Chapter 166: My Mysterious Husband

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 166 Was Tianye Dead (1)
“You see, the guns of our boss and Kerry are dropped on the ground. They don’t want to kill each other, or they won’t fight with their body. And it is, obviously, not a urgent situation because their fellowmen are not involved in their fight. ” Said the little nurse.

Although she agreed to the analysis of the little nurse, Venus Mu still felt nervous about the terrible fight.

She suddenly found that there was a girl in the same dress of her next to the Porsche. The girl looked at the fight with a cold face.

It turns out that Venus’s brother take this girl as a bait to attract Kerry out. It was a good trap, indeed.

Perhaps the girl would join the fight if needed.

Tianye Mu and Kerry exchanged strokes against each other.

Although Tianye’s combat effectiveness was above that of Kerry, he couldn’t catch up with Kerry at all time due to his wounded shoulder.

Kerry seized the opportunity of this and kept his attacking back, which deteriorated the wound on Tianye’s shoulder.

Soon, blood seeped through his white T-shirt. It was a real urgent situation in the view of his sister.

Venus screamed with her ten fingers clenched together, “My brother, you must get injured!”

The little nurse also looked worried and said, “His unhealed knife wound may be cracked again.

” No, I will fight with my brother. ” Said Venus.

“Wait a minute.” Said the little nurse.

Venus ignored her directly this time.

“I can’t wait any longer. He may fail and die if we keep waiting here.” Said Venus in a rage.

She pushed away the nurse and got out of the car, leaving the little nurse alone with complain about her. Then the nurse got out of the car after her.

The injury on Tianye’s shoulder became more and more serious. Tianye was forced to the edge of the cliff by Kerry. On seeing this, his female fellow was about to give a hand, but she was stopped by Henry.

“Don’t interfere in the affairs of my boss. Let me play with you.”

While Kerry kept pressing against him, Tianye glanced around, only to find that a girl rushing toward him.

It was Venus. Why did she appear here? Wasn’t her guarded by the little nurse?

At the moment, Kerry seized the chance and gave a punch on his chest. Tianye retreated back with one foot stepped in the air, and his body swaying back and forth.

” Big brother.” Venus cried out, but the noise of the wind and waves were so loud that her voice was overwhelmed.

It was at this moment that Kerry gave deadly blow to Tianye and kicked him off the cliff.

Tianye couldn’t make response to the attack and dropped down straightly like a kite losing its line.

“Brother.” On seeing the scene, Venus cried one and again until her heart was almost torn.

The female fellow who was stopped by Henry jumped to the edge of the cliff and screamed, ”My boss.”

At last, Kerry heard Venus’s voice in the air. He thought it was an illusion as he found Venus stumbled to his side.

On hearing her heart-broken cries, Kerry felt terrible about what he had just done.

Tianye was knocked off the cliff by him seconds ago.

He was sorry about the unexpected result.

Venus ran fast across Kerry like a gust of wind and went straight to the direction where Tianye had fell.

Fortunately, Kerry reacted quickly enough to stop her.

“Big brother, big brother!” Venus yelled at the cliff, only to see the rough waves plummeting one and again.

“My brother -” Venus was drove mad by the death of her brother. She might have jumped down the cliff but for the saving hand of Kerry.

Kerry protected her body fully in fear that the baby she bore might got influenced.

“Venus, calm down please.” Said Kerry.

“Pa!” She gave Kerry a heavy slap on his face and roared at him, “you are a murderer, you killed my brother!”

Kerry was amazed by the slap he endured for no one around him dared to do so to him. However, he loved Venus so much that he could endure anything painful for her.

“Kerry, you must take my brother back, you must do it.” Venus punched his chest desperately, with tears watering on her face.

“You are a fucking murderer!”

“Sorry, I, I never… ” Kerry couldn’t find any excuse to defend himself because nothing could change the fact that he had killed her brother.

“Kerry, let me go now. Let me be with my brother. He is still alive. Lt me go.” Venus slapped Kerry’s hand, trying to escape from him.

” Please calm down.”Said Kerry.

Venus was so exhausted that she couldn’t escape from Kerry. To let out her anger, she bent her head and bit him hard on his wrist.

Al though the pain was sharp, it was a far cry from the pain in his heart.

The blood fell down on the stone and turned dark red in the blink of eye.

