wang was very considerate and said, “The light is kind of dark here. Let’s move to your wife’s side.”

“Thank you very much.” Kerry didn’t want Venus to move around and was happy as Jiakai said that.

Venus looked at her idol talking and laughing with Kerry. She felt her heartbeat was getting faster and her face was getting hot.

Fortunately, Jiakai was an expert. He politely showed his hand and said, “Hello, I’m Jiakai Wang.”

“Hello, I’m Venus, I’m…”

Jiakai saw that she was nervous and speechless. He was used to this kind of scene and handled it easily. “Thank you for supporting me. Can I take a picture with you?”

“Oh OK, thank you. I’ve been your fan for many years… “

Jiakai invited her politely. He was tall, with the back of his hand behind him and lowered his body when he took the photo with Venus. She was smiling like a child.

Kerry took the photo and thanked Jiakai again, “Hope we have a chance to cooperate in the future, Mr. Wang.”

“I’m looking forward to it, too.”

After her idol left for a long time, Venus recovered from her shock.

“Where’s the photo? Let me take a look, show me!” Venus asked Kerry excitedly, Kerry reluctantly showed her the photo on the cell phone.

“I look so silly, ha ha…But my idol looks perfect.”

Kerry was thinking of asking Jiakai to be a brand spokesperson, but considering Venus’s attitude….forget it, he was afraid that Venus might overly focus on Jiakai and completely forget about him.

After the award ceremony, there was a luxurious evening reception, specially for connecting the business community and the entertainment industry.

Venus couldn’t take on any alcohol or cold drinks. Kerry asked the waiter to get a cup of hot water for her

“There are desserts over there. Would you like to go over and have some?” He asked with great concern.

Venus shook her head. She didn’t like sweet food at all.

“Mr. Ye, I was looking for you. So you are hiding here huh?”

Kerry and Venus turned around. The director of the “fashion magazine” looked at them with a glass of wine and a beautiful woman stood beside him.

Venus had a little surprise, isn’t he the star who just won the prize?

Kerry got up and shook hand with him, ” It is nice to meet you, Mr. Du.”

Director Du looked at Venus and asked, “She is…”

“My wife, Venus.” Kerry introduced, gently helped Venus up, “Venus, this is Director Du of fashion magazine.”

“Oh Mrs. Ye, but how come I feel so familiar?” Du looked at her and wondered where he had seen her.

Kerry smiled and answered with great pride, “she used to appear on your magazine cover.”

“Oh! Yes, yes, yes, now I recall her. I told my secretary that Huang Ye had discovered a young designer with great potential. Her design style was bold and creative, truly amazing work. I didn’t expect that she was actually Mrs. Ye.”

It was rare for Venus to be praised in person. She didn’t know whether he was sincere or giving credit just because of her husband.

” Thank you so much Mr. Du, I don’t deserve that much credit.” Venus spoke modestly.

Mr. Du introduced the beautiful women next to him. “This is Ms. Ya Su, who has just won the most attractive Star Award. Ya Su, this is Mr. Kerry Ye of the Yehuang group. “

“Hello, Kerry.” Kerry reached for her hand and quickly let go.

Suya was very elegant and spoke with a smile, “Mr. Ye, I’ve heard a lot about you. I didn’t expect to meet you here today.”

The entertainment industry and entrepreneurs have always been inextricably linked together. Mr. Du was able to personally bring Ya Su to Kerry. It seems that their relationship is profound, and the purpose…is self-evident.

Looking at them talking all night, Venus felt a bit bored. She had just drank some water and wanted to go to the bathroom. She was about to tell Kerry about it, a young waitress with high-heeled shoes sprained while carrying a few cups of wine. Several glasses of wine on the plate poured to Venus in an instant. Kerry’s eyes were sore and her hands were quick. He pulled up Venus in to his arms at once, and the sound of glass breaking followed by.

“I’m sorry, I’m so sorry…” The young lady bent down in a hurry to apologize.

Kerry nervously looked at Venus. The edge of the wind coat was stained with a large amount of wine stains, and the white cloth shoes on her feet were also splashed with red wine.

“I’m sorry, I was careless, I’m sorry…”

Before Kerry got mad, Venus cut him off, “It’s OK. I’ll go to the bathroom and deal with it.”

“I’m sorry, please let me dry and clean up your clothes…” The girl was so anxious that she almost cried.

Venus waved her hand. “It’s all right. You can go.”

Knowing that she didn’t want to embarrass the waitress, Kerry said to Ya Su, “I need to go to the bathroom with Venus. Please excuse me for a moment.”

Mr. Du was so embarrassed as a host. He was very angry and scolded the girl, “What are you doing?”

Venus quickly spoke for the young girl, “Mr. Du, I’m alright, please don’t embarrass her. “

“You should thank Mrs. Ye, I won’t investigate this time. But if anything like this ever happens again, you will be fired immediately.”

The girl repeatedly said “I’m sorry”, then bowed to Venus and said, “Thank you.”

“Don’t worry it’s not a big deal,” Venus didn’t want to attract any attention, she tugged at Kerry’s sleeve and whispered, “come on, let’s go to the bathroom.”

Kerry took her hand and said, “Slow down.” “Gladly, you are wearing canvas shoes today. If it’s high-heeled shoes or sandals, your feet may be scratched by the glass.”

Kerry and Venus quickly walked to the bathroom. Ya Su held up her wine, the red liquid was flickering in it, and her eyes were filled with envy.

“Mr. Ye is very kind to his wife…” Ya Su whispered to herself.

Mr. Du nodded. “Yeah. I have never seen Kerry putting on so much care on anyone else. Although he was speaking to us, his heart and mind was on his wife, otherwise his reaction couldn’t be so fast.”

Ya Su got even more envious. She was prettier than Venus, how could no one treat her so well?

At the door of the bathroom, Kerry wanted to follow but was stopped by Venus.

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 165 Venus is mine, the harsh fight (2)
“Come on, it’s the ladies’ restroom! Just wait outside. “

Kerry looked down at her shoes and asked, “can you handle it alone?”

Venus was speechless, “I’m pregnant, not disabled.”

“Mind the words, it could bring misfortune.” Kerry frowned at her.

Venus glared at him and walked into the bathroom.

Kerry took a few steps outside and stood in the corridor. He was really getting overly nervous. Now, even if he did not see her for just a minute, he began to panic.

Kerry smiled wryly and muttered to himself, “Kerry…didn’t expect that some day you could become like this.”

“Huh, isn’t this Mr. Ye? You are here… ” An acquaintance came out of the bathroom.

Kerry pretended to take a cigarette case out of his pocket and said “Just trying to get some ‘fresh air.’ “

“Oh, I heard you had a project robbed by Mu’s group recently?” The man took the cigarette handed by Kerry and continued, “I thought Ye and Mu are family in-laws? Why did Tianye Mu rob you? “

Kerry sneered and did not want to admit that he lost so badly, so he said, “it’s not Tianye who robbed it. I gave it to him. It was a celebration of his return. “

The man patted him on the shoulder and exclaimed, “oh man, you rich a*s, hundreds of millions as a celebration gift…”

As soon as he finished talking, all the lights in the banquet hall suddenly went out and turned into deep blackness.

“Is there a power failure?”

“What’s going on, why is it dark?”

There was a sound of surprise in the hall. Kerry’s intuition told him that something was wrong, whether there were other girls in the bathroom or not, he just broke in immediately. But as soon as he stepped into the bathroom, the light came on again.

In front of the mirror, a lady was fixing her make-up. After the light went out, she stood there and did not move. As she saw Kerry broke in like a psychopath she was startled, “Holy…..What are you doing here?”

Kerry ignored her and yelled out, “Venus, are you alright?”

No one answered. Kerry’s heart got nervous and shouted again, “Venus?”

Still, no one responded.

There were only four blocks in the women’s toilet. Three of them were empty. Only the one in the middle was occupied. Kerry went over and tapped at the door, “Venus!”

“Ahhh – who is it?” There was a woman’s scream inside, but it was clearly not Venus.

Kerry was stunned for a second and turned to ask another woman anxiously, “what about the woman who just came in? Wearing a pink wind coat?”

“You mean, the girl with the wine stains on her clothes?”

“Yes, where is she?”

The woman pointed to the door. “She just went out.”

Kerry was confused. Impossible! He had been standing at the door. Could it be that when he was talking with others, she took the opportunity to run away?

Thinking of this, Kerry quickly ran out of the bathroom, running to the door, meanwhile taking out the phone, “Henry, stare at the door and don’t you dare to blink! Once you see Venus, follow up immediately! Tianye and Hao Nangong, chase them down as well.”

“Yes, boss!” As soon as Henry finished speaking, Kerry was hanging up the phone and he suddenly heard Henry exclaim, “ahhh–“

At this point, Kerry reached the third floor, and when he heard his voice, he asked, “What did you see?”