Finally, with all her strength, Venus freed herself from Kerry’s hands.He slumped on the uneven stone and raised her head toward the twilight, with whose eyes full of despair and lifeless spark.

“Young master,” Henry came in a panic and said, “how about Venus’s child.”

The lower hem of her snow-white skirt was soaked by the blood.

At the moment, Kerry was completely in a panic. While he carried Venus up to the car, his lips were trembling.

“Henry, let’s go finding the nearest hospital.”

Venus’s eyes are empty, and there was no expression on her face at all. It seemed that she had lost the sense of pain at all. What occupied her mind was the scene when her brother fell off the cliff.

She had lost her parents, and now she lost her brother. She had no families in the world.

She preferred to go for the family union in the hell.

“Venus, hold on for a while, and we’ll arrive in the hospital right away.” Kerry held her in his arms. He was painful for he could do nothing but to see she kept bleeding. In the past 30 years, nothing did ever scare him and he could make sure that everything was under his control.

However, at this moment, he felt despair that he was going to lose his baby and the girl he was in deep love with.

Looking at her lifeless eyes, Kerry implored, “Honey, please, please hold on, I am sure that both of you will be OK.”

Venus was totally immersed in the world of her delusion, and she didn’t hear what he was saying. Her body became weaker and weaker, and finally, she closed her eyes and fell into the dark.

“Venus –” Kerry was totally shocked. But He dared not shake her.

“Hurry up!”He yelled at Henry.

Then Henry floored the gas pedal.

After two red lights, they finally saw a hospital in front of him.

The car drove directly to the door of the emergency room. Before the car stopped steadily, Kerry took Venus out and ran into the emergency room.

“Doctors, where are the doctors here.”

A middle-aged man came out from the doctor’s office. On seeing this, he came to the emergency room in a hurry and opened the door for them.

“Come on, lie her down on the bed. What happen to her? “

“My wife is pregnant. She suffered a shock and kept bleeding.” Kerry calm himself down as much as possible.

Then the doctor told a nurse to send the Obstetrics and Gynecology doctor here.

“How many days has your wife been pregnant?”

“Sixty two days.” Kerry blurted out.

Doctor nodded and began to test Venus’s blood pressure, temperature. After that, a female doctor from the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology pushed the door in, followed by two nurses.

“What’s the situation?” She asked.

“She has been pregnant for sixty two days. Now she was still bleeding. The blood pressure is a little low, but her temperature is normal. “

The female doctor glanced at Kerry and said, “Gentleman, please be out of the room.”

After a careful look at Venus’s pale face, Kerry walked heavily out of the ward and lay down on the stool beside the door, with his hands trembling and full of blood.

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 166 Was Tianye dead? (2)
Venus Mu, please be good. Please be safe.

Henry He was standing next to him. Looking at Kerry Ye, who was now at lost, he felt a little sad, for after following him for so many years, he had never seen Kerry show such a remorseful look.

Even the year Kevin Ye had an accident, Kerry just locked himself in the dark room without eating for two days, but after two days, he did whatever he wanted, more vicious than before.

But now, he was so sympathetic.

A few minutes later, the door was pushed open from the inside and a nurse took out a list and a little bottle of blood and said, “Is patient’s family here?”

Kerry got up quickly, “Yes, here.”

The nurse gave him what’s in her hand and said, “Send this to the testing department and tell them to hurry up. Tell them it’s urgent.”

Henry took the list and the blood bottle from Kerry and said, “Young master, stay here with the young lady. I’ll take care of these things. Excuse me, where is the testing department?”

She pointed to the aisle on the right, “Follow this hall and keep going forward.”

After Henry left, the nurse looked at Kerry, who had a stiff expression, and muttered inside, “Young master and young lady? Are they filming?”

The test results came out quickly. The doctor took a look at it and said to Kerry, “Your wife lost too much blood, but the baby was lucky. When she wakes up and finished the drip, she can be discharged. I will also prescribe some fertility drugs. Remember, make her calm and don’t get irritated. Try to make her cheer up, for her emotion directly has something to do with the baby’s growth.”

“Yes, thank you.” Kerry was a little powerless.

However, how could she be in a good mood in the face of her brother’ s death?

Venus just felt like she was falling into a bottomless abyss, never able to step on the ground.

“Is anyone there?” She shouted out, but she could only hear a faint echo from the darkness…

Where was she? What was this place?

“Venus,” a call rang out in the endless darkness. Looking up, she saw her parents coming from the distance with a layer of light on them.

“Papa, mama…” Venus ran towards them, but she could not run anyhow, as if her feet were shackled. She was so anxious that she was about to cry.

“Venus, good girl, don’t cry,” Mum gently comforted her.

Venus cried, “Mom, I miss you and dad so much. My brother had an accident this afternoon, so I want to go to you guys. I really don’t want to live here alone…”

Dad said seriously, “Silly girl, no matter what happens, you have to keep going. Death can’t solve anything.”

Venus was in tears, “But… I’m so tired of living alone and I’m not happy at all. I don’t want to live in this way.”

“If you don’t want to live like in this way, go and try to change your life instead of giving up. It’s the choice of a coward.”

Her mom came over gracefully and stroked her long hair, “Venus, mom and dad gave you life and raised you and we hope that you can have a peaceful life. Don’t say that again and don’t do that again, OK?”

Venus grabbed her mother’s hand and felt full of frustration, “Mom, I don’t know how much longer I can hold on. I don’t have any confidence.”

“We believe in you. Don’t let us down…”

After saying this, Venus’ s hand was loosened by her mom. Next, her parents disappeared in the darkness.

“Mom!” Venus called out, but this time there was no reply and no one answered her, “Dad, you come back, come back, don’t leave me alone…”

“Venus!” Tianye’ s voice appeared at once, which froze Venus. Thus, she was looking for her brother in the darkness.

“Brother, is that you?” “Venus!” “Brother, where are you?”

Kerry had been her side in the room. It’s been a while since the drip finished, but it showed no signs of waking up. She just kept crying and talking in her dream.

Kerry wiped away her tears little by little, whose heart ached, unable to breathe.

If he could go back and at that moment, he would never have done that.

Now, it was too late.

“Brother!” Venus frowned and called out in pain, “Brother, don’t go!”

Awaken from her dream, Venus stared at the ceiling, tears welling up again.

Her brother was really dead, otherwise, he wouldn’t have run into her dream.

“Brother, I’m sorry, it’s all because of me, otherwise, you wouldn’t have fought with Kerry.

Kerry watched her crying, whose heart was like being pierced by a thousand needles and no words could describe the pain.

“Venus, stop crying, okay?” Kerry’s consolation was obviously useless.

Venus stared at Kerry, yelling with desperation and sadness, “Kerry, do you hate Mu family that much? And you’re going to kill us all? Even if you wanted to avenge Kevin, why did you kill him? Do you hate him that much?”

“Venus, I didn’t really want to kill him, at the time…”

“Kerry, shut up, OK!” Venus interrupted him, “No matter what you think, you killed him, it’s the truth. I saw it with my own eyes.”

Kerry was speechless.

“Why the dead one is not you? Kerry, why it’s my brother? Do you know how much I want you to be the one to die?” Venus was cruel at the moment and if there was a knife in her hand right now, she would definitely stab him.

Hearing this, Kerry’ s face turned sullen, “Venus, I don’t care what you are saying, but I hope you can think about our baby. If you get excited, he…”

“Baby?” Venus laughed madly, “Kerry, do you still remember this child? He’s only two months old and you kill his uncle, do you think God will punish him instead of punishing you?”

Kerry was in a state of shock. He was completely unaware of this.

Venus no longer had the strength to scold him, pointing at the door and said, “Kerry, if you want me to calm down, get out. I don’t want to see you. If it’s possible, don’t let me see you in the rest of my life.”

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 166 Was Tianye dead? (3)
Kerry Ye looked at her with a complicated gaze and reached out to cover her with the blanket, but she pushed him away, “Get out! Get out of here, or I’ll kill the baby.”

The baby was a sharp weapon, so Kerry didn’t dare to move, “Okay, OK. Don’t get excited and don’t do anything. When you recover, do whatever you want to me.”

“Fuck off!”

Kerry quickly stepped out of the room in order to calm her down.

Originally, he was thinking of waiting for her to wake up and go home, but now, it seemed impossible. It’s already dark outside, so Kerry planned to make her stay her for one night.

This night, Kerry had been sitting on a chair outside. Henry He felt sorry for him, so he came over to ask him to sleep in another room, but Kerry refused.