“It’s Tianye, he took Mrs. Ye, they are getting in the car!”

“Track them.” Kerry almost lost control, “keep talking, and I’ll follow.”

“Right and clear boss.”

When Kerry ran to the front door of the hotel and there was no car, he immediately turned to the road.

When he got on a taxi, Kerry called Henry and asked anxiously, “where are you now?”

“In the Wutong Road, TianYe seems to be driving in the eastern suburbs.”

“Got it. Keep up with them.” Kerry turned to the driver, “Sir, Wu Tong Road.”

The driver took a look at him and joked, “Yooo~, getting on someone’s tail?”

“Can you just move?” Kerry kept his temper.

The driver looked at Kerry who was wearing a suit and leather shoes, and his expression was a little uncomfortable. “Bro, this is a taxi. No matter how fast I drive, it’s impossible to match up a sports car.”

Kerry took a stack of cash from his wallet and put it on the dashboard in front of him. “As long as you catch up with the correct target, these are all yours.”

As soon as the driver looked at it, his eyes lit up, stepped on the accelerator and said, “No worries dude, I’m professional.”

He did not lie, although the driver didn’t drive the taxi out of the sports car, he knew the road conditions of Sky city like the palm of his hand. After turning several intersections and shortcuts, Kerry saw his own Cayenne.

“Henry, I’m right after you. Which car is Tianye driving?”

“The red Porsche in front.” Henry was staring at the car, afraid that it would disappear in a blink of an eye. However, he felt a little strange. It was clear that Tianye could get rid of himself at several intersections, but on the contrary, he slowed down and seemed to be waiting for him to catch up.

Is there any conspiracy in this?

Or Tianye did not spot me?

Three cars chased each other and left the Sky city about an hour later. Kerry felt it was a little suspicious. Where does Tianye try to bring Venus to? Sea coast is on the east, are they going to leave by boat?

All the way to the East, the taxi driver had no advantage when they got to the outskirts. The two cars in front were sports cars. The driver couldn’t match the performance of the sports car even with his excellent driving skills. He could only watch the sports cars throw him further and further away. If they go on like this, soon they won’t be able to see the tire print of the Porsche.

Kerry had no other option. “Henry, turn around and pick me up. Sir, just stop here. “

The driver was a bit embarrassed, “Bro, sorry for that, this broken car is too damn slow and really not comparable to that of a sports car.”

After the taxi stopped, the Cayenne had arrived, and Kerry quickly got in.

The taxi driver looked at the Cayenne which disappeared in the field of vision, praised “What a nice car…”, and then started counting the pile of cash pleasantly.


My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 165 Venus is mine, the harsh fight (3)
On the cliffs by the sea, the red Porsche lay still, like a tired cheetah.

The Porsche Cayenne stopped ten meters away. There were no other sounds on the cliffs except for the wind and the waves

Kerry stared coldly at the car in front of him and finding something odd. “Why does Tianye Mu park his car here?”

“Henry, did you really see that it was Tianye Mu that drove the car at the time?” Kerry asked.

“Yes, I’m quite sure. He also smiled provocatively at me.” Henry said.

Kerry took out the pistol and slowly loaded the gun.

“Sir, what do you want?” asked Henry.

“It’s time to settle the score with him.” Kerry said coldly. He couldn’t let Tianye keep challenging his patience any longer. He’d had it enough.

Henry didn’t dare speak, silently following him off the car.

“Tianye Mu, get the f**k out of here!” Kerry yelled.

Then Tianye got out of the driver’s seat. He was calm, as if he was on vacation.

He looked at Kerry with a smirk on his face, “Kerry, you chased me all the way. What do you want?”

“What do you think I want? Last time I let you live, it was for Venus’ sake. Why are you still messing with me?” Kerry raised his pistol and aimed it at Tianye’s head, “I’ll kill you right now.”

Tianye shrugged, “I don’t believe you will dare shoot me.”

Kerry fired a shot at Tianye feet, but he didn’t move at all.

“Kerry, don’t I teach you to shoot someone in the head?” Tianye mocked.

“You’d better don’t make me kill you.” Kerry said. “Where’s Venus?”

Tianye sneered, “Isn’t she with you? Why do you ask me?”

“Don’t play dumb. I know she’s in your car,” Kerry said.

Tianye laughed, “Who told you that Venus was in my car?”

Kerry looked at Henry, who looked confused, “I saw Venus get into the car.” said Henry.

“Are you sure?” Tianye said to Henry, “obviously, it is my girlfriend who is in the car.”

“But I saw ……” Henry argued anxiously.

Then the car door opened and a beautiful woman got out of it. She had long hair, wearing a pink trench coat over a white waist-length dress, and a pair of white shoes. She was wearing exactly the same thing as Venus, but she wasn’t Venus.

“Sir, I ……” Henry chagrined. In front of the hotel, the woman’s face was hidden by her long hair and she also was wearing the same clothes as Venus, so he took her for Venus.

Kerry slowly lowered his gun. He didn’t blame Henry. He knew that if he had been the one to see the girl, he would have taken the woman for Venus, too.

When he was at the hotel, he was waiting for Venus outside the bathroom. With his sensitivity he wouldn’t have failed to notice Venus if she had slipped away from him. As soon as he heard the woman say Venus had left, he was anxious, and with Henry’s words, he believed that Venus was taken away by Tianye.

“I’m not lying to you. She’s not Venus.” Tianye leaned against the car and stretched, “I wanted to come out with my girlfriend to see an ocean view, but you guys interrupt us.”


Three minutes before the lights went out in the hotel Venus walked into the bathroom and saw a woman touching up her makeup. When Venus pulled the door open after using the toilet, a woman stood in front of the door.

She motioned for Venus to remain silent and then she squeezed into the cubicle.

“Who are you? What do you want?” Venus asked nervously.

The woman blinked at her, “Don’t you remember me?”

Venus suddenly covered her mouth, “Are you the nurse?”

“Your brother sent me to save you. Don’t make a sound. Do what I say, okay?”

Venus nodded in surprise. She hadn’t expected her brother to have arranged for someone to come in. She also recognized the nurse immediately despite the heavy makeup she wore.

“Stand up on this and don’t let anyone see your feet from the outside. I know it’s hard, but hold on for a while.” said the nurse.

Every toilet cubicle has a special box for toilet paper. This is where the nurse was referring to. Fortunately, the box for the drawpaper in this hotel was made of metal and should be able to hold the weight of a person.

“Stand on it quickly. We don’t have much time left.”

Venus took a deep breath.

Then she moved one foot over the edge of the toilet and one foot over the metal box, after grabbing the top edge of the partition.

That was when the lights suddenly went out. Then she heard the nurse taking off her pants.

A few seconds later, the light came back on.

Then Kerry’s voice sounded outside and Venus’s heart pounded. She was clinging to the partition, praying desperately that Kerry wouldn’t find her.

“Venus, Venus….” Kerry yelled from outside. Then he ran into the ladies’ room and opened the doors one by one looking for Venus. The nurse who was sitting on the toilet screamed and cursed deliberately. Venus opened her eyes and fought that she did sit on the toilet with her pants down.

Even though Kerry pushed the door open and Venus was behind it, the first thing he saw was the nurse, so he would leave quickly.

They never expected that Kerry didn’t even push the door open. He just asked the woman in the restroom about Venus and then left.

After hearing Kerry leave, the woman who was outside fixing her makeup ran out of the bathroom to make sure he was far away.

“He’s gone.” she said.

By this time the nurse had put on her pants and helped Venus down. “Are you okay?”

“I’m fine.” said Venus. Actually she was very nervous just now.

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 165 Venus is mine, the harsh fight (4)
The two women went down quickly with Venus through another passageway of the hotel. There was already a car waiting for them at the door. When they were seated in the car, Venus’s heart was still pounding and her hands were trembling lightly.

“Don’t be so nervous. You’re pregnant and it’s not good for the baby.” the nurse took her hand to reassure her.

“I know, but I can’t help it.” Venus said shakily.

“Calm down and take a few deep breaths.” said the nurse.

After Venus took a few deep breaths as the nurse told her, she gradually calmed down.

“Where’s my brother? Where are we going?” Venus asked.

“He’s going to lure Kerry away. We’ll leave Sky City now.” the nurse said briefly.

Venus thought her brother was waiting for her somewhere, but she never expected that he had lead Kerry away from here.

“Did he tell you where we meet him?”

“No, so someone will pick you up, so don’t worry.” said the nurse. Then she pulled a document out of a bag and gave it to Venus, “This is what Tianye told me to give you.”

Venus opened it. It was an asset transfer document. It had Changrui Mu written on party A, while party B had her name written on it. When she finished the document, Venus’s eyes went w*t. Her brother had transferred to her all the assets that Changrui Mu had appropriated from the Mu family.