No matter where he stayed, he wouldn’t be able to fall asleep tonight, so he might as well stay close to her.

On the bed, Venus crouched into the blanket, tears rushing out.

In the past, in Ye family, no matter how she had been insulted, she could still make it through, because there was a hope inside her, and she knew that her brother would come back for her one day.

Now, her only hope for life was shattered, so what was she going to rely on to survive?

In her dreams, her mother told her to keep living, but now, every breath she took carried deep pain. How was she going to live?

When Kerry walked into the room late at night, Venus was already asleep. He gently fondled her cheek, which was cold. The he touched the pillow, already wet.

She must be crying for a long time.

“Venus, what should I do to let you forgive me?” “No, I know that you will never forgive me.”

The next morning, John the Butler drove over with Mrs. Qin, who brought some clothes for Venus.

In Ye family, the one who was close to her was Mrs. Qin, so he called John and asked him to bring Mrs. Qin.

When John saw Kerry, he was shocked. What was going on? It’s only been one night, why did young master look so haggard?

John the Butler then went to Henry.

“What happened? You were fine when you left yesterday. Why did you come to the hospital? And such a remote hospital?”

Henry sighed, “Tianye is dead.”

“Tianye? Young lady’s brother?” John paused, suddenly thinking of a horrible fact, and asked with widened eyes, “Don’t tell me, it’s young master…”

Henry nodded helplessly, Right. Moreover, young lady even saw it with her own eyes. Last night.”

John rubbed his hands in distress, “Oh, God! The two were already not getting well with each other and now, with such a grudge between them, they’ll never get back together.”

“I agree with you.” Henry was also depressed. He naturally wanted his boss to be in a good mood every day, so that he could find less trouble for him.

Mrs. Qin walked into the room, and at a glance of Venus’s pale face, she said with pity, “Ah, what happened to you? Are you hungry? I brought your favorite porridge that I’ve made this morning…”

When Venus heard this, she thought of her mother. If she was still alive, she might be a little younger than Mrs. Qin, who would definitely be like her, cooking her favorite food for her when she was sick.

Her eyes couldn’t help but turn red. Mrs. Qin had just scooped out the porridge, and when she saw her crying, she said, “Why are you crying? Pregnant women can’t cry, it’s not good for their eyes later.”

As soon as this was said, Venus cried harder.

Mrs. Qin wiped away her tears as she sighed and said, “I don’t know what happened, but as a woman, you have to be kind to yourself. You know, the only person in the world who can be relied on is yourself.”

But Mrs. Qin, she didn’t have the strength to be nice to herself anymore. Life was too hard for her.

After eating, she changed clothes and left the hospital.

As if she didn’t see Kerry standing in front of the car waiting for her, she directly went to John the Butler. She then opened the door and sat in.

“This…” John depressed looking at young master, who nodded. He didn’t say anything and sat in the Cayenne.

The atmosphere in the car was depressing. Kerry had not slept almost all night, whose eyes were bloodshot.

“Henry, send someone to that area of the sea and look for it. I want his corpse.”

“Yes, young master.” Henry echoed, but inside he was thinking that it was impossible. It had been one night and Tianye might have been eaten by those fishes.

When she returns to Ye family, Venus went to her room, depressed, but as soon as Kerry came near, she immediately got irritated, shouting at him to go away.

At lunch time, Venus didn’t go downstairs and Mrs. Qin called a maid to bring her the food.

A few minutes later, a terrified scream resounded throughout the villa.

“What happened?” John the Butler hurried upstairs, and in Venus’ s bedroom, where the food was spilling all over the floor and the maid was shivering in the corner. Seeing John come in, she said in a crying voice, “Young lady, young lady…”

He took two more steps in and was shocked by what he saw. Venus was lying on the bed, with a cut on her left wrist, where blood was gurgling out. The light blue sheets were soaked dark blue…

“What are you waiting for? Go and call Dr. Han.” John the Butler yelled at the maid and quickly ran out to Kerry’ s room, “Young master!!”

A few seconds later, Kerry ran over and asked in a rush, “What’s going on?”

“Venus!” Seeing that the maid still froze, he guessed that she was scared. John then took out his cell phone to call Dr. Han, “Hello? Dr. Han, get over here as fast as you can… No, twenty minutes, if you can’t get there in twenty minutes, she’s going to die. Please hurry up!”

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