The real estate had been sold and the money was deposited in Swiss bank account he had opened for her. As long as she was there in person, she could withdraw the money.

Venus had always been keenly intuitive. “Why did he give me this document? It’s like a will.”

She knew Kerry well. If he found out her brother had lied to him, he’d have a fight with her brother and may kill him. She couldn’t let her brother suffer all this for her free life. She had to save him

“Do you know where my brother will lead Kerry?” Venus said suddenly.

The nurse looked at her, puzzled. “Why do you ask that?”

“I’m going to find my brother.” Venus said with a firm expression, “You must know where my brother is.”

“My orders from the boss are to take you out of Sky City. The rest has nothing to do with me.” the nurse said calmly.

“He’s my brother. I can’t just stand by and watch him be in danger.” Venus took her arm and begged. “And Kerry hates my brother. If he knew my brother lied to him, he’d kill him definitely. “

Obviously the nurse had faith in Tianye’s strength, “Miss Mu, Kerry doesn’t necessarily have the ability to kill Tianye.”

“No, you don’t know Kerry’s power. My brother gave me the document. That shows that he is not confident that he will come back alive.” Venus couldn’t tell them that Kerry had supernatural powers and could only explain as best she could.

“Miss Mu, we can’t do what you say. We’ll only do whatever the boss tells us to do. The rest has nothing to do with us.” They did not agree.

After thinking for a moment, Venus calmed down. “You guys take me to my brother’s. I’ll watch from a distance. If my brother is okay, we’ll leave right away. If he blames you guys, I’ll be sure to plead for you, okay?”

The two women in the car were silent.

“Please …… you guys don’t want to see my brother die either, do you?” said Venus.

“Zhang, turn around and go to the beach.” said the nurse. She changed her mind suddenly, for she was also worried about Tianye.

“Thank you.” Venus hugged the nurse’s shoulder and said excitedly.

“You should know you’ll be punished if you disobey orders.” the other woman turned her head to stare at the nurse.

The nurse looked at her. She was silent.

“Only if he’s alive will he have a chance to punish me. If he’s dead, what’s the point of talking about punishment?” said the nurse.


At the beach, the sun was setting. The sky was suffused with a rosy light, which it seemed to stain the sea red.

Kerry raised his pistol again after forcing himself to calm down. “You take a lot of effort to lure me here. I guess you’ve already had Venus taken away.”

Tianye looked down at his watch and took a sigh of relief, “It’s been over two hours. If things went well over there, Venus should be on the plane now.”

Kerry became irritable again. “Do you have to break me and Venus apart?”

Tianye’s expression turned cold, “Kerry, it’s not that I want to break you up, but Venus wants to leave you. If she doesn’t want to leave you, I might try to accept you.”

The reason why Venus could be taken away by Tianye time and again was that she wanted to leave him. If she didn’t want to leave, she would seek Kerry’s help, like last time Hao Nangong took her.

“Can’t I warm her cold heart after all I’ve done?” Kerry thought. “As long as she’s with me and gives birth to my child, I am sure I can let her love me.”

It was just that before he went to find Venus, he needed to take care of Tiamye first. Even if he didn’t kill him, he needed to have Tianye beaten badly that he’d have to spend a year recuperating in bed. Then Tianye wouldn’t have chance to interfere in his and Venus.

“Tianye Mu, a few years ago you crippled my brother’s arm. It’s time for me to settle this score today.” Kerry threw the gun on the ground and took off his jacket.

The wound in Tianye shoulder wasn’t healed yet, but at this point he still decided to fight a dual with Kerry.

“I also want revenge for what Venus suffered.” Tianye took off his jacket, threw the gun on the ground.

The two men stared at each other coldly for a moment, and then rushed towards each other.

The hand-to-hand combat was more intense, not to mention the duel between the two fighting masters.

Last time their duel was at the hospital, and their last fight wasn’t fierce due to the small size of the place, but now they finally had a chance to fight it out.

The car Venus was in sped down the road. When they reached the beach, they parked the car behind a boulder. From this angle they could see Kerry and Tianye, but they couldn’t see them.

At this moment, Kerry and Tianye were fighting. Kerry kicked at Tianye’s chest, kicking him so hard that he took several steps backwards and almost fell to the ground.

“Brother!” Venus exclaimed and was about to open the door and get out of the car, but the nurse held him back, “They’re supposed to be settling personal scores and won’t kill each other yet.”

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